Extracts from the Records: 1526

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1869.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1526', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528, (Edinburgh, 1869) pp. 224-229. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp224-229 [accessed 25 April 2024]


27 January 1525–6.

[Remission for insurrection.]

Jacobus Dei gracia Rex Scotorum: Venerabili in Christo patri ac consiliario nostro dilecto Georgeo abbati monasterii nostri Sancte Crucis nostri secreti sigilli custodi salutem: Quia nos cum auisamento autoritate et consensu secreti consilii nostri dominorum, per tres regni nostri status in perliamento nostro ad hoc electorum, considerantes bonum fidele et gratuitum seruitium nobis per dilectos nostros prepositos balliuos consules et communitatem burgi nostri de Edinburgh a tempore obitus quondam nobilessimi patris nostri bone memorie cuius anime propitietur Deus impensum: necnon dampnum ingens tribulationem et quorumdam magnatum indignationem quod et quas nostro seruitio perpessi sunt. Ex gratia nostra speciali remisimus generaliter et in genere preposito balliuis consulibus et totali communitate eiusdem nostri burgi et ipsorum cuilibet eundem burgum nunc actualiter inhabitandorum rancorem animi nostri sectam regiam et omnem actionem quem et quas erga ipsos et ipsorum quemlibet concepimus habemus seu quouismodo habere poterimus pro sua proditoria insurrectione contra quondam Johannem dominum Fleming magnum camerarium nostrum in pretorio eiusdem nostri burgi pro tribunali sedentem in executione sui officii camerarie. Necon pro proditoria ditoria insurectione liegiorumque nostrorum convocatione contra cancellarium nostrum et consilii nostri dominos, ac resistentia consanguineo nostro Jacobo comite Arranie domino Hammiltoun ipsum ab ingressu burgi nostri antedicti ad arcum inferiorem eiusdem repellendo, ipso tunc existente nostro locumtenenti et eiusdem burgi preposito, ac pro omnibus aliis actionibus transgressionibus criminibus et offenssis quibuscumque per dictos prepositum balliuos consules et communitatem seu ipsorum aliquem infra dictum nostrum burgum nunc actualiter ter inhabitantes aliquibus temporibus retroactis vsque in diem date presentium commissis seu quomodolibet perpetratis proditoria traditione in nostram personam regiam murthuro incendiis mulierum raptu et communi furto exceptis. Volumus etiam et concedimus quod hec nostram generalis remissio [dictis] preposito balliuis consulibus et communitati prevocatis et ipsorum cuilibet talis et tanti erit valoris vigoris et efficacie sicut eadem eis concessa et data fuisset singulatim per nomina et cognomina sua specialiter expressa per litteras nostras remissionum sub nostro magno sigillo. Vobis precipimus et mandamus quatinus preceptum nostrum sub dicto nostro secreto sigillo pro letteris nostris remissionis [word destroyed] pluribus aut vna sub nostro magno sigillo dictis preposito balliuis consulibus et communitati super premissis conficiendis reuerendissimo in Christo patri ac consiliario nostro dilecto Jacobo Sancti Andree archiepiscopo cancellario nostro in forma capelle nostre debita dirigatis. Datum sub [signeto] nostro apud Edinburgh vicesimo septimo Januarii anno domini millesimo quinqencesimo [vicesimo] quinto anno regni nostri decimo tertio.

Per signaturam manibus S. [D. N. Regis et] dominorum secreti consilii sui subscriptione.

[Remission for insurrection.]

