Extracts from the Records: 1561, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1561, July-December

11 July 1561.


The baillies and counsale ordanis the succhis to be tane fra the suechouris quhilkis playit before the craftis childer, failing to put thame in the irnys quhill the samyn be deliuerit.

Craftis childer.

The baillies and counsale ordanis ane cumpayne of xxiiij hagbuttaris to be lystit to pas furth of the toun with the said prouest and baillies and sic nychtbouris as they pleis charge, for apprehending of the craftis childer being at the horne.

18 July 1561.

Moresoun, tailyeour.

In presens of the baillies and counsale William Moresoun, tailyeour, being callit and accusit for suffering of George Durye, callit lord of obedience, and [blank] Cok, his seruandis, to pas furth with armour and wappinnis, and for resset and manteinance of thame, contrair the [ordinance and proclamation of 24th April, and having confessed] the said William is decernit to tyne his fredome and libertie, and to remane in ward within the tolbuith quhill the keyis of his buth be deliuerit to the baillies foresaid.

25 July 1561.

Barroun dischargit.

Patrik Barroun, seriand, depriuit and dischargit of his office for lowping furth at ane of the wyndokis of the laich tolbuth the tyme the prouest baillies and counsale wes assegit thairin be the craftis childer.


The prouest baillies and counsale fyndis gude that certane of the counsale pas to my lord erle of Arrane, and in the gude townys name requeist his lordship to send for his garde of men of armes, and to suffer thame to remane within the toun to await vpoun the prouest, vpoun the townys charges, for repressing of the wikit, vnto the convenyng of the lordis of counsale.

30 July 1561.


Ordanis James Barroun to furnis and pay to my lord of Arrannis gaird thair dalie wages sa lang as it salbe thocht neidfull thay sall serue, to euery ane of thame on the day fyve s.

13 August 1561.


The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Louke Wilsoun, thesaurer, thankfullie to content and pay to James Barroun the sowme of sevin score thre pundis v s., debursit and payit be him to my lord of Arrannis gaird.

22 August 1561.


[The bailies ordered to be paid the sum of twenty pounds each for their labours, " in getting in of diuers greit sowmes to the commoun gude be causing of merchanttis and vtheris of this burgh becum fre burgessis and gild."]

25 August 1561.


[The bailies and council,] vpoun consideratioun of the gude seruice done be Jhonne Flemyng the xxj day of August instant to my lord prouest baillies and honest nychtbouris within the tolbuth the tyme thai wer assegit thairintill, quhair the said Johne wes hurt in the heid with ane culvering, ordanis [the dean of guild to deliuer to him the duty of a burgess-ship extending to five pounds.]

26 August 1561.


The prouest baillies and counsale and dekynnis findis gude that, for the plesour of our Souerane and obtenyng of hir hienes fauouris, thair be ane honorable banquet maid to the princes hir graces cousingis vpoun Sonday nixt, and siclike with all deligence the triumphe to be maid of hir graces entre within this toun; and for furnessing and payment heirof willis ane generale taxt to be rasit of the hale toun, and thairfor requyris the saidis dekynnis ansuer and consent to the said taxt, quha desyrit licence to convene thair craftis and to report thair ansuer the morne.

27 August 1561.

Counsale, craftis.

The prouest, baillies, [council and deacons of crafts], being all togidder convenit in the counselhous, Archibald Douglas, prouest, requirit of the saidis dekynnis thair ansueris concernyng the banquet and triumphe. [The deacon desired Thomas Ewyne, goldsmith, to be heard for them, and this being agreed to] the said Thomas Ewyne, in name foresaid, ansuerand as said is that rather or the Quenys grace be propynit at this tyme with ony propyne be ane taxt quhilk sall engender mwrmur, that rather the propyne be nocht gevin, and thairfor granttis nocht to the taxt; bot rather quhat salbe debursit vpoun the banquet triumphe or propyne be tane and vpliftit of the radeast of the commoun gude, and gyf the commoun guide will nocht serue fyndis that the commoun mylnis or borrow landis sould be set in takis, fore male, or analiit to thame that will gyf maist thairfor, at leist to the avale of xxiiijc merkis, and quhateuer the charges of the said banquet triumphe or propyne will extend to abone the said xxiiijc merkis consenttis ane taxt be set thairfor, and gif it war vm merkis for the Quenys grace honour the craftis sall pay thair pairt thairof, and vtherwayis thay will grant to na taxt.

Protestatio, Kynloch.

