Extracts from the Records: 1536

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1871.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1536', Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557, (Edinburgh, 1871), pp. 72-80. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1528-57/pp72-80 [accessed 20 June 2024].

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. "Extracts from the Records: 1536", Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1528-1557, (Edinburgh, 1871). 72-80. British History Online. Web. 20 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1528-57/pp72-80.


8 January 1535–6.


[An act anent bread, similar to that on 16 November 1535, passed of this date.]

9 January 1535–6.

Nane within the burgh to haif to sell or pas furth to meitt pultre.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale, forswamekill as thair is ane exorbitant derth rissin vpoun wylde meitt of all sortis, be the regratouris indwelleris within this towne that will nocht suffer the persouns that bringis wyld meitt and tayme to the merkatt to sell the same thairself, bot will by thame to regraitt, aganis the commoun weill of this burgh, quhairfore it is statute and ordanit, as said is, that na maner of persouns man nor woman within this burgh, tak vpoun hand to by or sell ony maner of wyld meitt or tayme fra this tyme furth, vnder the payne of banesing of the towne; and that nane of thame pas nor send owtwith the town to meitt or stop ony persoun cummand to the mercatt with siclyk stufe, vnder the payne of xl s. to be tane of thame that attempts or dois in contrar, bot favouris.—(In the end of a convict buik.—Tr.)

Paice; Huksters, tapsters; Buithis.

That all baxteris within this burgh baik thair breid guid and, etc., and the ij d. laif to wey xviij vnces, and broun breid efferand thairto, vnder the pane of ane vnlaw the first falt, and fra thine furth deling of thair breid; and at na huksteris nor tapsteris within this burgh sell ony quheitt breid in foir buithis fra Mononday furth, vnder the payne of escheting of thair breid and banesing the towne of thame; and that ilk baxter haif bot ane buith to sell his breid in allanerlie, and his mark putt on his breid.


(Maister Adame Otterburnes acts, price xvj the galloun. In the end of a convict buik.—Tr.)

26 February 1535–6.

Bikkerares; Vagabunds.

The prouest baillies and counsell, with consent of [the] dekin[is] of craftis, hes statute and ordanit, for eschewing of greitt inconvenients that may occure herethrow in tyme cuming, that na maner of persouns young nor awld, childer nor bairnis nother of burgessis nor craftismen within the towne, pas till ony bikkerings in tymes to cum nother haliday nor werk day; and that ilk deikin of craft chairge the brether and maisteris of the samyn, ilk ane till ansuer for thair seruands, that nane of thame pas till bikkerings, vnder the pane of scurgeing of thame and banesing of the towne, and siclyk ilk merchand till ansuer for thair bairnis and seruands, vnder the saidis paynis; and that all vagabunds that hes na maisteris pas remoue and devoyde thame furth of this towne, vnder the pane of the putting in presone and thairafter pvnist and banist the towne.—(In ane convict buke.—Tr.)

27 February 1535–6.


Item, it is statute and ordanit be the provest baillies and counsale, for eschewing of new infectioun throw the cuntrie, and als for furth halding of vagabunds theiffis and misdoares furth of this burch, that thair be twa honest persouns eikit and adiunit to the ports, ane thairof to, the Nether Bow and the vther to the West Port, and to begyn on Mononday nixttocum, and ilk ane of thame to haif xvj d. daylie wage to be inbrocht and collectit be the officeris daylie fra the nychtbouris, viz. ilk nychtbour that vsit before to pas to the port be himself to gif viij d., and swa the saidis persouns to be daylie payit of the said waige be the nychtbouris, and nane of the nychtbouris that may pay to be owersene, and that the officeris be sworne that thai sail nocht owerse ony nychtbouris that may pay.

17 March 1535–6.

Ane propyne to the Quene and ane exten of jm lib.

