Extracts from the Records: 1550

Pages 147-151

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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30 January 1549-50.

Pryce; Oppin taverne.

It is statute and ordanit be the baillies and counsale that na maner of persoun, ventares of wyne within this burgh, tak vpoun hand to sell ony darrer wyne fra this hour furth nor xiiij d. the pynt, vnder the payne of escheting of ane pvnscheoun of wyne als oft as thai failyie, to be vsit to the commoun werks of the towne or vtherwayes delt at the plesure of the juges; and that na maner of persouns that hes ony wyne keip the samyn or sell it privatly, bot hald oppin taverne thairof, vnder the said payne.-(In the convict buik end.-Tr.)

13 March 1549-50.

Curie, burges, tyning his fredome.

The prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement, decernit James Curie to haif tint his fredome within this burgh, and thairfore nother to hald oppin merchant buith nor taverne within the saymn quhill he be resauit agane, and ordanis him nocht to be resauit induring thair willis, and that for purchessing of ane deliuerance of the Lordis aganis the saidis prouest baillies and counsale and making wrang narratioun of thame thairin, for frething of himself furth of the tolbuith after that he wes inputt at the prouests command, lykeas he confest in jugement.—(In ane convict buik.—Tr.)

28 June 1550.

(That na darrer wyne be sawld nor xij d. the pynt, vnder the payne of v li. to Pryce. the commoun werkis.—Tr.)

Flesche pryces.

It is statute and ordanit that na maner of flescheoures within this burgh, in the hie merkatt nor land merkatt, tak vpoun hand to sell ony darrer flesche fra this day furth nor the best mwttoun bowk for xiiij s., the secundare xij s., and the werst x s., vnder the payne of escheitt thairof and pvnissing of thair persouns; and that thai bring thair haill flesche that thai haif slayne to the mercatt, and hald nane priuatly, vnder the said payne.

Mercat place.

(That the fische mercat be brocht furth of the rowme quhair it is now and putt quhair it wes of before in the awld Fische-mercatt Close, thair to be haldin quhill the Feist of St Geillis day nixttocum.-Convict buik end.—Tr.)


(Townis breid, 4 d. laif, 12 vnce; owtlandis breid 16 vnce; paice escheitt; quantitie 4d., 2d., 6d.—Tr.)

1 July 1550.


That na filth be careit furth of the towne bot at the narrest port quhair it lyes, and that na filth be laid on the hie gaitt vnder the payne of xl s., and that the Watteryett in Leyth Wynd be oppinit and the Kowgaitt siclyke.

30 July 1550.


The quhilk day, the prouest baillies and counsale sittand in jugement, for diuers caussis and consideratiouns moving thame, for the weill of this burgh burgessis thairof, hes statut and ordanit that in all tymes cummyng thair be na maner of persoun maid burges nor freman except in jugement, and thair names put in thair lokkit buke, in presens of the dene of gild; and that ilk persoun beand maid burges alanerlie to pay v li., and beand maid burges and gild brother pay xv li., viz.:—v li. for his burgesry and x li. for his gildrie and fredome thairof, and that to be payit and deliuerit to the said dene of gild; providing alwys that the said dene of gild pay to the prouest baillies and clerkis for the tyme v li. for ilkane of thair burgesschippis, and thai to mak na burgessis be tham self bot to be maid as said is, and that na maner of seriandis in tyme cunmyng to haif power to mak burges nor haif the valour thairof except alanerlie ane crovne of the sone to be payit be the said dene of gild to ilkane of tham yeirlie; alsua providing that the fredome of burgessis sonis and dochteris be obseruit and keipit to tham, nochtwithstanding this present act.

25 August 1550.

The taxatioun of xxiiijc crownis of the sone,desyret by my Lord Governour and Counsale, for furnessing of the [Embassy] towart the Empriour for peax, diuidit as followes amangis the haill burrowes of this realme.—(25 Augusti 1550. This amangis the lowse leffis of this daitt.—Tr.)

Edinburgh vjc cr.
Striueling lx cr.
Linliythqw xxxvj cr.
Rothesay xvj cr.
Dumbartane xx cr.
Renfrew xxiiij cr.
Ruglein xvj cr.
Air lvj cr.
Irwyne xxxij cr.
Dumfreis xxiiij cr.
Glasqw lxiiij cr.
Kirkcudbryght xxiiij cr.
Wigtoun xxiiij cr.
Quhythorn xxiiij cr.
Lanerk xx cr.
Jedburgh xxxvj cr.
Selkirk xxiiij cr.
Peblis xxiiij cr.
Hadingtoun lxxij cr.
Norbervik viij cr.
Dunbar xvj cr.
Lawder xvj cr.
Abirdene ijc xxvj cr.
Dundie iijc iiij cr.
Perth ixxx cr.
Bamff xvj cr.
Dumfermling xviiij cr.
Craill xvj cr.
Forfair xij cr.
Brechane xl cr.
Montros lxiiij cr.
Elgein xxiiij cr.
Innernes xl cr.
Abirbrothok xxxij cr.
Sanctandrois lxxij cr.
Cowper lviij cr.
Culane viij cr.
Fores xx cr.
Nairn viij cr.
Thayne xij cr.
Dysart xxvj cr.
Kirkcaldy xxvj cr.
Hamiltoun xx cr.
Summa iim iiiic liiii crownis.

