Extracts from the Records: 1567, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1567, July-December

2 July 1567.

Superiorite of Leith.; Wappinschawing.

[The provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] being convenit in the counsall hous of this burgh, all consentit with ane consent and assent that the prowest baillies and certane of the counsall pais vpoun the ferd day of this instant monethe to the toun of Leithe, hold thair court of the superioritie thairof as lordis of the samyn vpoun the nychtbouris of Leithe, and tak possessioun, conforme to thair evidentis. And als ordanit conforme to the actis of parliament that thair be ane generall wappinschawing and proclamatioun thairof commanding the nychtbouris of this burgh to mak the said wappynschawing that samyn day vpoun thair lynkis of Leithe, ilk nychtbour vnder the pane of ten pund.

For the persewing of the Kingis murthure.

[The provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] being convenit in the counsall hous of the samyn, comperit nobill and mighte lordis, my lordis erles of Mortoun and Atholl, having with thame the maist honorabill and godlie band laitlie maid and subscryveit be ane greit parte of the nobilite of this realme, bering in effect that thai the saidis lordis altogidder bindis and obleissis thame, ilk ane to vtheris, vpone the respect of thair dewite towert thair Souerane, the commoun weill of this thair native cuntre and honoure of the samyn, that thai altogidder with thair haill force power and freindis sall persew the crewell mvrthereris of the King, oure said Soueranes husband, to the vtermaist, seik the desolutioun of the vngodlie mariage maid betuix hir hienes and the erle Boithwell, oure said Souerane to be relevit of the thraldome bondage ignominie and schame quhilk scho hes sustenit and wnderlyis throuche the said erles occasioune, the persone of oure vndoubtit and innocent Prince reposit to full surete and relevit of imminent dainger quhilk now he standis in, and, finallie, iustice restoritt and vprichtle ministrate to all the leges and subiectis of this realme. The quhilk maist godlie and honorabill band, in presens of the prowest baillies counsall and dekynnis, being red and considerit, thay all in ane voce approves the samyn and grantis consentis and promittis thair assistance and fortificatioun to the said lordis in furthsetting persewing and avanceing of the premissis to thair vter power; and for assurance heirof hes requeistit and desyritt the rycht honorabill Sir Symon Prestoun of that ilk knycht, thair prowest, for thame and in thair names, with the saidis lordis to subscryve the said band, quhilk salbe als sufficient as gif thai had subscryvit the samyn with thair awin proper handis. And for obseruing heirof ordanis this present ordinance to be insert and registrat in thair counsall buke for the mair sure testificatioun of thair consent as said is.

