Extracts from the Records: 1559, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1559, July-December', Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571, (Edinburgh, 1875), pp. 45-61. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1557-71/pp45-61 [accessed 21 June 2024].

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. "Extracts from the Records: 1559, July-December", Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571, (Edinburgh, 1875). 45-61. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1557-71/pp45-61.

1559, July-December

12 July 1559.

Anent the stawis.

[The bailies and council] fyndis necessar that the stawis of the queyr be tane and put in the nether tolbuth for the mair sure keiping of thame, and ordanis the samyn to be careit thair with deligence, and Jhone Charterhouse dene of gild to pay the warkmen for thair laubouris in dountaking and careing of the samyin.

Precept, warkmen.

The baillies and counsale foresaid ordanis maister James Lindesay thesaurer to aggre with the warkmen quhilkis at thair command had vpbigit the sloppis at the Blakfreris and satifye thame for thair laubouris, and siclike to satifye Adam Purves wrycht for mending agane of the Gray-freir port.

Propositioun of the lordis of the congregatioun.

Maister Jhone Spens, Dauid Forrestar and James Curle, baillies or the burgh of Edinburgh, James Carmychaell, James Barroun, William Lawsoun, Andro Sklatter, Thomas Thomesoun and James Young of the counsall of the said burgh, maister James Lindesay thesawrar, with ane certane of the deikynnis and ane gryt pairt of the commvnite of the samin, being convenit within thair tolnuyth for ressonning vpone the caussis of their commoun weill, comperit before thame ane nowbill and mychtie lord Patrik lord Ruthwen, Jhone Sandelandis of Calder youngar, dirrect frome the lordis of the congregatioun to the baillies counsall and commvnite foresaid, and desyrit of thame to be harde to declair sic thingis as wes gevin thame in commissioun be th saidis lordis, off the quhilk the tennour followis: Beluffit brethering, we think ye ar nocht ignorant quhat hes movit my lordis of this present congregatioun to convene within this burgh at this tyme, and in cais ye be thair lordshippis be quhome we ar direct to yow hes gevin ws ane speciale charge and command to declair and oppoyn to yow the samin, that is to mak it knowin to yow and euery ane of yow that they pretent na sic thing as the commoun brute is twiching the inobediance of the prynce or vsurping of hiear powaris, bot that thai ar onlie convenit for the awanciement and furthsetting of Godis glore according to the trew and pure ewangell, and thairwith euir mening ye dow obediance of the princes to be manteinit be thame thair bodye and gudis at thair vter powaris, requering alswa the samin of yow and that ye will adione yow with thame vnfenyeit as they sall with yow to the furthsetting of Godis trew worde and dew obediance of the prynce as said is, and that ye will heir plainlie and in all tymes cuming tak vpone yow the manteinance and defence of the samin, and swa money of yow as will glaidlie consent heirto to bynd and obleis yow be vphalding of your handis and to send thame your names in writt.

29 July 1559.

Anent the Quenis grace and brether of the congregatioun.

