Extracts from the Records: 1579, Apr-June

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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'Extracts from the Records: 1579, Apr-June', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589, (Edinburgh, 1882) pp. 103-110. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1573-89/pp103-110 [accessed 25 April 2024]

1579, Apr-June

1 April 1579.

Freris landis leding to the Hie Scole.

The baillies, dene of gyld, and counsale before writtin ordanis the thesaurer and officiaris of this burgh to charge the inhabitaris and occupearris of the landis, yairdis, bigingis, and houssis quhilk sum tymes pertenit to the Blakfreris of this burgh, now pertenyng to the gude toun, to remove thame selffis, seruandis and guddis, from thair possessionis liand within the glebis and landis and vtheris pairttis adiacent to the Hie Scole of this burgh, at Wytsounday nixt, vnder the hieast pane may be laid to thair charge.


The bailleis and counsale foresaid ordanis to warne all sic as hes choppis within this burgh having in the samyn stane chymlais within the hie gait, in oppin venellis or commoun passages, that thay remove the samyn betuix and Witsounday nixt, vnder the pane of casting doun of the saidis choppis, but fauouris.

6 April 1579.

Thesaurer, Ker, baillie, M'Gillis dochter.

[In presence of the bailies and council] it is concludit that the said Robert Kar, baillie, with ony sic vther tua personis as sall pleis him tak with him, pas to the Kingis Maiestie and his Hienes counsale in Striueling to ansuer to the letteris purchest be Jhonne Kennedy and Hew Kennedy concernyng the caus of revissing of maister Dauid M'Gillis dochter; ordanis commissioun be gevin to the said Kar vnder the seill of caus, and Stevinsoun pay his chairges.

10 April 1579.

Appoyntment betuix maister William Robertsoun, maister of the Hie Scole, and the gude toun, tuiching the vphald of the samyn wynd tycht, watter tycht, sclait, glas, and all vther necessaris as followis:

Hie Scole, Grammer Scole.

[The bailies and council,] efter lang ressonyng with maister William Robertoun, maister of the new Hie Scole, callyt the Grammer Scole of this burgh, newly foundit and biggit in the kirk yaird, quhair sumtyme stud the Blackfreir kirk of the samyn, tuiching the vphald of the said scole, wynde tycht, watter tycht, sclatis, glas wyndois, and like necessaris, it is concludyt and aggreit betuix baillies [and] counsale foresaid, and the said maister William Robertsoun, in maner following, that is to say, the said maister bynddis and oblissis him to the gude toun to vphald the said scole in all tymes cumming, wynd tycht, watter tycht, in thyking, slating, in durris, glas wyndos, and vther necessaris of the samyn, vpoun his auin charges and expenssis and all vther necessaris, as lokis, durris, braddis, stanchellis of irne, glas wyndois, and all vther necessaris; for the quhilk cause the said baillies and counsale appoynttis and assignis to the said maister and his successouris the auld dewtie vsit and wont, callit fyrma domus, and now of new reparatio or sustentatio domus, that is to say, of ilk bairne that sall resaue instructioun of the said maister within his said scole tua penneis at Witsounday and tua penneis at Mertymes, for the male and vphald of the said scole yeirlie in all necessaris foresaid, and as he presentlie resauis the samyn. . . .

24 April 1579.

Villa, uniuersitie.

The provest, baillies, and counsall ordanis maister Jhonne Preston, Alexander Vddert, Robert Kar, younger, William Littill, and Henry Chairteris, of the counsall, together with maister Clement Littill, maister Alexander Sym, aduocatis, to convene thame selues in the ministeris luging the morn be four houris efter none, for taiking of ordour anentis the founding of ane universitie, and to repoirt the nixt day.

29 April 1579.

Villa, Kar, auditouris of comptes.

The provest, baillies, counsale, and dekynnis foirsaidis having respect to the gude and thankfull seruice, together with the lairge expenssis maid be Robert Kar, baillie, of the yeir past, in his remaning in Striveling as capitane over ane hundreth men sent be the gude tovne thair to remane induring the tyme of the parliament, conforme to our Souerane Lordis wryting direct to thame to that effect, they ordane the auditouris of comptes to allow to him fourty pundis for his expenssis during the space of fyvetene dayes quhilkis he remanit thair, and this present ordinance salbe thair warrand.

Villa, maister and doctouris of Hie Scole.

The provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynis foirsaidis efter lang resonyng with the complaynt of maister William Robertoun, maister of the Hie Scole of this burgh, makand mention that the instructouris or doctouris of the youthheid vnder his chairge, in respect of thair parentis greit ingratitude in having na regaird to thair continuall travell and diligent instructing of the same, war of mynde to transpoirt thame selues to sic vther pairtis, quhairat they mycht resave greitter commoditie, alsveill in literature as to thair honest sustentatioun, quhilk, gif sua happynit to be, the sam suld be ane greit disprayse to the haill inhabitantis of the samyn burgh, by and attour the greit skaith the haill youthheid suld sustene for laik of eruditioun except remeid war provydit thairto. For remeid quhairof, they statute and ordane that in all tymes cuming, ilk bairn resauing instructioun in the said Hie Scole, being born bairn within this burgh, sall pay quarterlie to the maister thre schillingis and to his doctour twa schillingis, and the said maister and doctouris to take of ilk landwart bairn his aduantage; and sic like that na maner of scole maisteris in ony tyme heirefter be permitted to instruct or lern ony youthheid within this burgh, except they be first admitted be the provest, baillies, and counsall thairto, efter dew examination and tryell tane of thair qualificatioun be the avysce of the ministeris of this burgh, and that vnder the payment of ane vnlaw and pvneisment of the contravenar personis heirof at the juges will, and ordanis publicatioun to be opvnlie maid throw all the pairtis of this burgh to the effect nane pretend ignorance.

1 May 1579.

Proclamatio, Robene Hude playes.

The provest, baillies, counsall, and dekynis foirsaidis ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh be sound of tabouryne that na inhabitant within this burgh presume to accompany any sic as ar of mynde to renew the playes of Robene Hude, or assist the defence or persute of ony catt hoillis within this burgh common mylnis or ony vther pairtis thairabout, vnder the paynis of pvneisment of thame in thair bodies and gudes at the juges discretioun.

5 May 1579.

The Kingis writting of the asseige of Hammiltoun.

In presence of [the bailies and council,] the dekyn of the hammermen, baxteris, goldsmyths, masonis, wrychtis, barbouris, furrouris, wobstouris, walkeris, bonetmakeris, the said Archibald Stewart, provest, presented the Kingis Maiesties wryting quhilk he affermit he had resauit yestirnicht at aucht houris at evin, direct to the provest, baillies, counsall, dekynnis, and haill communitie of Edinburgh, of the quhilk the tenour followis:—Traist freindis, we greitt yow hertlie weill. Oure dewtie to God in doing of justice and suretie of our person, estait, and commoun weill of our realme, cravis that the authouris of the maist crewell murthouris of our progenitouris and deirest freindis salbe be pvneist as their wickit and tresonabill deseruings hes worthelie merited, seing the lawis of God and man sua allowis and that our maist faithfull counsallour and weilwillaris hes thocht the samyn maist necessar to be done without dilay, we have thairfoir commandit the personis of Clawde and Jhonne Hamyltonis sone to the vmquhill Duik of Chatellerault cheiflie culpabill of the said crewall morthoweris and declarit tratowris to ws to be apprehendit to the executioun quhairof the concourance of our maist faithfull and trew subiectis is requiset. Quhairfoir we desyr yew maist effectuouslie that, with the haill force and power that presentlie ye may mak, ye faill nocht to addres yow with all possabill speid after the seicht heirof to bear Hammiltoun and fra thyne to sic vther pairt, gif neid be, as ye salbe certefeit be thame quhome we sall direct to lat yow knaw forther of our mynd, thair to assist this our awin caus tuicheing our selff sumeirlie, as ye will declair ye sall prwfe of thair effectioun to ws and desyr our rest and fauour and gude will. This we commit yow to God. At our castell of Striueling, the secund day of May 1579.

Prouest, Tod.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis Robert Kar, baillie, Jhonne Jhounstoun of the counsale, and Jhonne Guthre, notar, to pas to Hew Tod, the clerk, and desyir the copye of the Kingis letteris quhilk war proclamit yister nicht efter viij houris at evin for passing to Hammyltoun, quhilk the said Hew alegit war send to Striueling and had nocht the samyn; and the said personis with Alexander Bruce and Dauid Williamson askit instrumentis.

Assege, Hammyltoun.

The prouest, baillies, counsale, and dekynnis ordanis Andro Stevinsoun, thesaurer, and Jhonne Jhounstoun of the counsale, to pas to the Lordis at Hammyltoun for ordour to be taikin with certane men of weyr to be send to the doun casting of Hammyltoun, quhair it wes aggreit that ijc men sould be send for ane moneth; and ordanis the said thesaurer to pay the chargis quhilk salbe allowit.

7 May 1579.

Assege, Hammyltoun.

The prouest and counsale ordanis ane proclamatioun to be maid be sound of trumpet that all maner of man within this burgh pas fordwert with deligence to the assault of Hammyltoun, vnder the panys conteinit the proclamatioun.

Villa, craftis.

The dekynnis of craftis oblis thame to furnys ane hundreth and fyftye men, gude sulderttis, to pas to Hammyltoun vpoun thair charges, for quhome thay oblis thame to ansuer to await vpoun my Lord Prouest, at his remanyng fra Hammyltoun for keiping of the gude toun and to haue iij s. on the day

Precept, thesaurer, Grahame.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis Andro Stevinsoun, thesaurer, to deliuer to Archibald Grahame for his charges send to Striueling with writingis to the King, the sowme of ten li.

