Extracts from the Records: 1543

Pages 111-114

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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April 1543.

[St James' altar in St Giles' Kirk.]

(In the lowse leiff dattit at Aprile 1543 is contenit quhair the towne gaif the the alterage and chaplenry of Sanct James altare in St Geillis kirk to Sir Jhone Wilsoun.—Tr.)

20 July 1543.

[Bonnetmakers and Walkers.]

The quhilk day, in presens of the prouest and baillies sittand in iugement, comperit James Stevinsoun, bonetmaker, in his awin name and in name and behalff of the hale brethir of the Bonetmaker craft within this burgh, and protestit that thai and the brethir of the Walker craft within the said burgh micht be equale brethir togidder, ilkane to heir vtheris comptis and giff and ressaue comptis, ilkane of vtheris, anent all materis concernying the wele of thair saidis craftis and dewiteis thairof; and in presens foresaid, the saidis brethir of the Walkaris grantit and consentit to be evinlie brethir to the saidis Bonetmakeris in all and sindry materis concernyng thair occupationis, efter the tennour and conforme to thair sele of caus maid betuix the saidis occupationis thairvpoun; quharapon the saidis pairteis hinc inde askit actis. Extractum de libro actorum curie consilii burgi de Edinburgh per me Vincentium Strathauchin, notarium publicam sub meis signo et subscriptione manualibus. [Extracted from the book of the acts of the court of Council of the Burgh of Edinburgh by me, Vincent Strathauchin, notary public, under my sign and subscription manual.] V. Strathauchin.

2 October 1543.

Keping of the Kirk.

The prouest baillies and counsall hes gevin and grantit to Kychart Plumbar the sowm of fyve merk fie for the yeir to cum, to awaitt day lie in thair kirk and to ordour the pure folk, and for clengeing of the paythment and doand sic vther seruice for the honour of the towne as pleisis the prouest and dene of gild to devyse, and ordanis the dene of gild to ansuer him of the said fie. (In the convict buik end.—Tr.)

19 October 1543.

Calsay maker.

The prouest baillies and counsall hes feyit Moreis Crawfurd to mak beitt and mend thair calsay, and for euery ruid he sall haif payit him xxvj shillingis viij d., he makand the sam sufficient as efferis, and ordanis him to begyn at tbe Over Bow and discend toward the West Port. Ibid.—Tr.)

24 October 1543.

Wyne mesouris. Resaving of wyne.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale, that all nichtboures in tyme cumming sendand for wyne to ony taverne haif thair pynts of just mesure merkett with the townis merk, and that the samyn haif ane talpoun as vse is in vther pairts, and that the taverner sett to thair stopis to the pvnscheoun heid and fill the samyn, and that na resaving of wyne be fundin in tyme cuming be the taverneris chopins in the nychtboures pynts, and that ilk nychtbour caus mak his stowpe in this maner be Jhone Maxtoun.

27 October 1543.

[St Giles Kirk.]

Thomas Watsoun, glasin wrycht, is feyit be the provest baillies and counsall, with avyse of the dene of gild, to vphald the haill glas and wyndois of thair kirk of St Geill yeirlie, and to furneis glas leid and tyn during his lyfe tyme, and the said dene and his successouris to furneis irne and skalfatting and support of leiding and conveying of ledderis, for the quhilk the said dene and his successouris sail pay to the said Thomas vj merkis yeirlie for all the dayis of the said Thomas lyvetyme.

23 November 1543.

According of the Walkeria and Bonnet makeris.

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale sittand in judgement, anent the complentis gevin in be the kirkmaisters and brethir of the Walkers and Scheirars on that ane pairt and the kirkmasters and brethir of the Bonetmakers on that vther pairt, anent the ingathering of thair dewteis for vphald of thair alter, keiping of thair commoun box, the making of the ornaments of thair alter, vsing of thair standartis, in passing of thame in processioun, anent thair equale brethirheid, for vtter extinctioun of pley and controuersie that hes bene amangis thame in tyme bypast, decernis and ordanis that in all tymes cumming the saidis crafts and brethir thairof stand in equale brethirheid, and to that effect till pas in all processiouns as brethir togidder and haif equale standartis, and that thair be bot ane commoun box betuix baith the saidis craftis quhilk sall haif four keyes, twa thairof keipit be twa of the principale and maist honest brethir of the Walkers, and the vther twa be [twa] of the principale and of the maist honest brethir of the Bonetmakers, and the said box to be keipit be ane of the saidis crafts ane yeir, and be that vther craft in the nixt yeir, and sua furth in tyme cumming, quhilk box for this first yeir salbe in the keiping of the saidis brethir of Bonetmakers; and quhen the said box beis oppinnit that thair be four of ilk ane of the saidis twa crafts attour the four keipars of the keyes present thairat, swa that it be vnderstand that nane of thair money be disponit by the consentis of bayth the saidis crafts, and gif ony of thame dois in the contrair that craft sall pay ten pund to the reparatioun of thair altare by thair ouklie dewiteis. And als ordanis that ane of the brethir of Walkers and ane of the Bonetmakers, incontinent with all diligence collect and inbring all restis awand be quhatsumeuir brethir of crafts and inputt in the said box, togidder with all the money now being in bayth thair boxis and handis, and to pas ouklie or quarterlie in tyme cumming, and ingather thair dewteis togidder for vphald of thair alter; and ordanis that all the vestmentis and ornamentis of thair alter presentlie maid and to be maid of thair commoun geir haiff thair dowble merkes following, viz. ane scheris for the mark of the brethir of Walkeris and Schereris and ane carde for the mark of thebrethir of Bonnetmakers. Extractum de libro actorum curie consilii burgi de Edinburgh sub sigillo communi ad causas eiusdem, anno, mense, die prescriptis. [Extracted from the book of the acts of the court of the Council of the burgh of Edinburgh, under the common seal of the same, in the year, month, and day foresaid.] J. Brounhill.


It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsall that na maner of walkar dwelland within this burgh in tyme to cum that walkis ony hewitt clayth, that thai draw nocht the saymn on na sort vnder the pane of spayning of thame fra the occupatioun for yeir and day induring the provest and baillies will.-(In a convict buik end.—Tr.)

18 December 1543.

Romany wyne.

It is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale, that all sortis of Romany wyne fra this day furth be sawld commounlie till all our Souerane Lordeis liegeis within this towne, be all nichtbures that hes the samyn to sell, for ij s. the pynt and na darrer, vnder the payne of escheitt, and speciallie that Mungo Tennent sell his Romany wyne of the sam pryce.

19 December 1543.

Wyne in Leyth.

It is statute and ordanit that na maner of persoun within this burgh pas to Leyth for bying of wyne in tyme cuming vnto the tyme the gude towne first sett the pryce thairvpoun according to the acts of parliament, and thairafter that ilk taverner be warnit to haif thair pairt as efferis.