Extracts from the Accounts: Deans of Guild, 1555-6

Pages 362-369

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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Deans of Guild, 1555-6

THE COMPT of James Barroun, Dene of Gild in the Towne of Edinburgh, in the yeir of God ane thowsand fyve hundredth fyftie and sex yeirs, randart to the auditors undirwrittin, the xxiiij day of Februar, the yeir of God Jm vc lvij yeirs, in the tolbuyth of the samin.


Mr Jhone Spens, presedent.
Mr Jhone Spens, baillie.
David Forrestar.
Edward Howpe.
James Curie.
Jhone Dowgall.
Adam Fullertoun.
Robert Henry soun.
Thomas Reidpeth.


Item, in primis, I am to be chargit with Sanct Gelis peice, on Sunday, the vj day of October, rassavit fra Robert Cuninghame and his marro, xxxiijs vja
[The " Peice Silver " was received on every Sunday throughout the year, on " Yuill day," and, in September, " on the first day quhilk was Sanct Gelis day."]
Summa of the haill charge of the peice, of this instant yeir, is lxixli ijs xji½d
Item, I am to be chargit with the nomer of the Schippis, this instant yeir, quhilk extends, as the buik beris, to the nomer of the lxxvj schippis:—
Summa of the money of the haill schippis extendis to liijii iiijs
Heir eftir followis James Barronis charge of Burgess and Gild, contenit in the lokit buik:—
[The dues of entry varied from 6s. 8d. to 15 lib., and were received from twentysix burgesses and guild brethren.]
Summa of the burgess and gild, baith togidder, extendis to, this instant yeir jc ijli vjs viijd
Item, I am to be chargit with the Choppis of the kirk, and at the fute of the kirk yaird of this yeir:—
[Twenty-two entries, as in the previous year.
Summa of the choppis, xxvjll
Item, I am to be chargit with the Layers of this instant yeir:—
[Eleven entries, amounting to 59s 4d.]
I am to be chargit with the four greit Goldin Canduilsteiks of this instant yeir:—
[Twenty three entries, amounting to 6 lib. 12d.]
Item, I am to be chargit with the Silver Candelsteiks this instant yeir:—
[Amongst the entries, fifty two in number, occur the names of the "fraternities" of "Sanct Anna,Crispiniani," "Sanct Loye," "Sanct Jhone," "Sanct Cowbart," "Sanct Anna," and "Sanct Cristell." The total is 33s. 6d.]
The charge of Sanct Gelis arme this yeir:—
Item, upone Relict Sonday and Sanct Gelis day, ijs


Item, fra Jhone Mosye, for bying of malt in the mercat, xls
Item, James Cranstoun, for breikin of the act maid for nychtborheid, xxs
Summa, iijli
Summa totallis is ijc lxiiijli ixs d


The Exoneratioun of the Dene of Gild, of this instant yeir, vj° Octobris, anno 1555, to the fourt day of October, anno 1556:—