[JAMES, by the grace of God King of Scots: To the venerable father in Christ and our beloved councillor, George Abbot of our monastery of Holy Rood, keeper of our privy seal, greeting: — Whereas we, with the advice, authority, and consent of the lords of our secret council, chosen thereto by the three estates of our kingdom in our parliament; Considering the good, faithful, and gratuitous service done to us by our lovites the Provosts, Bailies, Council and Community of our Burgh of Edinburgh, from the time of the decease of our late most noble father of good memory, on whose soul may God have mercy, as also the great injury, trouble and wrath of the nobility with which they were oppressed on account of our service. Of our special favour we remit generally and in kind to the Provost, Bailies, Council and whole Community of our said Burgh, and every one of them now actually inhabiting the said burgh, all rancour of our mind, royal suit, and all action which we conceived, had, or could have in any way towards them or any of them for their treasonable insurrection surrection against the deceased John Lord Fleming, our Great Chamberlain, when sitting in judgment in the Tolbuith of our said Burgh in the execution of his office of Chamberlain. As also, for the treasonable insurrection and convocation of our lieges against our Chancellor and the lords of our privy council, and resisting our cousin, James Earl of Arran, Lord Hamilton, from entering our foresaid Burgh, at the Nether Bow of the same, by beating him back, he being at the time our Lieutenant and Provost of the said Burgh. And for all other actions, transgressions, crimes and offences whatsoever, committed by the said Provost, Bailies, Council and Community, or any of them now actually residing within our said Burgh, in any times byegone, until the day of the date of these presents, by whomsoever committed or perpetrated, treasonable insurrection against our royal person, murder, fire-raising, ravishing of women and common theft excepted. And we will and grant that this our general remission to the said Provost, Bailies, Council and Community foresaid, and each of them, shall be of such force, strength and effect as if the same were made and granted to each one singly by name and surname, specially expressed by our letter of remission sion under our great seal. We therefore require and command that our precept under our said privy seal be directed to the right reverend father in Christ and our beloved councillor, James Archbishop of St Andrews, our Chancellor, for preparing our letters of remission, one or more, under our great seal, to the said Provost, Bailies, Council and Community upon the premises, in due form of our chancellary. Given under our signet at Edinburgh, the twenty-seventh day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred [twenty] five, in the thirteenth year of our reign.]

27 February 1525–6.

Statuta. Purchesing lordschippis.

The quhilk day, the provest baillies and counsall statutis and ordanis that na maner of nychtbour within this burgh, craftismen nor vtheris, pas and purches ony lordschip or requeist of lordis for the defens of thair materis or causis dependand before the toun in tyme tocum, vnder the pane of tynsall of thair fredome for evir.

6 March 1525–6.

Vddart. Custome.

The quhilk day, the baillies and counsall decernis and ordanis Jhone Forster till content and pay till Andro Vddart fermorair of the petit customes of Leith for the tyme, for the custome and dewiteis of his guidis quhilk he brocht hame in to Jhone Downyis schip furth of Flanderis in August that last wes, baith for the guidis enterit be him in the said schip and for the custome of the guidis being in the schryne pakket and ha'me'[sic] barrell extending to xiiijxxxli. greit, at the first waring, as he maid fayth him self, and for the custome tome of certane pypis of wad, quhilk wer previt cumin hame to the said Jhone in the said schip and vnenterit in the townis buikis, the sowme of xiiij li. Scottis money for his custome and dewteis thairof; and als decernis and ordanis the said Jhone Forster till content and pay to the guid toun and kirkwerk thairof in assythment and contentatioun of the escheit of his guidis quhilk he fraudfullie left vnenterit in the townis buikis, as wes sufficientlie provin be witnes and be his awin confessioun, the sowme of ten pundis vsuall money of Scotland to be payit within terme of law.

4 May 1526.

Extent.; Flescheouris.; Candilmakeris.

The quhilk day, the provest baillies and counsall consentis and grantis to the dekyn and maisteris of the flescheouris that in all extentis and vther chargeis that salhappin within this burgh in tyme tocum that all the candilmikeris makeris within the samyn sall extent and beir all portable chairgeis with the said dekyn and brether of the flescheouris, becaus it wes vnderstand that the said candilmakeris was in vse till extent and be with the saidis flescheouris in tymes bygane.

14 July 1526.

Prepositus Trinitie College. Villa.

