Extracts from the Records: 1549

Pages 145-147

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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1 February 1548-9.

Littillis guidis in Leyth.

In presens of the prouest and baillies, comperit William Craik and Harbart Maxuell, anent the commissioun gevin to thame yisterday be the guid towne to commoun with Jhonn Littill anent his guidis inbrocht in the pryse, and declairit that the said Johne offerit to the guid towne the sowme of iijxx merkis to thair commoun guid to thole him dispone vpoun his said guidis, quhilkis wer the thrid pairt of the guidis; quhilk offer the said prouest baillies and counsale acceptit, and ordanit the samyn to be taikin fra the said Jhone Littill, to be disponit vpoun thair calsayes mending or vtherwayes to the proffeit of the guid towne.

24 May 1549.

Strayngers guidis at Leyth.

In presens of the baillies, Thomas Bischop oblist him to pay to the commoun guid the sowm of xx li. for the proffeitt of the jc li. greitt wairing sic as mader allum irne inbrocht in the last Flanders schip, and to pay the merchand, and thairafter Alexander Park thesaurer acceptit James Forrett cawtioun for payment thairof, and the said Alexander oblist to charge him thairwith in his compts.

In presens of the baillies and counsale, William Coldane oblist him to pay to the commoun guid the sowm of xx li. for the proffeitt of the foure lasts saip laitlie cumin in ane Hameburgh schip, and to pay the merchandis thairfore as the pryces ar maid, gif he pleissis the samyn.

3 August 1549.

Middings, falds, mwk.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that all maner of persouns within this burgh that hes ony middings or filth in commoun streitts, Kowgaitt, or commoun venellis, caus cary the sam away furth of this burgh betuix this and Setterday nixttocum but langer delay, for eschewing of evill savour and pest, vnder the pane of xl s. to be tane of ilk persoun that failyeis; and siclyke that all persouns that layes mwk or fuilyie on the Hie gaitt Kowgaitt, or commoun venellis, in tyme cuming, tak the samyn away within xxiiij houris thairefter vnder the said payne, and siclyke that all maner of persoun that hes ony fawldis on the hie gaitt or Kowgaitt that hes lyin any langer nor ane yeir bypast be careit away within xv dayes heirafter, vnder the payne of xl s. foresaid.

30 August 1549.

Setting in few of ane land pertening to ane prebendarie in the Kirk of Feild.

The quhilk day, in presens of the provest, William Lausoun baillies, thesaurer, dene of gild, ane pairt of the counsale and deykinnis, sittand in jugement, comperit Maister Archibald Barrie, chaplane of the chaplanrie and seruice fundit at the hie alter of the hic alter situat within the College Kirk of Feild, and thair declairit that thair wes ane land callit Cliddisdaillandis lyand in the Kirk of Feild Wynd on the eist side of the trans thairof, pertening to the said chaplanrie, quhilk gaif yeirlie to him the sowme of ten merkis of male allanerlie but ony vther gratitude, quhilk land wes now sua ruinous that it wes able to decay and fall doun without remeid wer fund thairintill, and that he thoght maist expedient to sett the saidis landis in few for the said yeirlie maill of ten merkes with augmentatioun, and with consent and assent of the said proveist baillies counsale and communitie, patrones to the said chaplanrie and seruice, and thairfoir menit him afoir to thame thairanent, quha causit the hand bell to pass through the toun and warne all and sundre the nighbouris and inhabitaris of this burgh that sic ane land wes to be sett in few, and thay that wald bid maist thairfoir wald gett the samin at ane certane day bypast with certificatioun as effeirit; at the quhilk day thair comperit na persone exceptand Merioun Craig the relictt of vmquhile Jhon Foulartoun, quha desyret the saidis landis in few and offerit the said ten merkes of few maill yeirlie thairfoir, togidder with xiij s. iiij d. yeirlie in augmentatioun, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said Mr Archibaldis supplicatioun gevin in thairupoun; and thairefter the said provest baillie thesaurer dene of gild counsale and ane pairt of the deykinnis declairit that thai had sene the said land, vesiit the samyn, and fand that it wes ruinous, and als causit reid in jugement the said Meriouns chartour maid be the said Mr Archibald with consent of thame vpoun the saidis landis and ryplie awysit thairwith, consentit all in ane voce as patrones to the said chaplanrie, that the saidis landis wer sett in few to the said Merioun for the said yeirlie few maill and augmentatioun foirsaid, and ordanit and grantit thair commoun seale to be hungin to the said chartour in takin of thair consent foirsaid; and thairupoun the said Maister Archibald and Merioun askit actis of court and instrumentis, and ordanis ane bailie, the said thesaurer or dene of gild, to pas to the ground of the said land the tyme of the resignatioun thairof to be maid be the said Maister Archibald in fauouris of the said Merioun for hir heretable seasing thairof, and thair consent in thair names to the said resignatioun and seasing to be gevin to the said Merioun of the saidis landis, efter the tenour of the said chartour.—(In the lowse leiffis.—Tr.)