Extracts from the Records: 1562, Jan-June

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1562, Jan-June

30 January 1561–2.

Kingorne, Leith.

[In an action at the instance of the owner of a ship in Kinghorn and the bailies of that town against certain indwellers in Leith, for the "wrangus spoliatioun fra the saidis awnaris of ane irne gvn" furth of the ship while lying in the port of Leith, it was alleged on behalf of the defenders, that the provost bailies and council could not be lawful judges against them, "becaus the haill toun of Leith hes lang of before tane lauborrowis of the haill toun of Edinburgh, and that the toun of Kingorne is ane pairte and pendicle of this toun, beris charges and stentis thairwith." The council repelled the allegations and ordered further process to be taken.]

10 February 1561–2.

Regina Tolbuth.

Williame Brysoun masour presentit and deliuerit to the prouest baillies and counsale oure Souerane Ladeis writing, of the quhilk the tenour followis, and desyrit ansuer to be gevin to oure said Souerane and lordis of secreit counsale the morne be tua efter none. Sequitur: Apud Edinburgh sexto Februarri anno lxi0. The Quenis Maiestie, vnderstanding that the tolbuith of the burgh of Edinburgh is ruinous and abill haistelie to dekay and fall doun, quhilk wilbe werray dampnabill and skaithfull to the pepill duelland thairaboutt and repairand towert the samin, nocht onlie in destructioun of thair houssis bot als greit slauchter gif sindrie personis happin and chance thairthrow, without haistye remeid be prouidit thairin; thairfor hir hienes ordanis ane masour to pas and charge the prouest baillies and counsale of the said burgh of Edinburgh to caus put warkmen to the taking doun of the said tolbuth, for doun taiking thairof with all possable diligence for the caussis foirsaid, as thai will ansuer to hir hienes thairupoun at hir vter charge, and in the menetyme that thai prouide sufficient hous and rowmes reparit as efferis for the lordis of the sessioun, justice and sheref, for ministering of justice to the lieges of the realme. Sequitur subscriptio; Marie, R. Quhilk writing being red, and, efter avisement thairwith, the samyn deliuerit to the prouest to be alsua schewin to the dekynnis and vtheris nychtbouris.

11 February 1561–2.

Banquet, walls, extent.

[The provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts, for payment of the expenses of the banquet and triumph, agreed to roup the mills for the year from Martinmas 1562 to Martinmas 1563; and consented that a general extent of one thousand pounds should "be set and vpliftit of all nychtbouris of this burgh with all diligence for biging of the wallis of the samyn." It was agreed to discharge the extents "set and maid of before for ony of the caussis foresaid."]

Turnet, in the counsale. Dekynnis.

[The provost bailies aud council ordained Peter Turnet, skinner, to be received in the council in place of John Weyr, "pewderer," he having been elected "at Mychaelmas last by the auld ordour and nocht gevin in tiket be the dekynnis;" "and sicklike at the electing of the nixt seriandis the saidis dekynnis be requyrit to gyf thair consent thairto."]

24 February 1561–2.

Tolbuyth, maister wark, Somer.

[The provost bailies council and deacons of crafts,] all in ane voce, consenttis and ordanis that the tolbuth of this burgh be tane doun vpoun bayth sides safer as salbe neidfull, and to that effect nominatis and makis Dauid Somer maister of thair warkis, and ordanis him to begin vpoun Monunday nixt to the doun taikin of the sclaittis and rufe thairof, and forther to proceid as neid sall requyre, and siclike ordanis the baillies with all deligence to deliuer to the said maister of wark the sowme of sex hundreth merkis of the first and radeast of the taxt for paying of the warkmen lauboraris at the said tolbuth, and at the vther tolbuth to be maid in the west end of the kirk for the lordis of sessioun, and gyf the tymmer of the auld tolbuth will serue to the wark of the said new tolbuth the said maister of wark to aply the samyn as will serue.

8 April 1562.

Freir Blak.

The counsale ordainit Freir Blak to be haldin in warde within the tolbuith of Edinburgh for sic crimes committit be him, quhairof thai sall certifie the Quenys grace, quhill thai send writing to hir grace, my lord James and the Secreter, certefeing thame of the same, togidder with the copie of his awin bill writtin be him to be send furth of the realme, contenying the secretis thairof and vtheris fals reportis.

Craig, minister.

