Extracts from the Accounts: Deans of Guild, 1554-5

Pages 352-361

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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Deans of Guild, 1554-5


Heir followis the Onoratioun of the Dene of Gyldis Comptis, that he is to be chargit with in anno 1554, and his entres in [blank] Octobris 1554 to October 1555:—

[James Carmichael, Dean of Guild.]
The Pece Silver gottin by procuratioun in the kirk.
[The usual details are given under this head. Under "Februar" is this entry:—
"Item, Sonday, the thrid day, ressavit fra William Bauchop, becaus Johne Cunnynghame wes put in waird for wyne the samyn day." Under September, "Item, Sonday, the first day, quhilk wes Sanct Geillis day."]
Summa of the haill charge of the pece of this instant yeir extends to lxxvjli xvijs
Item, I am to be chairgit with the nomer of the Schippis of this instant yeir, quhilk extendis, as the buke beiris, to the nomer of foure scoir fyve schippis.
Summa of the money of the haill schippis, extends to lixli xs
Heir efter followis my charge of the Burgesses and Gylds, bayth togidder becaus thai are in the lokkit buke.
[Forty-one burgesses and guild brethren are entered.]
Summa of the burgesses and gylds bayth togidder extendis to, this instant yeir, jc xlli vjs viijd
I am to be chargit with the Choippis of the kirk, and at the fute of the kirkyard, of this instant yeir.
[Twenty-two entries, amounting to 24 lib.]
I am to be chargit with the Lairs of the kirk this instant yeir.
[Six entries, amounting to 1 lib. 6s.]
I am to be chargit with the foure greit Candilsteiks of this instant yeir.
[Twenty-two entries, amounting to 4 lib. 16s. 8d.]
I am to be chargit with the Silver Chandilsteiks this instant yeir.
[Thirty-two entries, amounting to 18s. 4d. Among the names are "the fraternite of Sanct Chowbart," " the fraternite of .Sanct Johne," " the fraternite of Sanct Crispiniani."]
I am to be chargit with Sanct Geillis arme this instant yeir,
Item, upoun Relict Sonday and Sanct Geillis day, vij½d
Summa of the haill chaige, iijc vijli xvjs d

The Exonoratioun of the Dene of Gyld of this instant yeir, x° Octobris 1554 to x of October 1555.

