Extracts from the Records: 1564, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1564, July-December

9 July 1564.

Ales, flesh, bread.

[Ale not to be sold dearer than three pence the pint; best mutton, 12 s., second mutton, 8 s.; the fourpence loaf to weigh 20 ounces].

Villa, Sir Jhonn Beyr.

[Sir Jhonn Beyr, chaplain, renounced his yearly annual of £5 payable out of the common good, and the treasurer was ordained to deliver to him the sum of £27,10s. in full of said annual].

15 July 1564.

Villa, Scott.

[Nychole Scott charged to remove "his stanis liand at the fut of the Kirk Yaird close quhair the auld cole merket stude of before."]

Villa, Brokes.

The baillies and counsale ordanis officeris to pull vp the lynt sawin be William Brokas in the hospitale yairdis and dispone the samyn to thair awin vtilite, and forther to put the said Brokas ion waird for his contempt.

Proclamatioun, schippis.

The bailles and counsale ordanis officiaris, with ane of the baillies and clerk, to pas to Leyth this efter none and caus proclame the Quenis Maiesteis letteris set furth for ordoring of the schippis laitlie cumin furth of Danskin suspectit of the pest, and to caus sa monye of the merchanttis and marinaris thairof as ar cumin on land to reteir to thair schippis, conforme to the saidis letteris.

2 August 1564.

Park, havin

The baillies and counsale ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurer, with all posseble deligence, to caus clenge the havin of Leyth of thre greit stanis brocht doun be the last greit spait, with certificatioun and he failye that the dampnege quhilk the schippis sall sustene be the saidis stanis salbe laid to his charge and he halden to recompance the samyn.

9 August 1564.

Villa, Pennecuke.

The bailles and counsale foresaid, togidder with [the deacons of crafts.] understanding that the persoun of Pennycuke is takand doun the stane wark of the Kirk of Field, and is of mynd to dispone and sell the samyn, quhilk thay fynd maist necessar to be bocht be the gude toun, owther for the hospitall or for ane vniuersite to be maid in the said Kirk of Field, quhairfor thai ordane maister Thomas Makcalyeane, assasour, [and five others] to convene appoynt aggre and mak finall end with the said persoun tuiching the haill stanis, stane wark of the auld and new kirkis, manssis, houssis, bigging, yairdis, kirkyaird, and all vther thingis concerning or pertening to the said persoun, be vertew of his prouestrie and be few, as alsua the donatioun of benefices and prebendareis, and all vther thingis quhilk pertenit to the said prouestrie that he will or may sell to thame in the name of the gude toun, the securitie thairof to devise mak and put in forme, sowmes of money thairfoir in name foirsaid to promeis and gif.

11 August 1564.


The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis ane stark wache of [blank] men, substantioun and able, to be set at Newhaven and peir and schoir of Leyth, bayth nycht and day, for keiping fo the pepill suspect of the pest within thair schippis, and that nane sall resort to thame quhill forther ordour be taikin and thay haue[the] Quenis Maiesteis mynd in the contrair, and the said wache to begin this nycht at vj houris at evin be maister Robert Glen, baillie of the northwest quarter, and to remane with the samyn quhill the morne at vj jouris, and than the vther (blank) with sum honest nychtbour, with tua officeris, sic as the said baillie sall deput, to haue the charge of the said day wache quhill vj houris at evin, and than David Somer, baillie of the northeist, with the lik nowmer and ordour to releif thame; and this ordour to be keipit amangis the hale baillies quhill vther ordour be taikin as said is, and siclike that all the porttis of this toun be closit day and nycht, the West Port and Nethir Bow except, and the keyis thairof deliuerit to the dene of gild, and the saidis West Port and Nethir Bow to be closit at ix houris at evin, and the keyis deliuerit to the baillies of the quarteris, viz., Dauid Somer and maister Jhonn Spens, and nocht to be oppinnit quhill (blank) houris in the mornyng, at quhat tyme thair sall be enterrit fyve men to euerye ane of the said porttis to kelp the samyn with the porteris quhill the closing of thaim at nycht.

Toun wallis, Park.

The prouest baillies and counsale foresaid ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurer, to caus big mend and compleit the sloppis and hollis in the pairttis of the toun wallis, and in speciall the new wall at the college, sua that [na] pairt of the samyn be clymable nor passable fra this furth; with certificatioun and he failye till do the samyn with all posseble deligence the danger skayth or inconvenient may follow thairupoun salbe laid to the said Alexanderris charge, and that becaus he hes bene diuers tymes chargit heirto of before and as yet the samyn vndone.

