Extracts from the Records: 1559, Jan-June

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1559, Jan-June

7 January 1558–9.

Hospital of St. Mary's Wynd.

[Of this date the provost, bailies, council, and deacons gave a "beddrelschip of the hospitall of Sanct Marie Wynd" to Agnes Storie.]


The prouest baillies and counsall ordanis Jhone Charteris, eldar, dene of gild, to ressaue the jowallis vnderwrittin fra Schir Henrye Bonche sacristane of thair kirk of Sanct Geill now hafar of the same, and to keip thame be himself and his deputis that he will ansuer for, that the samyn salbe furthcumand to the toun quhen thai think expedient, and to serue the nychtbouris thairof as vse is, and that the said dene of gild tak souertie of his said depute of honest responsibill nychtbouris of this burgh for his lawte and suir keping of the saidis jowallis, and that thai wey and keip the pais vnder specifyit, becaus vpon the sextene day of December last bypast thay war weyit in presens of the counsall in the tolbuith of this burgh be James Mosman, goldsmyth, of the wecht particularle as eftir followis, and at the ische of his office the said counsall ordanis the said dene of gild to deliuer the same of the wecht efter following to the counsall, that thai may be deliuerit and weyit in lyk maner to his successouris, dene of gild for the tyme, to the effect forsaid, viz., the relict and arme of Sanct Geill with the bane and paper, with ane ring set with ane dyamant on the litill fingar of the said arme, and fourte perle and sevinteine stanis, all weyand fiyve pund thre vnce and ane half; the syluer croce by the fute, weyand sex pund foure vnce and ane half; item, the fute of this croce fillit with pik and other mettall within the same to cause it stand, weyand ten pund nyne vnce; tua crowattis, weyand tuentye tua vnce; ane challece with the patene of syluer, weyand threttie tua vnce and ane half, quhairof the spvne weyis half ane vnce; tua chandlaris of syluer, weyand sevin pund four vnce; tua grettar chandlaris of syluer, baith weyand aucht pund thretteine vnce; tua sensairis, weyand togidder thre pund fyvetene vnce; ane ship for insence, sex vnce.

3 February 1558–9.

Precept, prouest.

The quhilk day, Alexander Barroun, Dauid Forster, maister Jhonn Spens and James Curle, baillies, James Carmychaell, James Adamsoun, William Lausoun, Thomas Thomsoun, William Aikman, William Patersoun, Andro Sclater and James Young of the counsale, maister Thomas Makcalyeane assessour, togidder with the hale dekynnis of goldsmythis, massonis, wrychtis, barbouris, baxtaris, walkaris, bonetmakaris, being convenyt in the counsale hous of this burgh, and having consideratioun of the gude and thankfull seruice done be my Lord Seytoun prouest, for the commoun weill and priueleges of this burgh, and that his lordship is presentlie to mak the triumphe and banket to the Quenys grace in honorabill maner, ordanis maister James Lindesay, thesaurer, thankfullie to content deliuer and pay to James Barroun, merchand, the soume of ane hundreth crownis of the sone for taffateis silkis and vtheris necessaris furnyst be him at the command of my said lord prouest to the convoy of the said banket, and that the samyn be payit at Beltane nixt to cum, but onye delay, off the first and radeast of thair fermes of the said terme.

3 February 1558–9.


The baillies and counsall, haifand considderatioun of the gude and thankfull seruice done to thame at all tymes be maister Jhone Moscrop aduocat, granttis and giffis licence to the said maister Jhone to vent and haif wyne in his awyn houss for serving of his taible, and nocht to be taxat stentit nor haldin on the portabill chargis of this burgh for that caus in ony tyme cuming, dischargeand the taxteris, extentouris, present and to cum. of all taxting and extenting of him thairfore; providing allwayis the said maister Jhone continew in guid mynd towert this burgh in the common effairis thairof, and accept and tak vpoun him the office of procuratore fiscall of this toun, to persew and defend thair caussis befoir quhatsumeuer judge, vpoun the townis expenssis.

12 February 1558–9.


[Of this date the council ordained that wine should not be sold dearer than twelvepence per pint.]

Regina Licence to Charllis Sanguilleir.

In presens of the baillies and certane of the counsale, comperit Charllis Sanguilleir, Flemyng, and producit the wryting vnderwrittin, of the quhilk the tenour followis, and desyrit thair ansuer of the samyn: Regina. We for certane ressonable caussis moving ws be thir presenttis gevis licence to Charllis Sanguilleir merchand in Flandaris to lois his guddis furth of his schippis now being in the port of Leyth, and to seller the samyn in the said toun of Leyth, and to sell the samyn to fre men as he thinkis expedient, and to ladyn his said schip agane with all lesum merchandice, providing alwayis he offer his saidis guddis fyrst to the burgh of Edinburgh, dischargeing heirfor the prouest baillies counsale and communite of the said burgh to mak onye stop or impedyment to the said Charllis in losing sellaring of his said guddis and laiding of the said schip agane with lesum merchandice, or to mak ony arrestment vpoun him or his guddis thairfor, and of thair offices in that pairt, he payand customes and dewities vsit and wont. Subscriuit with our hand at Edinburgh the aucht day of Fabruer 1558. Sequitur Subscriptio, Marie, etc. To the quhilk it wes ansuerit be the counsale foresaid that they wald gyf thair ansuer to the Quenis grace.