The counsale, vnderstanding the tedious and havie lauboris sustenit be thair minister, Johnne Knox, in preiching thris in the oulk and twis on the Sounday, ordanis with ane consent to solist and persuade maister Johnne craig, presentlie minister of the Canongait, to accept vpoun him the half chargeis of the preiching in the said kirk of Edinburgh, for sic gude deid as thai can aggre on.


The counsale, vnderstanding the greit corruptioun of the youth be maister William Robertsoun, maister of the grammar scole,being ane obstinat papeist, ordanis tender writingis to be directit fra the said counsale to my lord James exhorting his lordschip to laubour at my lorde Robertis hand for granting ane gift of the office of the maisterschip to sic ane leirnit and qualifeit man as thai can find maist abill thairfore, to the effect thai may remove the said maister William fra the office foirsaid, and for vphalding and susteining of the said maister and doctouris, as alsua of the regentis of ane college to be beigit within this burgh, and for beiging of hospitellis, that it be lauborit with the Quenis grace it mycht pleis hir grace to dispone and grant to the toun the place yairdis and annuellis of the freris and altarageis of the kirk.

[Slander against John Knox.]

Niniane M'Crechane, cuke to Timothie Bancour,granttit and confest he said yisterday on the hie gait: Loving to God, my lord Arrane and my lord Boithuile ar aggreit now; Knox quarter is run, he is skurgeit throw the toun; with sic vther injurious wordis, quharfore, as ane raillar and sklanderer, wes ordanit to be skurgeit within the tolbuith, and thairefter to be brankit, and in case he euir committit the like injurie in tyme cuming aganis the minister actit himself of his awin consent to be skurgeit throw this toun and baneist the same for euir.

11 April 1562.


[Wine to be sold at the price of xiij d. and xij d. the pynt.]


The prouest baillies and counsale foresaid ordanis proclamatioun to be maid with sound of bell throuch all the parttis of the toun neidfull, certefeing thame that vpoun the suspecioun and evill brute rasit vpoun the wobsteris of thair vnjust delin with all sic as hes ado with thair craft, it is appoynttit that betuix and Monunday nixt the saidis wobsteris set vp their lvmes in ane wolt preparit for thame in the rufe of Sanct Gelis Kirk, and thair to wyrk for tryell of thair said wark quhair certane honest sworne men, merchanttis and craftismen, sall be deput to await vpoun thame, and thairfor that the saidis nychtbouris bring thair wark to the said wolt and na vther place quhill the said tryell be tane, ilk persoun that sall do in the contrair to be poyndit for the vnlaw of xviij s. vnforgevin.

Freir Blak.

[Katherine Ewyne, who had been divorced from her spouse, Jhonn Westoun, "for manifest adulterye committit with freir Jhonne Blak, to be keipit in sure waird quhill forther ordour be taikin tuiching adulteraris."]

The Quenys writing tuching Freir Blak.

James Bannatyne writer, depute to the justice clerk, presentit our Soueranis writing to the prouest and baillies foresaid, and desyrit the samyn to be obeyit according to our said Soueranis mynd thairintill contenit, and to be registrat, quhairof the tenour followis: Prouest baillies and counsale of Edinburgh. It is oure will, and we charge yow, that incontinent efter the sicht heirof, ye deliuer freir Jhonne Blak to the capitane constabill and keiparis of our castell of Edinburgh, till be keipit thairintill surelie vnto sic tyme as we haue ordanyt for the triell of his offences before our Justice generale or his deputtis, and this on na wayis ye leif vndone, as ye will ansuer to ws thairupoun. At Sanctandrois the xj of Aprile 1562. Sequitur subscriptio: Marie, R.

Maister of scole.

In presens of the prouest baillies and counsale forsaid, maister William robertoun, maister of the hie scule, being chargit to produce before thame all sic priuelege or rycht as he had granttit to him be the abbottis of Hallyrudhous or ony vtherris for the said scule and teiching of the bairnys, thairfor producit than presentlie ane gyft granttit be abbot Carnecors to vmquhile Sir Jhonn Allane, and allegit he could cum be na vther at this present, and that his awin gyft wes furth of this toun with his bukis and vtheris his guddis be the space of tua yeris past and could nocht get it schortlie, and the said prouest baillies and counsale ordanit him to produce before thame this day aucht dayis his awin proper gyft, with certificatioun and he failyeit thay wald discharge him of his said masterschipe, and put sum vther mair qualifeit in his place.

Maister of wark.

