Extracts from the Records: 1570, Jan-June

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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1570, Jan-June

20 January 1569–70.

Villa, clerk male.

The baillies and counsale ordanis to caus warne the hale dekynnis aganis wednisday nixt, that ordour may be taikin with thair avise tuiching the dewitie callit the clerk male, quhilk in tyme of papistrie wes gevin to the perroch clerk, to the effect the samyn may be vpliftit for sustenyng of Jhonn Carnys reder.

Priuelege of burgessis gevin gratis.

The baillies counsale and dekynnis, efter lang ressonyng vpoun the commoun effaris, and in speciall vpoun sic thingis as war hurtfull to the commoun weill and fredome of this burgh, thay haue found amangis vther inconvenienttis that the making of monye burgessis, and in speciall of sic as ar na burges bairnys and procuris thair fredome and libertie be way of court, or vtherwayis gratis and payis na dewtie thairfor to the commoun gude; quhairfor it is statute and ordanit that the bairnys of all sic as gettis thair fredome gratis in maner foresaid sall nocht haue the libertie of ane fre burges bairne, and this ordinance to indure but reuoucatioun.

25 January 1569–70.


The baillies and counsale, efter lang ressonyng vpoun the apperand danger and troublis like to be now, efter the crewall murthur of my lord Regentis grace, fyndis gude and ordanis that thair be ane wache in the toun bayth day and nycht induring the counsallis will, in maner following, viz., fra vj houris in the mornyng quhill sevin houris at evin viij men, foure of thame at the West Port and vther foure at the Nether Bow, and the nycht wache, being in nowmer xxiiij personis, to begyn at vij houris at evin and to continew quhill sex in the mornyng, and that thay be relevit be the day wache, and this wache to be of the nychtbouris of the toun conforme to the auld ordour, begynnand at the Northwest quarter; and that thair be chosin foure men of credence and honestie, tua of thame to haue the charge ovir the day wache and tua ovir the nycht wache, quha salbe haldin to ansuer for the seruice of the remanent; and as ony cumpaneis cumis within the toun ane of thir to cum to ane of the baillies and aduertice thame of the nowmer, and quhat thay ar, and quhair thay luge; and siclike that thair be na porttis oppin induring the counsallis will bot the Nether Bow and West Port allanerlie.

Proclamatio, lang waponis, powder.

The samyn day, the baillies and counsall ordanis proclamatioun to be maid be sound of bell throuch the toun chargeing all nychtbouris that inhabitis foir buithis or houssis vpoun the hie streit that thai haif in reddines lang waponis for redding of pairteis in cas ony troublis be vpoun the gait, and that na powder nor lang waponis be careit furth of the toun without liceance of the prouest and baillies, vnder the pane of escheit; and sicklike that the baillies tak inuentour of all the powder that is to sell within this toun and fence and arrest the samyn for serving of the Kingis souldouris and the gude toun.

27 January 1569–70.

[Lords of session.]

The baillies, counsale, and dekynnis, vnderstanding the lordis to remove and skaill the sessioun, thay ordane maister Michaell Chisholme, baillie, Alexander Clerk, Adame Foullertoun, William Harwy of the counsall, Alexander Guthre, clerk, Walter Wawane and Jhonn Wilsoun, dekynnis, to ryde to my lord of Mortoun, chansler, to resort to the toun, move the lordis to remane and to promys his lordschip assistance [and] fortificatioun in the Kingis actionis, his awin, and revenge of the murthure.

Portis, artelyearie.

The counsall ordanis the baillies to vesie the portis of the toun, the barris, bandis and lokkis thairof, and se the samyn be suire, and to change the lokkis thairof and put on new lokkis, siclyk to caus ramforce the Walter Yait, to vesie the tounis artelyearie vpoun the wallis and caus mont and mende the sam with diligence be the avys of James Hectour, gwnner.

1 February 1569–70.

Commissaris, clerk, Foullertoun.

The baillies and counsall namis constitutis and ordanis Alexander Clerk and Adame Foulertoun thair commissaris, grantand and giffand to thame thair commissioun and power for thame and in thair names with the lordis of nobilite to convene, and with thame to conclud the caussis concernying the glorie of God, the Kingis weill, and commoun of the realme.

3 March 1569–70.


[The bailies and council ratified and approved the commission given to Mychael Chisholme and others on 27th Junuary, and "promys as of before."]

8 March 1569–70.

Villa, gairde houssis.