Item, in primis, on the xij day of October to ane warkman, and for hadder to burne Inglische buiks on the mercat croce, xviijd
Item, to Henslie, for rynging of the bellis on Salmes evin, ijs
Item, to ane maisoun to hew the blew sliddry throuch at Sanct Salvator dure, ijs
Item, for ane daill and ane half to the stepill dure, vjs
Item, for maikne of ane dur to the steippill, iijs
Item, for bands, nalis, loks, and twa keyis to it, xijs viijd
Item, for translaitting of the lok of the nether dur of the stepill, ijs
Item, for ane lok stapill, and redding of the nether kirk yaird yeitt, viijs
Item, to warkmen to clenge round about the kirk agane Yuill, vjs xd
Item, to Peit, belman, and the doctor, [blank]
Item, for skowring of the brass laterne agane Yuill, xijd
Item, coft vij jestis to be ane tirleis to the deid banis at the south kirk dur, and to mend the maissoun luge that was decay it, iiijll xvjs
Item, to iiij workmen to bring thame to the kirk dur, iijs
Item, for yj dalis, to be sarkin to the massoun luge, xxiiijs
for the peice warning, to Pait and the doctor, ijs
Item, for sawing of iiij of thame, to be sarkine, iijs iiijd
Item, for sawing of iiij jestis, to be the tirleis, and to mend the massoun luge, iiijs
Item, to Hennislie to cast the deid banis in the west teirleis, iijs
Item, for iijc sclait to mend the massoun luge, xxxvjs
Item, for carrage of thame to the luge, vjs
Item, for making of the holls in the kirk wall to the terleis, iijs
Item, for leid to yeit it, ijs
Item, to ane wrycht for making of the teirleis, and mending of the massoun luge, ij oulks, xxxvjs
Item, for garroun nalis, plantior nalis and durnalis to the sarkin, and ane bot irne to the terleis, xiiijs
Item, to Thomas Barnat, sklater, for tyrring and theikin of the masoun luge, ls
Item, for vj leid lyme and xxiiij leid sand to it, xviijs
Item, for watter to it, xijd
Item, for ane chyst of eistland buird to the provest seitts, ijsvjd
Item, to the glaissinwrycht to tak down pannells of glass on Candilmes day, and putting up of thame, ijs
Item, for ane act rasit out of the buiks of counsale anents the weychtis and mesors, be the command of Picbart Carmichaell, bailye, jjs
Item, for taikin doun and mending of glass pannells in Sanct Salvator yll, contenand xx fute new glass, pryce of the fute xviijd; sunmma xxxs
Item, in the same yle, xxviij fut aid glass, pryce of the fute yjd; summa ix
Item, in the jowall hous, ix fut of new glass and ix fute aid glass, xviijs
Item, in Sanct Antonis ile, vj fut of new glass, with xxxv fute aid glass, xxvjs vjd
Item, in the same yle, ij fute new with v fute auld glass, vs vjd
Item, in Sanct Thomas yle, xv fut new glass in the heich round, and ix fut auld, iiijs vjd
Item, iij pannellis auld glass, contenand xiiij fute, xijs
Item, above the queire, iiij panells, mending and setting in new leid, contenand xxxvj fute, and vj fute new glass, xxvijs
Item, the windo above the ravestre, iij pannells contenand xxiij fute new glass, and vij fute auld, xxxviijs
Item, in the Consistre yle xvj pannells, vxx xij fute new glass, and the O in the heid of the said windo, contenand xxx fute new glass; summa of the haill new glass in the said windo, xli xiij
Item, in the said yle xij pannells aid, contenand iiixx xvj fute, and the west windo, contenand xiiij panualls ald, contenand lvj fute, all set in new leid; summa iijl xvjs
Item, in the Halyblude yle, xxxiij fute new glass, xlixs vjd
and vj fute new glass, ixs
Item, in the same ile, iijxx xiij fute aid glass, xxxvijs
Item, in the queir, above the organis, xviij fute aid glass and ane fute new, xs vjd
Item, ane pannell above Sanct Paull's altar, contenand viij fute new glass and ij fute ald, xiis
Item, in Sanct Gabriall's yle, viij fute new glass, xxvj fute auld, s
Item, in Sanct Johne yle, iiij fute new glass, vjs
Item, above the quier, ix fute new glass and xx fute ald glass, xxiijs vjd
Item, above the knok, ane pannall, contenand vj fute, ij syndrye tymes mendit, vjs
Item, for Ivijii weycht of glass bands, price of the pund, ixd; summa xiijs ixd
Item, for bringing of ane standart and ledders, and changein of thame to the glaissinwrycht sindry tymes, xvs
Item, for mending of the paill that hingis befoir the hye altar, ijs
Item, for mending of the powpat, ijs
Item, to ane warkman to cleinge the luge, iijs
Item, to Sir Jhone Symsoun, on Palme Sonday, for singing of the Passioun, ijs vjd
Item, to Sir Thomas Reith, ane elne of blak stemming, for the coppye of the gild lawis, xxxvjs
Item, to Howme to buy bussomis to swepe the kirk at Yuill, Paische, and Witsonday, xviijs
Item, to Pait and the doctor on Paische-day for [blank] ijs
Item, for the irnis at the kirk dur, meill merkat, flesche merkat, and workmanschip, iiijli xviijs
Item, for skowring of the brasin lettron at Paische and Witsonday, iiijs ijd