13 February 1558–9.


Richert Douglas masour, intymeit the Quenys graces writing to my lord Seytoun prouest and the four baillies, of the quhilk the tenour followis: Apud Edinburgh, xiijo Februarii anno, etc. Iviij°: Forsamekill as it is vnderstand to the Quenys grace that the prouest baillies and counsale of the burgh of Edinburgh hes wardit within the tolbuith thairof Charles Sangler, Fleming, and withhaldis him thairin, thairfoir, and for certane motivis moving hir hienes, ordanis ane messinger pas incontinent eftir the sycht heirof and charge the said provest baillies and counsale of the said burgh that thai incontinent put the said Charles to libertie and fredome furth of thair waird, and deliuer him to the said messour to be enterit before hir grace, vnder the pane of tresoun. Sequitur subscriptio, Marie R

14 February 1558–9.


Regina. Provest baillies and counsale of Edinburgh: Forsamekle as it is our plessour that Charles Sanguiller, Fleming, be sufferit to vse and dispone vpon his gudis laitlie brocht in be him as he sall think best, quhairfoir we requeist yow that ye mak him na impediment in vsing selling or disponing thairvpon, nor in ladyng of his schip with lesum merchandice and departing, quhilk we promyt yow sall nocht be in preiudice of your rychtis or priuelegis grantit to yow tuiching your fredome; and this on na way ye leif vndone, as ye will ansuer to ws vpone your vtermaist charge. At Edinburgh the xiiij day of Februarii, anno 1558.

8 March 1558–9.


Item, vpon the 8 day of Merche 1558 yeris, in the ravestre of the kirk, in presens of the counsall afoir specifyit, the eucharist wes weyit contenand of wecht all syluer ourgilt, with four bellis of gold hingand thairat, half ane stane and tua vnce wecht; haif hingand abone ane hart set with perle, ane litill blew bell of gold, and litill jasmint, ane sapheir, ane agat, tua perlis, tua stanis and othir tua fyne stanis, and hingand laych ane lytill hart of gold, ane mekill croce with thre perle, image of our Lady, ane litill croce with thre perle; quhilkis all is contenit within the said eucharist; one round eucharist of syluer, weyand tuentye thre vnce; item, the cresum stok, weyand xxxix vnce and ane quarter.

24 March 1558–9.

Certane persones chosin for awaiting vpone the materis betuix the town and Leyth.

The provest [bailies, assessors, councillors, treasurer, and deacons,] haveand consideratioun that the maist pairt of thair priuilegis quhilkis ar grantit to thame be our Souerane Lord and Ladyis maist noble progenitouris anent thair fredome within the toun and schoir of Leyth, and of bying of the guddis inbrocht be strangearis thairto, ar hable tak les effect for non awating thairvpone, all with ane voce ordanis Edward Litill, Dauid Somer and Thomas Ridpethe, coniunctlie and seucerallie, to await vpone the selling and disponying of all guddis inbrocht at the said schoir, and that na inhabitant of the said town pak nor peill thairin, with power to thame to caus all actis and decreitis maid and sett furthe for the libertie of this burgh vpone the said toun of Leyth to be putt to dew executioun in all poyntis efter the forme and tenour thairof, and gif any maner of persone ather fre or vnfre contravene the saidis statutis or any pairt thairof, to call follow and persew the contraueneris of the samyn befoir ony juge competent; quhilkis personis hes acceptit the said office vpone thame, and ar sworne be thair grit aithis the halie ewangelistis twechit to minister leillielie and trewlie thairintill for the weill of this burgh ay and quhill thai be dischargit thairof be the gude toune, for the quhilkis caussis the provest baillies counsall and dekinnis forsaidis grantis to the saidis personis the thrid pairt of all and syndrie sowmes of money to be abtenit and recouerit be thame vpone all and syndre contraweneris of the saidis statutis, to be equallie devidit amang thame, in recompence of thair lawbouris.

12 April 1559.

Chaplainries in St.Giles Kirk.

[Of this date the bailies council and deacons of crafts granted to James Marioribanks, scribe, the service and chaiplainry founded at the high altar by umquhile Robert Vans; and to John Scott, chaplain, at the request of Andrew Mansion, wright, the service and chaiplainry founded at St Ninians' altar in St Giles kirk by umquhile Andrew Mowbray, both vacant by decease of Sir Alexander Cunningham. Marioribanks renounced the half of his yearly pension of ten pounds granted to him on 30th March 1542, and Mansion renounced the yearly pension of ten merks he had of the good town.]