The quhilk day, George Henrison, president, Jhonn Carkettill, William Litill, and Alexander Adameson, baillies, Jhonn Purves, dene of gild, Jhonn Mawchan, Robert Logane, Hew Douglas, Nicoll Carnecros, Mongow Tennent, Williame Sym, Alexander Belches, George Cant, James Makgill, Mr Dauid Irland, Jhonn Marioribanks, Androw Mowbray, George Mayne, Alexander Spens, James Jhonston, dekyn of the hammermen, James Stirk for the walkeris, James Fillem for the wobstaris, Jhonn Andersoan for the furrouris, Lancelot Barbour for thair craft, Edward Biseitt for the fleschouris, Jhonn Frieland for the cordinaris, Jhonn Boyes for the baxteris, William Coldane for the skynnaris, Thomas Archour for the tailyeouris, aod Jhonn Rynde for the goldsmythis, consentis and grantis to geve to the Quenis grace fourty tunnis of wyne in propyne, and als consentis that ane vniuersall taxt and stent be maid of jm pundis to pay the samyn, and to furneis the fleschehous with and vther commoun warkis of the tovne; and als consentis that thair be foir maill tane vpoun foure of thair commoun buithis, viz. Jhonn Youngis buith, Jhonn Rentouns, Robert Adamesouns and Williame Ryndes for the space of vij yeris, and that to redeme thair vther thre buy this that is lyand in wedsett, viz., tua fra Michell M'Quhen and ane fra Jhonn Adamesouns airis.

23 March 1535–6.

Maisters of commoun wark.

The president baillies and counsale hes devyset and ordanit Alexander Spens and Alexander Belsches coniunctly and seuerally to be thair maisters of wark to thair calsay and commoun werk of the towne, and hes ordanit ilk ane of thame to haif for thair lawbouris v li. in the yeir.—(In the lowse leiff.—Tr.)


The Extent of twenty thowsand pund grantit to our Souerane Lord be the thre Estaitts for sustening of his honorabill expensis in the pairtes of France in anno Domini jm vc xxxv, off the quhilk the Clergy pays xm li. the Barrouns xm merks and the Burrowes vm merks, quhilk vm merks being equallie devydit amangis the burrowis extendis to ilk ane of thame as efter followes:—

Edinburgh viijc xxxiij li. vj s. viij d.
Striueling iiijxx iiij li. vij s. vj d.
Linlythqw l li. xij s. vj d.
Rothsay xxij li. x s.
Dunbartane xxviij li. ij s. vj d.
Renfrew xxxiij li. xv s.
Ruglein xxij li. x s.
Air lxxviij li. xv s.
Irwine xlv li.
Dunfreis lvj li. v s.
Glasqw iijxx vij li. x s.
Kirkcudbrycht xxxiij li. xv s.
Wigtoun xxxiij li. xv s.
Quhithorne xxxiij li. xv s.
Lanerk xxviij li. ij s. vj d.
Iedburch xxxiij li. xv s.
Selkrig xxij li. x s.
Hadingtoun jcj li. vs.
Northbervik xj li. v s.
Dunbar xxij li. x s.
Lawder xxij li. x s.
Aberdene iijc xv li.
Dundie iijc xxj li. xvij s. vj d.
Perth ijc xlvij li. x s.
Banff xxij li. x s.
Dunfermeling xxxiij li. xv s.
Craill xxij li. x s.
Forfare xvj li. xvij s. vj d.
Brechein lvj li. v s.
Montros iiijxx x li.
Elgein xxxiij li xv s.
Innernes lvj li. v s.
Aberbroth xlv li.
Sanctandrois jcli.
Cowpare iiijxx x li.
Culane xj li. v s.
Fores xxviij li. ij s. vj d.
Name xj li. v s.
Thane xvj li. xvij s. vj d.
Dysart xxxix li. vij s. vj d.
Kirkcaldy xxij li. x s.
Peblis xxij li. x s.

(This in the begynning of the Convict Buik begynnand in Junij 1535 quhair thair is ane vther roll of ane generall extent of vjm 11, the burrowes jm li. deuidit neirly the same ordour, bot it is revin.—Tr.)