The quhilk day, in presens of the provest baillies and counsall sittand in jugement, Maister Jhone Dingwell provest of the Trinitie College besyde Edinnurgh burgh producit and chartour and instrument of sesing vnder the commoun seill of Edinburgh, quhair the provest baillies counsall and communitie wes bound to pay yeirlie to the said provest prebendaris and beadmen of the said Trinitie College the sowme of ten pundis of the first and reddiest commoun guidis of the toun; quhairfore the provest baillies and counsall ordanis the thesaurare now present and tocum to mak thankfull payment yeirlie of the said x li. to the said provest cheptour and beadmen, vnder the paine of poynding of his rediest guidis for the samyn; and attour ordanis the officiaris to pas termelie poynd and distrenye the reddiest guidis of the said thesaurair for payment of the said x li. to be payit to the saidis provest cheptour and bedemen men yeirlie gif he failyeis thairintill, quhane euir thai ar requirit be the said provest and cheptour. And als ordanis the said thesaurare till poynd and distrenye yeirlie Maister Richart Robesonis land behind the kirk for x li. of annuall awin to the guid toun, quhilk gif he failyeis till do the samyn sall nocht be allowit to him in his comptis, bot sall tyne the same of his awin purs.

24 November 1526.

Anent the selling of breid within the toune.

Item, Because of the gret repaire in Edinburgh throw resorting of our Souerane Lord his lieges and vthers strangearis, and it is necessare that thai be providit of breid, gude and sufficient stuff, thairefore it is statute and ordanit that thare be wolklie thre mercat dais for selling of breid within the said toune, that is to say, Monunday, Wednisday, and Friday wolklie, vpoune the quhilk dayis it salbe lefull to all our Souerane Lordis liegis, baith in brugh and to land, tocum vpone the saidis mercat dais to the said toune, and sell thare breid for reddy money without trouble or iniuris to be done to the persounis cumand with thair breid to the effect foresaid.

Anent the selling of flesche in the toune.

Item, It is statute and ordanit in likewise, that there be there mercat dais wolklie in the said toune for selling of flesche, that is to say, Sounday, Monunday day, and Thursday wolklie. All maner of persounis, baith to burghe and to lande, salbe fre to cum and sell flesche for redy money for the furnessing of our Souerane Lord and his liegis and vtheris reparand to the said toune.

Anent executioun of the dome agains Henry Bardiner for piratry.

Item, Anent the article gevin in be the commissaris of burrowis makand mentiouue of the grete inconuentis committit be Henry Bardiner induellar in Lethe, be way of pirating and as ane sey theiff, and quhat truble may fall to the merchandis of this realme for his dedis, of the quhilk he is convict by ane parliament, that the provest and ballies of Edinburgh execute justice vpoune the said Henry efter the forme of the dome given agains him in example of vtheris to committ siclike inconuentis.

Anent the oppressioun commitit be the malt makaris of Lethe.

Item, Anent the article proponit of the grete oppressioune committit and dayle done by the malt makaris of Lethe vpoune our Souerane Lordis liegis throw the exhorbitant derth raisit be thame, and of thair causing throw all the hale realme, it is devisit, concludit and ordanit that Archibald Douglas, provest of Edinburgh, Thesaurer William Scott, of Balwery, justice, in absence of the justice-generale, and Nichole Crawford, of Oxingangis, justice-clerk, call the said maltmen to compere before thame the xj day of December next, tocum, and put thame to the knawledge of ane assise for comoune oppressioune, and to execute justice vpoune thame gif thai be convict, conform to the lawis of the realme.


Beir Hill in Leyth.

(In ane lowse of the rentale of the yeir of God jm vc xxvj°is contentit that the thesaurare Robert Henrysoun hes set the Beir Hill of Leith and proffitt thairof to Jhone Dalmahoy youngr, sone to Jhone Dalmahoy in Leyth, with all aventouris [blank] of xxvj li. souerty heirfor the said Jhone Dalmahoy eldare.—Tr.)