Extracts from the Records: 1560, July-December

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1875.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1560, July-December', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Edited by J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1875), British History Online, accessed July 15, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1557-71/pp68-97.

"Extracts from the Records: 1560, July-December". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1557-1571. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1875), , British History Online. Web. 15 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1557-71/pp68-97.

1560, July-December

12 July 1560.

Anent James Nycolsoun and Jhone Jhonestoun, factoreis.

The foirsaid provest ballies and counsall ordanis names and constitutis the four ballies and James Barroun to aggre commoun and appoint with Jhone Jhonstoun and James Nycolsoun, wryteris, anent thair factoreis maid to thame be the lordis of counsall of the annuallis malis and dewiteis quhilkis pertenit to the freris and Magdalene landis, or ony other landis or annuall rentis within the fredome of this burgh, and as thai sall appoint thairanent the saidis provest counsall and dekynnis sall stand thairat.

Irne roddis and shaikles.

[The treasurer ordained to pay "four pund xiij s. iiij d. for tua irne roddis with xij irne shaikles vpoun thame, weyand vij stane twelf pund and ane half, quhilkis ar deliuerit to Thomas Hall javelour."]

19 July 1560.

Bread, ale, flesh.

[The fourpence loaf of bread baked by baxters within burgh to weigh fifteen ounces, and that baked by baxters without burgh to weigh nineteen ounces. Ale not to be sold dearer than fourpence a pint. Best mutton to be sold for 8 s., and the second for 6 s.]


It is statute that na beggaris be tholit within this burgh bot thay that ar borne within the samyn, vpbrocht, or of lang tyme hes bene traffeccaris within the samyn, and that nane of thame be sufferit to beg except thay be ald crukit lamit and debilitat be gret seiknes quhilkis may nocht laubour nor wyrk for thair lewyng, and gif ony other be at this present within this burgh that thai depesche thame of the samyn betuix and the morne at none nixtocum, vndir the pane of byrning of the cheik and banesyng of the toun for euer; and that nane of the porteris of this burgh suffer ony outland beggar to haif interes within the samyn, vnder the pane of extreme pvnisment of thame in thair personis and depriuatioun of thame in thair offices.

Fydlaris, vagaboundis.

Item, it is statute that all vegaboundis fydlaris pyparis minstrallis, and otheris without maisteris, nocht haifing houssis within this toun nor sum honest shift to vphald thame self with, that thay depairt furth of the samyn betuix and the morne at none, vnder the pane of byrning of the cheik and banesyng of the toun as said is; [and] that the keparis of the porttis mak impediment to thame to enter within the samyn, vnder the pane foirsaid.

23 July 1560.

Anent the wallis of Leyth.

The prowest baillies and counsall and dekynnis of craftis namit constitute and chesit thir personis vnder specifiit, that is to say [three persons for each of the north-west, north-east, south-west, and south-east quarters] to taxt the hale nychtbouris of this burgh efter thair conscience and knawlage to sa mony men as thai may gudlie perfurneis efter thair landis gudis and substance, for douncasting and demolesyng of wallis and fortres of Leythe, begynning at Sanct Anthonis Port and passing westwart to the Walter of Leythe, for making of the blokhous and curting equall to the ground, and to enter thairto the morn be v houris, conforme to the chairgis gevin to the saidis prouest baillies and counsall be the counsall of Scotland and subscriuit be thair handis, quhairof the tenour followis:—Apud Edinburgh ijo July 1560. Forsamekle as it is notourlie knawyn how hurtful the fortificatioun of Leyth hes bene to this haill realme, and in speciall to thair rowmes nyxt adiacent thairvnto, and how preiudiciall this samyn salbe to the libertie of this haill cuntre in cais strangearis sall at ony tyme heirefter intruse thameselffis thairin, for thir and siclyke considderationis, the counsall hes thocht expedient and chargis the prowest baillies and counsall of Edinburgh to tak ordour with the toun and communite of the samyn and caus and compell thame to appoint ane sufficient noumer to cast doun and dimolishe the southe pairt of the said toun, begynnand at Sanct Anthonis port and passing westwart to the Walter of Leithe making the blokhous and courtene equall with the ground, and that thai enter to the said wark vpoun Wedinsday nixcumis be fyve houris in the mornyng, and to continow and perseweir in the samyn to the accomplishment of the said doun casting, conforme to the thing abone written. Et sic subscribitur: James, James Hamiltoun, Mortoun, James Stewart.

1 August 1560.

Silver wark.

[The provost bailies council and deacons of crafts] decernis and concludis that the silver wark pertenyng to the gude toun vsit in Sanct Gelis Kirk in tymes past, bayth gilt and vngilt, be with all deligence sauld or cunyet, and the money thairof to be waryt vpoun the commoun warkis, and in speciall vpoun the reparatioun and decoring of the kirk conforme to the ordinance maid the xix day of [Junii] last, and siclike ordanis the hale vestimenttis kaipis and vther kirk grayth in lik maner to be sauld and bestowit vpoun the said kirk wark, quhilk beand compleit the superplus to be deliuerit to Alexander Park, or the vther thesaurer for the tyme, to be waryt vpoun the wallis, commoun warkis of the toun, or for redemyng of the townys landis being in wedsett, as the counsale sall think maist expedient. And for mair haistye expeditioun and completing of the said kirk wark ordanis the personis quhilkis hes the said siluer wark and kirk grayth in keiping to be warnyt vpoun [blank] nyxt to produce the samyn before the counsale, and to be deliuerit to James Barroun dene of gild and Alexander Park thesaurer, to be sauld or cunyet be thair avise, and the money thairof to be intromettit with be the said dene of gild and applyit as said is, and he to rander compt of the samyn.

Anent the articulis to be given in perliament.

The prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid, efter the reding of the articules to be gevin in in this present perliament concerning the manteinance of the libertie of merchanttis and craftismen, and siclyke concernyng the reformatioun and reparatioun of the kirkis, edefeing of hospitallis vniuersiteis collegis and scolis, and all sic vther thingis, as at mair lenth is contenit in the saidis articulis red in thair presens as said is, all in ane voce granttis and apprevis the samin to be inventit and devisit conforme and aggreing with Goddis trew ordinance for the manteinance of the trew religioun, as alsua for the commoun weill of the hale estait of merchanttis and fre craftismen, and for presenting and explanyng of the samyn in this present perliament hes nominat constitute and ordanit Archibald Douglas of Kinspindie prouest, James Barroun, maister Richert Strang and Dauid Forster, thair commissaris in this perliament, and ordanis commissioun to be given to thame in ample and dew forme vnder thair commoun seill subscriuit be the commoun clerk for thame and in thair names as vse is.


The samyn day, as concernyng the complaynt gevin in and producit before the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid be James Norvell dekyn of the tailyeoris, bering in effect that the traves close rowme or sait biggit and maid be command of James Barroun, dene of gild, at Sanct Annys alter, sumtyme callit the tailyeouris alter, aucht and sould be removit and the dekyn and brether of the tailyeour craft permyttit to big thair saittis thair, to be vsit be thame and thair said craft at all sermonis and vther tymes convenient and nane vtheris, conforme to thair auld possessioun; to the quhilk it wes ansuerit, and for plane ordinance be the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis before writin declarit, that in respect of the godlie ordour now taikin in religioun all title and clame to altaris and sic vther superstitious pretenssis ar and sould be abolischit, and na forther word nor clame thairof to be in tymes cuming, bot as it is commandit be Goddis mast haly word that brotherlie amyte be amangis ws joynit in his congregatioun, the nobelite prouest baillies counsale eldares and dekynnis being first placit, the honest merchanttis and honest craftismen to place and set thameselffis togidder as loving brether and freindis in that and all vther places of the kirk vacand at all tymes neidfull, prouiding alwayis that nowther the prentissis or seruandis of merchanttis or craftismen or vther commoun peple tak vpoun thame the places or rowmes of the saidis merchanttis and fre craftismen; and this present act and ordinance to tak effect without alteratioun in tymes cuming.