Dauid Kinloch, dekyn of the baxstaris, desyris the commoun mylnis to be sett in assedatioun to the craftis for certane yeris vpoun sic sowmes as thay culd agre, and thay sall furnys the hale charges of the triumphe banquet and propyne, and vtherwise granttis to na taxt.

Counsale, craftis.

The prouest, baillies, dene of gild, thesaurer and counsale foresaid, fyndis it salbe voittit quhidder the saidis charges salbe vpliftit be taxt or be seting or annaleing of the commoun mylnis and commoun landis, and requyris the saidis dekynnis affirmatiue or negatiue to gyf thair votis, quhilk thay refusit vtherwise nor according to thair protestatioun of before; and the said prouest baillies counsale and vtheris abone writtin being monyast in nowmer fyndis the samyn sould be votit, quhais votis being requyrit according to the commoun ordour, all in ane voce consenttis and will is ane generale stent to be maid vpoun all nychtbouris, occupiaris within this burgh, merchanttis craftis and vtheris, and sa sone as the compttis of the said banquet triumphe and propyne may be gottin in according to the samyn the said extent to be sett with deligence, and the saidis dekynnis votis being requyrit as saidis dissasentis as of before; and the said Thomas Ewyne, procuratour foresaid, protestit that insafer as the saidis dekynnis consenttit nocht to the said extent that thay sould nocht be haldin nor compellit to pay onye pairt, becaus as he alleget na extent nor taxt within this burgh mycht be rasit by the awise of the craftis.


The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Louke Wilsoun, thesaurer, with all diligence possible, to mak preparatioun for the banquet and triumrphe.

28 August 1561.

Lyverayis, officeris; Schang.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Louke Wilsoun, thesaurer, to deliuer to euery ane of the tuelf seriandis, the javillour, and gild seriandis, als mekle Franche blak as wilbe euery ane of thame ane coit, als mekle blak stemmyng as wilbe euery ane of thame ane pair of hois, and euery ane of thame ane blak bonet agane the tyme of the triumphe. [Also] to furnes and deliuer to Patrik Schang, wrycht, and Walter Bynning tymmer, canves, and all vther necessaris convenient for the triumphis and fairssis [at] the over trone, tolbuth, croce, salt tron, and Nether Bow.

Weluot gownys.

The prouest baillies ana counsale ordanis Alexander Guthre commoun clerk, Louke Wilsoun thesaurer, Maister James Watsoun dene of gild, James Barroun, James Adamsoun, Alexander Park, James Jhonestoun of Kellobank, James Stevinsoun, Andro Stevinsoun and Alexander Achesoun, euery ane of thame, to haue and mak ane goun of fyne blak weluot syde to thair fut lynit with pane weluot, ane coit of blak weluot, ane doublet of crammosyne satyne, with weluot bonet and hois efferand thairto; and thir tuelf to beyre the pale abone the Quenys grace heid, and nane vtheris; and all the vther nychtbouris that salbe sene vpoun the gait to haue syde gownys of fyne Franche blak sychtit with pane weluot, coittis of weluot, and doublettis of sating, and euerye man to gang in his dew and gude ordour; and the seriandis to ordour the calsay and to mak rowme for the nobelitie and nychtbouris foresaid; and siclike that the young men of the toun devise for thame selffis sum brawf abulyement of taffate or vther silk and mak the convoy before the cairt triumphant.

Wilsone, Adamsone, Park.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Louke Wilsoun, thesaurer, James Adamsoun and Alexander Park to pas to my lord erle of Mortoun and the laird of Lethingtoun, mak end and aggre with thame for thair cop burddis to be propynit to the Quenys grace, and to be actit and cum gude for the prices and payment thairof to be payit at sic dayis as thay can agre, and the said prouest baillies and counsale oblissis thame to releif thame thairof.

29 August 1561.


It is status and ordanit be the prouest baillies and counsale that proclamatioun be maid throuch the toun be sound of bell, chargeing all maner of personis that hes furnist onye thing to the banquet and triumphe that thay produce and gyf in thair compttis the morne anys on the day before the counsale, and ordanis the said counsale to be auditouris thairof and to allow and dissalow as thay sall think gude in thair conscience.

3 September 1561.

Extent of xxviijc li.

The prouest baillies and counsale, efter avisement with the lairge and greit sowmes contenit in the compttis debursit vpoun the banquet, triumphe, and propyne to the Quenys grace, quhilk will extend to the sowme of iiijm merkis or thairby, ordanis, conforme to the ordinance maid of befoir, that ane generall extent be set and lyftit of all the nychtbouris of this burgh, bayth merchant and craftisman, to the quantite of the said sowme of iiijm merkis, and with all deligence to be collectit and debursit for the releif of the creditouris, furnissaris of the necessaris of the said banquet triumphe and propyne.