In presens of the provest ballies ane pairt of the counsall dekynnis and ane greit number of the communite,compeirit the noble and mychty lordis, viz., James duke of Chattelerault, erle of Arran, etc., erle Huntlie etc., and Johne lord Erskein, and declairit that anent the appontment maid betwix thame as commissaris for our Souerane Lady Quene Marie drowriar and regent of this realme and the lordis of the congregatioun th [blank]day of julij instant, it was appontit and commvnit thairin that the toun of Edinburgh sould without compulsioun vs and cheis quhat religioun and maner thairof thai pleisit to the tent day of Januar nixt to cum, swa that euery man may hawe fredome of his conscience vnto the said day, for satefeing of the quhilk artikle it was the quenis grace will that the inhabitantis of this burgh wer convenit and euery ane to be examinit quhat religioun he wald be of, and that religioun to be mantened to the said day that the greitest number consentit to, and desyrit the communite present quhither thai wald voit seuerallie or remitt the samyn to the voitis of the provest ballies counsaill and dekynnis as hes been vsit in ordour taking of ciuill caussis befoir; and thairefter compeirit Adame Foullertoun, for himself and in name and behalf of the haill brether of the congregatioun within this toun, being personallie present, and presentit to the saidis lordis the supplicatioun efter following, and the samyn being red and considderit be thame desyrit the said supplicatioun to be insert on thir bukis, of the quhilk the tenour followis: My lordis, vnto your lordschippis humlie menis and schawis the faythfull bretherine of the congregatioun within Edinburgh, induelleris thairof, that quhair as we informit your lordschippis ar heir convenit of mynd and purpois to tak euery mannis voit quhat religioun he will be of, and quhair the ministratioun thairof sall be vsit, and we for our pairtis knawand the religioun quhilk we have presentlie to be of God and conforme to his word, and on the vther pairt knawand the mes and the papis haill religioun to be without the word of God, altogither superstitious damnable idolatrie and of the devill, can nocht consent for oure pairtis that Goddis treuthe and that oure religioun now establischit conforme to his worde sall be subiect to voiting of men, as gif the maist pairt of men allowit it nocht it sould be rejectit, for it is na new thing bot mair nor notoir that fra the beginnyng of the world to this day and evin now in all contreyis townis and citeis the maist pairt of men hes euer bene aganis God and his treuthe, at the leist hes nocht planlie embraced the samyn. Secoundlie, anent the place we say that in the appontment maid betwix youre lordschippis and the lordis of the congregatioun it is in speciall providit that oure prechouris sall nocht be molestit nor trubblit nor yit thair ministerie, nor that the said congregatioun sall nocht be trublit in thair guddis bodyis landis or possessionis quhatsumeuer vnto the tent day of Januar, bot swa it is that we the congregatioun of this toun, the tyme of the making of the said appontment lang of befor and continewallie sensyne, wer in possessioun, lykas we ar yit, of the hie kirk of this toun callit Sanct Geillis kirk, haveand our commoun prayeris preching of the word and the ministratioun of the sacramentis and haill vther ministerie thairintill but interruptioun, and thairfoir aucht and sould to possess the samyn vnto the said day but ony voting controuersie and trubbill, and swa can na way consent to submitt that to voting quhilk the saidis lordis left vs possest in; and swa in effect your lordschippis of your honouris can nocht suffer vs to be trubblit in oure maner of religioun nor yit in the place of ministratioun thairof quhilk we peciabillie posses, mekle les trubblill vs youreselfis be compelling of vs vpone the thingis quhilkis we hawe ellis but controuersie as said is, without ye will planlie contravene the said appontment; beseikand your lordschippis that ye will hawe regarde to the said appontment and to your awin honouris, and seing that we can na way consent to ony voting in the caissis foirsaidis. except we will by the appontment ellis maid mak new transactioun or be oure awin consent putt tha thingis in dowt quhilkis be the said appontment ar to vs fre, and in respect that we can on na wys do the samyn without the saidis lordis of congregatioun wer heir present to consent thairto, that youre lordschippis will manteine and defend, at the leist nocht trubbill nor suffer vs to be trubblit in, oure maner of religioun and place of ministratioun quhilk we now possess and possess the tyme of the making of the said sppontment, protesting heir in your presens befoir God gif ye do in the contrair and submirtt the samyn to voiting, the voting of the wikkit, (as for vs we aucht nocht nor can nocht consent thairto nor voit thairintill) that ye do vs plane wrang and iniurie and planlie contrauenis your said appontment besyde the opponyng of yourselfis to God and his treuthe, quhilk we surelie and stedfastlie beleif he will nocht leiff sudanlie vnreuengit; and your lordschippis ansuer humlie we beseik. Quhilk supplicatioun being oppinlie red the saidis lordis declarit that thai wald compell na man to do by his conscience, nor do ony think that mycht contravene the said appontment, and thairvpone askit instrumentis.

Protestatio, Prepositi.

The quhilk day, in presens of the ballies counsaill dekynnis and communitie foirsaid, my lord provest declarit that all the commoun questionis and caussis of this burgh wer in tymes past referrit to the decisioun of the counsaill, as for the merchantis and dekinnis as for thair craftis respectiue, and in cais the mater proponit be the lordis contenit in the act abone writtin come to voting desyrit the said auld ordour to be observit thairin, protestand awayis incais nouatioun wer inbrocht and that the haill communitie votit thairin, that the samyn wer nocht imputt to him, and that he wer nocht accusit be the authoritie as negligent in his office thairanent.