Toun wallis.

The pouest baillies and counsale foresaid, with the avise of the saidis dekynnis, ordanis Alexander Park thesaurer to begin to the biging of the toun wallis langis college dike and Leyth Wynde vpoun Monunday nixt, conforme to the ordinance maid of before.

Anent vnfremen.

The samyn day, efter the complaynt gevin in be James Barroun dene of gild that thair wes divers personis within this toun quhilkis occupeit the libertie of fre merchanttis and fre craftismen, being na fre burgessis, to the greit hurt of merchanttis craftismen and commoun weill of this burgh gyf remeid war nocht providit, vpoun consideratioun of the samyn complaynt, the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid commandis and ordanis the said James Barroun dene of gild and Dauid Somer baillie, takand with thame sic nowmer of officeris as thay sall think gude, to pas throuch the toun and diligentlie serche and seik the vnfremen occupearis of the liberteis of merchanttis, caus and compell [thame] to becum fre, vtherwise to put thame in ward quhill cautioun be found that thay sall desist in all tymes cuming; and for the vnfremen occupearis of craftis ordanis the dekynnis foresaid to gyf vp the names of the hale maisteris of craftis to the said dene of gyld that sic ordour may be taikin with thame tuiching thair fredome as with the vtheris abone writtin for the commoun weill as said is, providing that gif ony of the saidis craftismen hes occupeit the libertie of fre burges be lang tyme and is nocht able at this tyme to satifye according to the present vse, or vtherwise may nocht be povertie, sic personis to be considerit be the prouest ballies and counsale and vsit according to thair power.

16 August 1560.

Precept, Carnis.

[The treasurer ordained "to delyuer to Johne Carnis the sowme of fyue li. for furnessing of the minister."]

Constable deputt, villa.

The provest ballies and counsaill forsaid, efter consideratioun and rype awysment with the complaynt gevin in be the haill communitie of the nychtbouris of this burgh, and vtheris our Soueranis leidgis resortand with victuallis and vtheris guddis thairto, vpone William Henrisoun constable deputt, makand mentioun that quhair the said William had be the haill space of xv dayis last bipast had be himself and vtheris in his name vsit extortioun of custome at the portis of this burgh, alledgeand the samyn to pertene to him as his perliament fie, quharthrow all personis resortand with thair guddis and speciallie with victuallis to this burgh now in this tyme of perliament wer compellit to pay dowbill custome, viz., bayth to to toun and to the said constable deputt, by ony richt or titill gevin to him thairvpone but onlie be vsurpatioun and extorsioun forsaid, as at mair lenthe is contenit in the said complaynt; the said William being personallie present, as lawfullie warnit to ansuer to the said complant, the provest ballies and counsaill forsaidis findis the said William to hawe done wrang in asking and craving of ony dewtie fra our Soueranis leidgis inwith or besyde the portis of this burgh, and thairfor ordanis him to desist and ceis fra all farther vsurpatioun of the said extorsioun or asking of ony dewitie at the saidis portis or about the samyn in all tyme cuming, becaus the said William Henrisoun being personallie present and inquirit gif he had ony rycht or titill quhairthrow he mycht lefullie vse the said exactioun vpone our saidis Soueranis leidges schew na titill thairvpone, as wes clerlie vnderstand to the provest ballies and counsaill forsaid, and the said William protestit for remeid of law and that the said decreit wer nocht prejudiciall to the priuiledge of his office.

Memorandum.—Thair is ane act of parliament of Kyng James the Secund, ca. sexagesimo septimo, that aggreis with this act abone writtin; and siclik in Kyng James the Thrid, ca xlj; and siclik in Kyng James the Secund, ca lxxxvjto.

The provest ballies and counsaill forsaidis findis that William Henrisoun constabill deputt aucht hald na courte within the libertie of this burgh except with ane baillie and clerk of the toun, and thairfor ordanis the said William, personsallie present, to desist and ceis fra halding of ony courtis within this burgh bot in maner forsaid, with certificatioun and he failye thai will provide sic remeid thairto as thai may of law, and the said William Henrisoun protestit for remeid.

21 August 1560.

Anent the downcasting of the wallis of Leyth.

[The bailies and council] fyndis, for the mair haistie expeditioun in the doun casting of the wallis and filling of the trinches at Leyth, that euerye baillie sall charge and tak with him thre or foure honest men of his quarter, sic as sall pleis him to name, to beir him cumpanye and be oursearis and maisteris of wark to the warkmen at the said trinches, and to remane with him and at the said wark fra morne to evin the day that fallis to his quarter, and the said personis warnyt, taikand laubour as said is, to be dischargit for the day of thair laubouris of ane man expenssis, and gyf onye of thame being requyrit as said is comperis nocht, to be poyndit for the vnlaw of xviij s., without fauouris, for thair dissobedience, and this ordour to be obseruit quhill the said wark at Leyth be compleitlie endit.

Hendersoun, counstable.

William Hendersoun constable, of his fre will oblist him that fra this furth he sall in na tyme cuming hald ony court within the fredome and libertie of Edinburgh without the concurance of ane baillie and clerk of the samyn, nor attech poynde or arreist within the saidis boundis without ane officer of the toun adionit to his officer; and to this effect the prouest baillies and counsale commandis and ordanis thair officiaris, present and to cum, to concur with the said Williames officer in all lauchfull poynding summonyng or arreisting, vpoun the ressonable expenssis of the pairtye; and siclik commandis ane of thair clerkis to be rady at all his courttis within the bowndis foresaid for seruing of him and nane vther clerk bot ane of thairis as said is.

24 August 1560.

Precept tabroneris.

[The treasurer ordained to pay to "the sax tabroneris that playit thre sindrie dayis at the parliament quhen the toun wes in armour, the sown of xl s."]

30 August 1560.

Delyuerance of certane jowallis.

In presens of [the provost bailies and deacons of crafts], Alexander Guthre, commoun clerk of this burgh, delyuerit to James Barroun, dene of gild, the chalice patene and spvne weyand xxxij vnce and ane half; and the relict callit the arme of Sanct Geill, in presens foirsaid, wes delyuerit to the said dene of gild be maister Thomas Maccalyeane; and siklyk Thomas Thomsoun, apothecair, delyuerit to the said dene of gild the chresom stok and twa crowattis of syluer; and siklyk the said James Barroun presentit the greit eucharist with the goldin werk and stanis, and of the wecht contenit in the act maid the sevint day of Januar the yeire of God jm vc and fyftie aucht yeris, (fn. 1) and the foure goldein bellis with twa croces, ane greit and ane vther small, with ane lytill hart, weyit in presens foirsaid, extendit to foure vnce ane half and ane vnicorne weicht of gold, and siklike the pece of gold that held the breid within the ewcharist, ane litill blew bell of gold, ane litill hart with twa perles, and four sindrie stanis sett with gold, with the litill ring and dyamont thairvpone that wes vpone the said arme, weyit in the haill to ane vnce foure vnicorne wecht; and siklyk maister James Lyndsay delyuerit to the said dene of gild the sacrament claythe of gold with Sanct Gelis coatt and the litill pendekle of reid veluott that hang at his feit; quhilkis jowallis and ornamentis wer laid in keping to the personis respectiue foirsaidis the [xxvij] day of Junii the yere of God jm vc and fyftie nyne yeiris, and were delyuerit to the said dene of gild be ane act maid thairvpone the first day of August instant, and thairfor the provost ballies counsall and dekynnis forsaidis, for thame selfis and thair successouris, dischargit the saidis personis and ilk ane of thame of the saidis jowellis respectiue for now and euer.