20 April 1559.

Seytoun prouest, Barroun, Guthre.

The ballies [assessors, councillors, and deacons of crafts,] and als ane greite pairt of the communitie of the said burgh being present, comperit Alexander Barroun baillie, and Alexander Guthre commoun clerk of this burgh, and presentit to the ballies counsaill dekinnis and communtie foirsaid thair supplicatioun, makand mentioun that quhair vpone the xix day of this instant monethe of Apryle at nyne houris at evin George lord Seetoun provest of this burgh, for quhat caus thai knew nocht, chargeit tham to enter in warde within the tolbuyth of the said burgh, thair to remane induring his lordships will, quhilk charge thai at the tyme obeyit, and according thairto enterit in warde within the said tolbuyth and hes remanit thair continewallie sensyne, and that thai vnderstand thaim to be wardit wranguslie for nane offence, and throw thair wairding the commoun effairis of this burgh [are] diferrit and hynderit to thair greit sklander and appeirand dekey of the commoun weill thairof, desyrand thairfoir the ballies counsaill dekinnis and communitie foirsaid to requeist my lord provest to compeir befoir thaim incontinent thairefter to heir cognitioun takin in the said complaynt, and to heir and se thaim fred and putt to libertie, or ellis to allege ane ressonable caus in the contrair, with certificatioun and his lordship falyeit the ballies counsaill dekinnis and communitie forsaid wald provyde sic remeid thairto as mycht stand with equitie and ressoun, as at mair lenthe is contenit in the said supplicatioun gevin in thairvpone: Quhilk being red, considderit, and the ballies counsaill etc. being riplie awisit thairwith, ordanit the saidis Dauid Forrester and James Curle ballies, the said Thomas Thomsoun of the counsaill, and the said maister Robert Creichtoun ane of the assessouris, and the said James Mure dekin of the hammemen, to pas and requyre my lord provest to compeir befor thaim incontinent thairefter, to heir cognitioun takin in the said mater conforme to the desyre of the saidis compleneris, with certificatioun contenit in the said supplicatioun, as in the directioun maid on the bak thairof at mair lenthe is contenit; quhilkis personis acceptit the said charge vpone thaim, and conforme thairto past to my lord provest, and maid intimatioun to his lordschip of thair said directioun, quhilkis being returnit and in enterit agane the said Mr Robert Creichtoun, in name behalf and at commande of the saidis Dauidis Forrester, James Curll, Thomas Thomsoun, and James Mure, his collegis declarit that thai had past to my lord provest, and schawin to his lordschip the charge and directioun gevin to thaim be the ballies counsaill dekinnis and communitie foirsaid, desyrand his lordship to compeir befor thaim to heir tryall and cognitioun takin in the said complant, or ellis gif his lordship pleisit nocht, or mycht nocht be present at that tyme, to schaw and declair to thaim the caus of the warding of the saidis Alexander Barroun and Alexander Guthrie, to the effect that the samyn mycht be dismissit with expeditioun, in respect that the personis wardit wer necessar members of the court for administratioun of iustice and performing of the necessar effaris of the toun; quha ansuerit to thame that his lordship wald nocht compeir for that caus, nor wald nocht cum in ressonyng with thaim thairin, but that he had put the saidis personis in warde for certane caussis knawin to his lordship, and wald nocht consent that thai wer fred quhill his lordschip wer farther awisit. The ballies counsaill dekinnis and communitie foirsaid with thair assessouris foirsaidis, haveand consideratioun of the said complaynt and ansuer maid be my lord provest thairto, and als haveand respect to the personis of the saidis Alexander Barroun and Alexander Guthre, and thairwith being ryplie awisit, the ballies counsaill assessouris dekinnis and communitie forsaid all in ane voce ordanis the saidis Alexander Barroun and Alexander Guthrie to be fred relevit and putt to libertie furthe of thair said warde, thai and ilkane of thaim fyndand cawtioun to ansuer to sic poyntis as sall be layid to thair chargeis be my lord provest vpone sex houris warnyng, ilke persone vnder the pane of ane hundreth poundis; and Dauid Symer is becumin cawtioun for the said Alexander Guthreis entreis, and Frances Tennend for the said Alexander Barroun to ansuer as said is, ilk persone vnder the panis forsaidis, and thairvpone the saidis compleneris askit instrumentis.

22 April 1559.

Message by Lord Seytoun to the bailies.