2 August 1559.

Anent the toun wall.

The ballies and counsaill, haveand consideratioun that thair is ane commoun passaige and gait throw the slop in the Blakfreir yarde dik at the eist end of the blockhouse, and that syndrie personis in tyme of nucht and vtheris tymes passis and repassis thairthrow, ordanis maister James Lyndsay thesaurer to vpbig and reperall the said slop conforme in work to the toun wall nixt adaicent thairto, and to mend amd reparrell all places ruynois and appperand to decay with all hoillis of the said freir dyk.

Keping of the portis.

[The bailies ordained the treasurer and two or three of the council to inspect the ports and consider if they "be faultes or neidis reformation," and to report to the bailies and council.

The bailies accepted the charge of the keys of the ports as follows:—James Curll, the Nether Bow and Water Yett ports; John Spens, the kirk of Feild and Cowgait ports; Alexander Barroun, the Greyfreir port; and Dauid Forrester, the West port; "and euery ane of thame to ressave the keyis at evin in dew tyme, and to deliuer the samyn at morne as thai sall think gude and tyme sall requyre."]

Precept Purves, Cuke, Drummond.

The baillies and counsaill ordanis maister James Lyndsay thesaurer to content and pay to Alane Purves the sowme of xxx s., for his lawbouris takin in awating vpone the kirk the tyme that the congregatioun was in this toun, and doun taking of the stallis; and syklyk ordanis him to content and pay to Robert Drummond and Alexander Cuke ilk ane of thame xx s. for thair lawbouris takin thairin.

4 August 1559.


The baillies and counsall foirsaid ordanis maister James Lindesay to mak thankfull payment to Sir Walter Haliburtoun, Sir James Craufurd, Sir George Manderstoun, Sir Johne Keir, Sir William Johnnstoun, Sir James Abircrunby, and the vtheris prebendairis of Sanct Geillis queir, to quhom the gude toun is detbund for ony annuell or dewitie, of all annuellis and dewiteis awin to thame in tymes bigane.

Mending of the portis,.

[The bailies and council having referred to two bailies and the treasurer "anentis the mending beiting and reparaling of the portis, now auld and failyeit," and they having reported that they "fand the eister cheik of the Grayfreir port with the wickit thairof and the haill Kirk of Feild port failyeit; thairfor ordanis the samin to be biggit of new, with tua new barris vpoun the heid of Sanct Marie port."]

Anentis beggaris.

The baillies and counsall foirsaidis, havand consideratioun of the gret multitude and dailie confluance of maisterfull strang beggerris to this burgh, and that the almes quhairon the native beggerris of this burgh borne and remanand within the samin aucht to be sustenit for the maist pairt is bestowit vpoun thame, ordanis all actis of parliament of oure Souerane Lady and hir maist nobill progenitouris, with all actis statutis and ordinances the prouest baillies and counsall of this burgh maid and set furth for stanching of sturdy beggeris, to be put to executioun in all poyntis efter the forme and tennour thairof; and ordanis Adam Foulartoun with vtheris fiftene honest and vnsuspect personis quhilkis he sall elect thairto to be distributit, foure in every quarter, for furthseiking the saidis sturdye beggerris and expelling of thame furth of this toun; and ordanis ane baillie to assist and concur with thame thairin gif he beis requirit, and to thair execution the saidis baillies and counsall hes interponit and interponis thair auctorite.

14 August 1559.

Anent the wache.

The quhilk day, maister Johne Spens baillie,[the treasurer, councillors and deacons], for certane ressonable caussis moving thame, and for eschewing of trubbill and incommoditie within the toun in tyme of nycht, fyndis that the nychtbouris of this toun sall wache successiue nychtlie to the number of xxiiij personis, viz., vj thairof to remane at the Netherbow, sex at the Blakfreiris, iiij at the Lochend, twa at ilkane of the Cowgait, Kirk of Feild and Grayfreir portis; and this to stand induring the counsaillis will. And gif ony persone being warnit to the said wache be the officeris and comperis nocht that the said officer poynd him for the sowme of ij s. and for ane vther to wache on his expenssis.