Villa, Willok.

[The bailies and council] ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurer, to delyuer to Johne Willok xxti crownis of the sone, for recompans of the greit travell sustenit be him this haill yere bigane in preching and ministering of the sacramentis within this burgh; and ordanis ane number of the counsaill to thank him of his greit beneuolence for the greit trawaill forsaid.

Anent burgessis and gild brether.

It is statut and ordanit that in all tyme cuming, quhen euer it sall happin ony burgesses or gild brether to be maid, that thai ressave with thair tikkatt of burgeschip or gildre the forme of thair aithe that thai mak at thair creatioun fra the clerkis, vpone thair expenssis.

4 September 1560.

Villa, Durie.

The ballies and counsaill, haveing consideratioun that, for the eis of Johne Knox minister, Johne Durie talyeour removit him furth of the ludgeing occupyit be the abbot of Drumfermeling to the effect the said minister mycht enter thairto, ordanis Alexander Park thesaurer to content and pay to the said John Durie the sowme of viij merkis, and the samyn sall be allowit, etc.; and als the saidis ballies and counsaill faithfullie promittis that how sone thai may provide the said minister ane vther ludgeing, to enter the said Johne to the possessioun thairof.

Barroun, Symmer, Pennecuke.

The ballies counsaill and dekynnis of craftis assolyeis and decernis quyte Dauid Somer, baillie, and James Barroun, dene of gild, fra the complaynt gevin in vpone thame be maister Johne Pennecuke, persoun of that ilk, contenand in effect the saidis personis to hawe sclanderit and iniurit him, sayand it wer weill worthy he wer harlitt throw the toun at ane hors taill; and that in respect of the narration of bayth the saidis parties aggreing togidder. Fyndis that maister Johne Pennecuke hes done wrang in missaying of Dauid Symer, baillie, vpone Monunday last bipast in executioun of his office, sayand: Thow leis lyk ane fals knayff, as the said maister Johne confessit. [He is ordained to find surety for appearance to "vnderly sic pvnischment as thai sall inioyne to him"]

Barroun, villa, jowelles.

In presens of the ballies and counsaill, Alexander Barroun delyuerit to James Barroun, dene of gild, the round euchareist of syluer laid in keping to him in the moneth of Junii 1559.

5 September 1560.

Pennecuke, villa.

Comperit maister Johne Pennecuke, persoun of that ilk, and referrit him to the discretioun of the counsaill anent the offence done be him to Dauid Somer vpone Monunday last bipast, and for breking of the warde, and vthers trubblis rasit be him within the toun vpoun Wedinsday last bipast, and William Ra and Thomas Ewing ar becumin cautioneris and souerties for the entre of the said maister within xxiiij houris efter the cuming of the abbot of Hallirudhous to this toun gif thay be requyrit thairto, vnder the pane of jm merkis, and that he sall committ na trubill in the mene tyme within the toun, vnder the said pane.

Syluer wark.

The provest ballies and counsaill ordanis the personis quhilkis hes in keiping ony of the syluer werk of the toun yet vndelyuerit to present the samyn to the counsaill vpone Fryday next to cum, vnder the pane of warding of thair personis.

Manteinance of officiaris.

The prowest baillies counsall and dekynnis beand convenit in the tolbuith of this burgh, and efter lang ressonyng vpoun the lait deforcementis and inobedience of the ballies and officiaris of this burgh and occasioun thairof, findis that the particular hatrent of sum of the subjectis and inhabitantis of the said burgh inemeis to all gude ordour, as alssua the inobedience and ignorance of otheris nocht regarding nor having in rememberance the commoun weill of the samyn thair bound dewitie and aith maid in manteinyng of the saidis officiaris and commoun weill foirsaid, quhilkis pesonis at all sic tymes as thay haif sene or hard the saidis officiaris dissobeyit and deforsit in executioun of thair officis hes nocht ryssyn nor cumyng fordwart to thair fortefecatioun, bot hes withdrawyn thame selffis and otheris be thair persuatioun and exampill within thair buthis and houssis, and sua left the saidis officiaris desolait of all support vpoun the danger and perall of thair lyffis, to the gret schame and sclander of the magistraittis and haill pepill inhabitaris of this burgh, and to the grit discurageing of men of honeste and judgement to accept office burding or charge within the said burgh, and inlykwys to the incurageing of euery lycht persoun and outlandis man to ga fordwart in thair inequietie and contemptioun to the manifest ourethraw of the saidis magistratis the commoun weill of the said burgh and vter distructioun of the samyn gif haistye remeid be nocht prouidit: Quhairfoir the prowest baillies counsall and dekynnis foirsaidis, willing the manteinance and defence of thair toun the magistratis liberteis and commoun weill of the samyn, ordanis that proclamatioun be maid at all neidfull pairtis of this burgh, sua that nane sall alledge nor pretend ignorance thairof, chargeing all maner of personis induelland within the said burgh, als weill merchand craftis men as vtheris quhatsumeuer, that quhen it salhappin thame to heir se or haif knawlege of ony maner of besynes or twmult within the said toun, be sound of the commoun bell, publict clamour, conventioun, or otherwys, concernyng the disobedience of officiaris, stopping of tulyeis, suddand debaittis, and stancheing of wrangis within the samyn burgh, that thai, without exceptioun of tyme or persoun, cum fordwart in feir of weir with all possibill deligence to the saidis officiaris for fortefeing and manteinyng of thame in the caussis abone writtin; certefeing all and syndrye the inhabitantis of this said burgh, but exceptioun of personis as said is, quhilk sall happin to withraw and absent thame selffis at ony sic tymes as is abone expremit, that for the first falt thay sall pay to the commoun warkis of the said burgh the sowme of fyve pund vnforgevin; the secund falt, doubling of the said vnlaw and tynsaill of thair fredome for yeir and day; the thrid and last falt, banesing of the toun tynsall of all libertie and fredome of the samyn for euer; and to this effect ordanis the actis and ordinancis maid for haifing of lang wappinnis in foir houssis and buthis be of new proclamit, and that the officiaris and visitouris chosyn for sersing of the saidis buithis and foirhoussis pas vpoun Wedinsday nyxt to serche and vesie the samyn, and quhair thai fynd the saidis wappinnis nocht to be present to putt he panis contenit in the saidis ordinance to executioun, but favour as said is.

Irne hous.

[The treasurer ordained, "with all diligence possebill, to loft and flure the ovir irne hous, and to put in greit stancheouris of irne in all the wyndois of the ovir tolbuith."

Silver work.

Persons having "ony of the siluer werk ornamentis or jowellis of the kirk" ordered to deliver them on Monday next.

6th September 1560.

James Carmychell, by special command of the provost bailies, council, and deacons, delivered to James Barroun, dean of guild, "the tua siluer sensouris with the schip of siluer quhilkis he had in keping of the gude toun, of the samyn wecht and fassoun as he resauit thaim."

The last dean of guild delivered to the dean for the present year, "the greit siluer croce with the fute quhilk he had in keiping, of the samyn wecht and fassioun as he resauit it."

"The cressound stok being brokin, in presens of the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis forsaid, thair wes within the samyn ane lowmpe of tre holkit for the oyle, weyand sextene vnce, quhilk James Barroun desyrit to be deducit of the first wecht of siluer, quhilk was thocht ressonable."

