Extracts from the Records: 1579, Jan-Mar

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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"Extracts from the Records: 1579, Jan-Mar". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1882), , British History Online. Web. 15 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/edinburgh-burgh-records/1573-89/pp98-103.

1579, Jan-Mar

7 January 1578–9.

The Kingis writing for continuation of the conventioun at Striueling, xvto Januarii 1578.

The Kingis writing for continuatioun of the conventioun appoyntit at Striueling xvto Januarii to the Parliament xmo. Martii.

Toun of Edinburgh. Amangis vtheris of oure nobelitie and estatis we wrait laitlie to yow for sending of sum commissionerris heir vpoun the xv day of Januer instant, bot finding the materis to be tretit vpoun requiring na sic haist bot that thai may be supersedit quhill the parliament appoyntit the ten day of Marche nixt, and having rispect to the wechtines of thame quhilkis cum ta na conclusioun bot be parliament, considdering alsua the present seasoun of the yeir, the schortnes of tyme betuix the appoynttit day of the conventioun and parliament, and how irksome and almaist vnpossebill it is and sould be to keip bayth the dayis within sa schortt space, vpoun consideratioun quhairof, as alsua for that it apperis sundry begynnis to wery that thay sould be drauin hidder sa oft seing sum personis being diuers tymes writtin for to haue reparit vnto ws, and nochtwithstanding come nocht, we haue thocht gude thairfor, with auise of our counsale and nobelit present, to stay the convenyng of yow and vtheris of our nobelite and estatis at this tyme quhill the said parliament, quhairof we thocht gude to gyf yow wairnyng that ye be nocht put to vnnecessare travell or tak occatioun to wery to your oft cuming, traisting in rispect heirof ye will with the better gude will cum prouidit to remane the longer at oure said parliament. Thus for the present we byd yow tair weill. Frome our castell of Striueling, the fift day of Januarii 1578. James R.

9 January 1578–9.

Collectouris for releif of the Scottismen with the Turk.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis William Naiper of Wrychtis houssis, Nicolas Vduart and Henry Charteris to pas amang the merchantis of this burgh and desyr thair almouis and support for the releif and libertie of the Scottismen detenit in Argieris vnder the greit Turk conforme to the Kingis Maiesties lettres direct to all the paroche kirkis of this his Hienes realme and quhat sal be resauit to be delyuerit to sic as ar appoynted in the saidis lettres or as sal be thocht gude be the avyse of the kirk of this tovne and counsall foirsaid, and siclike ordanis Michell Gilbert, goldsmyth, and James Inglis, skynner, to travell amang the craftismen of this burgh for the same effect.

Precept, gild, hospitall.

It being found gude be the ministeris and kirk of this burgh that the taibill of the Lord suld be celebrated vpon Sonday nixt in the hospitall of the Ternatie College to the bedrellis thair and sic vtheris as sall resort that day resaving thair tikketis conforme to the ordour, they ordane Lucas Wilson, dene of gild, to prepair for the said taibill all thingis necessar.

23 January 1578–9.

Lordis, laweris, scribes.

The provest, bailleis, and counsell ordanis Johne Johnestoun and Henry Charterous to travell amangis the lordis of sessioun, men of law, and scribes for thair suppoirt of the ministeris stipend, and to repoirt thair ansuer in the nixt counsall day.

Commissioun, Admirall of Ingland.

In presens of the provest, bailleis, and counsell, Johne Achesoun and maister Johne Provand produceit certane wryttingis with ane new commissioun frome the Admirall of Ingland send be Adame Fullertoun for examinatioun of the witnessis in the actioun of the merchandis of this realme; quhilk comissioun the saidis maister Johne Provand and Johne Achesoun hes in thair keping.

30 January 1578–9.

Collectour of annuellis.

[The bailies, council, and dean of guild] being convenit in the counsalhous of this burgh, and efter reasonyng with Robert Kar, younger, collectour constitute for vplifting and inbringing of the annuellis, males, dewiteis, and emolymenttis quhilkis heirtofore pertenit to preistis, monkis, freris, prebendaris, within this burgh, and now pertenyng to the minis terris of the samyn, appoynttit for thair stipend, and for the sustentatioun of the pure of the hospitale of the Trinitie College, it was menit be the said collectour, that in default of the jugeis to quhom commissioun wes giffin to sit and juge on sic caussis, and in default of vtheris members of court neidfull, sic as clerk, dempster, seriand, wer nocht as yit nominat, sworne, and admittit thairto, nor creat as ordoure hes been, quhairfore he desyrit the saidis commissaris to be send for, and according to thair commissionis to begin vpoun Moninday nixt, within the tolbuith of this burgh, at laufull tyme of day, thair courtis to fens and hald, thair clerkis, dempsteris, seriandis, and vtheris officiaris to creatt, thair aythis to tak, and heir be sworne with justice to proceid according to the tennour of thair saidis commissionis; quhilk done, God willing, he sould be found diligent in his office, intenting of guid actiones, persewing of the samyn, and forder to proceid to the glorie of God, commoditie of the kirk and hospitale foirsaid; quhilk hard, ressonit be the awyis of the bailleis and counsell afoir writtin, and avysandlie considderit, thay nominat, makis, constitutis, and ordanis maister Alexander Guthrie, eldest sone to Alexander Guthrie, thair commoun clerk, thair clerk to the saidis commissioneris, quha in thair presence being sworn, gaif his ayth for faithfull execution of the said office; and thay ordane thairfoir the collectouris present and to cum, to gif him yeirlie for his panes the sowme of threttie pundis vsuall money of this realm.