18 August 1564.

Minister, Gudman.

The prouest [bailies and council,] vnderstanding that be the command of the kirk, Jhonn Knox and Jhonne Craig, ministeris, ar instantlie to depairt, the tane to the north and the vther to the south pairttis for preiching of the evange;; om tja [aorttos. amd that it is appoynttit that Christopher Gudeman, minister of Sanct Androis, sall abid and remane in thir pairttis to thair returnyng, and in thair places to minister and preche; quhairfor thay ordane maister Jhonn Spens [and four others] to pas to the said maister Gudman, offer him in thair names all honorable intertenement, and caus the stewert of Jhonne Knox hous to keip table to him vpoun the townis expenssis, and ordanis the said Alexander Park to pay the samyn ouklie.

25 August 1564.

Villa, Pennycuk.

[The bailies, council and deacons of crafts] ratefeis and apprevis the act and ordinance maid the ix day of August instant betuix the gude toun and the persoun of Pennycuke tuiching the Kirk of Feild, and ordanis the appoyntment thairintill contenit tobe endit with all deligence, and the saidis dekynnis gyf thair full consent and assent thairto.


The baillies and counsale foresaid, vnderstanding that George Younger, furrour, hes bene be himself with ane seruand allanerlie be the space of xv dayis vpoun Werdye Mwre, and is at this present hale and feir of his persoun, quhairfor thay grant and gyf licence to the said George, efter he be clengit, to pas to sum quyet hous vtwith the toun for the space of viij dayis before he enter within the said toun, and thairefter being of gude helth to resort to the said toun.


The baillies and counsale foresaid, efter avisement with the Quenis Maiesteis writing grantit in fauouris of the schippis to lose thair guddis vpoun the Inches, appoynttis the schippis of James Logan, Thomas Symsoun, (blank) Scott of the Wemys, (blank) LItiljhonn and (blank) Blyth, to Inchekeyth; the schippis of Robert Sandis, the grewhound, George Hay, to Sanct Columbeis Inche; the ducheman and Robert Hog to Crawmond Inche; and ordanis Mertyne Vddert pursevant with the saidis letteris to the saidis Inches, and charge the keipairis thairof to resaue the saidis schippis conforme to the saidis letteris, and Alexander Park, thesaurer, to gyf to the said Mertyne xl s.

1 September 1564.

Villa, commoun passage, West Port.

The bailies and counsale foresaid, efter ressonyng vpoun the narrowing of thair commoun passages, and in speciall the hie passege quhilk ledys fra the West Port to the Commoun Mwre throuch the raw and streit callit [blank], fyndis the said commoun passege sua narrowit be bigging and furthsetting of choppis vtouth the sydwallis of the biggit landis of the said streit hard to the calsay of the said passege, and in sum pairt within the samyn, to the greit hurt of the gude toun and expres aganis the act of parliament, quhairfor thay ordane the procuratour fiscale to rais letteris conforme to the said act vpoun the proprietaris of the saidis chopis to heir thaim be decrernyt to remove and tak away the samyn within [blank] dayis nixt efter thay be warnyt, conforme to the said act.

8 September 1564.

Precept, fermorar.

The bailies and counsale foresaid ordanis ane precept to be maid to James Kincaid, fermorar, chargeing him to deliuer to Dauid Somer, baillie, xx li., to be gevin for sustenyng of maister Gudmannis charges.


The baillies and counsale ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurer, to deliuer to Jhonn Chalmeris the sowme of [blank] pundis for bering of his charges to Sanctandrois send thair be thame and be the kirk to the kirk of Sanctandrois to impetrat licence to Maister Gudeman to remane heir to the returnyng of Jhonn Knox minister.

18 September 1564.


The baillies and counsale ordanis maister Alexander Logy, George Gourlay and Alexander Cuke, to pas to the Newhavin and attend nycht and day vpoun the lynt and vther merchandice losit thair furth of the schippis that come laitlie furth of Danskyn, and se the samyn handillit tryit and purgit, and thairefter mak report to the counsale quhill forther ordour be tane, and to haue thair charges of the merchanttis expenssis.

20September 1564.

Villa, craftis, counsale.

[The provost, bailies, and council, being convened for electing of the new council, John Purves, tailor, presented the names of six craftsmen from which they were asked to elect two to be upon the council; but, "for caussis moving thame," the council refused to accept the persons named, and ordained "the said Johnn Purves to gyf thame vther vj in tikat, and in case thay war nocht content with thay sex vther sex ay and quhill thay war content, to the quhilk the said Johnn Purves dissasentit and . protestit that thay be nocht offendit gyf the hale craftis sutit for remeid at the Quenis Maiesteis hand."]

