Extracts from the Records: 1569, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1569, July-December

29 July 1569.


The baillies and counsale ordanis Frances Lyntoun to delyver to Jhonn Carnis, redar, the sovme of xix merkis restand awin be him of the annuell of his duelling hous in pairt of payment of the said Jhonns stepend restand awin to him.

10 August 1569.

Annuellis, ministrie.

The counsale ordanis the baillies to put all sic personis in waird as ar decernit be decrete befoir the tovnis commissaris to pay the annuellis of thair landis to the hospital and ministrie, thair to remane vpoun thair awin expenssis ay and quhill the said decreit be satefeit, and that becaus it is provin this day befoir thame be George Gourlay, officer, that he hes chairgit the said personis and thay refusit.

12 August 1569.

Cvnynghame, collectai·

In presens of the prouest baillies and counsale, Robert Cvnynghame, merchand, accepttis vpoun him the office of collectorie for the ministrie induring thair willis, and gevis his aith for deligence in his office.

7 September 1569.

Villa, passage North Loch.

The baillies and counsale, vnderstanding that James Nycholsone, writer, and vtheris nychtbouris quhilkis hes thair landis boundit to the North Loch of this burgh, hes bigit yairdis, and ar of mynde to big hard to the said loch; quhairthrouch nocht onlie sall the Kingis lieges be deberrit of the auld and commoun commoditie of the loch foirsaid, bot in case the toun at ony tyme heirefter salhappin to be invadit be inimeis the auld commoun passages euer reseruit for the defence of the said toun salbe destroyit, quhairfor thay ordane Adam Foullertoun and William L itili, baillies, [and six others,] to pas this efter none and vesye the hale yaird dikis bigit to the said loch, inquyre the names of the heritouris thairof, to the effect reformatioun may be maid, the auld commoun passages restorit, and report to the counsale the nixt counsale day.

16 September 1569.


The counsale ordanis the foure baillies to convene the dekynnis for inbringing of the pikis resauit be thame, lent be my lord regentis grace to the gude toun, and to put in the samyn in the townys mvnitoun hous quhair thay war of before.

21 September 1569.

Schippis, pest.

The baillies and counsale, vnderstanding that thair is diuers schippis arrivit in the raid laitlie cumin furth of Danskin quhilkis ar suspect of the pest, quhairfor thay ordane officeris to pas incontinent and charge the merchanttis, maisteris, marineris and kippage, to pas with thair schippis and guddis to Inchekeyth, Sanct Colmes Inche, and vther places thairabout, and thair lose the guddis being thairintill and remane thairwith vnder the pane of deid.

23 September 1569.

Villa, craftis,lytis.

The baillies and counsale, being convenit for electing of the new counsale for the yeir to cum, comperit Walter Wauhane, dekyn of the tailyouris, with certane vtheris deaconis, togither with James Young and Dauid Kinloch, prolocutouris for the hale craftis, and desyrit to be hard to resoun for the saidis craftis cpncernyng the tua craftisman that suld be vpoun the counsale for the said yeir, quhilk wes grantit, and efter lang resonyng it was desyrit be the saidis prolocutouris that the said Dauid Kinloch, baxter, and sic vtheris as thai wald joyne to him, to quhome it was ansuerit that nane sic as of thair occupatioun, sic as baxteris, fleschouris, maltmen, quhilkis had the handling of mennis sustentatioun, had bene vpoun the counsale of the toun in ony tyme bypast, nather aucht nor suld be, becaus thai mycht woit and persuade to thair awin particular commoditie, to the greit hurt of the kingis liegis, and siclyke that na cordineris, nor littistaris, nor vtheris of sic rude occupatioun, aucht to be vpoun the counsale, nouther wald thay admit nor resave ony sic; and thairfoir ordanit the saidis dekynnis and thair prolocutouris to geve in ane new tiket of sic vtheris occupatiounis as had bene vpoun the counsale of befoir, with certificatioun and thai failyeit thai wald chuse sic as thai thocht expedient incontinent but langer delay; and the saidis prolocutouris protestit for licence to avyse with thair brethrene and suld report ansuer, quha being remouit and raenterit thai gaif in ane new tikket out of the quhilk was chosin James Norwell and William Harlaw, saidler, counsallouris for the said yeir tocum.

7 October 1569.

Personis excommunicat.

The baillies and counsale ordanis proclamatioun to be maid chairging that personis excommunicat remove thame selves of this toun within fourtie aucht houris nixt heirefter, vnder the hiest pane can be laid to thair chairge.

14 October 1569.

Regent, villa,provest.

