Extracts from the Records: 1545

Pages 116-119

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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23 March 1544-5.


It is statute and ordanit that na maner of persoun by ony malt in this merkett without thai be fremen of this towne, and to brew to serue the Quenis grace lieges, and nocht to regraitt the samyn, vnder the payne of escheitt of the etufe in the byaris hands gif thai can be apprehendit doand in the contrair.— (Revin leiff.—Tr.)

1 June 1545

Compering at xj houris.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale, that all maner of persouns that hes ony pleyis to persew or defend before the saidis prouest and baillies, that thai be reddy in the tolbuith betuix xj houris befoir none, with certificatioun and the compleiner be nocht reddy and gif in his bill at that hour he sall nocht be hard for that day, and gif the defendare be reddy to ansuer at the call he sall be vnlawet and pay his vnlaw, without favour, according to the lawes of the burgh, and gif the persewer and defender be puir and may nocht pay the vnlaw thai sall be pvnist in thair persouns.—(In the end of a convict buik.—Tr.)

9 June 1545.

Breid merkatt. Paice, price, insufficient.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale, that all maner of baxteris dwelland outwith this burgh baik thair breid guid and sufficient stufe weill baikin and dryit, and at thair ij d. laif wey xxj vnce, and the iiij d. laif xlij vnce, vnder the pane of escheitt of the samyn, and at nane bring breid to the merkatt to sell bot penny breid, iiij d. breid, vj d., viij d., and xij d. breid, vnder the pane of escheitt of the samyn, and at nane bring insufficient stufe to the merkatt to sell, vnder the said paine.—(In the convict buik end.—Tr.)

Aill, price.

That na maner of browster nor dry topster within this burgh sell ony darrer aills nor now is sawld, viz. for ij d. the pynt, vnder the pane of banessing the towne.


That na maner of browster nor dry topster, nor vther regratour within this towne, brew tap nor sell aill nor ony stufe fra Mononday furth without thai be admittit be the prouest, and regestrat in the buiks of the towne, vnder the pane of pvnissing at the rigour that attempts in the contrair.

2 October 1545.


(In the hinderend of the Convict Buik, begynnand in Junij 1535, is the Taxt Roll following, insert as followes (fn. 1) :—Tr.)

The extent of xvjmli. grantit be the Thre Estaitts of Scotland for suppleing and sustening of the West and Middill Bordouris, viz., viijmtill be payit be the Spirituality, vmiiicxxxiij li. vj s. viij d. be the Barrouns of the realme, and ijmvjclxvj li. xiij s. iiij d. be the Burrowes, till be devydit particularlie ilk ane their awin pairt, conform till the auld stent and rollis, as after followes:

Edinburgh, jmmerk
Sterling, lxvij li. vij s. vi d.
Linlithqw, xl li. x s.
Rossay, xviij li.
Dumbartane, xxij li. viij s. vi d.
Ranfrow, xxvij li.
Ruglin, xviij li.
Air, lxiij li.
Irwyne, xxxvj li.
Dumfreis, xlvj li.
Glasgw, liiij li.
Kirkcudbright, xxvij li.
Quhithorne, xxvij li.
Lanerk, xxij li. viii s. vi d.
Jedburgh, xxvij li.
Aberdene, ijclij li.
Dundie, iijcxxxvij li. ix s. vij d.
Perth, jciiijxxxviij li.
Banff, xviij li.
Dunfermling, xxvii li.
Carrale, xviij li.
Forfare, xiij li. xs.
Brechane, xlv li.
Montrose, iijxxxij li.
Elgein, xxvij li.
Innernes, xlv li.
Arbroth, xxxvj li.
Sanctandrois, iiijxxli.
Cowper, iijxxxij li.
Culane, ix li.
Selkirk, xviij li.
Hadingtoun, iiijxxj li.
Northbervik, ix li.
Dunbar, xviij li.
Lawder, xviij li.
Peblis, xviij li.
Summa lateris, jmiijcljli. vij s. x d.
Forais, xxij li. viij s. vi d.
Narne, ix li.
Tayne, xiii li.
Dysart, xxxj li. x s.
Kirkcaldy, xviij li.
Summa lateris, jmiijcxliiij li. vijs. ix d.

The haill sowme extenidis till iim vic iiiixxxv li. xiiij s. vij d.

(In the same buik immediately hereafter is ane taxt roll of xijcli. grantit be the burrowes, bot the leiff is meikle reivin.—Tr.)

October 1545.

[Wild fowls, &c., to be sold in the market.]

That na persoun by fra strayngers repairand to the towne with fowlis wylde or tame to sell agane bot suffer all to cum to the merkett to be commonly sawld to all our Souerane Ladeis liegis, vnder the payne of banesing or vther pvnitioun at the will of the provest baillies and counsale.

Item, that na wyld fowlis or evnings be kepit in houssis but that thai be presentit to the merkatt, vnder the payne of escheitt.

Huksters Eggis, butter, cheis.

Item, that the sellares of tame fowlis dwelland in this towne remane and sitt be thame selff, and that na hukster repair in the mercatt with fowlis eggis butter or cheise afoir 12 houris at none and vj houris at evin, or gif arlis quyetlie afoir the said houris, vnder the pane of banesing to the byar and escheitt of the stufe.—(October 1545 and 1546. In the end of a convict buik.—Tr.)

October, 27 November, and 1 December 1545.


(Acts anent the pest and clengeing contenit in ane convict buik, begynand 1535, and end thairof, ar in October 1545 and 1546. Siclyke 27 Nouembris 1545, primo Decembris 1545.—Tr.)

23 December 1545.


The provest baillies and counsale hes devysit that ane baillie nychtlie, ilk ane ansuerand for his quarter, with foure persouns by the officeris of twa quarteris, makand aucht in the haill, walk nychtlie fra thyne furth quhill Candilmes nixttocum for eschewing of vagabunds nycht walkeris theiffis and of Watche. thame that happinis to cum of the Mwre in this tyme of pest to infect the towne, and Patrik Flemyng consentis to begyn.



Item, that na malt maker sell his malt derrare than the beir is sawld except he tak ij s. betuix the ane boll and the vther, and that thai gif the laid of malt with siclyke mesour and heippis as the awld vse hes bene, vnder the payne of escheitt of the said malt.


  • 1. This Roll probably has reference to the extent granted by the Act of Parliament 1545, c.3. Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland, Vol. II., p. 460. It has accordingly been inserted in this volume of the above date.