Extracts from the Records: 1568, Jan-June

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1568, Jan-June

18 February 1567–8.

St Anthonis alterege

The baillies counsale and dekynnis disponis the dewteis and renttis of the alterege of Sanct Anthone, now vacand and being in thair handis be deces of vmquhile Sir James Young, last chaplane thairof, to maister Mychaell Chisholme, collectour of hospitale, and ordanis the dewteis of the wynis pertenyng to the said alterege, viz., ane choppin of ilk puntioun to be rowpit and lattin to thame that biddis maist thairfor, and to be applyit to the said hospitale.

20 February 1567–8.

Jhone Knoy.

[The treasurer ordained "to deliuere to Mungo Bradie, goldsmyth, cautinare and suertie for Jhone Knox hous maill, the sowme of x merkis."]

3 March 1567–8.

Villa, St James' altar, hospital.

[The provost, bailies, and council, at the desire of the chaplain of St James' altar in St Giles' Kirk, consented, as patrons of that a tenement situated at the head of Over Bow should be set in feu, the purchaser paying to the chaplain during his lifetime, "and efter his deceis, to the hospitall foundit be the gude towne in the Trinitie college, the sowme of twelf merkis yeirly feu maill."

19 March 1567–8.


[Certain fines for selling wines above the fixed price " to be applyit to the hospitale."]

Reparatioun of the peyr,calsayis and kirk.

[The bailies and council,] efter inspectioun of the peyr bulwark and havin of Leyth, and seing the samyn rewinous, dekeyit, and sall nocht fale haistelie to fall doun gyf mair haistye help be nocht prouidit, and siclik the hale calsayis betuix and Leyth to be brokin, the greit wyndois of Sanct Gelis Kirk to be blawin doun, the maist pairtt of the rufe tyrvit be the last greit wynd, sua that the pepill sall nocht convene thairintill at preching and prayer, and the hale kirk dekey gyf in like maner the samyn with all deligence be nocht reparit and helpit, and knawing thame selffis to haue na common gude before the hand, and to be greitlie superexpendit and thair common renttis thirlit, usa that it sall nocht be able to thame to help repair and big the saidis warkis according to thair honour and commoun weill, except the merchanttis and craftismen may be persuadit to spair the proffit of the commoun mylnis, for this present yeir allanerlie, quhilk is appoyntit in pairt of payment of thair sowmes debursit vpoun the superioritie of Leyth sa fer as the samyn will extend, and to this effect ordanis officeris to warn the haill dekynnis to compeir before thame the nixt counsall day for registering of thair consent to the premissis.

Masonis Foullertoun

Adam Foullertoun, baillie, confest him to have ressaueitt fra Thomas Jacksoun and Murdo Walker, masounis, the sowme of four scoir pundis for the lime, sand and stanis lyand in the Blakfreir kirk yard before thair intere to the bigging of the town wall, quhilk he has warit vpoun the bigging of the hospitall.

24 March 1567–8.

Villa, Guthrie bulwark, lent money.

In presens of [the bailies and council,] comperit [the deacons of crafts,] and efter rype avysement and deliberatione amangs thameselfis and with thair haill craftis, concludis grantis and consentis, for themselfis and haill craftis, that thair fyft pairt of the moneye avanceit be thame vpoun the superioritie of Leyth for this present yeir, [beginning Martinmas 1567 and ending Martinmas 1568,] be avansit and debursit be Alexander Guthre, commoun cleark, vpoun the reparatioun of the peyr and bulwark of Leyth, the calsayis betuix and thair, and vpoun the warkis of Sanct Gelis kirk, as at lenth is contenit in thair act of the daittedecimo nono instantis Martii; provyding alwayis thai be nocht forther astrictit be this thair consent to want thair money langar nor for this present yeir abone mentionat; and siclyke, the baillies and counsall foirsaid, takand the burding vpoun thame for thameselfis and haill merchantis of this burgh qubilkis hes lent and avansit money vpoun the said superioritie of Leyth, grantis and consentis that the rest of the haill money of the common mylnis for the said yeir be avansit and debursit vpoun the saidis warkis be the said Alexander, deduceand the annuellis and necessar expeenssis vpoun the reparatiion of the saidis mylnis, provydand as is befoir prouydit.

27 March1568.


The baillies and counsall ordanis Adame Fowlertoun to accept the charge vpoun him of the bigging of the kirk windokis, and all vther workis necessar within the kirk, and assingnis to him the dewite of the burgeschipis and gildschippis of all sic as he may find that occupeis the fredome of this burgh to the payment of the charge of the said wark, and quhat he beis forther superexpendit ordanis Alexander Guthrie to mak him payment thairof of the readiest of the dewite of the mylnis.

7 April 1568.

Freir Leis.

[The bailies and council, "efter consideratioun of the pouertie and auld decrepit aige of freir Andro Leis, blak freir," instructed the collectors of "the saidis freris renttis" to pay him yearly £16 during his lifetime.]