Band.; For the persewing of the Kingis murthure

Heir followis the copie of the band and oblesing abone specifit;—Quhair the richt nobill and excellent Prince, vmquhill King Henrie Stewart, the Quenis Maiestie oure Soueranis lait husband, being in his logeing sumtyme callit the logeing of the prouest of Kirkfeild besyde the samyn within this burgh, wes schamefulle and tressonable murthurit, the fame thairof wes in sic sort blawin abreid and dispersit in all realmes and amangis all cristiane nationis that this cuntre wes abhorit and vilependit, the nobillite and haill pepill na other wayis estemit bot as thay had been all participant of sa vnvourthye and horrabill ane murthur, that nane of onye of the Scottis natioun, thoucht he wer neuir sa innocent, wes habill for schame in onye forane cuntre to schaw his face, and that nocht without occasioun, seing na maner of just tryall tane nor menit to be takin for the cryme, albeit in all this tyme the murtheraris war weill anewche knawin, for quha culd be ignorant thairof and nocht cleirlie se at behalding the proceding of the erll Boithwell the tyme of the attempting of that odius fact and continewalle sensyne, that war sufficient albeit thair war na other prufe, wes nocht the tryall be him impedit and delayit, and the speciall aithouris os the murthure being requirit to be wardit quhill the tryall of thair caus, houbeit the petitioun wes maist ressonable and nocht repugnant to the lawis, yit culd na part thairof be grantit becaus the cheif murtherar being present maid that staye; and than quhat ane inordinat proces wes ordanitt to clenge and acquit him of that horrable deid all men persaffit, quhen nother the accustomat circumstancis in caussis of tressoun, nor the ordinar forme of justice wes obseruit, bot quhatsumeuir the fader and freindis of the innocent Prince saukleslie murtherit justlie desyrit the contrair wes allwayis dons, the said erll the day that he chesit to thoill law being accumpanit with ane greit power, als weill of wagit men of weir as of otheris, that nane suld compeir to persew him; quhen swa this cruell murthur wes committit and justice smorit and planelie abvsit neuir ceissit he of his wikkit and inordinat pretens, bot, eikand myscheif to myscheif, tressonablie, without feir of God or reverence of his native prince, quhill on ane forthoucht conspiracie he vmbeset hir Maiesteis way, tuke and reveist her maist nobill persoun and led the samyn with him to Dunbar Castell, thair detening hir prisoner and captive, and in the menetyme procurit doubill sentence of divorce to be pronuncit betuix him and his lawfull wyff groundit on the caus of his awin turpitude, and to mak his pretendit mariage (quhilk schortlie followit) vsit the order of divorce als weill be the ordinar commissaris as in forme and maner of the Romane kirk, declarand that he wes of na kynd of religioun, as the samyn vnlawfull mariage suddandlie accompleschit thairefter on bouthe the fassionis did manifest and testifie, albeit that nother of Goddis law nor na law maid be man of quhatsumeuer religioun mycht the samyn mariage lesumlie haif bene contractit; quhilk being endit and he still proceding frome ane kynd of iniquitie to ane other, his cruell and ambitious nature being knawin and how na nobill man nor other durst resort to hir Maiesie to speik with hir or procure thair lesum besines without suspicioun bot be him and in hir audience, hir chalmar durris being continuallie wachit with men of weir; we (althoucht to lait) begouche to considder the estait and tak heid to ourselffis, bot speciallie to the preseruatioun of the lyfe of the fatherles Prince, the onelie soun and rychtuous air apparent of our Souerane, hir hienes schamefull thraldome and bondage with the said erll, and with that foirsaw the gret danger quhillk the prince stoude in quhen, as the murtherar of his fader, the revesar of the Quenis Maiestie his moder, wes cled with the principall strenthis of this realme and garnesit with ane gard of wagit men of weir, and how in all apparence he mycht oppres vnprouiditlie and destroy that innocent infant as he had done his fader, and sua be tyran and cruell deiddis at last to vsurpe the royall croun and supreme gouernance of this realme, at last in the feir and name of God, and in the lawfull obedience of oure Souerane, movit and constrainit be the just occasionis abone writtin to haif takin armes to revenge the said cruell and horrable murthure vpoun the said erll Boithwell and vtheris authoris and devisaris thairof, to deliuer our said Souerane furth of his handis and of the ignominie schame and sclander quhilk, being in thraldome with him,scho hes sustenit vnder pretence of the said vnlawfull mariage, to preserue the lyfe of oure innocent native Prince, and finallie to se justice equallie ministrat to all the liegis of this realme: Quhairfoir, we the erllis, lordis, baronis, commissaris of burrowis, and otheris vnder subscriuand, be thir presentis bindis and oblesis ws and euerye ane of ws to otheris that we sall tak plane trew and vprycht pairt togidder with our kin, freindis, seruandis, and all that will do for ws in the avancement furthsetting and persute of the foirsaid querrell, with our lyffis landis and gudis at our vtermaist, and sall neuer shrink thairfra nor leif the samyn for ony maner of occasioun that can or is habill to occur quhill the authouris of the cruell murthure and revesing be condignelie pvnist, the said vnlawful mariage dissoluit and annullit, our Souerane relevit of the thraldome bondage and ignominie quhilk scho hes sustenit and vnderlyis throu the said erllis occasioun, the persoun of the innocent Prince reposit to full suretie and relevit of eminent danger quhilkis now he standis in, and fynallie justice restorit and vprychtlie ministrat to all the liegis and subiectis of this realme. The quhilk to do and faithfulle performe we promit, as we will ansuer to Almychti God, vpoun our honouris trewthe and fedelitie, as we ar noballmen and luffis the honour of our native cuntrie, quhairin, as God forbid, gif we failye in ony point we ar content to sustene the spott of periurie infamie and prepetuall vntrewth, and to be comptit culpabill of the abone namit crymes, and inemeis and betrayaris of our native cuntrie. In witnes of the quhilk thing we haif subscriuit thir presentis with our handis as followis, at Edinburgh, the sextene day of Junii the yeir of God jm vc and thre scoir sevin yeris. Et sic subscribitur. Concordat presens copia cum principale. Ita est.AlexR. Haye.