24 September 1561.

Counsale, craftis.

The prouest baillies and counsale, being convenit within the tolbuth for electing of the new counsale according to the ordour, comperit Thomas Ewyne, dekin of the goldsmythis, and presentit the personys following, and desyrit tua of thame to be chosen vpoun the counsale for the yeir to cum, viz., Mychaell Gilbert goldsmyth, Peter Turnet skynner, Thomas Jaksoun masoun, Nychole Purves smyth, Dauid Schang wrycht, and [blank], and desyrit tua of thame to be chosin vpoun the counsale for the yeir to cum, quhilk being red and sene, the prouest baillies and counsale foresaid desyrit the said Thomas Ewyne to gyf thame vther sex in tiket, according to the tenour of the act maid the xxvj day of September the yeir of God jm vc lx yeris, quhilk the said Thomas refusit, allegeand him to haue na vther command of the dekynnis to present ony vtheris bot tha sex allanerlie, and that in sa fer as thay wer honest men thay nowther aucht nor sould be refusit, nochtwithstanding ony act maid in the contrair; and Dauid Somer baillie, in name of the prouest baillies and counsale foresaid, protestit that in sa fer as the said Thomas wes requyrit and refusit according to the said act that it mycht be lesum to the said counsale to cheis quhome thay plesit of the saidis craftis; and Thomas Ewyne in the contrair, and in case thay refusit tua of the sex foresaid, dissasentit to ony vtheris, and protestit for remeid.

26 September 1561.


The prouest baillies and counsale, vpoun consideratioun of the necessar and godlie seruice dalie done be Jhonne Carnys, actour of the mornyng prayeris, ordanis the collectouris of the taxt to deliuer to the said Jhonne Carnys the sowme of thre score of pundis, in recompence and compleit payment of his seruice of all tymes bigane vnto the feist of Mychaelmes nixt; and ordanis the collectouris of the annuellis appoyntit for the ministeris of the kirk to refound the said thre score of pundis agane to the saidis collectouris of the taxt, and forther in tyme cuming appoynttis yeirlie to the said Jhonne Carnys the sowme of ane hundreth merkis in the yeir of the radeast of the saidis annuellis. to be payit to nim termelie as vse is, begynnand at the said feist of Mychaelmes and to indure induring thair willis.


In presens of the prouest baillies counsale and assasouris. being convenit in the tolbuth for chesing of the litis, comperit Thomas Ewyne, with the maist pairt of the dekynnis, and desyrit Jhonne Weyr, pewderar, quha was chosin vpoun the counsale yesterday, to be removit in sa fer as he wes nocht ane of the vj presentit be thame, and tua of the said vj to be resauit as vse wes as he allegit, and the said prouest baillies and counsale desyrit the said Thomas to schaw ony act or consuetude quhair the saidis craftis war in vse of presentting of onye names vtherwise nor is contenit in the act abone writtin and thay sould be hard, quha ansuerit he had na actis presentlie bot belevit he sould get sum, and the said counsale being avisit gevis for ansuer: The said Jhonne Weyr being sworne resauit and admittit, and being ane man of honestie jugement and gude fame, thay could nocht remove him for this yeir, and the said Ewyne protestit for remeid.

The samyn day, the said Thomas Ewyne presenttit ane act of parliament of King James the Thrid, togidder with the copye of ane writing contenyng certane priuelegis grantit to the craftis of this burgh be the Quene Regent, be verteu of the quhilk he allegit the said dekynnis of craftis aucht to haue thair voit in chesing of all lytis to offices, and desyrit thame to be admittit to that effect, and thair ansuer thairupoun; and the said prouest baillies counsale and assasouris, efter avisement with the said writtis, fyndis na forther priuelegis granttit to thame forther nor priuelege to voit in electing of seriandis allanerlie, and can grant thame na forther priuelege concernyng the litis, and the said Ewyne protestit as of before.

Protestatio, Ewyne, assassouris.

The said Thomas Ewyne, in name of the hale dekynnis, desyrit the prouest baillies and counsale foresaid to remove the thre assassouris quha as he allegit sould nocht be hard to gyf ony voit in chesing of the lytis; and the said prouest baillies and counsale, vnderstanding that thair predecessouris officiaris of this burgh hes thocht expedient diuers yeris bigane that sic qualifeit men war present, nocht onlie at chesing of officeris bot alsua in all vther effaris concernyng the commoun weill of this burgh thair counsale and voit had thairintill, and fyndis thame sa necessar in respect of the premisses that thay can na way grant to thair removing, and the said Ewyne protestit for remeid and that in case the saidis assassouris votit at this present thair votys sould nocht preiuge the saidis craftis in thair priuelegis quhairintill thay war havelie hurt be admitting of the said assassouris to voit as he allegit.