9 May 1579.

Extent, souldartis, Hammiltoun.

The prouest, baillies, counsale, and deiknes grantis and sentis that ane generall extent of xijc pundis salbe liftit and rasit of the nichtbouris of this burgh for the waiges and furneissing of twa hundre men to be send to the saige of Hammiltoun, and ordanes thame to pas away with all deligence.

Capitanis Yourstoun and Inglis.

Capitanis William Yowrstoun and James Inglis ar chosin capitanes ouer thir cumpaneis. Thay haue acceptit the chairg and gewin thair aithis for trew seruice and faithfull obedience to the King, and sall depairt vpoun the mornyng tymlie.

15 May 1579.

Prouest, Hammilton, Streweling.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis the thesauaray to delyuer to the said provest for the ane hundrethe and threscoir menis expenssis quhilk watcheithe daylie and nychtlie in this toun during the nychtbouris being in, fourtie twa pundis x s.; for certane chairges maid be the baillies for careing of writting to Hammiltoun and Streweling, and to Robert Ker, baillie, direct alswa with his twa serwandis to Streweling in the tounis effairis in the tyme of the alssalt of Hammiltoun with the saidis writtingis, four pundis x s.

22 May 1579.

Conuening off the counsalouris

The prowest, baillies, and counsale foirseing and knawing the Conuening off the coun-salouris.appointit dayis and houris to the counsale vpoun the counsale dayis to be ouersene and nocht keipeit, quhairthrow the commoun effairis ar neglectit, for remeid quhairof thay ordane ilk counsalour to keip thair counsale dayis appointit, and entir to the keiping of the counsale dour befoir the counsale bell sceis reinging, and commandis that the dene of gild be present with the counsale, box, and tak of ewerieman that keipis nocht this ordour half ane merk, to be applyit to the puier, but fauouris.

29 May 1579.

Support, ministrie.

The prouest and counsale ordanis Jhonne Adamsone, Henry Charteris, and Jhonne Adamsone, to travell amangis the lordis of sessioun, scribis, and men of law, for thair support to the ministrie, and report with diligence.

11 June 1579.

Villa, Hie Scole.

Be the ordinance and command of Gilbert Dik, Luik Wilsoun, dene of gild, Andro Stewinsoun, thesaurer, Alexander Vdwart, [and five others of the council], Robert Ker, baillie, past to the Hie Scole of this burgh, quhair sumetyme wes the Blakfreir kirk of the samyn, and thair possessit and placit maister William Robertoun as maister thairoff, with the haill bairnes, and delyuerit to him the houssis and keyis thairoff, conforme to the actis and ordinance maid betuix thame and the said maister wan of befoir.

24 June 1579.

Villa, Rex.

Alexander Young, chalmer cheild to the Kingis Maiestie, presentis his Hienes writing desyring all sic as ar chosin dekynnis quhilkis had thair remayng in Edinburgh the tyme of the troublis, quhilk ar now chosin dekynnis, be deposit, and sic vtheris as seruit his Hienes be electit in thair places, and the ansuer to be send with deligence.

26 June 1579.

Dekynnis changeit.

The baillies and counsale, efter avisement with the Kingis Maiesteis writing tuiching the dischargeing of the dekynis quhilkis remanyt in Edinburgh and seruit the Kingis rebellis the tyme of the rebellioun of the castell of Edinburgh, the hale dekynnis of craftis being convenit to Dekynnis changeit. counsale and consent requyrit for satefeing of the said writing, thay fynd that Richesoun, saidler, seruit in the said toun the tyme of the rebellioun aboue writtin and electit Robert Abircrumby, saidler, in his place, quha seruit the Kingis Maiestie the tyme of the said troublis, to be dekyn in his place for the yeir to cum; in place of Thomas Diksoun, saidler, Archibald Leche; in place of William Fyddes, baxster, Thomas Andersoun, baxster; in place of George Heriot, Edwert Hart, goldsmyth; in place of William Weyr, cordainer, James Watsoun, cordiner; in place of Andro Williamsoun, wrycht, Thomas Wod, wrycht; in place of Thomas Blyth, wobster, Richert Dalglesche; in place of Thomas Andro, William Couttis; and becaus the remanent dekynis seruit the King Maiestie the tyme foresaid, thay ar continewit in thair places during the tyme aboue writtin.

27 June 1579.

Forman, counsalour.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale cheis James Forman, merchant, to be vpoun the counsale in absence of Jhonne Robertsoun, presentlie in France, and to haue voit in his place as ane counsalour quhill he returne on to Mychaelmes nixt.

30 June 1579.

Buryale, Athole.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] granttis and permittis that vpoun the wester pairt of Walter Chepmanis iyle fornent the Erle of Murrayis tombe salbe brokin, and thair ane buriall place be maid for the Erle of Athole.