The baillies counsall and dekynnis, for keiping of gude reull amangis the lordis of nobelitie, and all vtheris resorting to this toun during the tyme of this present conventioun, fyndis gude, statutis and ordanis that thair be dalie foure gaird houssis, and in euerye ane of thame tuenty men of the maist honest nychtbouris of the toun in thair awin proper personis, ten of thame with culveringis and moreonys and vther ten with halberttis, pikis, and lang wappynnis; and to enter euerye day at the skaling of the nycht wasche, viz., be sex houris in the mornyng, and remane quhill sevin houris at evin that the nycht wache enter agane. And of thir gairde houssis to be ane of thame in Gilbert Dikis foreland abone the auld tolbuth, ane vther of thame before the auld tolbuth in Jhonn Symsonis and Frances Tennandis foreland, the thrid in Jhonn Symmis foreland, and the feird in Thomas Thomsonis foreland; and this day wache to indure as said is.


The counsale ordanis the officeris to await vpoun thair baillies continuallie the tyme of this conventioun, vnder the pane of depriuatioun of thair offices.

22 March 1569–70.


The baillies and counsale ordanis the wache to continew as it wes first ordanit quhill forther avisement.

South Loch.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Thomas Hendersoun, thesaurer, to vesy the South Loch and mend the samyn quhair the watter rynnis furth.


The baillies and counsale ordanis the porttis to be opnit euery mornying be sex houris and closit agane at xij houris quhill tua efternone, and closit agane at vj houris at evin for all nycht, and the porteris continuallie to await thairvpoun, viz., the Kirk of Feild port and Eist port in the Cowgait and keyis to be deliuerit nychtlie to the baillies.

24 March 1569–70.

Precept, thesaurer, grammer scole.

The baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurer to pay to maister Jhonne Sandelandis, persoun of Hawik, the sowme of xx li. in compleit payment of all maillis restand awand be the gude toun for the grammer scole in the Freir Wynd, and to deliuer him the keyis of the said scole and gyf the samyn our.

12 April 1570.

Lordis, villa.

The baillies and counsale, efter avisement with the writing send to thame be the erllis of Huntlie, Argyle, Athole, and lordis of the west countre, gevis for ansuer thair lordschippis salbe wilcum to the toun, and hale nobelitie of this realme.

14 April 1570.

Lordis, wache.

The baillies and counsale ordanis the nycht wache to be eikit induring the lordis remanying in this toun, viz., the northwest and northeist quarteris eueryane of thame twa nychtis and the vther tua quarteris eueryane thre nychtis.

19 April 1570.

Villa, knok.

It is appoyntit and aggreit betuix the baillies dene of gild and counsale, on that ane pairt, and Robert Creych, knok makar, on the vther pairt, viz., the said Robert bindis and oblissis him to mend and vphald the toun knok, thay furnessing irne allanerlie; for the quhilk caus they ordane the thesauraris present and to cum to pay him yeirlie during his lyfetime, xl s.

11 May 1570.

Prouest, castell, precept, fermoraris.

[The bailies, council and deacons,] efter consideratioun of the greit charges and soumpteous expensis maid be the laird of Grange, capitane of the castell, prouest, vpoun the repareatioun strenthing and fortefeing of the said castell now at the incuming of the Inglis armye, quhilk castell hes bene and lukit for to be the resett and defence of the pepill of this toun and thair guddis, in consideratioun quhairof thay decerne and ordane Andro Stevinsoun and Alexander Clerk, fermoraris of thair commoun mylnis for this present yeir, to deliuer incontinent to the said capitane, to the suport of his charges, the sowme of tua hundreth pundis, and the samyn salbe allowit to thame in the radiest of the fermes of the said mylnis.

17 May 1570.


The baillies and counsale ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throuch Edinburgh and Leith chargeing all the inhabitanttis of the samyn to gif thair generale mustouris and wappinschewing, in best array with armour and wappinis, throuch this toun vpoun Friday nixt, ilk persoun vnder the pane of x li.

26 May 1570.

Villa, letteres, missiuis.

The baillies and counsale ordanis the thesaurar to direct the townys missivis to all the burrois makand mentioun of the proclamatioun purchest be the bischop of Glasgow in France dischairgeing the cuming of Scottis schippis thair without the Quenis certificat, requyring thame to support the expenssis of ane man to be send thair for dischargeing of the said proclamatioun, and to report thair ansuer.

2 June 1570.

Villa, Lakprevik, prentar.

In presens of the baillies and counsale, Nichole Fyldour is becumin cautioun and souertie for Robert Lakprevik, prentar, vnder the pane of jc merkis, that the said Robert sall nocht fra this furth prent bukis ballettis or ony wark of consequence without the licence of the prouest baillies and counsale; and Lakprevik oblissis him to releif Fyldour.

16 June 1570.

Precepts, thesaurar, Adamesoun.

The prouest baillies and counsale, with the avyce of the dekynis, ordanis ane writting to be send to the erle of Hountlye for the releif of James Adamesoun, with ane seruand of the prouestis, and the thesaurare to gif him ten pund for his expenssis.