11 September 1550.

Pace; Merk; Owtlands breid.

It is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsall that all maner of baxters within this burgh baik thair breid guid and sufficient stufe, and at the iiij penny laif wey xx vnces in consideratioun that the quheitt is commonly sawld for xxxvj s. the boll, vnder the pane of xl s. for the first, v li. the secund, and of the third spayning of thame fra thair occupatioun. And that ilk baxter within this burgh haif [his] awin merk on his breid. And that the owtlands baxteris haif thair breid guid and sufficient stufe as said is, and that the four penny laif wey xxiiij vnce, vnder the payne of deilling of thair breid, and at thair be na breid baikin within this burgh nor brocht to sell except ij d. breid, iiij d. breid, vj d. breid, and viij d. breid.

16 September 1550.

Malt, aill.

(That na maltmen within this burgh sell deirer malt nor iij li. xvj s. the ix furlets grund malt, payne l s. the first falt, the secund v li., the thrid spayning. The aill to be sawld for iiij d. the pynt; paynis viij s., xvj s., and strikking of the caldroun boddome furth.—Tr.)

9 October 1550.

[Venders of wine.]

(Sic as ventit wyne and wer na gild brether callit and dischargeit, and hes fund souerty to desist, vnder the payne of xx li. for ane day furth.—Tr.)

11 October 1550.

[Gild court.]

Prima Gilde curia tenta in pretorio burgi de Edinburgh, per Johannem Symsoun decanum gilde, coram honorabilibus viris Francisco Tennand preposito, Patricio Irland, Allano Dikkesoun, Jacobo Carmichaell et Jacobo Wallace balliuis dicti burgi, vndecimo die mensis Octobris anno etc. lmo. [In the first guild court held in the Tolbooth of the burgh of Edinburgh, by John Symsoun, dean of guild, before an honourable man Francis Tenand, provost, Patrick Irland, Allan Dikkesoun, James Carmichaell and James Wallace, bailies of the said burgh, on the eleventh day of the month of October in the year one thousand five hundred and fifty.]

[Privileges of burgesses' daughters.]

The quhilk day, the prouest baillies counsall and dene of gild sittand in jugement, hes thocht expedient and als statut and ordanit that in all tymes cummyng thair be na maner of priuilege obseruit and keipit to burges dochteris lik as hes bene in tymes bygane, conform to the priuilege of the burges secund sone, without that samyn burges dochter ressaif hir fredome at hir first mariage; and fra scho be anis maryit, and hir husband decessand, and scho maryit agane, hir secund husband to pay the rigour and to haif na priuilege be hir.


[Precept for issuing commission of justiciary in favour of the provost.]

Oure Souerane Lady, with auis autorite and consent of hir derrest cousing and tutour James Duke of Chattellarault, erle of Arrane, lord Hammiltoun, Protectour and Gouernour of hir realme, ordanis ane commissioun of Justiciarie to be maid in dew forme vnder the testimoniale of hir great seill makand constituand and ordinand hir louitt Frances Tennent, prouest of Edinburgh, hir Justice in that parte within the boundis of Edinburgh and fredome thairof; gevand grantand and committand to him full power and speciale command all and sindrie personis committaris of thift, ressait of thift, slauchter, murthir, mutilatioun and vtheris crymes within the boundis foirsaidis to tak and apprehend and [bring] thame to the knawlege of assis, to put and to justify and to minister justice vpoun thame conforme to the lawis of this realme efter thair demeritis, and to that effect Courtis of Justiciarie ane or ma to set, begin, affix. affirme, hald and continew alsoft as neid beis, deputis ane or ma vnder him with clerk, seriand, dempstar and all vther officeris and membris of court neidfull to make creat substitut and ordane and caus be suorne for the quhilkis he salbe haldin to ansuer, assissis of honest and famous men duelland within the said burgh and fredome thairof to sufficient nowmer to compere before thame to pas vpoun the assissis of the saidis personis to summond; and generalie all and sindrie vther thingis to do, etc., and firme and stable, etc., and that the said commissioun be extendit with all claussis neidfull and to indur in tyme cuming salang as the said Frances beis prouest of the said burgh, etc. Subscriuit be the said Lord Gouernour at (blank) the (blank) day of (blank)the year of God jm vc fifty yeiris.

And this to indur our said tutour will.
James G.