2 October 1561.


The prouest baillies counsale and hale dekynnis, persaving the preistis, monkis, freris, and vtheris of the wikit rable of the antechrist the paip, to resort to this toun, incontrair the tenour of the proclamatioun maid in the contrair, thairfor ordanis the said proclamatioun to be proclamyt of new, chargeing all monkis, freris, preistis, nonnys, adulteraris, fornicatouris, and all sic filthy personis, to remove thameselffis of this toun and boundis thairof within xxiiij houris, vnder the pane of carting throuch the toun, byrning on the cheik, and banessing the samyn for euir.

5 October 1561.


In presens of the baillies and counsale, comperit William Bryse, masour, and presenttit the Quenys grace writing, of the quhilk the tenour followis:—Regina. We, vnderstanding that the prouest and baillies of the burgh of Edinburgh vpoun Friday last bipast, the feird day of October instant, set furth publict proclamatioun at the merket croce of oure said burgh, expres contrair our commandment, nocht makand ws priue thairto, nor seikand to knaw oure plesour in sic behalffis, thairfor we ordane and will commandis and charges the counsale and communite of oure said burgh to convene incontinent within the tolbuth of our said burgh and depriue the prouest and baillies quha presentlie beris office thairin of all forther bering of office for this instant yeir, and to cheis vther qualifeit personis in thair rowme, as thay will ansuer to ws thairupoun. Sequitur subscriptio: Maria.

8 October 1561.

[Provost and bailies discharged.]

The counsale and dekynnis, being convenit within the tolbuth of this burgh, and at the command of our Soueranis writing before writtin, dischargit Archibald Douglas prouest, Dauid Forster, Robert Kar, Alexander Home and Allane Dikesoun baillies, ar dischargit of thair offices, and in thair places maister Thomas Makcalyeane prouest, James Thomsoun, Jhone Adamsoun, maister Jhonn Marioribankis, Alexander Achesoun, baillies, electit and chosin be moniest votis, for the yeir to cum.

Protestatio, Symer.

Dauid Somer, in name and behalf of the counsale and communite of this burgh, protestit this depriuatioun, as alsua the new electioun of the officeris abone writtin, be nocht preiudiciall to the fredome and libertie of this burgh and auld ordour of the samyn granttit be our soueranis maist noble progenitouris in electing and chesing of officeris, nor stand nocht for preparatiue in tymes cuming by the plesour of the prince.


David Kinloch dekin of the baxtaris, for himself and the maist pairt of the remanent dekynnis, protestit that in sa fer as thay dissasentit to the electing of the said prouest maister Thomas Makcalyeane, becaus thay could nocht get the assessouris removit of voting as thay allegit, that thay be nocht haldin to obey the said prouest, nor that it be nocht imput for fault to thame in case thay complenit to the Quenys maiestie.

Thomas Ewyne

Thomas Ewyne, dekin of the goldsmythis, askit i nstrumentis that according to the Quenys grace writing he had consenttit to the electing of ane new prouest, and that his conscience movit him to gyf his voit to maister Thomas Makcalyeane as maist qualefeit amangis the names quhilkis he hard red, and gyf the Quenys grace had send ony names in speciall that he wald haue obeyit hir graces will.

[Persons proposed by Queen for provost.]

The samyn day, the prouest and baillies foresaid being electit and chosin, Neill Layng, writer, producit ane tiket direct to the counsale be the laird of Lethingtoun, secreter, as he allegit, contenyng the names of the Lord Seytoun, Alexander Arskin and the laird of Craigmyller, schewing it wes the Quenys grace mynd that ane of thay thre sould be chosing prouest, quhilk being producit before the said counsale, all in ane voce, in respect this tiket contenit bot thre names without ony subscriptioun, and that thay had electit thair officeris before the presentting of the said tiket, according to our Soueranys writing of before, thocht gude to pas to hir grace wald forther command thame tuiching the saidis names, in case of officeris ellis chosin plesit nocht hir grace, that thay wald obey.

David Kinloch, dekyn of the baxteris, askit instrumentis that he wald obey the Quenys grace mynd towert the thre names in the tiket before writtin; and Thomas Hog, cordiner, askit instruments that he wald do as the gudeman Dauid Kinloch dyd.