18 August 1559.


["The bedderrellschip vacand in Sanct Marie Wynd be deceis of Dame Fairnlie" given to the "relict to vmquhile Johnne Pynkertoun."]

Precept, Hall.

[The treasurer ordered to pay "to Thomas Hall jewillour the sowme of thre lib. in recompance of the coillis furneist be him to the lordis of the cessioun frome Peasche to Witsounday last, and of the candill furneist be him to the wache this present day."]

Anent beggaris; Anent the puir.

The ballies assessores counsale and dekynnis foirsaid, efter consideratioun of the hawy complaint of the puir and misterfull borne beggaris of this burrgh, qubilk wer maisterfullie oppressit be masisterfull and strang beggaris of vther partis resortand to the said burgh, takand frome thame thair almes quhairvpoun thai suld leve, throuche the quhilkis thai wer in poynt of tynsale, for the quhilkis caussis and vtheris moving thame concering the commone weill of this burgh, the support of the native impotent and faillit and misterfull pepill of the samin, ordanis officeris to pas throw all the partis and quarteris of this toun, charge and warne the inhabitantis and honest houshalderis of the samin to convene before thame this eftir nowne, and sic vther tymes as salbe appointed, to se ordour takin for repelling of the saidis landwert beggaris furth of the said burgh, and prouisioun to be maid for sustening of oure awin pure in tymes cuming, conforme to the actis of perliament and statutis of this burgh maid to the samin effect of befoir.

4 September 1559.

Anentis the wellis.

The bailies [and council] ordanis maister James Lindesay thesaurar to vpbig and reparell the Muse Well now fallin doun, als substantiuslie and honestlie as the samin wes befoir the doun falling thairof; and als ordanins the said thesaurar to payment the brayis of the Stok Well and Sanct Michaellis Well with substantius flaggis.

Skyn merkatt.

The baillies and counsaill foirsaid ratefeis and apprevis the act maid of befoir for doun taking of the skyn merkatt fra the place quhair the samyn wes vsit to be had to the Freir Wynd heid, and fra thyne furthe to the Nether Bow, and ordanis the samyn to indure efter the tenour of the said act, and the samyn to be putt to executioun in all poyntis, and all personis havand skynnis to sell to keip merkat in the place foirsaid. vnder the pane of escheitting of the samin.

14 september 1559.

Lords of session.

[The dean of guild ordained to pay the "sowme of xx s. for ringing of the bell for convenyng of the lordis of the sessioun at aucht houris, this yeir last bypast."]

Connsall, Regina.

The ballies [and council] ordanis the ansuer maid to the Quenis writing (send to tham the the xxviij day of August last bypast) and subscrivit be ane pairt of the counsaill, to be distroyit.

20 September 1559.

Prefectus Spens, Barroun.

In presens of the ballies dene of grid thesaurer haill counsaill and assessouris, except William Aikman and Andro Sklater furthe of the realme and maister Robert Crechtoun ane of the assessouris absent, the provest, be vertew of ane charge committit to him as he alledgit be the Quenis grace and lordis of secreit counsaill, chargit maister Johne Spens baillie and James Barroun ane of the counsaill to pas incontinent to the saidis lordis to ansuer to thame of sic thingis as thai had to lay to thair charge, and thairvpone askit instrumentis. And the saidis personis ansuerit that thai wald obey the said command als sone as the new counsaill wer chosin for the quhilk thai wer convenit, and desyrit allwayis to sie the said charge in writt gif be ony had, and thairvpone askit instrumentis.

Prefectus, Barroun, Litill.

In presens of the ballies dene of gild counsaill thesaurer and assessouruis foirsaidis, my lord provest desyrit thame to proceid in electioun of the new counsaill be the votis of thame that wer persent efter the auld ordour; and Edward Litill James Barroun and James Adamsone of the counsaill alledgit that afoir ony electioum thair aucht certane personis to be chosin to voit fot the present tyme in place of thame that wer absent, conforme to the consuetude vsit contunewallie thairintill. and the provest dissasentit alutetlie thairto and declairit that gif thai electit ony personis to voit for the saidis absentis, he wald depairt and be na member of the said electioun.

Regina, balliui.