Item, to Pait and the doctor on "Witsonday, for keiping of the kirk, iiijs
Item, for tawch candils, all winter, in the windois of the kirk, xxxijs iiijd
Item, for cords to the skallet bells, this yeir, vijs ixd
Item, for keiping of the sepulcur at Paische, viij dayis and viij nychtis, viijs
Item, for v half punds candills to the pane befoir the hye altar, xs
Iem, to George Jhonstoun for xj punds and ane half walx to the greit candilsteiks this yeir, xxxiijs iijd
Item, for thre ellin of lynning to the fount, Vs vjd
Item, at Witsonday, for geirss, watter haids, and dow, xviijd
Item, for ane cord to the lamp of the queir, vjd
Item, for uly to the knok, xijs
Item, for keiping of the font at Witsonday, ijs
Item, for dychting of the guitters in the yeir, xxxs
Item, for ane key to the eist kirk dur, xxxd
Item, for ij hingand loks to the irnis at the kirk dur, ijs
Item, for iijm ixc Dundie sklaytts to the body of the kirk, fra the stepill west to the west kirk dur, price of the jm, v lib., xixli xs
Item, for careage of thame to the town, ilk thowsand xijs xlvjs viijd
Item, for bering of thame to the wark abone the kirk, ixs
Item, for thre dozone viij daillis to the gutters of leid and [blank] of the work, viijli xvjs
Item, for bringin of thame to the work, ijs
Item, for twa aikne treis to be clatts to the new thak, xxvjs
Item, for aucht firne sparris to be clattis, viijs
Item, for dowbill garroun nalis to the wark, vs
Item, for ane mast to lay under the leid, and bringing up of it out of Leyth, lvijs vjd
for sawin of it, ijs vjd
Item, for sawin of twa gestis to be clattis, and xxxij dalis to be serkne, xlijs viijd
Item for singill garroun nalis to the clattis, xijs vjd
Item, for plantiour nalis, lidne nalis, and dur nalis to the lacht, and uther wark, iijli iijs
Item for ane wricht iiij oulkis, iijli iiijs
Item, to ane warkman to red the kepill feit, and uther labour, iij oulks, xxvijs
Item, for v dozone viij laidis of lyme, iiijli xvjs
Item, for iij dozone sand andiiij ladis, iijli vjs viijd
Item, for waiter to the wark, xxijs
Item, for the slatters for thikne of iiij rud xxiiij eln new thak, ixli viijs
Item, for pointing of the haill kirk, and beting of the faltis of it, iiijli
Item, to Jhone Werre, powdermaker, for casting of the lidne gutters, and mending of thame, iijli vjs viijd
Item, to ane masoun for rasing of the turnepyk heid, and rasing of ane gavill wall, lvs
Item for ane eistland buird, and bringing out of Leyth and sawing of it to mak ane new dur besyde the jowell-hous, xs iiijj
Item, for aucht burdis to the thre west new windokis and new dur and crukis, iij slottis, with stapillis to the windois and dur, and ij crukis to the font, xlvijs
Item, to ane masoun to mak cruke holis, slott holis to the windois, dur, and font, vs
Item for twa stane leid to the cruik holis, xvjs
Item, for ane lok to the new dur, xs
Item, to the slaters' drinksilver, iijs
Item, for sowping of the kirkyard [blank], wattering of it in somer to Sanct Gelis day, xvjs
Item, for clenging about the kirk at Sanct Gelis day, ijs
Item, for scowring of the brasin laternis, ijs
Item, for painting of Sanct Geill, vjs
Item, for baring of him to the painter, and fra, vjd
Item, for mending and polesing of Sanct Gelis arme, xijd
Item, to Pait and the doctor, on Sanct Gelis day, for the keping of the kirk, iiijs
Item, coft viij laid lyme to paint Sanct Marye Chapel], xviijs
Item, for xxiiij laid sand, viijs
Item, for waiter to it, xijd
Item, for ijc slatis, and bringing up of thame to Sanct Marye Wynd, xxiijs
Item, for ane daill to be laucht to it, iiijs
Ietm, for sawing and quartering of it, xviijd
Item, to Alexander Robesoun, tailyeour, for mending of Sanct Gelis capis, xs
Item, for dichting and mending of the glassin windoks in the ravestre, vjs
Item, deliverit to Thomas Todrik, officiar, the xij day of November, as ane act proportis, maid thairupoun, the sowme of vli
Itsert, to Maister Alexander Logye, the xvj day of Februar, as ane act proportis, xls
Item, for painting of the bred of Sanct Mary Wynd, vijs viijd
Item, to Doctor Drummond, for his yer's fie, xxli
Item, to Howme, that kepis the kirk, his yer's fie, xls
The officers' feis:—
Item, to Richard Trollop, at command of the counsell, vli
Item, to Alexander M'Gachane, iijli
Item, to David Windiyettis, iijli
Item, to George Cranstoun, iijli
Item, to George Gourlay, iijli
Item, to "William Nicoll, iijli
Item, to William Couttis, iijli
Item, to Patrik Barroun, iijli
Item, to James Henderson, iijli
Item, to Jhone Wachlop, iijli
Item, to Richard Plumbar, iijli
Item to Maister Alexander Logy, iijli
Item, to Allane Purves, iijli
Item, to Thomas Hall, xls
Item, to Thomas Watsoun, glassinwricht, for his yeris fie, iiijli
Item, for my awin fie and my chapellres, xli xiijs iiijd
Summa of the haill discharge, is ijc xxijlib