27 September 1564.

Villa, craftis,counsale.

[The craftsmen having desired that two of the craftsmen, whose names were given, should be chosen upon the council, the provost, bailies, and council " declaris and deliueris that they will elect thair counsale and offeceris conforme to the act of parliament maid be King James the Third tuiching the electioun of offciaris within burgh, quhilk is ane law that thay dar wayis pretend to alter, quhairintill is specialie contenit that the auld counsale sall cheis the new without mentioun of ony dekyn to haue voit or entres thairintill, and thairfor gyf thay wald nocht gyf in vther tikettis thay wald proceid according to the said act." The deacons of crafts protested against this deliverance.]

28 September 1564.

Nota. Dekynnis

["This mater of contrauersie being ressonit and persewit be way of complaynt before the lordis of secreit counsale, the saidis dekynnis ar ordanit to present before the counsale of the toun atheris new tikattis and to obserue the said act of parliament."]

30 September 1564.

Protestatio. Purves.

[Allan Purves and John Purves produced "ane vther tikat contenyng vther vj personis," desiring the council to elect two of them, "and protestit that this be na periudiee to thair auld libertie."

Protestatio. Purves, assasouris.

The dekynnis foresaidis desyrit that William Andersoun, dekin of the candilmakaris, mycht haue voit with thame in electing of offciaris, in respect of thair seill of cause, and the baillies and counsale foresaid refusit, allegeing that occupatioun nocht worthye of ane dekin, and thairfor chargit the said William to remove himself incontinent, and the saidis dekynnis [protestit] for remeid, and forther desyrit the assasouris to be removit and haue na voit in liting or chesing of ony of the offciaris becaus, as thay allegit, they war bot brocht in of polecie to war thame in nowmer, quhilk allegeance and desyre the saidis prouest and baillies and counsale refussis and repellis with the rest, and fyndis the saidis assasouris to haue had voit in tymes past and aucht to haue in all tymes cuming.

8 October 1564.

Ale breid

[Ale not to be sold dearer than threepence the pint; the fourpence loaf of bread Ale, breid. to weigh twenty ounces.]

30 October 1564.

Lytstairis, walkaris, wobstetrris.

Becaus of the mainfest fraud quhilk heirtofore hes bene vsit in wirking, weving, walking, litting and culloring of clayth within this burgh, it is statute and ordanit that na fals cullour be brissell, vrsell,aller barkis, or siclike fraudfull schyftis as drawing, dinging, calking, creiching, flaling or carding of clayth be vsit in tymes cuming, bot that the ordour heirefter to be maid be obseruit and keipit vnder the panys contenit in the samyn, and according to the ordour set furth the xxij of Merche last.

3 November 1564.


[William Thomsoun and the remanent litstars in the burgh bound and obliged themselves] that nor nane of thame in ony tyme cuming sall lit ony maner of cullouris of muster de villois, Frenche gray or russattis with brissell or vrsell, nor lit ony blakis with coppruss, gallis, aller barkis or siclike fals colouris, bot the samin to be littit with mader, alme, glew, and sic trew colouris as hes bene and is vsit amangis men of honestie, experience, and gude concience of the said craft, vnder the pane of five pound for the first falt, ten pound the nixt falt to be dispoint to the commoun werkis, and the third and last falt to be baneist the toun and fredome thairof for euer.

Item, for the mair sure tryall of the honestie lawtie and sure wark of the said occupation, that thair be maid ane stamp and the tounis armis thairapoun, quhilk salbe gevin in keiiping to ane honest trew and sworne nichtboure of experience in making and colouring of claith, quha salbe oursear of all claith littit and maid within this burgh, and sall stamp samekill as beis sufficient thairof with the said stamp in leid, and vther wayis nocht, quha sall haue for his laubouris of euerie pece of claith stampit be him as said is tua penneis allanerlie, and that na littister deliuer furth of thair hous ony claith littit be thame bot merkit with thair awin merk, vnder the pane of viij s., to be distributtit in maner abone writtin, sa oft as he faillis but favouris. And forder that na maner of man nor woman within this burgh tak vpoun thame the occupation of litting bot sic as be burgessis and fremen, and befoir thair admissioun that thai mak thair assay of colouris and deliuer the samin to the prouest baillies and counsale of this burgh, and thai to call in befoir thaim the honest nichtbouris with the saidis ourser and tak their jugement of the wordynes of the said assay gevar and of the justness of the coloure, vnder the pane of banesing of the toun.

8 November 1564.

Anent burgessis.