The samyn day, compeirit William Brysone maisour and be vertew of ane charge direct to him in writt subscrivit be our Soueranis hand chargit the counsaill to present thameselfis incontinet befoir the Quenis grace for sic thingis as hir grace had to do with thame, and the ballies and counsail foirsaid ansuerit that wald obey, and thairvpone askit instrumentis.

Provest, counsail.

The provest ballies dene of gild thesaurer and counsaill with the assessouris, except befoir exceptit, being convenit agane within the counsaillhous betwix foure and fyne houris efter none for electioun of the new counsaill, my lord provest declerit that he was to pas to the Quenis [grace] for addressing of certane hir graces bissynes committit to his charge and thairfoir mycht nocht remane at the said electioun, quhairfoir his lordschip ratefeit and apprevit all thingis done or to be done be the saidis personis or the maist pairt of thame in the said mater.

Hoip, watsone, of the counsaill.

The ballies counsaill dene of gild thesaurer and assessouris foirsaidis fyndis be ane act maid the [blank] day of September 1554 it is statut and ordanit that quhen ony persone ar absent of the counsaill quhen thair voitis ar requirit that it sall be lesum to thame that ar present to cheis vtheris in thair places to voit for that tyme, and thairfoir all with ane voce electit maister James Watsoun and Edward Hoip in place of Andro Sklater and William Aikman of the counsail now absent and Alexander Guthre in place of maister Robert Crechtoun ane of the assessouris absent alswa, quhikis wer sworne in presens foirsaid to gif thair best counsaill as thai sould be requirit ay and quhill thai wer dischrgit thairof.

Villa, artifices.

In presens foirsaid, Robert Fynder dekin of the wrychtis, Thomas Jaksone of the masonis, Robert Meid of the wobstaris, Johne Auldinstoun of the bakstais, Peter Turnett of the skynneris, Hew Canney of the furrouis, Richart Henrisone of the fleschouris, James Stirk of the walkeris, James Lausoun for Johne Welche dekin of the bonat makeris, James Cranstoun of the hammermen, Alexander Sauchie of the talyouris, Robert Hountrodis of the cordineris, and Patrik Lyndsay of the barbouris, presentit the Quenis grace writing efter following, and alledgit that be vertew thairof, and of the gift or the restitutioun of thair craftis to thair priuelegis vuder the Quenis grace greit seill producit with the said writting, thai aucht to voit particularlie in electioun of the said counsaill, and thairfoir portestit that wer chosin without thair votis tane thairintill, at the leist that that wer nocht hald to obey the statutis and ordenances to be sett furthe be thame, of the quhilk writing the tenour followis:— Oure Soueranis Lord and Lady, Vnderstanding that the craftismen of burrowis within thair realme of Scotland ar reponit to all priuilegeis fredomes and jurisdictioun vsit and occupyit be thame within burgh in thair maist noble progenitouris dayis, and in speciall to the chesing of thair dekynnis yeirlie at the tymes limite thairto for conseruatioun of guid ordour amang thameselfis, quhilkis dekynnis aucht and suld haue priuilege als weill in voting, particularlie in electing and chesing of all lytis quhikis ar to be chosin to bruke offices within burgh at the feist of Michaelmes, sic as provest ballies counsale dene of gild thesaurer seriandis and all kynd of officeris within the samin. as in voting chesing and electing vpone the principall officetiis foirsaid; and albejt the saidis dekynnis of Edinburgh, sen thair restitutioun to the saidis liberteis be the space of thre yeiris syne or thairby, hes yeirlie the tyme of the electing of the new counsale offerit thame in reddines to vote in electing thairof, newirtheles the provest baillies and counsale of the said burgh refusit to ressawe thair wote thairunto nocht withstanding the liberteis grantit to thame thairvpone, in hie contemptioun of thair auctoritie and expres aganis justice; chargeing heirfoir the saidis provest baillies and counsale foirsaid, now present and to cum, to suffir the saidis dekynnis and euirilkane of thame particularlie be thameselfis to woit in electing and chesing of the counsale lytis and all vther officeris abone specifiit in all tymes cuming, conforme to the priuilegeis grantit to thame thairvpoun, quhilkis priuilegeis be thir presentis we ratifie apprewis and amplefiis in all poyntis, and speciallie in the chesing of the counsall and lytis foirsaid, vnder the pane of dissobedience of our auctoritie and all charge and punsinment that may follow thairvpone. Subscriuit be our said Soueranis darrest moder, at Halyruidhous the [blank] day of September 1559. Sic subscribitur: Marie R. The saidis dekynnis being removit and incallit agane, and the saidis ballies and counsale with thair assessouris foirsaidis being ryple awysit vpone the said writting and priuilegis mentionat thairin, findis that the saidis dekynnis suld haue na wote in the electioun of the new counsall in respect of the said writting as the samin is consavit, becaus it is relative to the said gitf quhilk contenis allanerlie the restitutioun and repositioun of the saidis dekynnis to thair priuilegis fredomis and liberteis quhairof thai wer denudit be the iact of parliament maid in the moneth of [June] the yeir of God jm vc l and [v] yeirs, and that thai wer in ves of befoir the making of the said act, and that it is of electioun of the dekynnis of craftis hes hade in na tymes bypast vote in electioun of the new counsale nor electioun of lytis but onlie in electioun of officeris; and thairvpone maister James Lyndesay theasurer askit instrumentis.