In primis, the xj day of October, upon the north syde of the quier, put up ane pannall of new glass, contenand xviij fut, price of the fate xviijd; summa xxvijs
Item, the xij day to Mungo Hunter, for ane loke and ane pair of bands, and mending of ane uther loke and ane new key to it, to the sang scole dur, xjs vjd
Item, the xxviij day of October, put up upoun south syde of the queir ane pannell of new glass, contenand xvj fute, price of the fute xviijd; summa xxiiijd
Item, that samyn day, to the dur at the nether end of the queir, ane loke with ane ourelyar and foure keyis till it, and als vj cleiks and ane sloit under the dur; summa of all togidder, xviijs iiijd
Item, to ane wrycht for putting on of the said loke, ijs
Item, for clengging of the kirk about at Alhallomess, iijs
Item, for clengging of the eirle of Irgyllis clois, that my lord of Irgyle mycht haif entres thairto, viijs
Item, to Robert Finder for mending of the greit trene chandelars, xs
Item, for naillis to thame, xviijd
Item, for Dochter Smith's Martimes fie, xs
Item, to Thomas Home for his Martimes fie for keipping of the kirk, xxs
Item, to Sir Eduard Henrisoun, as ane act and his discharge beirris, xjli xxiijd
Item, to Alexander Stewinsoun, at the command of the counsale, be ane act and his discharge thairupon, vli
Item, to Andro Mansioun for his Martimes pentioun, conforme to his act and his discharge thairupon, vmks
Item, for paymenting of the south kirk dur, quhair the bairnis ar babtist, to Gilbert Cleuth and Johne Andersoun, masonis, iijli vjs viijd
Item, for lyme and sand and watter thairto, xviijs vjd
Item, to ane warkman fyve dayis to serve upon, ilk day xvjd; summa vjs viijd
Item, to thair servands for drinksilver ijs
Item, coft and laid in to the luge, to poynt the kirk windois and uther necessars thairto, xviij laid lyme, the dosone cost xvjs; summa xxiiijs
Item, coft iij dosone ½ sand, the dosone vs; summa xvijs vjd
Item, for iij dosone watter, xxxd
Item, for reiddeling and drauking of it, to ane warkman, iiijs
Item, to Thomas Henslie for ringing of the bellis on Salmes evin, ijs
Item, for ane pair of greit bands to the nether dur of the kirkyaird, and naillis to it, vjs viijd
Item, for mending of ane lok to the west kirk dur, ijs iiijd
Item, for the making of ane geirth to the funt, and making of ane prike of irne, with thre flowrs to beir the candillis about the funt, vij vjd
Item, the xxviij day of November, for ane pannell of new glass in Sanct Thomas' ile, contenand xij fute, the price of the fute xviijd; summa, xviijs
Item, the samyn day, in Walter Cheipmannis ile, ane pannell of glass of vj futt of new glass and xij fute of auld glass, sett in new leid, price of the fute of the new glass xviijd, and the fute of the auld glass vjd; summa, bayth, xvs
Item, for clenging of the kirk about, at Yule, and within, vs
Item, coft twa eistland burds to be crownall and mullars to the nether queir dur, cost xiijs iiijd
Item, to Andro Mansioun, for his warkmanschip thairof, xxxs
Item, to Walter Binnyng for the payntting of the mannikin and the beirrar of the townis armes, vs
Item, for hewing of thre thak stanis to the rufe aboun the revestre dur, to Gilbert Cleuth and Johne Andersoun, xxxs
Item, delyverit to Johne Symsoun, auld dene of gyld, the first day of Februar anno [Jmvc] liiij, as ane act proportts maid thairupon, the sowme of xxxiiijli viijs xd
Item, the xxj day of Februar, put up ane greit windo on the north syde of the croce kirk, aboun the heid of Sanct Johnis ile, contenand of new glass xxxij fute, price of the fute xviij; and of auld glass xxj fute, price of the fute vjd; summa lviijs vjd
Item, for thre lokketts and xxj small bands to it, xijs viijd
Item, to the peyor of the Blakfreirs for the rest of the compleit payment of the commoun bell, as ane act and his discharge beirris, xxli
Item, in Walter Cheipmannis ile, ane pannell of new glass, contenand xij fute, price of the fute xviijd; summa xviijs
Item, ane uther pannell of auld glass in new leid, contenand xvj fute, at vjd the fute; summa viijs
Item, to Mongo Hunter, for mending of the loke to the loft dure in the revestre, ijs
Item, to ane warkman to put away the rede of the kirkyard bray, and making of it levall, ijs