The prouest baillies, dene of gild, and counsale and dekynnis, for certane caussis and consideratiounis moving thame, statutis and ordanis that fra this day furth all sic personis as sal happin to be maid burges and fremen of this burgh pay to the dene of gild present and for the tyme the soume of tuentie pound for thair said bourgeschip allanerlie, and for thair gildrie the soume of fouretie pound; and this act to indure without preiudice of the richtis granttit to burges barnis contenit in the actis maid of befoir. And siclike concerning prenteissis quhilkis hes bane or sall happin to be heirefter prenteis and bound seruand to merchand or fre craftisman in tymes bigane or to cum, nocht burges barnis, for the space of sevin or five yeiris at the leist, thai to pay for thair burgeschip five pound allanerlie, and for thair gildrie, being wordie thairfoir, ten pound allanerlie, the clerkis dewitie except; providing the saidis prentissis bring with thame the testficatioun of thair part of the indentour maid betuix thame and the thair said maister, and witnes to appreve thair seruice all the tyme thairin contenit befoir the prouest or baillies as said is, and vtherwayis nocht to be resaueit nor admittit.

17 November 1564.

Villa, Maxwell, passage.

In the actioun and caus intentit be Dauid Somer, procurator fiscall for the gude toun, aganis Herbert Maxuell tuiching thair passage of Xxiij fute braid ledand fra the new well to the kirk of Feild port, comperit the said Herbert, in presens of the prouest baillies and counsale foresaid, and granttit that be the space of[blank]yeris past thair hes bene ane continuall and commoun passage of the breid abone mentioun ledand fra the new well to the Kirk of Feild port betuix his duelling hous and his vther land now bigand quhilk confessioun the prouest baillies and counsale forsaid acceptit of; [and they ordained Maxwell to remove the stairs and other buildings which he had erected within the passage.]

25 November 1564.

Kirk yairde, precept, gyld

[The provost bailies and council ordained the dean of guild] to caus big vp and mend the sloppis of the over kirk yaird dike; siclike to close and big vp the south kirk dur entering throuch the said kirk yaird be the Halye Blude Ile quhilk seruis of na thing at this present bot for ane commoun closit, continewallie fylit be the wikit; and to mak the entre at the litill dur in Sanct Anthonis Ile; and siclike to big ane sufficient stane wall fra the eist paert of the said south kirk dur direct south to the vther stane wall besyde the sang acule, for stopping of the people till do thair besynes in sicht of the lordis of sessioun and vther inconvenienttis knawin to the baillies and counsale foresaid.

28 November 1564.

Hyde, woll, skyn merket.

[The provost bailies and council,]efter consideratioun and avisement had with the supplicatioun producit before thame be Dauid Somer and the remanent nychtbouris having thair landis and habitationis on bayth sydis the Quenis hie streit of this burgh be eist the nether tron, bering that be the space of fyve yeris syne or thairby the prouest baillies and counsale for the tyme, vpoun consideratioun of the thraing of mercattis abone the ovir tolbuth, and that passage vpoun all mercat dayis is sa stoppit be confluence of people that nane may pas by ane vther, as alsua vpoun consideratioun that the saidis landis and foretenementis be eist Nudryis Wynde ar almaist desolait and nocht inhabitit, beand the farest and braidest pairt of this toun, for laik of merkattis and resort of people thairto, statute and ordanit that in all tymes cuming thair be merkettis of hyde woll and skyn sould be placyt beneth the said torn in the maist convenient place of the said streit, like as the samyn wes be the space of (blank)nixt thairefter quhill be the way and procurment of centane particular personis having thair landis abone the tolbuth the samyn wes drawin away contrair the tenour of the said statute, and to the greit hurt of the nychtbouris foresaid, doun halding of thair waist and brynt landis in tha pairttis, and to the greit hurt of the heritouris thairof, agains the policie and commoun weill of the hale toun; quhairfor the nychtbouris foresaidis maist humlie requyrit my lord prouest baillies and counsale before mentionat, conforme to the said auld statute, to statute of new that the said merkettis of hyde woll and skyn be restorit reponit and brocht agane to the auld place beneth the said nether tron, and thair to be placet all merket dayis in all tymes cuming, vpoun sic panys as thair wysdomes sould think expedient. Qubilk supplicatioun and desyre tbairof the prouest baillies and counsale foresaid thocht maist ressonabill, and thairfor ratifeit apprevit and of new confirmyt the said auld statute in all poynttis, and ordanis vpoun the fyrst merket day that proclamatioun and intimatioun be maid thairof at the over trone and vther places neidfull, sua that nane sall pretend ignorence nor excuse, chargeing the saidis mercattis to be transporttit with all deligence beneth the nether tron as said is, and thair to remane all merkat dayis and na vther place, vnder the pane of escheting of the guddis that in vther places salbe apprehendit, to be applyit to the commoun warkis but fauouris, and heirupoun the said Dauid Somer and remanent nychtbouris askit instrumentis.