Precept, gild, souyth kirk duir.

The bailleis and counsell ordanis Lucas Wilsoun, dene of gild, with the awyse of maister James Lowsoun, minister, Williame Litle, maister Johne Prestoun, Gilbert Dik, baillie, James Ros, and Alexander Vddert, to big vp the ylis of the kirk and in speciall the souith kirk duir passand to the said maister James lugeing throuch his yaird, quhair now is maid ane place of filth, and making of watter, payument and fluir of the samyn in decent maner according to the devyse of the personis aboue writtin; and the samyn sal be allowit in his comptis, produceand the samyn for his warrand, and siclik to big Sanct Jhonis Ile on the north syde of the kirk.

31 January 1578-9.


[The provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] being convenit within the counsalehous of this burgh, to quhome it wes proponit be the said provest that he had hard diuers bruittis and rumoris tending to all apperance to sum inquietatioun within this burgh, insafer as become him of his devetie, being thair provest, to be cairfull for the samyn and for every inhabitant thairof, he jugeit it suld be weill done that the watche suld be strenthit and inlargeit induring thair plesuris; quhilk hard and rypelie considderit, thay, all in ane voce, statuittis and ordanis for the better serving of the Kingis Maiestie, that thair sal be ane nychtlie vetche of ane hundreth personis, maist honest and qualefeit men, weill furnesit in thair awin personis with armour and wappinnis, in maner following vizt.—the souyth pairt of the towne to keip the watche the first sax nichtis, and the north pairt nixt four nichtis, to be set and plaisit with the bailleis of the quarteris and sik as thai sall depuit, and that nane be thair bot able and qualefeit men in thair awin personis as said is.

4 February 1578-9.

For cloising of the kirk durris.

The bailleis and counsell foirsaid, eftir avisement with the trubbillis quhilkis yesterday chansit betuix the Lord Seytoun and the Laird of Inuermarkie, within the paroche kirk of this burgh, they ordane fra this furth that the duirris of the samyn be steikit and kepit clois fra this day furth, exceptand onelie the tyme of preching and prayeris, and that nane be sufferit for conversatioun or commonyng within the said kirk, and that the beddellis and keparis of the said kirk keip the duirris thairof clois exceptand the tyme befoir exceptit, as thai will ansuir vpone thair vthermest chairge.


The provest, bailleis, and counsell ordanis Johne Johnestoun and maister Johne Prestoun, with awyse of maister James Lowsoun, minister, to entir in ressonyng with maister Robert Pount, provest of the Trinitie College, in the materis betuix the towne and him concernyng the hospitall thair, and to repoirt thair ansuir the nixt counsall day.

13 February 1578-9.

Thesaurer Hie Scole, prouest.

[The treasurer is ordained to pay Archibald Stewart, provost, 35 merks "for the Mertimes termes maill, 1578, last," and other 25 merks "for the Witsondayis termes maill, 1579," of the High School, and to give over the said school to the provost, because there is a new school built in the Blackfreir Kirkyard.]

16 February 1578-9.

The Kingis writing to keip the conventioun the x of Marche nixt at the parliament at Striueling.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ressauit the Kingis Grace wrytting, off the quhilk the tenour followis:—Toun of Edinburgh, we greit you hartlie weill. Oure parliament being continewit as ye knaw to the tent day of Marche nixt, nixt to cum, and now the dyat shortlie approcheing, quhair sindrye thingis ar to be consultit vpoun tuiching our estait and commoun weill of oure realme, we haue thocht expedient thairfore, be our awin letter, with the auise of oure counsale, to remember you and effectuislie to desyre you that ye will addres and send your commissioneris to be with ws heir at Striueling, the tent day of Marche nixt to cum, that with commoun aduise and concurrance, materis may proceid in sic dew ordour as the grauitie and wecht of thame cravis, to the plesour of God, oure honour and common weill, and commoun weill of oure realme; and sua houpping that ye will nocht fale to caus your saidis commissaris keip this dyat, we commyt yow to the protectioun of the Almychtie. At Striueling, the xiiij day of Fabruer 1578. JAMES R.

18 February 1578-9.

Villa, Mureheid, dycer.

Robert Mureheid, accusit for vsing of fals dyce and for dissaving of ane servand of the laird of Buquham fra quhome he wan the sowme of fyftie merkis or thairby, for the quhilk caus he is decernit to remane in waird ay and quhill he rander and restoir the said sowme agane; and incontinent thairefter the said Robert confessit the dissaving of the said lairdis servand, in wynning of the sowme of xxiiij li., quhilk thai ordane to be redeemerit as said is, and the said Robert Mureheid and [blank] Lyndsay, his spous, actis thame selffis neuir to be found vsing the lyik schift within this towne, vnder the pane of banessing the samyn for euir.

25 February 1578-9.

Pont, Litle, Johnestoun, Clerk, vniuerseteis.

The prouest, bailleis, and counsell ordanis Alexander Clerk, Williame Litle, and Johne Johnestoun to convene vpone Setterday eftirnone nixt with maister Robert Pont, and entir in forther ressonyng with him tuiching the erectioun and fundatioun of the uniuerseteis in the Trinitie College, and repoirt thair ansuer the nixt counsall day.

27 March 1579.

Sesing, ministeris, mans.

[The provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] commandis and chairges Alexander Guthrie, thair common clerk, to gif sesing to maister James Lowsoun and Johne Durie, for thameselfis and in name of the ministeris, of the mans, duelling houssis, and yairdis within Sanct Gelis Kirk yaird, conforme to the designatioun past of befoir; and thai sall warrand him thairof.