31 May 1536.

Flesche standis.

The quhilk day, George Henrysoun president, William Adamesoun and Williame Litill baillies, Nycoll Carncors, Robert Logane, Gilbert Lawder, Symoun Prestoun, Jhone Mawchane, Jhone Fowlar, Alexander Belsis, William Lawder, Williame Dyck, Mr Dauid Irland, Mungo Tennent, Androw Mowbray, William Vdwart, William Sym, Edward Kincaid, Alexander Spens, Alexander Adamsone, Henry Scot, Symoun Marioribankis, Patrik Flemyng, Patrick Tennent, William Symsoun, George Cant, James Lytiljohne, George Leiche, Henry Cranstoun, William Johnestoun, William Chamblet, James Stark, Thomas Rynd, Thomas Boys, and vtheris men of guid, beand gatherit in the Tolbuith, deligentlie auisit yit as of befoir with the standis in thair fleschous, has ordanit and finalie deliuerit that ilk flescheour sall pay yeirlie for thair stand in thair said fleschehous the sowme of xl s.; and ordanis the saidis standis to be offerit to the saidis flescheouris on the samyn price, and gyf thai refuis till tak thame on the price foirsaid, the president baillies and men of gude abouewritten, all in ane voce, ordanis that the saidis fleschehous be set the tane halff thairof to land flescheouris aud the tother halff for victuall quheit and meill, to the maist avale that can be gottin thairfoir, and ordanis the saidis flescheouris till gyf thair ansuer in this matar on Fryday nixtocum; and the deakin and maist pairt of thame ar wairnit apud actaand presentile offerit the saidis standis to the saidis flescheouris on the samyn pryce, quhilk at that tyme thai refuisit, quhairvpoun the president askit actis. —(In ane lowse leiff.—Tr.)

16 June 1536.

[Selling of woll, &c.]

The quhilk day, the president baillies and counsale hes devysit and ordanit that all the woll hyd skinnis and claith be brocht to the new wark, and thair to be sauld, and intill nane vther place, and till tak for ilk stane of woll ane penny for the maill by the custome, and ordanis the thesaurar till gar dycht and clenge the standis and mak the north gavill thairof clois with rauchteris till keip the woll that is left vnsauld, and till caus [mak] weyis brodis and to gar viij stanis wecht and vther small wechtis, and to fall to the samyn incontinent that it be redy agane Mononday nixtocum till bring the woll to the samyn. —(On ane lowse leiff.—Tr.)

8 July 1536.

[Raising of the prices of clayth.]

The quhilk day, in presens of my lord Maxwell, provest of Edinburgh, baillies and counsall of the samyn, Robert, Abbott of Halyrudhous, thesaurer to our Souerane Lord, produceit ane writting subscryuit with the lords hands and desyrit the samyn till be insert in thair buikis, of the quhilk the tenour followes:— The lords vnderstands that the Kings grace and all the lieges of his realme hes instantlie ado with blak veluott satyne dammes and all sorts of blak clayth, als weill Frainche clayth Flanders clayth as Scottis clayth; and thairfore ordanis the prouest and baillies of Edinburgh to command and chairge all merchants and vthers persouns haifand sic stufe within this towne and Leyth, and all vther pairts of this realme, that na man of thame tak on hand to raise the pryce of ony of the stuffis foresaidis for the occasioun that is now ado darrer nor it hes bene done coft and sawld in tyme bygane, vnder the payne of escheting of the moveabill guids if ony of thame that dois in the contrair; and at oppin proclamatioun be maid at the mercat croce of this burgh that ony persoun that can find or preif that ony merchant dois in the contrair heirof, or hydes geir vnsawld for the pryce that wes in tyme bygane, that the said persoun sall haif the quarter of the escheitt for his lawbouris, vpoun the quhilk the said thesaurer askit instrumentis. Testibus omnibus balliuis cum diuersis aliis.—(This in the end of the convict buik.—Tr.)