The quhilk day, Alexander Barroun, maister John Spens and James Curle baillies, sittand in jugement, comperyt Robert Fyndour wrycht and schew thir wordis following: Schiris baillies, my lord prouest he send me furth of Seytoun and hes biddin me say to yow that he commandis yow all thre to tak Adam Diksoun, seruand to Thomas Thomsoun, ipoticar, and vther twa quhais names I knaw nocht, bot I belief thay ar Thomas Thomsonys sonnys, and put thame all thre in the irnys, thair to remane quhill his lordschipis returnyng to this toun, and bad me forther say gyf ye dyd nocht the samyn with deligence, that he sould put yow thre in irnys, to remane thairintill at his plesour. And the said Robert Fyndour being demandit of the saidis baillies gyf he had ony commissioun in wryt fra my said lord prouest towert the premissis, ansuerit he had na forther commissioun nor command be toung; and in lik maner being demandit quhairfor the saidis personis sould be put in irnys, said he knew nocht; and siclike being demandit be the saidis baillies of the names of the vther tway that sould be put in irnys with the said Diksoun, and quhilk ot Thomas Thomsonys [sonys] thai war becaus he had monye, said he knew na forther nor he had said of before: Quhairupoun the saidis baillies askit instrumentis and actis of court, and protestit for remeid.

26 April 1559.

Complaint of Adam Diksoun, prisoner.

The quhilk day Alexander Barroun baillie, [the dean of guild, treasurer and council,] being convenit in the tolbuth of this burgh, within the counsale hous of the samyn, tuiching the complaynt gevin in before thame be Adam Diksoun presoner, desyring him to be put at libertie vpoun cautioun vnder quhat sowmes thair wysdomes plesit to enter, and ansuer at the instance of quhatsumeuir pairtye, and quhat day and place thai wald appoynt, quhilk desyre thay thocht resonabill and conforme to the ordour euir obseruit within this burgh, and in speciall to the inhabitanttis and nychtbouris of the samyn nocht committand hie and odious crymes; and thairfor all in ane voce fyndis concludis and decernys the said Adam Diksoun to be put to libertie, cautioun beand found in maner abone writtin: Quairupoun the said Adam askit instrumentis and actis of court. Allan Diksoun, burges, becumes cautioun and souertie for the entre of Adam Diksoun. . . . .

28 April 1559.

Leyth, villa

The provest [bailies, dean of guild, treaurer, assessors, council and deacons of crafts] convenit in the counsaill hous, efter consideratioun had of the Quenis grace writting schawin and producit to thame be my lord provest, direct to the provest ballies counsaill and communitie of this burgh, makand mentioun that hir grace was informit that thai had callit or wer to call certane induellairis of the toun of Leyth for certane auld actionis and querellis being betwix thame; and hir grace, desyrand the induellairis of bayth and said townis to be at vnitie and quietness, requeistit the provest ballies counsaill and communitie of the said burgh to superceid the calling of the saidis actionis vnto hir graces returnyng to the said burgh, as thai wald ansuer to hir grace and do acceptable gratitude in that behalf, as the said writting bure; quhilk being red, considderit, and the provest ballies counsaill and dekynnis with thair assessouris foirsaidis being thairwith awisit, ordanis all actionis being betwix thame and the induelleris of Leyth to ceis quhill the Quenis grace returnyng, and inhibitioun to be maid to Edward Litill, Dauid Somer and Thomas Ridpethe, deputt be thame to persew the saidis actionis, to desist and ceis fra farther persewing thairof vnto the tyme thai ressauit farther directioun fra the counsaill thairto; providing allwayis that becaus the induellaris of Leyth quhilkis ar summond at the townis instance to ansuer in the saidis actionis hes obtenit chairgeis of the lordis of counsaill chargeing all and syndrie the procuratouris, or als money of thame as the saidis induellairis of Leyth thinkis expedient to defend in the saidis actionis vpone thair ressonable expenssis, that the geving of the saidis procuratouris and chargeis of the lordis obteinit thairvpon be callit and tak effect nochtwithstanding the said delay grantit as said is, providing allwayis that the samyn be nocht preiudiciall to thair saidis actions.

Thesaurer, villa.

The provest ballies counsaill and dekinnis forsaidis sittand in jugement, compeirit maister James Lyndsay thesaurer, and presentit ane supplicatioun makand mentioun that quhair be the said office of thesaurerie, quhairin he servit this instant yeir, it become him to augment the commoun rentaill of this burgh be quhatsumeuer honest way he mycht, and it was nocht vnknawin to thame that thair was ane waist place be eist the butterege on the eist syde of the northe kirk durre quhilk mycht be ane sufficient and meitt roume to iij choppis, quhilkis wald gif yerlie to the gude toun the sowme of xx merkis yerlie proffeit in cais the samyn wer biggit to the kirk gavill with tymer, nocht passand farther furthe nor the breid of the saidis butteraigis, quhilk wald mak the said passage equall and of ane breid and mair honest, speciallie becaus the said wast place servit for nathing bot collecting of filthe, desyrand thame to resson thairin anent thair ansuer. Quhilk supplicatioun being red, vnderstand, and thairwith being riplie awisit, and the provest ballies assessouris counsall and dekinnis foirsaidis being seuerallie requirit vpone thair voittis, my lord provest, the saidis assessouris, Michell Gilbert dekin of the goldsmythis, and Dauid Schang of the wrychtis, votit that the saidis choppis mycht be lesumlie biggit conforme to the said desyre, providing that thay pas nocht farther furthe nor the buttergeis; and all the rest in the contrair; and thairvpone James Adamsoun askit instrumentis.