The prouest baillies and counsale, being informyt that the lordis of sessioun war of mynde to rais the sait and remowe to Sanctandrois in defalt of ane hous heir, [ordanied the] maister of wark with all deligence possebill to end furth the hous in the west end of the kirk ordanit for the saidis lordis.

30 April 1562.

Discharge, Robene Hude.

The same day, wes presentit to the provest baillies counsale and dekynnis of craftis oure Souerane Ladeis charge vnder hir grace signet, subscriuit with hir hand,for the making of the proclamatioun vnder specifeit, of the quhilk charge and proclamatioun the tennour followis: Provest baillies counsale and dekynnis of craft of oure burgh of Edinburgh, it is notour vnto you that be oure act of parliament it is statute and commandit that na Robene Hudis nor Litil Jhoneis suld be chosin within oure realme, nochttheles as we ar informeit ye intend to elect and cheis personis to beir sic offices this Maji approcheand, incontrair the tennour of oure said act, quha vnder colour of Robene Hudis play purpoissis to rais seditione and tumult within our said burgh, for perturbatioun of the common tranqulitie quhairin oure gude subjectis ar desyrous to leif; quhairfore it is our will, and we charge yow, that on na wys ye permit nor suffer this yeir ony sic as Robene Hude or Litil Jhonne to be chosin, nor that ony vther vnleissum gammis be vseit within oure said burgh quhilk may disquiet the communitie thairof as ye will ansuer to ws vpoun youre vtermest perell and charge in that behalf. Subscriuit with our hand, at Sanctandros, the xx of Aprile and of our regnne the xxti yeir. Followis the proclamatioun maid thairefter: Quhairfore I command and charge in our said Soueranis name, and in name and behalf of my lorde provest baillies and counsale of this burgh, that na maner of persoun of quhat estait sa euir thai be, merchant craftisman or vthir, tak vpoun hand to attempt or tak vpoun thaime ony sic office or power as Robene Hude, Litil Jhonne, abbat of Vnressoun or the like office, vnder quhatsumeuir pretence or colour, to mak convocation or beir armour, contrar the tennour and mynde of the actis of parliament and this our Soueranis charge, as thai will ansuer vpoun thair vtermest dainger and perell for breking of the saidis actis and dissobeying of this hir maiesteis writing as said is.

3 May 1562.

Electing of dekynnis.

[Jhonne Robesoun, deacon of the hammermen, complained to the council and deacons of crafts that, upon 30th April, William Brokas and others "to the nowmer of xl personis or thairby, assemblit, convenit thame selffis at the Burro Loch of this burgh" and chose William Brokas to be deacon for the year to come, "expres contrar our Souerane Ladeis actis of perliament, the fredome and priuilege granttit to ws in our seill of caus bering that na maner of conventioun of craftis salbe without the avise and consent and speciall command of the dekin for the tyme." The whole craft was convened on 3d May, being the ordinary day of election, "be the ordour forsaid" to choose a deacon, "nochtheless the saidis personis with thair complices foresaidis vpoun the said thrid day electit and chesit the said William Brokas thair dekyn, and maid thair aithis to obey him and nane vtheris for the yeir in to cum neuir ane of the honest nor godlie of oure craft being present." After hearing the complaint, William Brokas was discharged of the office of deacon, and the craft ordered "to obey and acknaulege James Young thair dekyn for the yeir in to cum becaus he wes lauchfullie chosen be the honest men efter thair auld ordour."]

22 May 1562.

For pvnissing of fonicatouris.

The provest baillies anc counsale, haifing respect to the contempt of discipline presnetlie execute within this burgh vpoun fornicatouris, for suppressing of the said vice, quhilk daylie for laik of pvnesing mair and mair increscis, ordanis maister Robert Glen, maister Jhonne Spens, Adame Fowlertoun, to pas incontinent sycht and consider and place maist apt and abill thairto in the North Loch for dowkeing of the saidis fornicatouris thairin, being and pillie, and the same being fund ordanis the thesaurar, Luce Wilsoun, to repare red and dres the said hole with all diligence to the effect foirsaid.

10 June 1562.


Comperit maister William Robertoun and maister Edmound Hay his prolocutour, and produceit his defenssis dilatouris declinatouris and peremptouris in writ aganis the clame intentit contrar him be maister Jhonne Moscrop, produratour fiscale for the toun of Edinburgh, for removeing of him fra the teiching and instructing of the youth thairof, and assignis to him Fryday nixttocum to ansuer thairto partibus citatis.