Votis for the prouest

Dauid Somer, in name and behalf of the prouest baillies and counsale, becaus it apperit that diuers of the dekynnis and vtheris grudgit at the electing of the officeris, and thairfor that the hale names quhilkis woittit with the saidis officeris be registrat, quhais names followis: maister Clement Litill, maister Richert Strang, and Alexander Guthre for ane assasour and dene of gild; Dauid somer, Adam Foullertoun, maister Robert Glen, James Adamsoun for maister Jhonn Spens, James Barroun for the prouest, maister James Watsoun, Louke Wilsoun, maister Jhonn Marioribankis, James Jhonnstoun, Robert Cvnynghame, James Adamsoun for the thesaurer, Mychaell Gilbert for himself and Jhonn Weyr of the counsale, Thomas Ewyne dekin of the goldsmythis and Robert Hendersoun dekin of the barboris.

22 October 1561.

Achesoun, charge, thesaurer.

[Alexander Achesoun having been elected a bailie and called upon the accept office, was fined in the sum of forty pounds "becaus he hes refusit to accept his said office and comperit nocht this day, being lauchfullie warnyt to that effect." From other entries it is found that Achesoun subsequently accepted office.]

5 November 1561.

Baxsterris, candle.

[The fourpence loaf to weigh eighteen ounces three and a half quarters. The pound of candles to be sold, the "rag weik" at tenpence, and the 'hard weik" for ninepence.]

Ane studye to the minister.

[The dean of guild ordanied "with all deligence to mak ane warme studye of daillis to the minister, Jhonne Knox, within his lugeing abone the hall of the samyn, with lychtis and wyndokis thairto and all vther necessaris."]

8 November 1561.

Jok, belman

The prouest baillies and counsale, vnderstanding the nychtlie wages quhilk wes gevin for walking of the kirk to be sumpteous, quhairfor thay will this ordour be taikin anent the keiping of the said kirk, that is that Jok Symsoun sall nychtlie walk the said kirk with his doggis as he did of before, and ansuer for the wyndokis and all vther graith of the kirk, sowpe and hald the samyn clene, ring the x houris bell, and do all vther seruice quhilk he did of before, and sall haue thairfor yeirlie induring the counsallis will the sowme of tuelf merkis allanerlie.

Precept, Carnys.

The provest baillis and counsale ordanis Patrik Barroun the content and pay to Jhonne Carnis, redar of the common prayaris, the soume of fourty poundis of the reddiest money he hes in his hand pertenying to the toun; . . . and that vnto ane compt to be maid betuix the said Jhonne and the gude toun anent his fie appointit to him.

21 November 1561.

Ordour for the markattis, baillies.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis this ordour to be obseruit in all tymes cuming tuiching the merketis, in the first, that euerye baillie his oulk about sit in jugement vpoun the commoun caussis, examyng of witnes and avysing of processis, and the vther thre baillies to await vpoun the merkettis, the trying of the baxsteris, browsteris, maltmen, fleshcouris, regratouris, and vtheris enormiteis within the toun, and puting of remeid thairto.

25 November 1561.

Wilsoun, thesaurer.

[The provost bailies and council, in consequence of John Preston treasurer, being unable to attend his duties from ill health, elected Lowk wilsoun treasurer for the year to come, the deacons of crafts protesting that they would not consent to the election unless the assessors were discharged from voting in election of officers or in other common affairs.]

26 November 1561.

Lady Stanhous

[The provost bailies and council ordered "Grissell Simpill Lady Stanehous, adulterer, to remoif hir self furth of this toun betuix and Monunday nixt, vnder the panys contenit in the proclamatioun set furth aganis adulteraris."]

27 November 1561.

[Banquet and triumph.] Common wills.

[Lord Morton and the laird of Lethington, having obtained letters against the council for payment of the sums advanced for the 'banquet copburde and triumph," it was ordained that, for payment of these and other sums due, an extent should be set for one half thereof, and the remainder to be raised by letting the common mills for the year to come.]

31 December 1561.

Minister, gyld.

The prouest baillies and counsale, vnderstanding that the minister, Jhonne Knox, is requyrit be the hale kirk to pas in the parttis of Angus and Mernys for electing of ane superintendent thair, to the quhilk thay thame selffis hes granttit, thairfor ordanis Alexander Guthre, dene of gild, to pas in cumpanye with him for furnessing of the said ministerris charges, and to deburse and pay the samyn of the radeast of the townis guddis in his handis, quhilk salbe allowit in his compttis, and forther to haist the said minister hame that the kirk heir be noct desolait.