10 May 1559.

Stent of Innerkeithing.

The prowest baillies and counsall ordainis maister James Lyndesay thesaurer to intromet and tak wp the first and secund termes stentis of Innerkeithing, and the secund terme of Kingorn, and to releif the baillies thairwith of xxxiij li. xj s. quhilk thai want of thair quarteris and is restand to the laird of Coldaimknowis of the secund terme.

14 May 1559.

Regina, villa.

In presens of Alexander Barroun baillie, the maist pairt of the counsaill and ane greit pairt of the communitie, my lord provest presentit the Quenis grace writting direct to the provest and ballies of this burgh of the tenour following;—Provest and ballies of Edinburgh we greit yow weill: We traist it be nocht vnknawin to yow the greit mysreull laitlie maid within the burgh of Perthe, be certane seditious and evill gevin persouns, quha hes spulyeit and distroyit the religious places of the samyn, and fering that sum rasche and insolent people sall attempt to do the semblable in vtheris townis gif remeid be nocht haistelie providit, hes thocht expedient to mak yow warnyng herof in tyme: quhairfoir we charge yow that ye fra thyne furthe gif gude heid and attendence that na sic vproir nor seditioun rys within your toun, bot that the religious places be surelie kepit, and gude ordour observit as accordis, certefeying yow gif ony mysreull happinnis herefter in sic behalfis that we sall nocht faill to lay the deid and wyt thairof to your charge. At Striueling the xiiij day of Maii 1559. Sic subscribitur, la bien vra, Maria, R. Quhilk writing being red in presens of the baillie counsall and communitie foirsaid, my lord provest desyrit thair ansuer thairof, quha ansuerit that thai wald do thair diligence and power to keip gude ordour in the toun, and to sauff the samyn fra all sic seditioun and trubill efter thair possibillite, conforme to the will and mynd of the said writing, and the communitie anent the provisioun of the maner of defens of the religious places referrit thame to the counsaill, and thairvpon my lord provest askit instrumentis, and ordanit the counsaill to convene efter none to tak ordour thairintill.

20 May 1559.

Anent the keping of the town.

The ballies counsall and dekynnis, conforme to the Quenis grace wreting of before, findis necessar that the townis artelye be brocht furth of thair mvnitioun hows, and be laid vpone sic partis of the town as the prouest and ballies sall think expedient, and that for the handilling of the samyn that thair be feit vj gunnaris, qualefeit at the sicht of the said prouest and ballies, and sic wagis to be gevin to thame and thai to be hyrit for sic space as the saidis prouest and ballies sall think expedient; and siclyke for the mair apperand obedience of the Quenis grace will, and of the contentis of hir hienes said wreting, ordanis ane nichtlie wache to be set efter the aduys of the said lord prouest, induring sic space and contening sic nomer as he sall think expedient; and ordanis the ballies to gif the coppye of thair quarter rollis to the prouest to that effect.

Guthrie, bedrall.

The prouest ballies and counsall and dekinnis foresaidis grantis and gevis to Jonet Guthre the bedralship in the hospitall of Saint Marye Wynde now vacand in thair handis be deceis of Jonet Thomesoun.

24 May 1559.

Prouest Seytoun.

The prouest [bailies, dean of guild, councillors and deacons,] being convenit within the tolbuth for ressonyng vpoun the impresonyng and warding of Dauid Forster baillie, fyrst in the castell of Edinburgh be the said prouest, and thairefter be letteris purchest be his lordship at the Quenys grace in the Castell of Dunbar, quhilk thai allegeit to be to the greit hurt of thair libertie and contrair his lordships deutie beand thair prouest as said is, to the quhilk it wes ansuerit be my said lord prouest that he commandit nocht the said Dauid to the said castell of Edinburgh, as prouest, bot be virteu of ane greitar office and power committit to him be the Quenys grace at this present; and as tuiching his warding in Dunber the samyn wes be the Quenys grace writing for crymes committit aganis hir hienes, and na could nocht justlie be imput to him any falt in his said office of prouestrye in that case, in respect the said Dauidis warding and impresonment wes for crymes committit aganis the Quenys grace as said is, and be hir hienes speciall writing and command, to the quhilkis all personis within this realme war subject; and heirupoun his lordship askit instrumentis. It being alsua alleget that gyf my said lord prouest providit nocht remeid haistelye for the said Dauid Forsteris releif furth of the said castell of Dunbar the samyn mycht be occatioun of vpror and insurrectioun of the commoun pepill of this burgh, to the greit hurt of the commoun weill of the samyn, and eftir his lordship had demandit the apperance of the said vpror, na ansuer being gevin, declarit and offerit himself with his kyn freindis and that wald do for him radye for resisting of the samyn, and heirupoun askit instrumentis.