19 June 1562.

Electing of Ministeris.

The prouest baillies counsale [and deacons of crafts,] efter lang ressonyng vpoun the necessite of ministeris, fyndis that thair salbe ane vther minister electit be the prouest baillies and counsale dekynnis and eldaris of this burgh, and adionit to Jhonn Knox minister, and for sustenyng of thame bayth, togidder with Jhonn Cairnys reder, ordanis the baillies, eueryane within his awin quarter, to convene the merchanttis and requyre of eueryane of thame quhat thay will quarterlie gyf for the caus foresaid; and siclike the saidis dekynnis to convene thair craftis, and report thair ansuerris vpoun Wednisday nixt.

24 June 1562.

Ministeris dekynnis of craftis.

In presens of the prouest baillies and counsale; comperit[the deacons of the smiths, tailors, wrights, masons, websters and bonnet makers,] and the remanent dekynnis of craftis, and thair ansuer being requyirit quhat eureye craft wald gyf in the yeir for sustenyng of the ministeris within this toun, it wes aunsuerit be the dekynnis paticularlie nominat as is abone wryttin:—Gyf my lord prouest baillies and counsale foresaid wald appoynt ane speciall sowme in the yeir for the saidis ministeris, thay with thair crafftis wald gaidlie consent for thair pairttis to gyf according to the fyft pairt of the hale, efter the ordour of all taxtis past; and the remanent dekynnis quhais names ar nocht specifeit allegit thay had nocht gottin sufficient ansuer of thair brethering, and thairfor desyrit to be supercedit quhill Wednisday nixt, quhilk day the prouest baillies and counsale assignis to all the hale dekynnis to report better ansuer but forder delay.

Precept, Rynde.

The prouest baillies and cousale, foreseing that at this present wappinschawin thair wer apperand danger of tvmult gyf the townys stadert wer sufferit to remane in the handis of Jhonn Rynde pewderer, thairfor ordanis Alexander Guthre, dene of gyld, to laubour at the said Jhonis handis for the said standert, and gyf the samyn may be gottin fra him that Louk Wilsoun, thesaurer, at the command of the said Alexander, deliuer to the said Jhonne the sowme of x li.

Regina Tuiching seditioun.

The Quenys graces writing for stancheing of tvmult, quhairof the tenour followis and dircet: To oure webelouittis the prouest baillies and counsale of Edinburgh. The Quenis grace, vnderstanding that thair is certane seditious personis within the toun of Edinburgh, quhilk for thair particularities will nocht be content to leif in quyetnes, according to the ordour and lawis of this realme, heirtofor statuate for stanching of tvmult seditioun and rebellioun within burgh, bot will atempt, be way of ambitioun and partiale avirice, to seik novelties and vtherwayis, quhilk may desolue the lufe and vnioun that aucht to be amang the inhabitanttis and burgesses of the said burgh, thairfor hir Majestie, havand the cair and thocht that becumis ane Princes Souerane to haue vpoun thair subjectis, ordanis the prouest baillies and counsale of the said burgh to mak deligent serche and inquisitioun gyf thair be ony within thair jurisdictioun that ar apperand to attempt or to be auctouris of seditioun tvmult or rebellioun within burgh, or gyf thair be onye sic way inventtit set fordwert or to be set furth quhilk may mak onye ovirture of seditioun or tvmult, that thay with all deligence and dexterite stanche suppres and impeid the samyn be all pvnitiou dew, and all vtheris menis possibill, sua that hir Majestie may knaw that hir Maiestie hes worthye officeris and reullaris now presentlie within the said burgh, quhilkis biath can and will keip and caus be kepit gude resule within the boundis commitit vnto thame, certefeing the saidis prouest baillies and counsale that and thay be found negligent and remis in the executioun of the premissis, or that thair happin heirefter onye truble sedetioun rebellioun or tumult within the said burgh, hir grace will justice think that she may imput the wyte of all the inconvenienttis heirefter to follow vnto thame, and according to thair deseruingis pvnis thame with all rigour, as, vpon the vther pairt, in case hir saidis officeris be thair deligence and behavour procure the commoun peax and gude reull within thair burgh, hir Majestie will recognoce thame as hir faythfull seruitouris and recompence thame thairfor accordinglie. Sic subscribitur: Marie, R. Quhilk writing being red in presens of the prouest baillies and counsale and dekynnis, thay ordane the samyn to be pvblischit and registrat and the principale to be keipit.