The baillies and counsale commandit and chargit [the deacons of crafts] and ilk ane of thame to remove thameselfis incontinent furth of the counsalehous, and to suffer the electioun of the counsail for this yeir to cum to tak effect eftir the consuetude continewalle obseruit in tymis past, vnder the pane of dissobedience; and the saidis personis and euerilk ane of thame being seuerale requyrit gif thai wald obey the said charge or nocht ansuerit euerie ane seueralie that thai wald nocht remove thame selfis nor suffir the said electioun to tak effect without thai wotit particularlie thairintill, and maister James Lyndesay thesaurer protestit for the townis actioun aganis the saidis dissobeyaris.

[The deacons of crafts] protestit that insafer as thai hade power grantit to thame be the Quenis grace to wote in electioun of the new counsale, and be vertew thairof remanit in the counsall hous nochtwithstanding that thai wer commandit be the baillies and counsale to remove thame furth thairof, that thai incurit na panis of dissobedience thairfoir.

22 September 1559.

Artifices, lytis.

The quhilk day, in presene of the prouest ballies and counsaill, being convenit for eletioun of the lyttis to bruke offices within this burgh this yeir to cum, compeirit [the deacons of crafts] and desyrit to be admittit to voit in the said electioun in respect of the priuilegis grantit to thame be the Quenis grace thairvpone, and producit the xx day of September instant, and desyrit the saidis provest ballies and counsaill ausuer thairvpone. The saidis dekynnis being furthe of courte removit and incallit agane, and the saidis provest ballies and counsaill being with thair assessouris riplie a wisit vpone the said allegiance, fyndis that the saidis dekynnis aucht to haue na voit in the said electioun in respect of the Quenis grace writing producit be thame and registrat in thir bukis the said xx day of September instant, as the samyn is consauit, in respect of the ansuer gevin thairto the said day and for the caussis contenit thairin, and the saidis dekynnis askit iustrumentis that the provest ballies and counsaill disobeyit the charge contenit in the said writing as thai alledgit, and protestit that thair disobedience wer nocht perjudiciall to thai priuileges and liberteris contenit in the said charge, and declarit that thai wald obey na officeris to be chosin for this yeir to cum in cais thai be nocht present at the electioun of thame, and thairvpone askit instrumentis.

Followis the tennour of the Quenis grace writting direct to the provest baillies and couusaill of this burgh for electing and chesing of officeris:—Regina. Prouest baillies and counsall of Edinburgh, we greit you weill: Forsamekle as we for certain caussis moving vs hes thocht neidfull that ye at this present feist of Michaelmes elect and cheis sic personis, honest merchandmen of your awin burgh, to be vpoun your counsale and beir other hiear offices abone you for this yeir intocum, quhais names we sall send to yow be sum speciall seruand of our awin or other wyis declair to sum of yow be our awin mouthe, quhilkis personis we pray yow effectuouslie, as ye will do vs singulair plesour and report our speciall thankis, that ye elect and admit to be vpoun your counsale and beir your other offices for this yeir intocum as said is, promittung be this present that the samin sall nocht be hurtfull preparatiwe nor preindiciall to your priuilegiis nor auld liberteis in tymes cuming be this present. Subscriuit with our hand at our palyce of Halyruidhous, the xxij day of September 1559. Sic subscribibatur: Marie R.