9 July 1567.

Precept for the monting of the artalyerie.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis Jhone Harwod, theasurar, to caus stok band and mont the townis artalyere, now presentle lyand in the end of the kirk, and to by and caus furnis all thingis necessar thairto, to the effect the samyn may be in reddines preparit and reperallit in cais onye forane inemyis wald cum and persew this burgh or nychtbouris thairof to do thame harme in thair bodyis or gudis.

23 July 1567.

[David Forester appointed by the council to be bailie of the south-west quarter Bailie. till Michaelmas. in the absence of Robert Glen. "quha hes nocht pvneist thame (the inhabitants of that quarter) for breking of the statuties be this lang space."]

Defence of the town.

The prowest baillies counsall and dekynnis foirsaid and ordanis that ilk Fryday efter none the counsale convene at tua houris in the counsall hous of this burgh to consult and awys anent the fortificatioun of this burgh and strentheing of the samyn, to the effect that the inhabitantis thairof may be mair habill to resist quhatsumeuer thair vnfreindis that is of mynde to persew thame in thair bodie or gudis.

Ordinance to mak ane band betuix the toun and the castell.

The prowest baillies counsall and deikynnis foirsaid vnderstanding the gret and apperand danger quhilk is lyke to rys within this realme be diuisioun of the nobilitie thairof, for the caussis laitlie occurrit, and als considdaring that the inhabitantis of this burgh, thair houshaldis famile and gudis in sic tumultis ar euer subiect to large grettar danger nor onye other burgh of this realme, be ressoun thair is certane wikkit personis awaiting vpoun the spoilye of the samyn gif occasioun serue, thairfor thai all in ane voce, and with awys and consent of Sir James Balfour of pittindrech knycht, clerk of our Soueranis Register and capitane of the castell of Edinburgh, has thocht and thinkis expedient that for defence, nocht onlie of the said toun bot alssua of the said castell, that ane band and liege be maid in writ betuix the said capitane on that ane pairt and the prowest baillies counsall dekynnis and communite of the said burgh on that other part, for mutuall defence and support to be maid be ather of thame to otheris aganis quhatsumeuer that wald or will persew the said castell burgh or inhabitantis thairof in thair personis or gudis, the authorite onlie except, and ordanis Alexander Guthre,thair common clerk, to mak the samyn agane Fryday nyxtocum, and that day to schaw it afoir the counsall that it may be red and considderit be the said capitane and thame and than fynallie endit concludit and subscriuit be and vpoun baythe the saidis partis.

Town wallis

The prowest baillies and counsall ordanis the haill houssis and dikkis biggit to thair toun wallis to be castin doun and demoleschit sua that na passage oure the saidis wallis may be had.

25 July 1567.

Band with the castell.

[Alexander Gutbrie, common clerk, presented the bond he had been instructed to prepare between the captain of the castle and the town. The council approved of the bond, and instructed the clerk to sign it on their behalf.]

Commission for coronstioun of the King.

The prowest baillies and counsall forsaid nemmis and constitutes Nycoll Vddart, Michaell Gilbert and Robert Abercrummye of the counsall, thair commissioneris to pas to Striueling, and thair to consent and vse the office of commissioneris of this burgh at the coronatioun of oure Souerane, James Stewart, Prince of this effect, subscriuit with thair clerk and selit with their seill of caus. et promiserunt de rato.

Ane wache.

The prouest baillies and counsall ordanis ane wache to be maid nychtlie within this induring thair will, becaus thair is monie and diuers men of weir and wanting maisteris within the samyn.

30 July 1567.

To poynd thame that set nocht furth fyres.