The baillies, counsale, assessour, dene of gyld and dekynnis forsaid, all in ane voce concludis and thinkis gude that my said lord prouest, wryte effectuislie to the Quenys grace for the said Dauid Forsteris releif, and effectuislie requeistit his lordship till do the samyn, to the quhilk requeist his lordship glaidlie consenttit, and promyst to wryte in maist effectuus maner at thair desyre, and thocht gude that tua of the counsale war send with the said writing, and forther to heir the Quenys grace gude mynd towert this gude toun for the faythfull seruice done be thame to hir hienes at this tyme, to the effect the samyn may be reportit to thame agane and to gyf thame the better occatioun to serue in times cuming, quhilk the baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid thocht alsua neidfull and ordanyt James Adamsoun of the counsale and Dauid Kynlocht dekyn of the baxstaris to depairt the morne with the said writing to the Quenys grace, and to report hir hienes ansuer of the samyn to thame as said is.

26 May 1559.

Decanus gilde.

The quhilk day, maister Jhonn Spens baillie [the dean of guild and nine members] of the counsale, efter ressonyng with the said dene of gyld tuiching the libertye and privelege of fre burgessis occupeit be vnfremen, fyndis that in the said dene of gyldis defalt the saidis fre burgesses ar hauelie hurt and the commoun proffit ouresene, in sa fer as he sufferis bayth merchanttis and craftismen to greit nowmer within this burgh to occupye the libertye of fre merchanttis they beand na burgessis, and for remeid heirof in tymes cuming ordanis the said dene of gyld with ane baillie and clerk and membris of court to fence and set gyld courttis for calling of the saidis vnfremen bayth merchanttis and craftismen and ordour putting to thame in tymes cuming; and for his help heirintill ordanis the baillies to gyf to him the copye of thair stent rollis to the effect the vnfremen occupyaris of merchandice may be first callit and ordour put to thame; and siclike the dekynnis of all craftis to gyf him alsua the names off all personis occupearis of thair saidis craftis to the effect foresaid; and ordanis the officiaris to pas at the command of the said dene of gyld fence and arreist all personis quhais names he sall gyf thame in bill at quhat tymes he commandis thame, vnder the pane of tynsale of thair offices; and appoynttis to the said dene of gyld all the Wednisdayis and Frydayis following for halding of the saidis courttis quhill ordour be taikin in the premissis as said is.

28 May 1559.


The prouest baillies counsale dekynnis and ane greit pairt of the communitie being convenit within the Tolbuth, at the desyre of my said lord prouest, his lordship producit the Quenys grace writing, of the quhilk the tenour followis, and desyrit the samyn to be registrat:—Counsale of Edinburgh we greit yow weill. Forsamekle we vnderstand be ane writing of our cousing the lord Seytonis your prouest the gude will and mynd ye beyr to ws in assisting to him at this troublous tyme in setting fordwert of oure seruice, quhairof we thank yow hartlie, praying yow to continew thairintill as ye and ilkane of yow sall fynd ws willing for defence of your liberteis of your said toun, or in ony vther case as ye sall happin till haue ado with ws, as we fynd yow applyabill in setting fordwert of oure seruice at this time, and sa fair ye weill. At Striuiling the xxvj of Maii 1559. Sequitur subscriptio, Marie, R.

3 June 1559.

Stewinstoun in the townis will.

In presens of my lord provest, maister Jhone Spens baillie and James Barroun of the counsall, Mathow Stewinstoun seruand to Alexander Bruce barbour being accusit for casting of stanis at the Blak and Gray Freiris wyndowis the last nycht that he was vpon the waiche, grantit and confessit the samin and submittit him in the provest and baillies will for the samin, and the said Alexander Bruce his maister become oblist vnder the pane of ijc lib. for entre of the said Mathow within the tolbuyth or quhat tyme he be requerit.

14 June 1559.

Protestatio decani gilde.

The baillies and counsale being convenit, Jhone Charteris dene of gild being present, thay all in ane voce requirit the said Jhone Charteris to rasaue and tak in suir keping the jowallis ornamentis and siluer werk of the hye alter to be suirlie kepit be him now in this trublous tyme, to the quhilk ansuerit the said Jhone Charteris that he was agit, seyklie, haveand na bodye with him in his hows bot his wyf and seruing weming, and in cace the samin wer inuadit the saidis gudis being thairintill he wer nocht habill to resist, and forther he wes nocht responsible for the awaill of thame, quhairfor he dissasentit expresse to thair desyre or ony ordinance maid to that effect of before, and refusit alluterlie to have ony forther intromissioun charge or keping of the saidis jowallis ornamentis and siluer work otherwyis nor the dene of gildis his predicessouris had of before, that is to say to remane in lokfast lumes within the rawestre, and to be reddy to serue at tymes convenient, and heirvpone askyt instrumentis.