The xxvij day of Februar, the yeir of God Jm vc lvij yeris.James Barroun's compt foresaid, dene of gild in the yeir of God Jm vc Ivj yeris, beand maid baith charge and discharge, had and considerat, the auditouris underwrettin chosin be the presidentis and counsall thairto, findis the said comptar restand awand to the gude town the sowme of fourtie twa pundis nynes vd and ½. In witness of th quhilk the said comptar hes subscryvit this present before the saidis auditors day, yier, and place foresaidis.

[This report is not subscribed by the auditors, nor by the "comptar" The following addition to the report is signed by Mr Alexander 'Guthrie, town clerk:—]

Item, allowit to the compter quhilk he .forzet out of his present compt throu negligence, the ordinar fee of Andro Mansioun, extending to xmks

And sua restis the compter awand to the gude town the sowme of threttye fvye pund sextene shillings jd obs; quhilk sowme wes ordanet to be deliverit and payit to James Carmichaell be ane act maid be the counsall thairupon, in part of payment of ane mair sowme restand awin to him be the gude town, as the act, maid the xxvj day of Marche 1557 yers, proportis.

[The "mair sowme restand awin" to James Carmichael appears to refer to the balance of 101 lib. 15s. 8d. due to him on his account for the year 1552-53, for which he did not take credit in his subsequent accounts. There was a balance of 21 lib. Is. ½d. due by him on hia account for 1554-55, with which he charged himself, along with the " Pece silver," in his account for 1556-57; and in 1557-58 he charged himself with the balance of 35 lib. 16s. l½d., due by James Barron on the account for 1555-56, which, the above report bears, " wes Arpanet to be deliver and pay-it" to him. It was not until February 1561 (see page 343) that James Carmichael got a settlement of the balance on his account for the year 1552-53.]