8 August 1536.

Vagabunds, dettouris.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale, that in tyme to cum that all maner of vagabunds and husseyis that beis convenit before thame for ony maner of dettis awand to thair creditoures, and hes na thing to pay, that thai be banist the towne.

30 August 1536.

Villa. Ane annuell of x merkis furth of Robert Grayis land on the eist side of the kirk wynd, etc.

Ottirburn, prouest. The quhilk day, in the presens of the prouest and baillies sittand in jugement, Ewfame Adamsoun, the relict of vmquhile James Fentoun, byndis and oblesis her faythfullie, forsamekle as the said provest baillies and counsall wairnit hir to be decernit to vphald the land and housis pertenyng to hir heretablie, lyand on the eist pairt of the kirk yaird, that the toun mycht be anserit for the annuel awand to thame furth of the said land, or ellis that scho wald get ane vther persoun that wald vphald the samyn, and to ansuer for the saidis annuelis efter the forme of ane act maid thairvpoun the xviij day of August instant, and could get nane, heirfoir scho oblesis hir faythfullie as said is that scho sall mak resignatioun of all and haill the said land befoir and behynd vnder and aboue with the pertinentis, except the hous scho duellis intill, in ane of the baillies handis of this burgh for sesing heretablie to be gevin till Henrie Scot and his airis, the tovn payand hir thairefter the sovme of ten merkis, fyve in hand and vther fyve at Witsonday nixt; and for heretable infeftment to be maid till him be the said Ewfame, the said Henrie Scot oblesis him and his airis faythfullie that incace, as God forbid, the land happynis to decay and fall doun, sua that the said land be nocht poyndable for the annuell awand furth of the samyn to the tovn in that behalf, the said Henrie Scot oblesis him and his airis that he sall renonce quytclame discharge and resigne in ane of the baillies handis of the said tovn his annuellrent of ten merkis awand yeirlie till him furth of the said land, for heretable infeftment to be maid to the said tovn and thair successouris, in the sickerest forme that can be devysit.

22 September 1536.

[Seal of cause to Cordiners.]

