Extracts from the Records: 1544

Pages 114-116

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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21 January 1543–4.

(Syndrie acts anent the pest, daitit 24 Septembris 1538, ibid. [i.e. in a convict buik] j and immediatlie thairafter writtin, daittit 21 Januarii 1543.—Tr.)

23 January 1543–4.

Laidning in Brynt Iland.

It is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale, that nane of the nychtboures of this burgh in tyme cuming send ower ony of thair guids to the port of Brynt Iland to be laidin thair, vnder the payne of tynsale of thair fredome; and in swa far as certane of the nychtboures hes ellis send ower thair guids and thairwith laidin Jhone Aichinsouns schip in the said port, ordanis the said nychtboures to gar lose thair guids forth of the said schip agane, vnder the payne of tynsale of thair fredome, becaus it is vnderstand cleirlie to the saidis provest baillies and counsale that sic laidning in that poirt is expres in contrair thair commoun weill, in hurt of thair fredome, and greitt skayth to the customes and payment thairof.—(In a convict bulk end.—Tr.)

31 January 1543–4.


The provest baillies and counsale havand consideratioun of the greitt frawde be the taverneris and vthers be thair wrang mesures and mettage, and for eschewing thairof in tyme cuming, hes statute and ordanit that all nychtbures within this burgh in tyme cuming fra this day furth haif stowppis of mesour with tawponis in the hals, merket with the townis merk as vse is in vther pairts, quhilk mark is devysit and gevin to Jhone Maxtoun to be kepit and vsit be him in tyme to cum as he will ansuer to the guid towne, and that nane tak vpoun hand to mak or feynyie the said mark and stowpis for breking of guid ordour fra thyne furth, vnder the payne of spayning fra the occupatioun, bot that ilk nychtbour cum to the said Jhonis buith at the heid of Halkerstouns wynd quhen thai haif neid, and gett the same done be him and na vthers, as he will ansuer thairfore, and als that all taverneris within this burgh in tyme cuming sett the said stowppis of mesour to the pvnscheoun heid, and fill the same thairat, swa that na wyne be resauit be inmetting with taverneris stowppis, and that ilk nychtbour caus mak his stowppis in this maner be the said Jhone Maxtoun, vnder the payne of escheitt of thair stopis thai are fund in vtherwayes, to be applyitt to the baillies vse that apprehendis the same, and vnder payne of xl s. to be taikin of the tavernares gif thai failyie for thair pairt.—(In ane convict buik.—Tr.)

25 February 1543–4.

Pryces of wyne. To be Bawld commonly.

It is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale, that in tyme cuming that thair be na clarett nor quhyte wyne be sawld darrer than xvj d. the pynt, als that the Komany wyne be sawld na darrer than for ij s. the pynt, and that the saidis wynis be nocht sawld priuatly bot commonly till all our Souerane Lordeis lieges, vnder the payne of escheitt of all the wynis being in the taverne quhair sic wynis ar sawld or in hiddillis.—(In the convict buik end.—Tr.)