Standdert, idoll Geyll.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the idole Sanct Geyll to be cuttit furth of the townys standert and the thrissill put in place thairof, and that the thesaurer furnis taffate to the samyn.


The samyn day, the prouest and counsale ordanis the baillies to convene the hale merchanttis of this burgh and vtheris by the craftismen, and put in wryt quhat euery man will frelie gyf for sustenyng of the ministeris, and to report vpoun Wedinsday nixt.


The prouest baillies and counsale constitutis and nominatis James Barroun, Edwerd Houpe and James Young cutler, commissioneris for this burgh to compeir and be present at all tymes neidfull with the kirk, presentlie convenit within this said burgh, and for this hale toun to ressoun and aggrie with thame in all godlie caussis concernyng relegioun.

28 June 1562.

Lord Ogilvye, Thonne Gorloun.

The prouest, baillies, dene of gild, thesaurer [and council,] with the maist pairt of the dekynnis, decernis Jhonne Gordoun of Fynlater to be kepit in waird within the counsalhous of this burgh, thair to be kepit be xij men dalie and nychtlie vpoun his awin expenssis quhill it be knawin quhat cumis of my lord Ogilvy, hurt be him vpoun Setterday last, and that in respect of the aith of Robert Hendersoun, cherurgeane, quha declarit the thre principale membris of the said lordis rycht arme to be cuttit, quhilkis ar the ciphalik, the basilik and the greit arteir, and gyf he bledis agane the samyn wilbe his deid; and forther deponis that the said Jhonn Gordonis seruandis quhilkis ar hurt ar nocht in danger of thair lyfis.


The samyn day, the prouest baillies and dekynnis foresaid ordanis maister James Ogilvy of Balfoure and James Ogilvy of Fynlater, maister houshald to oure Souerane, to be keipit in ward in the Ouir counsale hous, siclike, vpoun thair awin expens quhill forther be knawin of the Quenys maiesteis mynde; and ordanis Robert Trowop to be direct away with deligence, with ane writing to the Quenys grace declaring the maner of the discorde betuix the lord Ogilvy and Jhonne Gordoun, togidder with the waiknes of our presoun, and to desyre hir Majestie to relief ws of the presoneris abone wryttin.

29 June 1562.

The Quenis writing.

Richert Trowpe,massour, presentit the Quenys maiesties writing, of the quhilk the tenour followis: Traist freindis we greit yow weill. We haue resauit your letter fra this berer, quhairby we vnderstand the variance that of lait hes happinit betuix the lord Ogilvy and Jhonne Gordoun, and as we haue found your proceding and handling of that mater werray gude sua will we thank yow hartlye of your deligence done in apprehending of the personis trublaris of your toun, for albeit the party be greit, as ye wryte, yit nevirtheles sall thair greitnes nor respect of thair kinrent stay ws to execut justice as accordis, and seing thay ar to warne thair friendis on ather syde ye sall nocht neid to haue ony feir thairof becaus oure broder of Mar is to be thair quha will declair yow quhat fortificatioun ye sall haue in that behalf. In the menetyme caus the better watche and deligence be maid for the suretie of your wairde, quhairin ye sall do ws acceptable seruice. Subscriuit with our hand, at Striueling, the xxviij day of Junii 1562, Marie R.

30 June 1562.

Maister scole.

The provest baillies and counsale sittand in iugement, be sentence interlocutour repellis the first, secound, thrid and ferde of the defenssis proponit be maister Williame Robertsoun, pretendit maister of the hie scole of Edinburgh as thai ar proponit and consauit aganis the clame intentit contrair him be maister Jhonne Moscrop, procuratour to the said burgh, in respect of the said clame and ansueris maid to the saidis defensis, and admittis the fift and sext exceptionis as salbe appointit, reseruand alwis to the said maister Johnne Moscrop hid defenssis quhilkis may result to him be inspectioun of the said maister Williameis gift mentionat in his said fift exceptioun in pena quhairof the said maister Williame lauchfullie warnit to this day be Jhonne Roger, officer, to haue harde interlocutour gevin and pronunceit and comperit nocht, and ordanis the said maister Williame to be warnit of new to compeir on Tyisday nixttocum for taking of ane day for preifing of the saidis exceptionis quhen the saidis provest baillies and counsale sall prescrive to him the maner of the said probatioun; the said maister Johnne Moscrop warnit apud acta.