16 June 1559.

Anent keiping of the toun.

Maister Jhone Spens baillie, Jhone Charteris dene of gild, James Barroun, William Lawsoun, William Patersoun, Andro Sklaittar, William Aikman and James Young of the counsale findis gude and necessar that all the portis of the towne be lokit day and nycht, the West Port and Nether Bow onlie except, and that thair he sett at euery ane of thay portis xij habill men with halbartis all the day, for stopping of tumult pley or cumaris quhilkis may happin betuix pairteis and keping of guid ordour within this burgh, and siclyke other xxiiij habill men to walk all the nycht within the toun on the streittis for keping of gude ordour; and this ordour to pas quarterlie throwcht the towne induring sic tyme as my lord provest baillies and counsall foresaid sall think neidfull and expedient, and the said maister Jhone Spens to list samonye of his quarter as is abone expremit the morne nixt, and fra hyne furth euery baillie to do the samin induring as said is.

Sanct Geill

The baillies and counsall foresaid ordanis maister James Lindesay thesawrar to rasaue fra Dauid Somer burges of this burgh the commissioun impetrat at the instance of the gude towne in the court of Rome agains Jhone archiebischope of Sanctandrois for non vpputting of Sanct Geill, and to delyuer to the said Dauid the sowme of x crounis of the sone in compleit payment of the expenssis maid vpone the impetratting of the said commissioun.

21 June 1559.


The provest ballies and counsale gewis and disponis to Cuthbert Dik, walker, the bedderelschip of Sanct Paulis werk vacand be deceis of vmquhile. . . .

Grantis and faithfullie promittis to Richard Henrisoun, baxter, the next beidmanschip vacand.

Precept, Gowane, Symsoun, Home.

The Provest baillies and counsale ordanis Jhonn Charteris dene of gyld to content and pay to Patrik Govane belman, Johnne Symsoun and Thomas Home keparis and walkaris of Sanct Geillis Kirk sen Witsounday ewin last bipast, nychtlie twa s.; and siclik ilk nycht alsmekill in times cuming salang as it salbe thocht neidfull that thai sall walk and keip the samin.

Precept, Dow.

[The treasurer ordained "to deliuer to Jacques Dow and his sonis ane eroun of the sone for thair labouris in playing of the sweis this last wapinschawin."]

Anent the calsay.

The baillies counsall and dekynnis foirsaid ordanis Michell, the France calsay makar, to be send for to Dumbar for mending of the commone calsayis of this burgh, and to the effect he sall haue the better occasioun to remane within the samyn ordanis ane Yeirlie fe of sex merkis to be grantit and gevin to him for all the dayis of his life, prouiding alwayis that he remane apoun the commoun werkis and depairt nocht furth of the toun without licence of the prouest or ane of the baillies for the tyme; nochtwithstanding the said fe he to be payit for his laubouris as the maister of wark and he for the tyme sall aggre.

Anent dayis throuch the toun.

The baillies counsall and dekynnis forsaid, vnderstanding that the granting of dayis throuch the toun to pure folkis hes bene the occasioun of drawing of mony strang beggeris to the burgh in hoip of obtening of sic almes, and that alsua the samin hes done gret hinder to the auld faillit burgessis and craftis men of this burgh for quhais support the samin wes onlie devisit, for remeid thairof statutis and ordanis that na dayis be grantit in tymes cuming to ony maner of persoun throw the toun for getting of almes fra this day furth, bot onlie but faill burgessis merchandis and craftismen or sic vtheris as hes spendit thair youth in honest maner within this burgh.

27 June 1559.

Jowallis and vestiamentis.

The baillies and counsaill vnderwrittin consentit and grantit all in ane voce that the personis vnder specifyit ressauit in custode the jowallis and vestiamentis wnder writtin, to be furthcumand and deliuerit be thame quhen thai suld be requirit thairto be the counsall, quhikis personis ressauit the same and promist to do thair vter deligence for keping thairof. The names of the counsaill and baillies: Alexander Barroun, James Curll and Mr John Spens baillies, Mr Thomas M'Calzeane assessour, Jhone Charterhous dene of gild, Mr James Lyndesay thesaurar, James Broun, Thomas Thomsoun, Williame Patersoun, William Lawsoun, James Young, Andro Sclater of the dekynnis, Alexander Sawche tailyeour, Thomas Jaksoun masoun, James Cranstoun dekyn of the hammermen, Richart Hendersoun dekyn of the flesheouris, Mychael Gilbert dekyn of the goldsmythis, Robert Huntroddis dekyn of the cordinaris, Peter Turnet dekyn of the skynneris, Hew Canne dekyn of the furrouris, with the rest of the dekynnis.

Deliuerance of the jowallisand vestiamentis afoir the cuming of the congregatioun.

