Extracts from the Records: 1527

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1869.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1527', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1403-1528, (Edinburgh, 1869) pp. 229-232. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1403-1528/pp229-232 [accessed 24 April 2024]


28 February 1526–7.

Pro Jacobo Forstar

Vltimo Februarii anno Domini, etc. xxvi, hora xii, indictione xv, pontificatus catus Clementis Pape vii anno quarto. Master Adam Otterburn of Auldhame, William Forster in Leith, William Forous burges of Hadington, and Michael Sympson, maid and constitut Master Jacobus Forstar, student in Sanctandrois, and brukand the priuilege of the Vniuersite therof, that verray lauchfull donatour tour in and to all and sindry the graith of the schip quhilk thai coft fra the Duchemen, viz. mastis, ankeris, towis, takle, saill, and all vther graith, with power till him to persew the samyn fra the personis intrometteris therwith, viz. [blank] and this to be extendit in vberiora forma; et dictus Willelmus Forster petiit instrumentum: Testibus, Johanne Adamson, Patrik Baron, Vincent Strathauchin, Michaele Tullos, Johanne Anderson, et multis aliis. Acta in pretorio burgi de Edinburgh.

5 March 1526–7

Pro Edwardo Thomson.

Quinto die mensis Marcii anno Domini etc. xxvi, hora x ante merediem, indictione xv, pontificatus Clementis Pape sexti anno quarto, personaliter constituta stituta Elizabeth Knox, ane of the executouris of vmquhile Katerine Thomson, grantis hir till [haue] ressauit fra Eduerd Thomson, the tother of the executouris touris of the said vmquhile Katerine, in the first, all the said vmquhile Katerines clais, left till hir in legacy efter the forme of hir testament; Item, ane fedder bed, ane bouster, ane paire of blankettis, a pair of scheittis, a couering a compter burd, ane treyin bed, a quart stop of tyn, ii pyntis and a chopin, viii plaittis, v dischis, vi trunsheoris, ane chandlar, a siluer spune, ane pot, a pan, and thre ringis of gold, and tua merkis of money: Of the quhilk clothing ing gudis and money abonwryttin, and all vther gudis or sovmes of money, that scho can clame, the said Eduerd of any maner of way, outher be executourschip or legacy of the said vmquhile Katerines, the said Elizabeth Knox quytclames clames and discharges the said Eduerd Thomson, his airis executouris and assignais therof now and for euer, be this present acquittans to be extendit in the largest and best forme that can be deuisit. Et desuper dictus Eduardus petiit instrumentum. Acta infra burgum de Edinburgh in domo habitacionis dicti Eduardi, Jacobo Costyne, Johanne Walkar, domino Dauid Yong capellano lano, Dauid Purves seriand, et Dauid Straton.

4 May 1527.

Pro Thoma Ramsay.

Quarto die mensis Maii, anno Domini etc. xxvii, indictione xv, pontificatus Clementis Pape septimi anno quarto: George Arnot, burges of Edinburgh, with the consent and assent of Elizabeth Clerk his spous, grantis full faculte, tollerans, and lycens till his nychtbour and freynd Thomas Ramsay, burges of the said burgh, and to his spous, thair airis and assignais, till purge and clenge thair conduitis and seigis new biggit in thair new houssis liand on the west side [of] Forsteraris wynd. within the said Georgis bak waist land, at all tymes quhen myster is, and to bruke and haif the space of widnes therto on the west syd the said Thomas new land throw the said Georgis bak yet, that ane barrow aud tua men may eselie pas for the clenging therof; And als the said George and his spous ratifiis and apprevis for thaim and thair airis all the durris and wyndois and vther lichtis maid of new be the said Thomas in his said land, and promittis for him his airis and assignais neuer to molest inquiet or truble the said Thomas therintill, his airis nor assignais, in na tymes to cum: And that for certane thankis and gratitudis done be the said Thomas to the said George and his spous tharfor: Et desuper dictus Thomas petiit instrumentum: Acta erant hec super solum dicte terre hora v post merediem: Testibus domini Willelmo Brovne, domino Jacobo Baroun, Wilielmo Clerk, et Jacobo Carvour.

20 July 1527.

Pro Henrico Scot, Patricio Gardner, et Johanne Ker.

Vicesimo die mensis Julij, anno domini millesimo vc xxvij, hora nona ante merediem, in taberna Willelmi Adamson, testibus Willelmo Sym, Patricio Barone balliui, Michaele Blyth, Henrico Scot, Edwardo Hammilton, Henrico Blak, Alexandro Heriot, et Alexandro Tennent, in presentiis quo Johne Williamesone duelland in Osterdame, of his avne fre will, nocht compellit nor coactit, bot of his awne fre will as aperit, grantit that he has sauld till Henry Scot, Patrik Gardner, and John Ker, induellaris in Leith, the inferior part callit the holl of his schip callit the James of Osterdame for the some of xxx li. Scottis money and grantis him wele content and thankfulle pait, and thairfor quitclamis and dischairges the saidis Henry, Patrik, and Jhone, thair airis exectutoris and assignais, of him his airis executoris and assignais, for him and euirmar be this present writ, and oblissis him neuir till persew thame in contrar heirof in jugment nor vtouth, and in presens forsaid the saidis Henry Scot, Patrik Gardner, and Johne Ker has offerit the said inferior pairt of the said schip thre dais efter that scho wes first coft, as wes allegit, to the said Johne Williamsone of the samyn price that he sauld the samyn to thame, payand to thame the expensis maid in the meyntyme and till ilk ane of thame, a ros nobill quhilk he refusit. Superquibus predicti partes petierunt instrumenta.

2 August 1527.

Fremen and unfremen anent the assys.Bolls and mettaige.

The quhilk day, in presens of the baillies and counsale sittand in judgment anent the supplicatioun gevin in be Williame Henrysoun, Dauid Idid in the name of the haill merchantis fremen that brocht wictuallis in Hans Crwttis schip furth of Dannskyn wpoun Patrik Heiring, Johne Ballentyne, and Williame Fogo, wnfremen. The baillies and counsale decernis and ordanis the saidis vnfremen till pay to the thesaurer and customeris of the towne of thair girnaill guidis tua bollis, viz. ane behynd the mast and ane wther befoir, becaus thai ar nocht fre, togidder with the mettage, viz. viij d. for ilk chalder sa far as is thair awin guidis, and the fremen tilbe quit of the said mettaig and fre of ony payne thairof in tyme cummyng, becaus the saidis fremen suorne be thair grett aithis that knew nocht quhidder the saidis wnfremen wes fre or nocht the tyme thai schippit the said wictuallis in the said schip.


Setting of the gaitt dichting.

The gaitt dichting and dewteis thairof is sett this yeir in tocum with the aventure of deid and weir to Alexander Pennecuik for the sowm of xx li, to be dicht and clengeit sufficiently ilk viij dayes anes with a dosane of seruands, and that he tak na mair of dewteis for the dichting thairof exceptand allanerly of fische flesche salt and victualls.(Lowse leiffes.—Tr.)