Mychael Gilbert, goldsmith, delivered to James Barroun, dean of guild, "the tua litill chandlaris of siluer pertenying to the gude toun quhilk he had in keiping, weyand sevin pund thre vnce and ane half vnce wecht."]

Haley Blude. St Anthony.

The prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid ordanis to warne the maisteris of the Hally Blude, and siclik the maister of Sanct Anthonis, vpoun Wedinsday nixt to ansuer to sic thingis as thay haue ado with thame.

9 September 1560.


The baillies counsale and dekynnis being convenit, and efter ressonyng vpoun the contemptioun committit be the laird of Restalrig vpoun Sounday last aganis the gude toun, fyndis gude sen thay haue put handis in him, and havand him presentlie in thair warde, that he be surelie keipit in the laych counsale hous, all the durris makand passage thairto to be doubill lokit and strenthit, and that fyve of the officeris remane with him dailie and nychtlie quhill thay be forther avisit.

Proclamatioun for idyll men.

It is statute and ordanit be the baillies counsale and communitie forsaid that proclamatioun be maid at the mercat croce in maner following:—Item, forsamekle as it is manifestlie knawin to the prouest and baillies of this burgh that this toun is charget and oureladin with brokin men of weyr and vtheris idill men desolait of maisteris, tending to mak thair residence and remanyng within the samyn, to the greit apperand danger of the commoun weill gyf thay be sufferrit and nocht suddanlie expellit, quhairfor it is to be commandit and chargit in our Souerane Lord and Ladeis name, and in name and behalf of my lord prouest and baillies of this burgh, that all idill men, hable of persoun, being desolait of maisteris of craft or vther verteous industrie, depesche thame of this toun within v houris nixt heirefter, vnder the pane of deid; and siclike that na inhabitane of the samyn, hostler nor vther, loge fortife sustene or menteine thaim fra the said houre furth, vnder the pane of ten pundis to be applyit to the commoun warkis, and forther to be pvnissit in thair personis as fosteraris and nurisseris of iniquite, with all rigour.

10 September 1560.


[The bailies council and deacons of crafts] ordanis that ane sure wache be maid of the maist abill men of the toun for sure keiping of the laird of Restalrig quhill sufficient souertie and cautioun be found that the tounschip and communite salbe skaythles of him and all that he may latt, viz., xviij abill and weill geryt men to wache nychtlie within and about the tolbuith euerye nycht, and sex siclik on the day, and that the baillie of the quarter be present at the resaving and setting of the said wache and be haldin to ansuer for thame quhome he resauis.

Item, it is ordanit be the baillies and counsale foresaid that deligent inquisitioun be maid throuch all the toun for the laird of Restalrigis concubyne, and that incontinent efter scho be apprehendit scho be carttit throuch the toun and banischit the samyn, vnder the panys contenit in the proclamatioun maid for huris; and that the samyn ordour be obseruit tuiching all hurris within the said toun, conforme to the said proclamatioun, as the saidis baillies will ansuer vpoun thair offices.

11 September 1560.


[The bailies council and deacons of crafts] ordanis the laird of Restalrigis writing, send to the baillies vpoun Sounday last, to be registrat, of the quhilk the tenour followis: Baillies of Edinburgh. I lat yow wyt that ye haue ane puir fallow of myne in your keiping in your tolbuth, quhairfor I desyre him to be lattin furth, vtherwise I salbe evin with yow or mertymes. Nocht ellis quhill oure meting quhilk I sall fynd ane vther rowme to meit in nor the calsay of Edinburgh. Sequitur subscriptio: Robert Logane. And efter the subscriptioun: Gyf this present beis nocht ansuerit I sall put yow in als gude ane tolbuth.

The baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid, efter aduisment with the said writing, vpoun consideratioun of the [dread] of the said laird of Restalrig and his wikit companye, fyndis that be aventour thame selffis and the commoun pepill of this burgh salbe in danger of thair lyffis gif the said laird eschaipe the waird and at onye tyme be thair maisteris, and in thair conscience deponis that he may be justlie feryt of bodylie harme towert the communite quhair he may be thair maister as said is, and thairfor ordanis him to be keipit in suir warde quhill sufficient cautioun be found, vnder the pane of ten thousand pundis, that thay salbe harmeles and skaythles of him and all that he may lat.

Thesaurer Park, Storye.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Alexander Park, thesaurer, to deliuer to Stevin Storie the price of thre bollis of quheit as the samyn was sauld in the yeir of God jm vc lix yeirs, in the quhilk the said Stevin wes dampnagit the said yeir in his corne landis quhilk he had in assedatioun of the Blackfreris be bigging of the toun wall and makand of ane plane passage throuch the said land bayth to man and hors to the said wall, as maister James Lyndesay than maister of wark to the toun be his ayth declaryt.

16 September 1560.

Tolbuth, wache, Restalrig.

[The provost, bailies, and deacons of crafts ordained "the ovir turnepike dur of the laich counsale hous, quhair the laird of Restalrig is, to be bigit vp with stane and lyme," and also ordered "the wache to be maid stranger within the tolbuth sa lang as the laird of Restalrig remanis thairintill, viz., xxx able weill furnyst men for the nycht wache, and xv for the day wache."]


The prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid, having sure knaulegge that the multitude of pepill quhilkis wes lattin in and resortit to the laird of Restalrig movit him sum tymes by the way, etc., thairfor and [for] vther caussis moving thame ordains that fra this furth thair sall nane remane with the said laird sa lang as he is in thair tolbuth allanerlie bot tua boyis, and he and thay bayth to want wappinnis; and siclike that na maner of persoun be lattin in to him bot men of honour and jugement quha salbe knawin to feir God and of mynd to gyf him gude counsale for his weill, and thay alsua to haue na wappinnis.

The prouest baillies and counsale ordanis the officiaris to be payit dalie wages quhilkis hes keipit the laird of Restalrig or salbe commandit to keip him, viz., ilk day iij s.

Johnestoun, flescheouris.

The prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis foresaid be generale voit fyndis that Jhonn Jhonnstoun, flescheour, salbe admyttit and resauit freman to the said craft, and that in respect he wes first prentice, is now burges, and offerris all dewiteis to the said craft that of consuetude may be cravit, and thairfor ordanis Jhonn Sandersoun dekyn of the said craft, than present, to caus him be resauit and admyttit to the said craft as fre broder and to haue all priueleges thairof fra this furth that to ane fre broder pertenis.

20 September 1560.

Proclamatioun for idolataris.

The provest ballies counsaill and dekynns of craftis ordanis publicatoun to be maid of the act of parliament latlie set furthe vpone blasphemeris of the name of God, abuseris of the sacramentis and manteneris of idolatrie, to the effect that na persoun pretend ignorance thairof, of the quhilk act the tenour followis: Forsamekle as Almychty God be his maist trew and blessed [word] hes declarit the reuerence and honour quhilk sould be gevin to him, and be his sone Jhesus Christ hes alswa declarit the trew vse of the Sacramentis, willing the samyn to be vsit according to his will and word, be the quhilk it is notoir and perfytlie knawn that the sacramentis of baptisme and of the bodie and blude of Jesus Christ hes bene in all tymes bipast corruptit be the papisticall kirk and be thair ministeris, and presentlie, nochtwithstanding the reformatioun allredelie maid according to Goddis word, nochttheles thair is sum of the samyn papis kirk that stubburnelie perseueris in thair idolatrie, sayand messis and baptisand conforme to the papis kirk, prophand thairthrow the sacramentis foirsaidis, in quyett and secreit places, regardand thairthrow nowther God nor his word: Thairfoir it is statut and ordanit in this present parliament that na maner persoun nor personis in ony tyme cuming administrat ony of the sacramentis secreitlie or ony vther maner way bot thai that ar admittit and heveand power to that effect, nor say mes, nor yet heir mes, nor be present thairat, vnder the pane of confiscatioun of all thair guiddis and pvnising of thair bodyis at the discretioun of the judge within quhais jurisdictioun the personis happinnis to be apprehendit for the first falt, banesing of the realme for the secound falt, and justefeing to the deid for the thrid falt; and ordanis all scherefis, stewartis, ballies and thair deputtis, provestis and ballies of borrowis, and vtheris judges quhatsumeuer within this realme to tak diligent sute and inquisitioun within thair boundis quhair ony sic vsurpit muster messaying or thai that beis present at the doing thairof, ratefeand and apprevand the samyn, and tak and apprehend thame to the effect that the panis abone writtin may be execut vpone thame.