The prowest baillies and the inhabitantis of this burgh that set nocht out thair fyris vpoun the tuenty nyne day of julij instant quahn our Souerane James Stewart, Prince of Scotland, wes crownit, for ane vnlaw of ten pund; and ordanis xl s. to be payit of ilk ane of the saidis personis and applyit to the commoun warkis of this burgh.

1 August 1567.

Town wallis.Extent to jmli. protes-tatio,Smyth.

The prouest baillies counsall and dekynnis,being convenit in the counsalhous, efter lang resonyng vpoun the present troublis within this realme, and the apperand danger to cum vpoun this toun this nixt wynter be men of weyr and vther idill pepill, quhilkis makis commoun passagis in and out oure thair wallis, and in speciall at that pairt of the wall at the blackfreris to Sanct Marye Wynde vnbigit:For remeid heirof, and eschewing of vther inconvenientis apperend, thay all in one voce, George Smyth, allegit dekyn of the tailyeouris except, fyndis gude consenttis and granttis that that pairt of the toun wall abone mentionat, with all deligence possabill,be compleitlie biggit and endit of the heicht and thikness of the new wall joynit to the samyn; and for performyng of the samyn that ane extent of ane thousand pundis be sett and vpliftit alsueill vpoun the landis of thame that duellis without the burgh havand landis within the samyn as vpoun the landis and guddis of the inhabitanttis.

Villa, town wall, contract, masouneis.

[The provost,bailies, council, and community entered into a contract with Thomas Jaksoune and Murdo Walker, masons, by which it was provided that] the said Thomas and Murdo sall, with all deligence possibill, begin and big the toun wall, samekill as is vnbiggit thairof, compleitlie, fra the new wall, at the Blakfreris to Sanct Marie Porte, of the heicht and thiknes of the said new wall, viz, sex futes thik at the ground and fyve futes thik ascending vp to the battelling plane on baithe sydes weill pinnit and harlit, the said battelling of fyve quarter heich or thairby, and the haill heicht of the said wall fra the ground vp to be and contene sewin elnis heicht; and the said Thomas and Murdo to furneis sand, lyme, stane, masoneis, layaris, quarrouris, barromen,scaffalding; and all vther necessaris for the said wark...and sall nocht tak doun the auld dike presentlie standaud vnto the time the said new wall be past ane mannis heicht with the mair; and sall forther, efter the avise and appointment of my said lord prowest and sic vtheris as salbe nominat with his lordschip, big at sic partes of the said wall as salbe fund maist convenient and necessar blok houssis, flankouris, mvrdreis hoillis and vther defenssis necessar.

8 August 1567.

Precept thesaurer.

[The treasurer ordained, "with all deligence possebill, to caus big vp and mend the toun wallis and sloppis thairof, mend the Kowgait port, the wall at the castell bank, the gallous wallis, the ovir trone and the calsayis vtouth the West Port."]

13 August 1567.

Grange, artailye.

The prouest baillies and counsale and dekynnis ordanis the thesaurar to len to the laird of Grange sa mekill of the townys monitioun for seruing of him towert Orknay, taking his obligatioun to rander the samyn agane, quhairof the said thesaurer salbe dischargit.

20 August 1567.


The prouest baillies and counsale, vnderstanding the hale ipoticaris of this burgh to be the principale ventaris and sellaris of spices, quhilk apertenis principallie to the brethering of gild and nane vtheris, quharfoir thay ordane maister Jhonn Prestoun, dene of gild to caus all the ipoticaris of this burgh to desist and ceis fra venting of spices in commoun, vtherwise than in thair medicinis, failling heirof to close and lok vp thair durris ay and quhill thay becum fre burgessis and gild brether.

27 August 1567.

Landis and annuallis.

The prouest baillies and counsall namis, deputis and ordanis Robert Cuninghame, [and seven others,] to tak triall and to mak inventure of the annuallis sumtyme pertening to the chaplanis and mortefeit to the kirk and now to the ministerre and pure; and names maister Nicholl Chesholme to be collectour of the money that sall happin to be restand of the saidis annuallis or houssis belanging to the ministerre.

Swescheouris,slauchter of the King.