In presens of the baillies and counsale, Dauid Forester, baillie, producit my lord Regentis grace writing, delyverit to him be Adam Wauchop, seruand to maister James Makgill, in jugement, of the quhilk the tennour followis:—Baillies counsall and dekynnis of Edinburgh, we greit yow weill. Forsamekill as we vnderstanding that at Michaelmes last ye have electit and chosin the laird of Grainge, capitane of the castell, to be your provest for the yeir to cum, quhilk office he is nocht able to indure, having the charge of the said castell and keping of sic men as ar within the samyn sua that it apperis till ws he doing his dewitie thair ye salbe disappontit of your principal officer, the causis of your commoun weill oursene for him, and our Soueranis liegis within your said toun nocht ordorit as thai aucht and suld gif ane vther having les ado war in his place; quhairfoir we think guid that he be dischairgit for this yeir, and James Adamsoun, or sic vther able and qualefeit merchant of your awin toun, electit and put in his place for the said yeir. This we desir yow to do, and your ansuer. Quhilk wryting being red and considerit, the baillies, counsall, thesaurer, dene of gild, and haill dekynnis being convenit, efter lang resonyng, wotis and concludis that thai have fund na cans quhy the said laird of Grainge suld be deposit of his said office of provestrie for the yeir tocum, and thairfoir ordanis ane wryting to be send to my lord Regentis grace declaring that for the greit effectioun that thai knaw the laird of Grainge beris to our Souerane and his grace thay have chosin him thair provest, and sen his electioun hes fund na caus quhy he suld be depryvit, nouther culd thai consent to his depriuatioun, beand a man of sic honour and fame, without offence committit, and thairfoir exhorting his grace that he war nocht offendit becaus it is thair mynde to continew him. And to depesche this wryting with diligence be Hectour Trolhop, masour, to Kelsow quhair his grace is for this present.

21 October 1569.

Aill, breid.

[Ale, " gud and sufficient drink," not to be sold dearer than fourpence the pint. The fourpence loaf of bread baked by baxters within burgh to weigh 20 ounces, and that baked by baxters without burgh to weigh 24 ounces.]

26 October 1569.


The bailies and counsale ordanis Jhonn Legait, maister of the foull mvre, to be clengit and brocht hame according to the ordour, and dischairgis his wagis fra this furth.

16 November 1569.

Villa, thesaurer, custome ox.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Thomas Henrisoun, thesaurer, to geve to Hectour Trolhop the sovme of ten li. for the provest ox at Ahaloumes fair gevin to him be the said provest, allowand thairintill the customis gottin in the noult mercat the tyme of the said fair, and decernis fra this furth the said ox to pertene to the provest for the tyme, to be vsit at his plesour, and ordanis na mair to be gevin for the said ox in all tyme cuming nor sall happin to be gottin of the customes of the said fair.

2 December 1569.

Villa, candilmakaris.

[The bailies and council,] ansuerand to the supplicatioun gewin in befoir thame be Walter Wawane for himself and remanent decanes in fauouris of the candilmakeris, bering that the saidis candilmakeris of ald had grantit to thame be the gude toun and prouest and baillies for the tyme, as thair gift vnder the seill of caus beiris, ane dekin quha had votit with the remanent decanes in the caussis of the commoun weill, quhill of lait, for ane offence committit be vmquhill Johne Young, candilmaker, thair said dekyne was dischargit, and now sen the said Johnis deces thair hes bene na offence committit be thame, quhairfor thai desyrit Johne Clavye, candilmaker, to be authorisit dekyne to haue voit as said is; to the quhilk the baillies and counsall foirsaid dissentit be reasoun that it wes assignit to the saidis dekynnis of befoir to haue brocht with thame sic authentik actis furth of the towne buikis, gif siclyk wer, as mycht be ony testificatioun gif ever thair wes ane dekyne of the candilmakeris of befoir and brocht nane, aud forther alledgit thair wes never sic ane thing as ane dekyne of candilmakeris of befoir, and Walter Wawane protestit for remeid.

16 December 1569.

Villa, Leith.

[The bailies, council] and haill dekynnis, efter lang aduysement and consideratioun takin quhow that, be the oursicht and gentilnes vsit towart the inhabitantis of Leyth sen the superioritie thairof cam in the tovnis handis, the saidis inhabitantis vsit and exercit all kynde of fredome and libertie in wenting of wynis, sailing as friemen and making of opin merchandris, to the greit hurt of the libertie and commoun weill of this burgh, thairfoir thay ordanit for this present, quhill farther ordour be takin, that the baillies and officeris pas to the said toun of Leyth, command and charge all wyne ventaris within the same to desist and ceis fra selling or venting wynis fra this tyme furth, vnder the pane of escheiting of the samyn.

30 December 1569.

Villa pest.

The baillies and counsell, persaving that it hes plesit God of his mercefull gudnes to deliuer this toun of the pest, thay ordane that all sic as ar in the Senys be put to the clene mvre, thair to remane conforme to the ordour, and thairefter brocht into the toun, and that money be provydit for thankfull and compleit payment to the officeris of the mvre for thair panys and seruice.