Nether Kirkyarde.

The provest ballies and counsaill ordanis the heretouris and occupyaris of the landis lyand on the west syde of the Nether Kirk yarde to stik vpe or stanchel the windokis and durris of the saidis landis, swa that na bestiall hawe entres to the said kirk yarde, nor na filthe be laid vpone the samyn, and this to be done within iiij dayis nixt efter thai be chargit, vnder the pane of warding of thair personis.


[The treasurer ordaned to pay "the sowme of xiij li. xiij s. for the hyre of thrie furneist fedder beddis, furneist be the gude toun to certane Inglis men, be the space of xiij oulkes and iiij dayis."]

26 September 1560.

Anent the chesing of the twa craftismen vpoun the counsaill.

It is statut and ordanit be the provest, ballies, counsaill and dekynnis of crafttis that in all tyme cuming at the electioun of the new counsaill the electaris thairof sall cheis the twa crafttismen, quhilkis sould be thairvpone, furthe of the sax personis to be presentit to thame be the dekynnis of craftis, providing alwayis that gif the saidis electaris sall nocht think the saidis personis nor ony twa of thame to be presentit sufficient meit nor hable to be vpone the counsall, the saidis dekynnis sall present vther sax personis in ane vther tikkatt to the saidis electaris, and fra thyne furthe vther sax in cais tha be nocht satefeit, ay and quhill the saidis ij crafttismen of the counsaill be electit.

14 October 1560.

Bread, malt, ale.

[Of bread baked by baxters within burgh the fourpenny loaf to weigh eighteen ounces, and that baked by baxters without burgh to weigh twenty-two ounces. Malt to be sold not dearer than nine firlots for £3, 10s. Ale not to be dearer than fourpence the pint.]


It is statute and ordanit that na maner of persoun brew within this burgh bot fremen, fremennis wyffis, wedowis and relictis of fremen.


The best cuppill of cwnyngis quhyte quhill Yule to be sald for iij s., the other pair secundar for ij s. iiij d.; and efter Yule quhill Fastrans ewyn the best cuppill cwnyngis for iiij s., the otheris for iij s. the cuppill; the pair of pertrikis, iij s.; the pair of pluwaris, xviij d.; the pair of wydcokkis, xviij d.; the blak kok and gray hen, the pece xvj d.; the cuppill muir hennis, xx d.; the quhape, xij d.; the wyld gwis, iiij s.; the wyld duke, xvj d.; the tame duke, xij d.; the tame gwis, ij s.; and the best ij s. vj d.; the cuppill of pudyeanis, quyk and otherwys nocht to be sald, viij d.; the best capoun, ij. s.; the other secunder, xx d.; the pultre, xij d.

Candle, hay, wine.

[Candles to be sold at 10d. the pound the "rag week," and 8d. the "hard week"; hay, 10d. the stone; best oats, 12d. the peck; the second, 10d.; "Burdeous wyne," 14d. the pint; and "Sherand wyne," 12d. the pint.]

Corne Merket.

Item, that all maner of personis resortand to this burgh with hors corne to be sald place and set doun the samyn at the fute of the Ower Bow; and that thai sall nocht stryk vp nane of thair ladis afoir ix houris be strykyn, and than to sell the samyn to fre nychtbouris, fre staiblaris and sic otheris as vsis the samyn to thair awyn proper gudis, and nocht to be regraittit agane.

Anent the stanis of the freris places.

The saidis ballies and hale counsall ordanis the dene of gild, maister James Watsoun, to caus the hale stanis of the Black and Gray Freris places, now instantlie intromettit with be ony personis and as yit beand furth of wark, and in speciale the stanis quhilk Jhone Slowane, Robert Dalglesche, Thomas Heslope and Walter Bynning hes in thair possessioun, and all otheris lows stanis aboute the said placis, be brocht with all deligence and transportit fra thair warkis and placis foirsaidis to the kirkyaird of this burgh for bigging of the dikkis of the samyn and otheris warkis quhilk thai ar preparand within thair said kirk, and als to caus certane men cast doun the rest of the said places yet standard and to intromet with the stanis thairof, and the samyn be brocht to the said kirk yaird to be put in wark, and this to be done with deligence possabill becaus the saidis stanis ar all stollyn away and intromettit with be diuers personis incontrair thair proclamationis maid thairanent of befoir.

20 October 1560.

The Mary bell.

[The dean of guild ordained to sell and dispone to Adam Foullertoun, "the bell callit the Marye bell, with the hale brasin pillaris and vther brasin wark quhilk he hes that pertenit to the kirk," Foullertoun having "biddin maist thairfor efter the samyn wes roupit diuers tymes throuch the toun."]


Katharene Haitlie the spouse of [blank] Williamesoun obleist hirself to compeir befoir the counsall on Fryday nyxtocum to ansuer to sic thingis as salbe laid to hir charge, and in speciall for sclandering of the minister.

30 October 1560.

Anent the keping of the halie day.

It is statut and ordanit that in all tyme cuming the halie day callit the Sabbaothe day or day of rest commonlie callit be Sounday be in all tyme cuming kepit commonly be all maner personis, induelleris of this burgh or resortand within the samyn, swa that nane, of quhat estait that euer thai be of, mak merkatt or merchandice, oppin buthe durris, or exerce ony kynd of warldlie operatioun thairin, bot that vpone the said day all personis be astrictit to be present at the ordenarie sermonis alsweill efter none as befoir none, and that fra the last jow of the bell to the saidis sermonis to the finall end thairfoir thair be nather meit nor drynk sauld in oppin tavernes or hostillareis, bot that induring the said tyme thai be closit; and siklyk that the flesche merkatt vsit to be vpone the Sounday be now and in all tyme cuming vpone the Setterday, and that the merkatt of bestiall at the Hous of the Mure quhilk hes bene in tymes past on the sonday be in all tyme cuming on the Thursday, that sufficient provisioun of flesche may be had aganis the said Setterday affixt and assignit to the said merkatt of flesche, vnder the pane of pvnisment of the personis that sall happin [to] contravene the premissis or ony poynt. thairof at the counsaillis will.

Blasflemirs of Goddis name.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that na maner persoun within this burgh tak vpone hand to bane, sweir, tak in vane or blasfleme name of God in ony wys, vnder the pane of setting of thame in the irne brankis, thair to remane during the judges will.

Wemen tavernouris

Item, becaus in tymes bipast the iniquitie of wemen taverneris within this burgh hes bene ane greit occasioun of huredome within this burgh, swa that it apperis ane bordall to be in euery taverne, thairfor that all ventaris of wyne that may provide thame of wemen taverneris do the samyn betuix and Mertymes nixt herefter, certefeing thame that gif thair be iny ony filthines committit be the saidis wemen taverneris thai sall be haldin to pay to the commoun werkis the sowne of x li. except thai delyuer the offender in the ballies handis to be pvnisit according to the lawis sa sone as the offence cumis to thair knawledge.