Till all and sindry quhais knawlege thir present letteres salcum, Robert Lord Maxwell, ane of the regentis of this realme the tyme of oure Souerane Lord the Kingis absence, and provest of the burgh of Edinburgh for the tyme, George Henrisoun, William Adamsoun, Johnne Carkettill, and William [Littil] baillies of the said burgh for the tyme, counsale and communite of the samyn, greting in God euirlesting. Wit ye ws, at the instance and requeist of Thomas Mureleyis dekin for the tyme of the Cordinare craft of the said burgh, Richart Nycholsoun, Robert Borg, Johne Wilsoun, Johnne Freland, Johnne Prestoun, and Robert Dikesoun, maisteris of the said craft, and vtheris thair brethir and maisteris of the Cordinaris of this toun, and for incresment of the commoun weill of this burgh, policy of the same and agmentatioun of devyne seruice, to haue gevin and grantit to thame and thair successouris Cordinaris within this toun thir priuilegis under writtin:—that is to say, all maner of prentesis to be tane to the said craft sall stand in prentischip for the space of sevin yeris and nay les, without dispensatioune of the principall maisteris of the said craft, and speciallie in fauoris of the sonis of the said craft, and ilk prenteis to pay at his entre to the reparatioun and vphalding of devyne seruice at thair said altar tuenty schillingis vsuall money of this realme; and that nodir thir prentisis nor nane wthir persoune of the said craft be sufferit to set wp buith within this said burgh without he be fundin sufficient, habill, and wourthy in practik and wthir ways, and admittit thareto be the kirk maister and sex maisteris of the craft, and maid burges and freman of the said burgh, and bring his tiket thairupone, and than for his wpset to pay fyve pundis, except burges sonis of this toune to pay fyfty schillingis, to the reparatioun and wphalding of devyne seruice at thare said altar; and that ilk seruand sall pay his wkly halfpenny to the wphalding of devyne seruice as said is, and gif ony maister of the said craft cumis nocht to the quartar comptis four tymes in the yere als oft as thai be, thai being lauchfullie warnit be thare seriand thareto, thay sall pay twa pundis of wax, unforgevin, without thai haue ane lauchfull impediment, and the saidis twa pundis walx to be deliuerit to thare said altar within twa dayis efter the falt be notourly knawin befoir the said maisteris of the foirsaid craft; and that na maner of maister of the said craft tyst hous herbery resaue nor gif him laubouris to ony wther maisteris prenteis nor seruand, wnder the pane of paying of twa pundis of wax to thare said altar, wnforgevin; and that ilk maister haldand buith within this burgh of the said craft sall pay his wkly penny to the reparatioun of the ornamentis of thare said altar, and sustene the preistis meit thareof as it cumis about; and that the said kirkmaister and ane certane of the principale maisteris of the said craft that sall happin to be for the tyme, sall haue full faculte leif and priuilege with ane officiar of the toun to pas with thame, poynd, distreynye gif neid beis, for the taking raysing and inbringing of thir deviteis foirsaidis to the sustentatioun and wphalding of Goddis seruice as said is, but danger stop or impediment; and als that the dekyn sall haue power to poynd for the preistis meit, that is to say aucht penneis on the day, gif neid beis, and gif thair be ony fre maister of the said craft that makis impediment in the paying of his said dewiteis, quhairthrow ane officiar of this gude toun may be haldin to poynd him, he sall pay the officiaris fee for his laubouris alsweill the principale dewiteis that he is awand to the said altar; and gif ony maister of the said craft disobeis the kirkmaistare that salbe for the tyme, to pay twa pundis of wax for ilk tyme he disobeis, wnforgeivn, to thare said altare: The quhilkis articulis statutis and rewlis we haue ratifiet apprevit and cornfermit, and be thir presentis for ws and oure successouris ratifies and apprevis and als confermis the samyn, in all punctis and articulis, to the saidis maisteris and thare successouris of the said craft in perpetuall memoriall in tyme to cum for evirmair; and this to all quhome it efferis we mak it knawin be the tenoure of thir oure letteres. In witnes of the quhilk thing, to thir oure present letteres oure commoun seill of caus of oure said burgh we haue gart append, at Edinburgh the twenty-twa day of September the yere of God ane thousand five hundreth thretty and sex yeris.

7 October 1536.


It is statute be the prouest baillies and counsale that na beggares be fund in this towne bot thai that ar borne within the same, and thai to be impotent febill or awld and waik persouns that may nocht lawbour for thair leving, vnder the payne of byrning of thair cheiks and banesing the towne. —(In ane convict buik.—Tr.

Vagabunds, cairteris, dysares, nycht walkers.

Item, that na vagabunds that hes na occupatioun nor maister to serue quhairby thai may leif and haif thair sustentatioun, and that na maner of nychtwalkers, dysares, cairters, remayne within this town, certefeand thame that ony sic persouns be fundin within this towne thai sall be putt in firmance and presoun vnto the tyme that inquisitioun be tane of thair gyding and maner of conversatioun, and gif thai be fund culpabill to be banist or pvnist vther wayes in thair persouns according to thair demerits; and that nane herbery siclyke persouns, but incontinent schaw the provest and baillies thairof, vnder the samyn paynes.

Owtland paice and within burgh.

The twa penny laif ordanit to wey xxvi vnce, and the iiij d. laif lii vnce, and that thair be bot ij, iiij, vi d. and viiij d. breid; this of the breid baxteris owtwith the burgh. The baxteris inwith the burgh; thair breid, thair ij d. laif to wey xxiiij vnce.—(In a convict buik end.—Tr.)


That thai that ar sellares of meill that dwellis within this towne or in the suburbs of the same haif thair place in the meill merkat be thame selff and cum nocht neir the strayngeris.—(In the convict buik end.—Tr.)