9 April 1568.

Commissaris to Glasgow for discharging of victuellis.

The prouest baillies and counsale, vnderstanding be complaynt of the dekynnis and commonetie that be licencis allegit granttit be my lord Regenttis grace to cary victuellis furth of the realme, their is greit apperance of skantnes and derth, quhairfor thay ordance Alexander Cleark, baillie, maister Mychaell Chisholme, James Young of the counsale, Alexander Guthre and Thomas Aikinheid, dekyn of the skynnaris, to pas to my said lord Regenttis grace in Glasgow for dischargeing of the saidis licences, and ordanis the thesaurer to recompance thame thair expenssis.

13 April 1568.

Collectoris, hospitale.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis Andro Sclater, baillie and William Litill, of the counsale, to travell amangis the nychtbouris of this burgh of the north pairt of the toun, Jhonn Adamsoun and Nychole Vddert for the south, and to inquyre quhat thay will grant of the thair liberalitie to the biging of the hospitale, and the samyn to collect and inbring to be applyit vpoun the said hospitale.

20 April 1568.


[The council gave "tua beidmanschippis, vacand be deces of James Tolbuth, barbour, and (blank),to Dauid Robertsoun, barbour, and Henry Bawtie, masoun."]

Burges, etc.

[Andro Hagye "maid burges and gild broder gratis, at the requeist of my lord erle of Mar."

8 May 1568.

Wilsoun, dekyn of the smythis dischargit.

The prowestbailliesand counsall, afteravisement with the supplicatioun producit befoir thame be the deikin and brether of the hammermen craft, bering that the multitude of thair said craft had, by the consent of the honest men thairof, electit and chosin Jhone Wilsoun, pewderer, to be thair deikin for the yeir intocum, beand ane man of na religioun, expres contrer the tenour of the act of parliament laitlie maid, and thairfore desyrit the said Jhone to be deposit and ane other to be input in his place as at mair lenth is contenit in thair said supplicatioun; quhilk beand red and considderit, the said Jhonne Wilson beand personallie present and confessand himself nocht [to] be adiunit with the kirk of God, nother to hand nor frequent preiching nor prayer, thai all in ane voice, conforme to the said act of parliament, dischairgis the said Jhone of his office of deikinschip, and ordanis ane other to be electit in his place quhill he communicate and is of the kirk of God, and thairvpoun the said brether of hammer craft askit actis.

Extent vcli.

[The provost, bailies, and deacons of crafts] consentis and grantis that ane extent of fyve hundreth pund be vpliftit of the haill nychtbouris of this burgh for monting of the munitioun and defence of the toun as neid sall requyre.

The prowest baillies and counsall ordanis ane walpinschawing to be maid of all the nychtbouris of this burgh on Wednisday nixt, ilk persoun vnder the pane of twenty s. vnforgevin.

12 May 1568.


The prowest baillies and counsell ordanis ane wache to be made nychtlie of ane hundreth men, and on the day of twenty foure men, and that nane be chargit, nother compeir vpoun the said wache, but the principallis of euery hous, except thai be passit the dait of thre scoir of yeiris, and thais to furnisch habill and sufficient men weill armit for thame, ilk persoun vnder the pane of auchtein s.


The prowest baillies counsell and deikinis ordanis twa sweschis to pas nychtlie throch the toun, bayth Hie Street and Kowgait, at aucht houris at evin and siclyke at fyve houris in the morning.

19 May 1568.

Villa, Campheir

The baillies and counsall ordanis writingis to be maid to the magistratis of Campheir in fauouris of George Kinkaid and the vtheris factouris Scottismen dwelland thair, willing thame to travell at all handis neidfull for thair quietnes and securite in this time of trowbill.


The prowest baillies and counsall ordanis the dekynnis vnderwrittin to avise with thair craftis and report ansuer on Friday nixt quhether thay will pas furth with my lord Regentis grace, efter the tenour of the proclamatioun ordanit to convene at Beggar the x of Junij nixt, or furneis men or money.

2 June 1568.


The prouest baillies and counsall ordanis Adame Fowlertoun, Jhone Harwod, Alexander Guthre and James Young to pas to my lord Regentis grace, and in thair names desire licence to the gude toun to remane at hame from the armie, and to report ansuer.

4 June 1568.

Leche burges, fr. gilde.

At the requeist of my lord Regentis grace writing, William Leich, ane of the grumeis of his graceis chalmer is maid burges and gild brother and the dewite thairof gevin him gratis.

Extent jm li.

The prowest baillies counsall and haill dekynnis consentis and grantis that ane extent of jm li. be vpliftit of the haill nichtbouris of this burgh, for furnesing of the men of weir to pas fordwert at this present armie with my lord Regentis grace, wnder the chargeis of Adame Fowlertoun, baillie, and ordanis the counsall to be extentouris of this extent.