Anent the dewtie of wyne that pertenit to the fraternite of St Anthone.

Item, it is statut and ordanit that the dewitie of wyne, viz., ane quart of euery tvn, vsit of befoir to be gadderit to the behuff [of] the fraternitie of St Anthone be in tyme cuming collectit and gadderit for administratioun to be maid thairof to the pure, and that the samyn with the rest of the commoun gude be yerlie roupit vpone Metymes evin.

Sundry acts.

[Acts passed, in terms similiar to those of previous years, relative to selling of goods by regraters, punishing of vagabonds, removal of "fulye and myddingis" from the street, attendance of all persons when warned to attend assizes or inquests, setting goods for sale on boards on the street, booth doors or common passages, removal of stranger beggars, merchants and others having weapons ready in their booths or dwelling-houses, selling of goods by foreign merchants, and weighing and paying custom on goods arriving at Leith.]


Item, it is statut and ordanit be the provest ballies and counsall of this burgh that, consideryng thair is dyuers and money syndry personis maid burgesses and fremen within this burgh quhilkis dwellis nocht within the samyne nor yit nother scattis lottis extentis walkis nor wardis nor yit beris na portable charges within this burgh siclik as thai aucht to do, and as other nychtbouris and fremen of this burgh dois, incontrair the ald statutis maid thairvpoun, heirfor the saidis prouest ballies and counsall declaris and makis intimatioun be oppin prclamatioun that all maner of personis quhilkis ar burgesses maid and fremen of this burgh that thai cum and remane within the samyne, and hald thair stob and staik thairintill, with certificatioun that and thai cum nocht within fourtie dayis and mak thair dwelling place within this said burgh, and fulfill the pointis foirsaid, that thay sall bruk na maner of fredome within the samyne, conforme to the saidis ald statutis maid thairvpoun.

Precept, Knox.

The provest ballies and counsaill ordanis James Barroun to content and pay to Johne Knox the sowme of sax scoir poundis of the reddiest money of the townis being in his handis, and siklyk the sowme of xx. li. for irne and fyre werk furnesit and maid to his hous.

Drummond, villa, gild officer.

The provest ballies and counsaill, in consideratioun that Robert Drummond, gild seriand, is subject to await continewallie vpone the counsaill for warnyng of thame to the affaris of the town at all tymes neidfull, and siklylk to await vpone the minister eldaris and dekynnis at all thair assembleis and conventionis for the caussis of the kirk, and that the said Robert hes of the commoun gvde bot onlie fyttie s., and he wes sustenit in tyme of the papisticall kirk be vther wages he had thairof, thairfor the provest ballies and counsaill ordanis the said Robert to hawe yerlie for his fie the sowme of xij merkis; … providing that the said Robert await continewallie vpone the sermounis for keeping of the kirk quyett, and to fulfill and observe the remanent poyntis abone writtin.

15 November 1560.

Park, villa, prouest, counsall.

The baillies and counsall ordanis Alexander Park, last thesaurer, to pay to my lord prowest the thre rois nobillis quhilkis he suld haif had on Merty mes ewyn for the setting of the commoun gude in anno jmvc and fiftie nine yeris, and to pay the new counsall thair fees.


The prowest ballies and counsall ordanis the but at the Nether Bow to be cryit fre to be tane away be quhasumeuer that pleissis, and the dene of gild or thesaurar to intromet with the tymmar thairof, and to charge thame thairwith in thair comptis.

16 November 1560.

The bigging of the wall at the Northe Louche syde.

It is appointit and fynalle aggreit and concordit betuix the prowest ballies and counsall of the burgh foirsaid on that ane pairt and Murdo Walker masoun on that other pairt, in maner forme and effect as efter followis, that is to say, the said Murdo sall, God willyng, Himself with fyve layaris and sa mony barromen and servandis as is neidful enter on Monunday nixtocum to the bigging of thair wall and hous now foundit at the Northe Louche syde foranent the Trinitie College and yairdis thairof, and sall big the samyn conforme to the thiknes and breid of wallis ellis foundit vnto the bartesing, viz., [blank] of breid; and als the said Murdo vpoun his expenssis sall tak doun the hale ruinows wallis and ald houssis pertening to the colledge, and caus carye the stanis thairof and materiallis the wall, and sall furnes vpoun his expenssis all warkmanschip and barromen with all other necessairis as efferis for bigging and reperalling of the said wall and that pertenis to the craft of masounrie, except sand lyme and sa monye stanis as the said wall and hous sall myster, by and attour the stanis being in the forsaid ruinous houssis of the collage, quhilk the foirsaid Murdo is bound to tak doun vpoun his expenssis, and cause carye thame as said is, and this to be endit with all possable deligens. For doing of the quhilk the saidis prowest baillies and counsall sall content pay and deliuer to the said Murdo Walker the sowme of foure pund ten schillingis for ilk rude bigging of the said wark contenand the thiknes and breid of the wall ellis foundit as said is, and fourtye schillingis for ilk rude of the battallrice to be payit imediatlie efter the bigging of the rude be the thesaurar James Lowrie; and the said Murdo sall big the said hous with sic esiamentis, and after the maner as salbe appointit to him be the said thesaurar or vthers quhilk salbe appointit thairto be the guid toun.

20 November 1560.

House of Muir.

The prowest ballies and counsall ordanis the prowest, with certane honest men accumpaneit, to pas to the Hous of the Mvre the morn for putting of ordour to the merket as efferis.


["Burdeous or Sherand wyne" not be sold dearer than 1s. 4d. the pint.]

Dene of gyld, burgessis.

The prowest baillies and counsall ordanis the dene of gild, maister James Watsoun, to pas throuch this burgh and to se quhat personis ar sellaris of stapill gudis, sic as velwottis, sylkis, fyne clayth or otheris siclyke costlie waris, and to discharge thame to sell or vse ony traffect thairof without thay be bayth burges and gyld; and gif thay do, efter thay be wairnit and requirit thairto be him, that he steik vp thair buithe durris and intromet with the keyis thairof vnto [the tyme] they cum and mak thame self gyld nochtwithstanding thai be fre burgessis ellis.

22 November 1560.

Sasndersoun, craftis.

The baillies and counsale, being convenit in the ovir counsale hous of the tolbuth of this burgh, comperit William Harlay, dekyn of the Hammyrmen, and certane vther craftismen, and desyrit the decreit and scentence gevin aganis Jhone Sandersoun deikin of the fleschouris decernyng him to be cairttit throuch the toun and thairefter banischit the samyn for his manifest adulterie committit with Margaret Lyell, to be continewit quhill the morne, quhilk the prouest baillies and counsale foresaid granttit, and thairupoun the said William askit instrumentis.


23 November 1560.


The prouest baillies and counsale being convenit in the place abone writtin, comperit the hale dekynnis of craftis and being informyt of the decreit and sentence pronouncit againis the said Jhonn Sandersoun, fleschour, and executioun to follow thairupoun, and thair ayde being requyrit thairto, all in ane voce desassenttit that ony sic executioun sould follow vpoun him be the said ordinance, and that on na wayis thay wald appreve the samyn nor na sic extreme lawis vpoun honest craftismen, nochtwithstanding it was allegit that thay, at leist the maist pairt of thame, had be speciall voit of before consenttit to the maiking of the said statute vpoun adulteraris contening the foresaid pane, as at lenth is contenit in the samyn statute of the dait the [x] day of [June] the yeir of God jm vc[lx].