Item, coft ane sand glass to sett besyde the freir in the polpet, cost iiijs
Item, gevin to mend the silver candilsteiks vij grotts, at xviijdthe pece; summa xs vjd
Item, gevin to glassinwrycht's servands, in driuksilver, for poynting of the windois, vs
Item, xxj Marche[JmVc]liiijto [1554-55], for mending of the curfor bell, warkmanschip, irnewark, pynor's feis, and utherisexpensis, as followis:—
Item, to David Rowane, xls
Item, Gilbert Bannawis and Clouss, his servands, xviijs
Item, to Johne Ahannay, for irnewark, viz., scheirs, bands, wageis, keyis, and nallis, xiijs vjd
Item, to Robert Findar, and ane servand with him, thre dayis and ane half, xviijs viijd
Item, to xxij warkmen to draw up the bell and down, for thair waigis, xxijs
Item, for fecheing of ane bloke furth of the castell, and ane uther furth of the abbay, and haifing hame of thame agane, xvjd
Item, in David Rowanis hous and efter the upputting of the bell, Robert Finder, Gilbert Banawis, Clouss, and utheris, thair servands' disjione, vjs viijd
Item, for twa pair of bands to the durs to the heid of the stepill, vijs
Item, for nallis to lay part of the fluring of the stepill, xxviijd
Item, coft to poynt the haill kirk with, iiij dosone of lyme, price of the dosone xviijs; summa iijli xijs
Item, vj dosone of sand, cost the dosone vs; summa xxxs
Item, v dosone of watter, the dosone xd; summa iiijs ijd
Item, to Peter Baxter, sklater, for poyntting of the haill kirk, contenand xiiij housis; summa iijli
Item, for drinksilver to his servands, iijs
Item, coft to the south kirk dur ane hingand loke and ane cleke of irne, cost vjs viijd
Item, in the Passioun oulk, at Sanct Nicolus' alter, vj pannellis glass, and twa greit heid pannellis in ane lang windo, quhilk wes all brokin, contenand of new glass xxvij fute,½, the fute at xviijd; summa xljs iijd
Item, xxxij futt of auld glass set in new leid, at vjd the fute; summa xvjs
Item, for ix small bands to it, vjs iijd
Item, for ane loket, ijs
Item, the samyn day, in Lawsonis ile, ane pannell of glass contenand vj fute of new glass and vj fute of auld glass; summa xijs
Item, in the Consistorie ile, quhair the thevis com in and brak the kirk, for twa pannell of glass, contenand xvij fute, at xviijd the fute; summa xxvs vjd
Item, for vj small bands to thame, iiijs
Item, in Prestonis ile, for ane pannell contenand iij fute and ane half of new glass and iij fute of auld glass; summa vjs xjd
Item, aboun the heid of the queir, ane heid pannell contenand iiij fute ½ of new glass; summa vjs ixd
Item, the xxviij day of Marche, anno [Jm vc]lvto, coft vj laids of lyme, cost vijs
Item, ane dosone of sand, cost vs
Item, and dosone watter, xd
Item, coft ane boist fra James Symnis wyfe to keip the lettres that wes producit befoir the lords, cost xijd
Item, coft, the xxij day of Aprile, fra Mr Johne Prestoun, thesurar, to be serking to ane new rufe upon the north syde of the kirk, aboun the Consistorie ile, two dosone ½ of dallis, price of the dosone xxxijs; summa iiijli
Item, for beirring of thame fra the Brigend of Leyth to the King's Wark, xviijd
Item, for furth beirring and carying of thame, viijd
Item, for cart hyre, vjs iijd
Item, for inbeirring in the kirk-yaird, xijd
Item, for ane key to the revestre dur, xviijd
Item, for xviij faddome of ane tow to the pann, xxviijd
Item, for tauch candill to the pann in the myds of the kirk all the winter, xxxiijs
Item, the xxviij day of Aprile, coft to theik the hous aboun the Consistorie ile ijm sklait, cost the jm, xj crownis; summa xjli
Item, for lossing of thame and walking ij nychts, vjs
Item, for carying of thame furth of Leyth to the kirkyaird, xxiijs
Item, for inlaying of thame in the luge, ijs
Item, for ane key to the box of the commoun seill, ijs
Item, the xij day of Aprile, anno ut supra, iij pannellis of glass in Prestonis ile, contenand of new glass xj fute and ½, and of auld glass v fute ½; summa xixs
Item, borrowit twa lang leddars, ane of the college and ane uther of the abbay, to twa warkmen that awatit about the lifting of thame the tyme of the wourking of the windois, vjs
Item, to the doctor for his Wotsonday fie, xs
Item, to Thomas Home for his Wotsonday fie for keipping of the kirk, xxs