The names of the honest men quha ressauit this yeir in keping—In primis,to James Barroun merchand, the ewchareist; item, maister Thomas M'Calyeane, the arme of Sanct Geill; James Young, the tua maist chandlaris of syluer; Michaell Gilbert, tua lytill chandlar of sylwer; Jhone Charterhous dene of gild, the mekill croce with the fute; Alexander Guthrie, ane challice with the patene and spvne; Thomas Thomsoun, tua crowattis with the cresum stock; James Carmychaell, tua censuris and the schipp; Alexander Barroun baillie, the round ewcharist; quhilk, haill jowallis ar of the wecht specifyit in the act maid the sevint day of Januar, the yeir of God 1558 yeris, and insert in the same buke.

The names of thame that ressauit the vestiamentis of the kirk—In primis,to maister James Lyndesay the sacrament clayth with Saint Gelis cloke of welwote droppit with gold, with the pendicle of reid crammesye welwote, alias callit the waill; item, to maister Jhone Spens baillie, ane paill of reid saten with ane kaip of clayth of gold; item, to James Curll, vestiament dekyn subdekyn preistheid and kaip, with the ornamenttis compleittand the haill stand all of clayth of gold; item, ressauit be Williame Lawsoun merchand, ane westiament dekyn and subdekyn of grene dalmes with the pertinentis begareit with strypis of gold; item, to Alexander Sawche dekyn of the tailyeouris, tua frontellis ane of blak welwot and ane other of reid welwote; item, ressauit be James Cranstoun, preist dekyn and subdekyn of quhite dalmes; item, be Thomas Jaksoun dekyn of the masounis, ane chesobell of reid welwote myxt with clayth of gold with the pertinentis; item, deliuerit to Rychart Hendersoun dekyn of the flesheouris, the mort stand contenand thre capis dekyn and subdekyn and preistheid, with the orpheis of blal welwote and graith pertenand thairto; item, ressauit be Robert Huntroddis dekyn of the cordineris, a haill stand of blew welwote contenand thre capis dekyn subdekyn and preist with the pertinents; item, to Hew Canne dekyn of the furrouris, tua twneclis of quhite dalmes, ane blew chesobell of welwote with the pertinentis, ane chesobell of tanny welwote; item, to Andro Sclater, vestment dekyn and subdekyn of clayth of gold alias callit Daime Lauderis stande; item, ressauit be Peter Turnet dekyn of the skynneris, vestment dekyn and subdekyn of clayth of syluer and blew welwote with the frontell; to John Charterhous eldar, dene of gild, the [blank]candilstykis of tyn of the hie altar, with the arres wark of the same altar; to Patrik Govane belman, the vale afoir the hie altar of lyning clayth with th pulpet clayth.

29 June 1559.

Commissioun gevin to certane direct to the congregatioun.

The quhilk day, maister Thomas Makcalzeane assessour, [bailies, dean of guild, councillors and deacons,] being conuenit in the tolbuyth, and efter lang ressoning vpone the cuming of the congregatioun to this burgh, fyndis gude that certane honest men be send to meit thame at Linlithgow, to quhome commissioun salbe gevin to trait and commoun with thame for vphald of the ruiffis of the religious placeis and kyrkis within this burgh and for sawying of the stallis bakis of aulteris and otheris tymmer werk within the saidis kyrkis, and siclyke to desyre of thame to obserue and keip gude ordour within the said burgh at their cuming to the samin, and forder to labour at thair handis be all menis ressonable for the commoun weill of the samin, and vnto this effect constitutis and nominatis James Barroun, Alexander Guthrie, Andro Sklaitter, Thomas Thomsoun, James Young, Michaell Gilbert and Archibald Dowar, and ordanis speciall commissioun to be maid and geiffin to thame vndir the seill of caus of this burgh to the effect foresaid, for approving of thair weillis consenttis and speciall directioun of the saidis personis in the premissis, subscrywit be the commoun clerk.

Anent keping of the kirk.

The baillies assessouris counsale and dekynnis foresaid fyndis gude and necessar for keping of Sanct Gelys kirk and vphald of the stawis of the queyr thair be feyit and hyrit thre score men of weyr, and ordanis maister James Lindesay theasurer to fee thame, and to gyf to euery ane xxx d. on the day sa lang as he thinkis neidfull tha sall serue and walk for keiping of the said kirk and stallis, and the samyn salbe allowit to him in his compttis.

Protestatio, Small.

In presens of maister Jhone Spens and Dauid Forrestar baillies, and in presens of the maist pairt of the counsall and haill dekyns, comperit Gearge Small saidlar, and protestit for him self and in name and behalf of the rest of the brethir of the hambermen, that James Cranstoun pewderar, presentlie dekyn of the said hambermen, that he suld nocht be haldin to be thair deikyn ony langer, in respect that he refusit to serue his God and obedience to his prynce.