The samyb day, Adam Purves wrycht, and James Frissell saidler, requyrit of the baillies, Dauid Somer, Adam Foullertoun, and the said counsale, to freith and put to libertie the said Jhonn Sandersoun fleschour, and to be enterit agane quhat tyme he sould be requyrit vnder quhat panis thay plesit, quhilk the baillies and counsale foresaid refusit in respect thay had promyst na executioun sould follow vpoun him quhill Wedinsday nixt, and for vther caussis moving thame, quhilk in the said counsale was concludit in the presens of the said hale deikynnis, and heirupoun the said Frissell and Purvis askit instrumentis.

The samyn day, the saidis prouest baillies and hale counsale ordanis the baillies and maist pairt of the counsale to pas to my lord dukis lugeing, to the lordis of secreit counsale being thair convenit, and schew be way of complaynt the contempt and inobedience committit be the craftismen quha had be way of deid and be force takin the said Jhonn Sandersoun fleschour furthe of warde, and to desyre the help and support of the saidid lordis for remeid.

28 November 1560.

Obligatioun of the craftis.

The prouest baillies and counsale being convenit in the tolbuth, comperit William Raa cutler for the smythis, James Norvell deikin of the tailyeouris, Jhonn Inglis dekin of the masonis, Jhonn Cvnynghame dekin of the wrichtis, Robert Hendersoun dekin of the barbouris, Thomas Hog dekin of the cordineris, Hercules Methven dekin of the baxstaris, Robert Hendersoun for the fleschouris, Mychaell Gilbert dekin of the goldsmythis, Hew Canny dekin of the furrouris, [blank] Lausoun dekin of the bonet makaris, [blank] dekin of the wobstaris,[blank] dekin of the walkaris, Dauid Kinloch baxster, James Young cutler, [blank] Mow candylmakar, Jhonn Gilbert goldsmyth, William Brokas smyth, for thame self and in name and behalf of the hale craftis of this burgh, and in humill maner presentit the suplicatioun vnder writtin, exhorting my lord prouest to caus the samyn be red and thairefter registrat in the counsale buke in witnessing of thair offerris and obedience, faythfullie promyssing be vphalding of thair handis in the presens of God the juges and counsale thair present, for thaimselfis and the hale craftis, to fulfill and abide at the said supplicatioun and all ponttis thairintill contenit, off the quhilk the tenor follois:—To yow my lord prouest baillies and counsale maist humlie menis the dekynnis maisteris and principale brethering of the craftis within this burgh heir presentlie convenit, nocht onelie for purging thame selffis and declaring of their innocencie tuiching the lait inobedience inventit and rasit be wikit memberis, alsweill inimeis to ws as to your lordschippis, bot alsua to requeist yow, and in the name of the Lord God maist eirnistlie to desyre yow, that for the cryme and offence of the wikit the innocent be nocht be yow nor your procurement prosecutit and trublit, and as ye tender the obedience of the Almychti and willis the intres and establisching of your common weill, that broderlie amyte may be had amangis ws, all hatrent and gruge set on syde, quhilk in the presens of the Lord oure God with all humilite we maist effectuislie desyre, promissing frome this furth, be our selffis and all oure quhome we haue or sall happin to haue power or charge, all faithfull dew obedience fortificatioun and manteinance to yow as to oure launchfull magistratis; and to the effect that the amyte and broderlielufe quhilk we requyre of yow to be amangis ws may appeir in the eis of all pepill to be groundit and haif procedit according to the will and wourd of the eternall God, and it may be knawyn that the maist godlie wourd dalie preichit amangis ws sall nocht be all fruitles, lat ws all togidder with vnfeinyeit harttis and myndis frelie emit all offences past, and frome the boddomis of our harttis call vpoun our God that his and his wikit memberis quhilkis hes rowsit at this our lait variance may be expellit and rutit out frome amangis ws to thair vter confusioun, and that it may be knawyn amangis the godlie that in this toun it hes plesit the Almychti to place and establische sic ane kirk quhilk be his omnipotent power, in despyte of Sathan, sall so be joynit in sic godlie ametie that the samyn salbe mirrour and exampill to all the rest of this realme; and sua in the name of God lat ws pas all togidder to my lordis of secreit counsall and with all gud harttis and mynd laubour and procur the libertie of our brother presentlie in the castell, that the mowthis of the wikkit may be stoppit, and that it may [be] knawyn that it is nocht the blude of our saidis brethering as thai ymagyn that ye desyre, and als to otheris wikkit memberis quhilkis ar fugetive and hes takyn vpoun thame the occasioun and begyning of this lait besynes and twmult that it may be als knawyn to you that the samyn wes done by our consent and adwys, we promeis heir in the presens of God that with all our harttis and poweris we sall fortefie concur and assist yow in the persowing of thame to the vtermaist throuche all pairtis of this realme. Thir offeris we maist humlie beseik you to accept, and the spirit of God be amang you and move your harttis with pietie towert ws and your brethering quhom we tak to record we craif the samynof you with all humilitie as of our lawfull magistratis to quhome we promes all dew obedience and manteinance at our vter power; and your ansuer. Quhilk being red it wes demandit of the dekynnis and brether forsaid be the commoun clerk, haifing command of the said prowest ballies and counsall, gif thai wald abyde be the said supplicatioun ratifie and approve the samyn and all heiddis thairintill contenit, quha all in ane voce be vpholding of thair handis and renewing of thair ayth, calling God to witnes, that sua thai wald do, and neuir to cum in the contrair, and humlie requeistit the said prowest baillies and counsall to command the said clerk to register the said supplicatioun for the mair sure witnessing of thair said promeis, etc., And further requirit ansuer.

The samyn day, the prowest baillies and counsale, for caussis moving thame, continewis thair ansuer to the said supplicatioun quhill Wednisday nyxtocum.

The samyn day, the prowest baillies and counsall dekynnis and maisteris of craftis befoir writtin, ordanis letteris to be impetrat for summonyng of Jhone Rynd pewderar, Jhone Sandersoun flesheour, Walter Wycht cutlar, and James Fraser saidlair, to vnderly the law for the lait conspiracie inventit and manteinit be thame aganis the judgis, promes and to do faithfullie all in ane voce to persew the saidis letteris to the extremitie, and vpoun this the said craftismennis grant and promeis the said prowest askit instrumentis; and the said prowest and counsall oblissis thame to releif the saidis ballies of all panis as souerteis for agane bringing to the justice clerk of the saidis letteris dulie execute and indorsit, and the saidis baillies askit instrumentis.