29 November 1564.


[The bailies and council, having considered a supplication of "maister William Robertoun, maister of the hie scole," desiring payment of the school mail and his pension, for certain years past, found, in respect of the decreet pronounced on 3d October 1562, "that thay ar nocht detbund to the said maister in ony fe or dewtie, scule male or pentioun, sen the dait of the said decreit."]

Precept, thesaurer.

[The treasurer to "make gude and thankfull payment to Robert Mowbray of Johnne Knokis hous maill induring the of his office, as vther thesauraris hes done of before."]


The prouest baillies and counsale foresaid ordains proclamatioun to [be] maid chargeing all nychtbouris having thair duelling vpoun fore staris on the hie stretis and oppin vennellis to hing bowettis, induring this tyme of wynter, fra v houris at evin quhill ix houris of the samyn, ilk persoun vnder the pane of viij s.

30 November 1564.


The prouest, baillies, dane of gild, thesaurer and counsale, ordanis Robert Kar, Alexander Clerk, James lowrye and James Nichole, to travell amangis the faythful for collecting of the ministeris stepend, and to report ansuer to the counsale.

12 December 1564.

Prices of wynis fra Burdeon.

[Burdeaux wine not to be bought of a higher price than £36 per tun, and the same to be sold for 1s. 4d the pint.]

25 December 1564.

Regins Pure.

The prouest baillies counsale and hale dekynnis being convenet within the counsall hous of this burgh for taking of ordoure for sustentatioun of the ministeris and pure within this burgh, comperit Adame Fowlertoun, ane of the burgessis of the samin, and producit the Quenis Maiesteis writing, vnder hir hienes seill and hir subscriptioun manuall, quhairof the tenour followis:—Marie, be the grace of God, Quene of Scottis: To oure louittis (blank) messinger, oure scherefit in that pairt, conjunctlie and seueralie specialie constitute, greting. Forsamekill as, vpoun the supplicatioun presentit to ws be prouest and baillies of oure burgh of Edinburgh in favouris of the pure of our said burgh, quhais nowmer daylie incressit, the inhabitanttis of our said burgh for support and releif of the said pure; and albeit thai haue maist earneastlie travaillit be all gude persuasionis to move the harttis of the saidis inhabitanttis to gif of thair aboundance efter thair awin plesour to the help of the pure, yit the maist pairt of them, laiking all pietie and commiseratioun, hes refusit hithertellis to gif ony pairt or portioun of thair guids to the support of the said pure and sustentatioun of sio as laubouris in the publict seruice of the kirk, quhilkis presentlie ar chargeabill to ane few nowmer; quhairthrow, seing na thing to tak effect in thai behalfis without oure autorite be interponit thairto: Oure will is heirfoir, and we charge you straitlie and commandis, that incontinent thir oure letters sene, ye pas and in our name and autorite command and charge the saidis prouest and baillies of oure said burgh that thai, with all guidlie diligence efter the said charge, convene all and sindrie inhabitantis of oure burgh foirsaid without exceptioun, and thair taxt euerie persoun at thair discretioun according to thair abilitie quhat thai sall pay to the releif of the saidis pure and bering of the commoun chargeis of the kirk; and, the said taxatioun beand maid, that the said prouest and baillies caus and compell the personis to be taxt be thame as said is to mak thankfull payment euerie man efferand to the rait and quantitie as thai salbe taxt; and gif neid be that thai poind and distrenye thairfor, sua that the crying of the pure may be stancheit and the wraith of God appeasit,as ye will ansuer to ws thairupoun: The quhilk to do we commit to you conuinctlie and seueralie our full power be thir our letteres, deliuering thame be yow dewlie execute and indorsit agane to this berar. Gevin under our signet and subscriuit with our hand, at Edinburgh, the xx day of December and of our regnne the xxij yeir. Sic subscribitur: Marie, R. Quhilk writing beand red, the said Adame desirit the samin to be insert and registrat in the counsall buikis of the said burgh, askit instrumentis vpoun the productioun and deliuering of the samin, and protestit that incaice the said prouest and baillies did nocht execute the saidis letteres in all pointtis that thai wer nocht offendit gif he complenit to the Quenis Maieste and lordis of hir secreit counsale of thair negligence and sleuth.