The baillies and counsall ordanis Jhone Harwod,thesaurar, to pay fyveten shillingis to the thre swescheouris that playit afoir the toun the xxij day of August the tyme of the halding of the assys vpoun the laird of Skyrling; Richardtoun and Capitane Edmistoun for the alledgit slauchter of the king.

11 September 1567.


The prouest baillies and counsale of this burgh, with awys and consent of maister Jhone Craig, minister, and haill kirk of this burgh of Edinburgh, hes maid constitute and ordanit,lykeas be thir presentes thay mak constitute and ordanis thair weilbelouit nychtbour, maister Michaell Chesholm, burges of the said burgh, thair collectour generall in and to the vplifting and inbringing of all malis, fermes, dewiteis, annuallis, annualrentis, daill syluer, obeittis, anniuersareis, and otheris dewiteis quhatsumeuir quhilk heirtofoir pertenit or wes knawin to perten to quhatsumeuir chapillis, kirkis, colledgis, prebendareis, chaiplanereis or alteragis within the said burgh and libertie thairof, foundit be quhatsumeuir persoun or patroun thairf in ony tyme past, and alssua to vplift and inbring the malis, fermes, emolimentis, annuallis, annualrentis, proffettis and dewiteis of all landis, tenementis, houssis, craftis, orcheardis, kirkis, kirkyairdis, quhilkis in tymes past pertenit to preistis, monkis, freris, chanonis, nonis, and otheris of that ordour, lyand within the said burgh, fredome and libertie thairof; gewand grantand and committand to the said maister Michaell thair full fre and plane power for the saidis maillis, dewteis, annualrentis, emolimentis, fermes, proffettis. anniuersareis, obeit syluer, and otheris dewiteis quhatsumeuer of the saidis kirkis, colledgis, chaipellis, chaiplanereis,nonreis, houssis, biggingis, yairdis, kirkyairdis, orchardis, kirkis and chaipellis, the tymber; stanys thairof, intromettit with be quhatsumeuer persoun or personis, to call and persew the samyn, to vplift and inbring to the vtilite and proffett of the ministeris, ministare, pure and hospitallis of tha said burgh, and all and sindrie otheris thingis till do that to offce of collectorie pertenis or salbe knawin to pertene; prividing alwayis the said maister Michaell be haldin yeirle to mak compt rekning and payment of his intromissioun of the premissis to the prouest baillies counsall and kirk foirsaid to the effect abone specifiit. And this present gift and office to haif strenthe or effect induring thair willis allanerlie. And the said maister Michaell, in presens of the saidis prouest baillis and counsall, acceptit the said offce in and vpoun him and promist to do his dewite thairin as he wald ansuer to God and thame.

1 October1567.

Lokkis of the new well.

The baillies and counsall, sittand in the counsalhous, comperit Alexander Vddart and deliuerit the four lokkis of the new well, with tua keyis to the samyn seruand thir four lokkis, to Alexander Clerk, baillie of the southeist quartar.

3 October 1567.

Blakfreris, hospitale.

The baillies and counsale ordanis offceris to charge Walter Bynning, paynter, Nychole Fyldour, Jhonn Gilbert, goldsmyth, and all vtheris that hes intromettit with stanys or tymber of the Blakfreris to restore the samyn agane in thair awin places, for biging of the hospitale, with all deligence, with certificatioun and thay failye thair personis salbe wairdyt quhill the samyn be done, and ordanis cast doun the said Bynningis yaird biggit vpoun the freir kirkyaird.

The vnlaw of sic as drawis blude in thair fechting.

The prowest baillies and counsall, haaving considderatioun of the gret and manifest wrangis and oppressionis committit dalie be certane nichtbouris of this burgh, and otheris resortand thairto, aganis otheris, quhilkis, haiffing nother feir of God nor man, daylie invadis otheris with fensable wappinnis, sic as sweirdis, quhingarism battonis and vtheris instrumentis bellicall, sumtyme committing slauchter mutilatioun or lamyng ather of other: For remeid of the quhilk and stancheing of sic horrable oppressioun, the saidis prowest baillies and counsall statutis and ordanis that quhatsumeuer persoun within this burgh in tyme cuming drawis blude of ane other be way of violence, with quhatsumeuer kynd of wappin, battoun, staue or otherwys on set purpois, or is convict of bludewyte, that the drawar thairof, of being convict of bludewyte, sall pay ane vnlaw of fyve pund, vnforgevin, to the commoun warkis of this burgh, without preiudice of the panis of imprisonment, satisfactioun of the pairtie, or other actis maid anent trublance of befoir.

