Extracts from the Records: 1558, July-December

Pages 26-27

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1558, July-December


Queen's marriage.

The presidenttis ballies and counsale ordanis James Adamsoun thesaurer to delyuer to William Adamsoun for his travell takin in the play maid at the tryumphe of our Souerane Ladyis mariage the sowm of foure lib.; … to Walter Bynning, painter, for his panting and all his lawbouris takin be him in the tryumphe maid at our Souerane Ladyis mariage the sowm of xxv merkis; to William Lauder the sowm of aucht lib., by the fourtie schillingis quhilkis he hes ellis ressauit for his travell and lawbour tane vpone him in setting furth of the play maid at our Souerane Ladyis mariage; … to all the wrychtis quhilkis wrocht the play grayth in the play maid at the tryumphe of our Souerane Ladyis mariage for thair tymmer and workmanschip the sowm of fyve lib. four s. nyne d. . . . to Patrik Dorane for his travell takin on him for making of certane claythis agane the tryumphe of our Souerane Ladyis mariage the sowm of four lib. . . . to Adam Smyth, takkisman of Andro Mowbrayis yarde the sowm of vj s. viij d. for the dampnage and skayth sustenit be him in tramping down of his gers of the said yard be the convoy and remanent playeris the tyme of the trumphe.

15 December 1558.

Precept, Regina.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis maister James Lindesay, thesaurer, to waill thre twn of the best wyne may be gottin for money, togidder with xx li. worth of walx; and caus the samyn be propynit to the Quenys grace aganis this Yule.

29 December 1558.

Cowgait calsay.

The prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis fynddis that the commoun and hie passege of the Cowgait and commoun calsay of the samyn salbe rasyt and laid and biggit of new vpoun the equale expenssis of the heritouris of the landis vpoun bayth the syddis of the said gait, lyke as the samyn is begvn, fra the Freir Wynde to Merlyeonis Wynde; and to the effect that the samyn may be the mair haistye diligence, ordanis the copye of this present act to be gevin to euerye ane of the four baillies, and thay to caus put the samyn to executioun with all deligence, and to tak attendance and gyf speciall command and charge to the heritouris of the saidis landis that nane of thame tak vpoun hand to set furth the conductis of thair closettis furth of thair syd wallis or gavillis of the saidis landis towert the calsay or hie streit, vnder the pane of pvnissing of thair personis and guddis at the counsallis will quha dois in the contrair.