Item, to the sawars for sawing of xxx daillis, the dosone at xs; summa xxvs
Item, for clenging of the kirk without and in, and skowering of the freir and letteroun, vs
Item, the vj day of Julij, coft fra Sir William M'Dowgall, to be pairte of the rufe in the Consistorie ile, x geistis, price of the pece xs; summa vli
Item, for cart hyre and pynor fe in Leyth, vjs
Item, for laying in of thame in the kirkyaird, xijd
Item, for the raissing of ane syre in the Cowgait aboun the soutaris choppis, and for thre flaggis stanis, laying and calsaying efter the flagis, and clenging of the syars, all togidder, xs viijd
Item, for clenging of the styllis at the eist end and west end of the kirkyaird under the irne flailks, xs
Item, coft fra ane Duscheman xij greit geistis to be ane pairte of the rufe of the Consistorie ile, price of the pece xijs; summa vijli iiijs
Item, for pynor fie in Leyth, ijs
Item, for cart hyre, xs
Item, for beirring of thame to the kirkyaird fra the croce, ijs
Item, for ijc greit garroun naillis dowbill, cost the hundreth xs; summa xxs
Item, for iijc½ planscheor naillis, cost the jc, xxxd; summa viijs ixd
Item, coft vc dur naillis, price of the jc, xvjd; summa vjs viijd
Item, for thre warkmen to beir the rufe, and to draw it up in the kirk rigging, thre dayis, ilk day iiijs; summa, xijs
Item, to Robert Findar and twa servands with him, viij dayis, for thair laubors. ls
Item, for drinksilver to thame, iijs
Item, to ane masoun for fitting of the rufe to the kippillis, iiij dayis, xijs
Item, coft fra Mr Johne Prestoun ane tre to compleit the wark, xjs vijd
Item, the xxj day of Julij, ij dosone lyme, cost the dosone xvjs; summa xxxijs
Item, coft iiij dosone sand, the dosone vs; summa xxs
Item, for watter to it, xxxd
Item, coft ane hundreth and ½ plancheor nallis, cost the jc, xxxd; summa iijs ixd
Item, ijc½ dur naillis, the jc, xvjd; summa iijs iiijd
Item, gevin to the sklater, Peter Baxter, for his warkmanschip, contenand ane rude iij quarteris and ½, the rude xls; summa iijli xvs
Item, for the clenging of the waist behind Sanct Johnis ile, ijs
Item, for the clenging of the kirk about quhen my lord Sanct Androis wesyit, vs
Item, coft to mend the best goldin caip, ane greit hank of gold, cost xxviijs
Item, for ane unce of yallow silk, vjs viijd
Item, for ane fyne breist to it, vjs
Item, to the broudstar for his laubors in mending of the faltis of the said best caip, xxxvjs
Item, to lyne it with, x quarteris of blak serge, the eln xs; summa, xxvs
Item, to Alexander Robesoun, tailyeor, for lynnyng of it, viijs
Item, for viij elnis of rubanis grene sylk to it, the eln cost ixd; summa vjs
Item, for paynting of Sanct Geill, to Walter Bynning, vjs
Item, for deichting of the kirk, about and within, and skowerring of the lettron and the freir, vs
Item, to Sir Johne Fietie, at the command of the counsale, for tonying of the organis at Sanct Geillis day, xxiiijs
Item, to ane wrycht to big ane litill hous at the back of Sanct Johnis alter, iiij dayis, ilk day iijs; summa xiijs vjd
Item, coft vj laids lyme, cost vijs
Item, for vj laids sand, xxxd
Item, coft ijc ½ dur naillis, cost the jc, xvjd; summa iiijs
Item, coft j dosone garroun nallis, cost xijd
Item, ½c planscheor nallis, xvd
Item, coft ij dallis to be ane dur and ane gutter to it, cost the pece iijs; summa, vjs
Item, for ane loke and ane pair of bands to it, xjs
Item, for bussumis to deycht the kirk with, the haill yeir, vjs viijd
Item, to ane masoun thre dayis and ane half to big up Sanct Johnis windois, and the dur cheiks of it, ilk day iijs; summa, xs vjd
Item, coft laith to theik it with, cost viijs vjd
Item, to ane sklater to theik it, xiiijs
Item, to mak twa mortcaippis, xj elnis ½ Lyllis worsat, the eln xiijs iiijd; summa vijli xiijs iiijd
Item, to be orphenis to thame and huds, x quarteris blak welvet, the eln iijli xijs; summa ixli
Item, for x elnis bukrem to lyne thame with, the eln iiijs; summa xls
Item, coft xiiij elnis greit sylk rubanis, the eln ixd; summa ixs ixd
Item, coft ij unce ½ blak sylk to be freinzeis to thame, cost the unce vijs; summa xvijs vjd
Item, for weving of the frenzeis, iijs
Item, for half ane quarter quhit sating to be the mort heids, iiijs
Item, to the broudstar for wourking of the mort heids, vjs