10 October 1567.

The baillies and counsall ordanis maister Robert Glen and Alexander kirk. Guthre to vesye the kirk and faltis thairof and to report to the counsall, that the samyn may be remedit.

7 November 1567.

Officiaris of Leyth.

[The treasurer ordained] "to caus mak and deliuer to ilk ane of the tua seruandis of Leithe ane buttoun of syluer, haiffand the tounis mark on the samyn, viz., the castell and ane schip, togidder with ilk ane of thame ane halbart."

10 November 1567.

Prestoun, prouest, gift of the Trinitie College to Edinburgh.

[The bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] being convenit in the counsalhous of this burgh, comperit Sir Symon Prestoun of Craigmillar, knycht, prouest of this burgh, and schew and declarit to the saidis baillies counsall and dekynnis that he had obtenit kand impetrat at my lord regentis handis the gift of the Trinite College, kirk, houssis, biggingis, and yairdis adiacent thairto, and lyand contegue to the samyn, to be ane hospitall to the pure, and to be biggit and vphaldin be the gude toun, and the elimosinaris to be placit thairinto be the prouest baillies and counsall present and being for the tyme, and nochtwithstanding that he hes lauborit the samyn it wes nocht his mynde to laubour it to his awyn behuif bot to the gude tounis as said is, and thairfore presentlie gaif the gift thairof to the gude toun and transferrit all rycht and titill that he had or mycht haif thairto in the guid toun fra him and his airis for euir ad perpetuam temanentiam.

Foullertoun, maister of wark, college.

The prowest baillies and counsall foirsaid namit and constitute Adam Fullartoun, baillie, maister of wark to the hospitale to be foundit in the Trinitie Colledge, with power to him to cheis his officiaris and warkmen as he sall think gude.

14 November 1567

Foullertoun, villa.

The prouest baillies and counsall ordanis Adam Foulertoun, maister of wark of the Trinite College, to caus, with all deligence possibill, conforme to the devise takin be thame, enter to the bigging of the hospitall in the said college, and to transport and intromet with the townis tymmer lyand in the freris yardis, and to apply the samyn to the werk of the said hospitall, and siclike to mak money of the lime and stane in the saidis freir yardis to be warit vpoun the said hospitall as said is.

20 November 1567.

Freir yairdis,sett.

[The council disponed to certain persons, in feu farm, the lands "sumtyme pertening to the Blak freris and now to the toun of Edinburgh, for the interes syluer and yeirlie annual vnderwrittin, to be payit to thair hospitale and sustening of the pure thairof."

10 December 1567.


[The bailies, council, and deacous,] being convenit in the counsall hous of this burgh, ordanis [blank] ansenyeis of quhite and blak taffateis to be maid, haiffand the Kingis armes on the ane syde and the castell of Edinburgh on the other side, and to be payit of the superexcrescence of the last taxt maid and rasit for bigging of the wall at the Blakfreris.

Anent the striking of swesche.

The prouest baillies and counsall statutis and ordanis that na swesche nor tabroun be strekkin within this burgh without command and licence obtenit thairto be the saidis prowest or baillies, or that onye playaris on siclyke instrumentis pas to honest menis houssis or yettis to play, except online our Soueranis men of weir now instantlie being within this burgh, vnder the pane of breking of the swesche and pvnesing of sic as playis thairwith fra this day furth.

24 December 1567.

Making of burgessis.

The baillies and counsall ordains that euerye man at making of him burges sall obleis him self to haif jak, speir, swerd, buklar and steill bonet, for serving of the baillies and gude toun quhen thai haif ado, and to keip the wappinschawing with the nychtbouris vnder sic panis as may be laid to thar charge.