26 September 1559.

Precept Thomsone.

[The treasurer ordained to pay to " William Thomsone, quhisler, the soume of vj s. viij d., for his laubouris in playing vpone the quhissall at the wache be the space of ij nychts in the monethe of Julij last bipast."]

30 September 1559.

Thesaurer, villa.

[The treasurer ordained "to thi the southe syde of the towlbuuyth with new sklait and mak the samyn watter tycht"]

Anent the townis evidentis.

The ballies and counsaill foirsaidis, for eschewing of danger appeirand to cum, ordanit the townis evidentis of grit awaill to be putt away furthe of the toun, and anent the away putting thairof referrit thame to the saidis James Carmichell, Edward Litill, Johne Charteris dene of gild, maister Thomas Makcalyean and James Young; and for away putting thairof ordainis the dene of gild to caus mak ane litill substatious coffer and furneis the expenssis of the carying thairof, providing allwayis that the inuentar of the saidis enidentis to be away putt be tane, and that the saidis persons be sworne for conceling of the place quhair the samyn sall be putt in keping.

Thesaurer villa.

The foirsadis ballies and counsaill ordanis maister James Lyndsay thesaurer, with James Young, James Curll and William Lausoun, to fie six gunneris, weill qualefeitmen and of gude practik, for ane monethe nixttocum, for handeling of the townis artalyearie gif neid be, and ordainis the said thesaurer to vpputt iiij cutthrottis vpon platforme abone the revestery.

Anent the keiping of the portis.

The ballies and counsaill foirsaid ordanis the West Port, Nether Bow and Kirk of Feild port, ilkane of thame to be keipit be twa officeris. . . . Ordanis ane candill to be putt at the Nether Bow, thair to remane euery nycht induring the tyme of wynter.

6 October 1559.

Anent the evidentis.

[The bailies and council ratified the acts of 30th September as to putting away the town's evidents, ordained Alexander Barroun to assist the persons therein named, "and declaris that the saidis personis sall nocht be callit for the saidis evidentis incais thai be tynt, thai doand that dew diligence in keiping thairof becaus thair lautie is apprevit to the toun thairanent and experimentit befoirtyme." The persons appionted to take charge of the evidents " protestit insafar as thai wer reddy to performe the chargeis laid to thame in the said act and the delay thaiof come nocht of thame, that quhatt happinnit vpone the saidis evidentis thai wer nocht haldin to ansuer thairfor."]

14 October 1559.

Anent the artailyerie.

The provest ballies counsaill and maist part of the dekinnis ordanis the haill artalyerie of the toun, with the chalmeris puder and bullattis, to be had to the castell to be keipit thair quhill the toun think expedient to bring furthe the samyn, and ordanis maister James Lyndsay thesaurer to tak Dauid Rowanis handwritt of the ressait thairof; and John lord Erskin captane of the said castell hes pormittit faythfullie to maister Johne Prestoun baillie and the said maister James Lyndsay, in name and behalf of the saidis provest ballies and counsaill, to delyuer the saidis artalyerie chalmeris puder and bullattis quheneuer he beis requirit thairto.

27 October 1559.

Extent of ijm merkis.

Archibald Douglas of Kinspindie piovest, [bailies, councillors, and deacons of crafts,] being oftymes warnit to the mater efter specefeit, hes grantit to the lordis of the congregatioun, presentlie assembled within this burgh, ane extent of twa thowsand merkis to be vpliftit of the nychbouris of this burgh, merchantis and craftismen, for rasing of men of weir; and hes nominat the personis vnderwrittin to extent the saidis nychtbouris merchandis in the said extent euery ane conforme to thair haditite and subsatnce: [here follow the names of nine persons.]

29 October 1559.

Maister Thomas Makcalyeane.