Item, to Alexander Robesoun for his laubors of the saids twa caippis, and finding of silk to sew thame with, xiijs vjd
Item, to the childer in drinksilver, xviijd
Item, gevin to Alexander Robesoun for mending of the kirk geir ane yeir, that is to say, frontellis, tynnakellis, caippis, westments, be secht of Patrik Tod, for his contentatioun thairof, xijs
Item, to Andro Mantioun, for his Witsondayis pentioun, as his discharge beirris thairupon, in anno [Jm Vc] 1 quinto [1555], vmks
Item, ressavit fra Mr Johne Prestoun, thesurar, ane litill dur of the nether thevis' hoill, contenit in wecht, weyit in Johne Ahannayis, vij stane xj punds.
Item, mair to be the charterhous, ane dur, to compleit the samyn, of irne, xviij stane ½, the stane at viijs; summa vijli viijs
Item, to John Ahannay, for his warkmanschip of the said dur, iijli xvs
Item, for drinksilver to the childer, xviijd
Item, to Thomas Pettigru for twa loks and twa keyis with thair putstoppis, iiijli
Item, for drinksilver to his servands that makis thame iijs
Item, for pynor fie of the said dur to the said loksmyth, and beirring to the kirk, and heissing up of it to the charterhous in towis, xxxd
Item, for ane tre to be cheikis, lintell, and soill to the inner dur of the charterhous, xs
Item, to Robert Finder, for making and hinging of the said dur of the charterhous, viijs
Item, for ane pair of greit bands, and iiij irne botts and naillis to the samyn, xvs vjd
Item, to ane masoun for wourking of the bott hollis, iiijs
Item, for vij punds leid to yett the saids botts, the pund vijd; summa iiijs jd
Item, coft foure stanis in Cragmillar to be the irne dur cheikis, cost iijs
Item, for cart hyre of thame, xs
Item, for pyner fie to thre warkmen to beir thame to the charterhous dur, iiijs vjd
Item, to Gilbert Cleuth for his warkmanschip of the said stane wark, and hinging of the said dur, xxxvs
Item, in drinksilver to his servands, ijs
Item, coft fra Johne Weir, powderar, to yet the gret botts xvijli leid, the pund vijd; summa ixs xjd
Item, to the warkmen to serve Gilbert Cleuth, and the uther masonis, iij days, ilk day xvjd; summa iiijs
Item, for watter to drauke the lyme, xijd
Item, for mending of the thre choippis at the west end of the fute of the kirkyaird, for stray, xvjs iiijd
Item, for scheratts and devatts, ixs
Item, to ane wrycht to wirk the rufe spair thairof, vijs vjd
Item, to ane thekar to theik the thre choippis, xijs
Item, for garroun naillis and plancheor nallis, vs iiijd
Item, for oley to the knok all yeir, xiijs
Item, for keipping of the silver candilstikks, to Patrik Tod, xs
Item, to Gorge Johnestoun, all the yeir, for walks to the greit candilsteikis, xxxiiijs
Item, to Patrik Gowan, for deichting of the guttars aboun the kirk all the yeir, for his fie, xxxs
Item, for my awin fie, and my chaiplannis, xli xiijs iiijd
Item, to Rechard Trowp, at the command of the counsale, vli
Item, to James Henrisoun, xls
Item, to Rechard Plummer, xls
Item, to David Windiyetts, xls
Item, to Patrik Wechtman, xxxs
Item, to Alane Purves, xls
Item, to James Andersoun, xls
Item, to William Cowtts, xls
Item, to Thomas Todrik, xls
Item, to Johne Wauchlat, xls
Item, to Mr Alexander Logy, xls
Item, to Gorge Gourlay, xls
Item, to William Nicoll, xls
Item, to Gorge Cranstoun, xls
Item, to Thomas Hall, xls
Item, to Patrik Govan, for walx to the powpet all the yeir, xxviijs viijd
Item, to Thomas Watsoun, glassin wrycht, for his yeirlie fie, iiijli
Summa of the haill discharge, ijclxxxvjli xvs vd

At Edinburgh, the vj day of Marche, the yeir of God, Jm vc lv yeirs. The auditors of comptis under writtin, convenit in the tolbuith of Edinburgh, for heirring of the compt foirsaid of James Carmichaell, dene of gyld in the yeir bygane, findis, be the compt foirsaid, the charge thairof extends to iijc vijli xvjs v½ and the discharge to ijc lxxxvjli xvs vd; and sua the compter restis awand to the town, xxjli xijd obolus [halfpenny], de claro.

[The Report is not subscribed by the auditors. There is on the margin the following note by Mr Alexander Guthrie, town-clerk:—]

The comptar hes chargit him heirwith in his next compt, maid in anno lvjto

[James Carmichael, who was dean of guild in 1552–53 and 1554–55, filled the same office in 1556–57 and 1557–58.]