6 December 1560.

The baillies haill counsale and dekynnis, togidder with maister James M'Gill clerk of register, maister Jhone Ballandene justice clerk, and the laird of Dwn and laird of Pittarrow, being convenit, the saidis dekynnis all in ane voce humlie requeistit the saidis ballies and counsall to laubour for thair brethering in the castell at the handis of my lord dukis grace and lordis of secreit counsall, promissand as of before all humill and faithfull obedience in tymes cuming according to thair promeis contenit in thair supplicatioun presentit to the prowest baillies and counsall foirsaid, registrat in this buke at thair request the xxviij day of November last, for the mair sure testificatioun of thair saidis promissis and to remane for thair accusatioun in cais thay pass fra ony point of the samyn in tymes cuming or the other actis following, and willis the said supplicatioun togidder with the proclamatioun following to be publishit on Monunday next at xj houris befoir none in presens of the haill pepill, quhair thai promis to gif thair presens, and be vphalding of thair handis in Goddis presens and the said pepill to sweir to abyde at the contentis of the said supplicatioun and proclamatioun, and all pointtis thairintill contenit. Followis the proclamatioun: Forsamekill as it is thocht neidfull and expedient for satefeing of the godlie, as alssua for stopping of the mouthis of the wikit quhilkis hes rewsit at the lait variance and inobedience within this burgh begun sterit vp and set furth aganis the magistratis of the samyn, be the procurment laubouris and fortefecatioun of certane wikit personis quhilkis shortlie ar to be callit and accusit thairfoir, and to mak patent that the sclander and wikit judgement rasit vpoun the dekynnis and principall maisteris of craftis, at the leist the maist pairt of thame, concerning the said inobedience, is rather be the wikit inventit nor of the saidis dekynnis and maisteris desire, as to the saidis magistrattis is notourlie knawin be deligent inquisitioun and sure tryall, besydis the saidis dekynnis and maisteris awyn purgatioun be thair ayth faithfullie sworne, quha in the presens of God, the saidis magistratis, the haill counsall of this burgh and diuers nobill men lordis of the secreit counsall, hes declarit thame selffis innocent of the said twmult and inobedience art and pairt thairof, and that thai neuir myndit nor willis to mynde the lyke, bot with all humilitie hes submittit and it tymes cuming will submit thame to thair lawfull magistrattis present and to cum,viz., the prowest ballies and officiaris of this burgh, with all dew obedience and manteinance of quhatsumeuer lawis or statutis be thame deuisit and set furth for the commoun weill, pvnesing of trespassouris, or otheris gude caussis quhatsumeuer; as alssua thair forteficatioun manteinance and assistance be thameselffis and all other quhome thai haif or salhappin to haif charge of cure, in the persewing of all sic with thair assisteris as wikkitlie hes offendit and contempnit, or sall happin to offend contempne or dissobay the said magistrattis and officiaris in tyme cuming; lykeas the saidis dekynnis maisteris and principall honest men of craftis heir presentlie convenit for apprewing of the premissis and satifying of all as be thame hes takyn ony sclander or of thair ewill judgement as said is, etc. Followis the supplicatioun:—To you my lord prowest, etc.:—This supplicatioun writtin on the leif befoir, quhilkis beand red and proclamit at the mercat croce of this burgh, the ix day of December instant, the saidis dekynnis and maisteris heir present vpheld thair handis, in presens of God and the haill pepill, as wes befoir promisit, to abyde at all and sundrie the premisses in the said supplicatioun and proclamatioun contenit.


It is statute and ordanit be the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis, in presens of the men of gude before writtin, that quhatsumeuir persoun in ony tyme cuming, merchant craftisman or vther within this burgh, that salhappin to dissobey the maiestratis and officeris of the samyn, contempt and ganestand the lawis and statutis thairoff, that bayth thay thair fauoraris mantenaris and assistans salbe pvnist in thair personis and guddis according to the lawis, and forther tyne thair fredome for euir.

[Craftsmen called to the laws]

Item, becaus in tymes past quhen ony craftisman war callit to the lawis be ony pairtye, or for braiking of the statutis of this burgh, the hale craftis war wont to convene with the pairtye callit for fortefeing of him, for remeid heirof it is statut and ordanit that na sic conventionis be in tymes cuming vnder the pane of tynsale of thair fredomes that convenis in maner foresaid, and forther to be pvnist at the will of the saidis maiestratis in thair guddis, without prejudice of the act of parliament.

[Craftsmen's servants to be punished.]

Item, becaus it is surelie vnderstand be the prouest baillies counsale and dekynnis forsaid that certane young fallowis, craftismennis seruandis of this burgh, war the principale fortifearis and furthsettaris of this lait tvmult. and as yit continewis in thair proude and wikit speiking, for remeid heirof it is statute and ordanit that the principalis of thame be callit and accusit at particuler dyettis before the prouest and baillies foresaid, and sa monye as beis convict to be pvnist to the rigour in exemple of vtheris.


The prouest baillies [and council] ordanis the capis vestmentis and ornamentis of the kirk now being in the thesaurer hous or ellis quhair within this burgh, vndisponit, be deliuerit to Maister James Watsoun dene of gild, to be sauld and disponit be him, and the money thairof to be applyit to the warkis of the kirk.

[The dean of guild of the past, ordained to deliver to the dean of the present, kirk. year,"the money restand in his handis pertenying to the toun vpliftit be him the last yeir of his office for reperaling of the kirk instantlie."]

Extent jm merkis

The prouest baillies and counsale foresaid names thir personis vnderwrittin to be extentouris of this present taxt of ane thousand merkis rasit vpoun this toun, as thair pairt of the extent granttit for furnessing of the ambassadouris in France and Ingland, and ordanis the saidis extentouris to convene the morne at viij houris for taxting of the nychbouris vnder the pane of warding; Arthure Granger, [and eleven others.]

Paulis bell.

The prouest baillis and counsale ordanis maister James Watsoun to caus hing vp the bell of Sanct Paullis Wark for convening of the pepill to prayerris at the houris appoynttit.

Anent the burgessis and baillies.

The prowest, James Lowrie thesaurer, James Barroun, Jhone Adamsoun, James Adamsoun, Williame Aikman, Thomas Thomsoun, and Alexander Hoip of the counsall, haiffand consideratioun of the gret hurt and skaith sustenit be the fremen, merchandis craftismen and nychtbouris of this burgh, be vnfremen traffecteris within the samyn, namis and constitutis maister Richert Glen, maister Jhone Spens, Dauid Somer and Adam Fullartoun, ballies, to command and charge all nychtbouris and induellaris of the samyn, merchand or craftismen or ony otheris that vsis ony traffect within the said burgh and is nocht fre burges or gild, and hes substance to do the samyn, that thai mak thame sall fre with possable deligens, and gif thai refuis to compell thame be imprisoning of thair personis or other wayis as thai sall think maist gude, and siclik to compell all sic as ar onlie burges and ventaris of wyne walx welwottis sylkis or fyne clathis to mak thame gild or ellis desist desist fra all selling of sic merchandice, vnder the panis foirsaidis.


And als names the saidis baillies to get in the rest of the xij d. of the pund grantit for bigging of the wallis and restand vnpayit.

20 December 1560.

Anent the deliuerance of the halie blude claithis and jowallis.

The prouest ballies and counsall ordanis Jhone Dougall merchand, being personallie present. to compeir befoir thame on Wedinsday cum aucht dayis and bring with him the haill westimentis and jowallis pertening to the Haly Blude alter and mak deliuerance thairof to the saidis prowest ballies and counsall.

Douncasting of the dik and fous foranent Jhone Dalmahoy.

The saidis prowest ballies and counsall ordanis James Lowrie thesaurer, being personallie present, to enter on Monunday nyxtocum xx pyoneris to the doun casting of the dyk and fows biggit be the Franchemen betuix thair bulwark of Leith and [blank] hous, foranent the northe pairt of the Kingis wark, vpoun thair fredome, and to continew the samyn quhill the samyn be cassin doun.

Precept, Barroun, Knox.

The prowest ballies and counsall ordanis James Barroun to content and pay to Jhone Knox, minister, the sowme of fyftie pund money of this realme for the second termes payment, of the reddiest money that the said James hes in his handis of the gud townis.

26 December 1560.


The baillies and counsale foirsaid, vnderstanding that be the resort of pepill and barnys to the kirk, the bynkis and saittis ar fylit be the saidis bairnyis and vtheris vngodlie pepill, and for eschewing thairof and sic vther ingodlynes as hes bene vsit in the said kirk be wikit pepill as said is, ordanis that the durris of the said kirk be lokit and keipit close all the day throuch, the appoynttit tymes of preiching and prayeris allanerlie except.


  • 1. See act, dated 8th March 1558–9, antea, p. 30.