The provest ballies and counsaill ordanis maister Richart Starang to pas to maister Thomas Makcalyeane assessour quhair he can convene him, and desyre the said maister Thomas to send doun his pairt of the extent of ijm merkis grantit be the toun to the lordis of the congregatioun for rasing of men of weir, extending to the sowme of x li., and to desyre the said maister Thomas to delyver to the said maister Richart Sanct Gelis [arm] quhilk he hes now in keiping, to be laid in plege of money to be auanced of the said extent, or ellis to len samekle vpone the said arme and hald the samyn in pledge thairof, and gif he delyueris the said arme to ressave the said maister Richartis acquittance thairof, and the provest ballies and coyunsaill oblissis thame and thair successouris to releif and keip him skaythles thairof as efferis.

Lyndsay villa.

William Lyndsay, in name of maister James Lyndasy, at the command of the provest ballies and counsaill presentit Dauid Rowannis ressait of the artalyerie pulder and bullat subscrivit be Dauid Rowan, and protesstit the said maister James wes free thairof.

13 November 1559.

Anent the kirk geir.

The prouest ballies and counsaill, fyndand that the siluer werk of the kirk vestementis and vtheris ornamentis delyuerit in keiping to syndrie personis burgessis of this burgh for feir of the lordis of the congregatioun vpone the [xxviij] day of Junii last bypast, as the act maid thairvpone of the dait foirsaid proprotis, may be sasiflie delyuerit and putt in place quhair thai hawe vsit to be keipit of befoir, thairfoir ordanis the officiaris to pas and charge all and syndrie the saidis personis that thai and ilkane of thame for thair awin pairtis present the syluer werk jowellis vestementis and ornamentis, delyuerit in keiping to thame efter the tenour of the said act, to the prouest ballies and counsaill within thre dayis nixt efter thai be chargit thairto, as thai and ilkane of thame will ansuer to thame thairvpone.

21 Novermber 1559.

Anent the pitte customes.

The prouest [ballies and council] fyndand that the pitte customes of this burgh with the trone at the Over [Bow], gyf thai remanit in the thesaureis handis as it was devisit vpon the x day of Nouember instant at the rouping thairof, could nocht be gatherit but multitude of servandis and grit expens, and for vther considerationis moving thame, hes sett the saidis customes with the trone at the Over Bow to Jhone Weir for this yeir to cum, for the sowme of thre hundreth merkis to be payit quarterlie.

Protestationes perpositi et Lyndesay.

In presens of the provest ballies and counsaill foirsaid, maister James Lyndsay protestit that gyt the vestementis of the kirk laid in keiping to him incurrit ony danger in thair hamebringing to this toun he wer nocht haldin to ansuer thairfoir bot that the toun bure the awenture thairof, and my lord provest protestit that the said masiter James wer haldin to delyuer the saidis vestementis in the sam place he ressauit thame.

12 December 1559.

Regina, prepositus, Sarlabus.

The ballies and counsaill ordanis Alexander Park thesaurer to propyne the Quenis grace with thre tvn wyne of best that can be had, togither with xx li. worthe waxt, and my lord provest with ane tvn wyne and that the samyn be conveyit to Setoun vpon the townis expenssis, and siklyke to propyne Monsieur Sarlabus with j half tvn wyne.

Curlle, Huntrodis consules.

Jasmes Curll, at command of the ballies and counsaill, delynerit to thame the preist, dekin, subdekin, caip, abbas, and the rest, compleitand the haill stand of clayth of gold delyuerit to him in keiping the [xxviij] day of Junii last bipast; and syklyk Robert Huntrodis Cordenar delyueit the vestement, dekin, subdekin, [blank] caipis of blew veluott scarmit with gold laid in keping to him the said day; and the ballies and counsaill foirsaid ordanit the saidis vestementis to be imputt in the chartour hous to be kepit thair quhill thai awys farther.

24 December 1559.

Anent the wache.

The ballies and counsail ordanis ane wache of xxiiij men to be sett daylie and nychtlie for keping of the toun and awating vpon the portis in sic ordour as the ballies sall think expedient, and that at the nycht wache the nychbouris being warnit convene thame selfis or send ane hable man for thame, and that in the day wache the nychbouris convene thame selfis in proper persone gyf thai be nocht furthe of the toun, vnder the pane of warding of thair personis, and thairefter to be punishit at the counsaillis will.