Extracts from the Records: 1582, Jul-Sept

Pages 237-249

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1582, Jul-Sept

6 July 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, well in the castell bank.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis William Littill, Andro Sclater, and the thesaurer, Jhone Robertsoun, to caus big, clenge, and repair the well in the castell bank, and the thesaurer to mak the expenssis thairof, and to avance the sowm of threttie li. to the said William and Andro for doing thairof.

Commissioneris with the kirk to Sanct Jhonestoun.

Ordanis Jhone Aichesoun, and Jhone Adamsoun to pas to Sanct Jhonestoun to the Kingis Grace, with James Lowsoun, to travell and concur with him in the effairis of the kirk, and thai lykwayes to haif power to travell anent the downgitting of the justice air.

1 August 1582.

Commissio, Ramsay to tak vp men of weir.

Comperit capitane Henry Ramsay quha producet the commissioun vnderwrittin, of the quhilk the tenour followes:—James be the Grace of God, King of Scottis, to all and sindry our lieges and subiectis quhome it efferis, to quhais knawlege thir present lettres sall cum greting. Witt ye ws to haif gevin and grantit and committit, and be the tenour of thir present lettres with avyse of the lordis of our secreitt counsall, gevis, grantis, and committis our power and commissioun to our weilbelouet Henry Ramsay, to levie and tak vp within our realm ane band of twa hundreth futemen of weir, and to pas with the sam furth of the sam realm to the pairties beyond sey for seruing of our freindis and confederatis, ower the quhilkis we mak and constitute him cheif capitane and commander, with power to him to caus strik ane drumin quhatsumeuir pairt of our realm, and to elect lieutennent and vther officiaris and memberis of his said band neidfull, and generallie all vther thingis to do and vse that for executioun of the premissis is necessarlie requyret to be done, for the quhilk we will and grantis that the said Henry Ramsay sall incur na paynes, skayth, or daynger in his persoun, landis, or guidis be ony maner of way in tyme cuming, nochtwithstanding ony our actis, statutes, or constitutiounis quhatsumeuir maid or to be maid in the contrair, anent the quhilkis and paynis contenit thairinto we dispense be thir presentis, dischairgeing heirfore all and sindry our juges and ministeris of lawes, and specially our prouest and baillies of burrowes, thair deputis and officiaris, of all stopping, trubling, impediment making to the said Henry in leveing and transporting of the said men of weir in maner and to the effect foresaid, as thai will ansuer to ws vpoun thair obedience and of thair offices in that pairt. Gevin vnder our signett and subscryuet with our hand at Perth the xxvj day of July, and of our regne the fyftein year 1582. James R. Lennox, Crawfurd; and on the bak thairof, apud Perth xxvj July, anno etc. lxxxij. Sederunt:—Lennox, Crawfurd, Montroyis, Downe, comptroller, Clerk of Register, Justice Clerk. Red, past, and allowet in counsall. James Androw. In respect quhairof the saidis prouest, baillies, and counsall grantis and permittis the said capitaine to raise the said men of weir within the fredom of this burgh and strik his drum throw the sam, conform to the said commission quhilk thay ordanit to be registrat in thair buikis for the townis warrand.

Dispositioun of the office of the maister of the Sang Schole to Henrysoun.

The foresaidis prouest, baillies, and counsall and * * deykinis of craftis, grantis, gevis, and disponis to James Henrysoun, lawfull sone to vmquhill Edward Henrysoun, the office of the maister of the sang schole of the said burgh and taikin vp of the psalmes in the kirk, now vacand in thair handis and at thair dispositioun be the dimissioun of maister Androw Buchane last maister thairof, to be peaceblie bruiket and sysit be the said James induring thair guid willis allanerly, with all proffeittis, dewteis, and casualteis belanging thairto, siclyke as the said vmquhill Andro had the sam of before, saiffand that thai gif and assignis to the said James the sowm of ten pund onely for his stipend, and to be payit to him be thair thesaureris present and to cum, and to haif the occupatioun of the hous and land besyde Sanct Paules wark presently occupeit be him and that mail frie in contentatioun of his scholehous maill, sa lang as it sall pleis the guid town to suffer him to occupy the sam, and quhen thai sall remoue him thairfra to augment his stipend for the sam.

10 August 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, schore of Leyth.

The baillies and counsall ordanis Jhonne Robertsoun, thesaurer, to cause repair and mend the ringis and makfastis on the schore of Leyth for seruing and halding of the schipis.

24 August 1582.

Watche in the stepill, gild.

[The provost, bailies, and council] in respect of the apperand trubill and commotioun in the cuntrie and amangis the nobilitie, ordanis the dene of gild to fie four habill men and place them in the stepill for gairding and keping thairof, tua of thame to serue for the day, and twa for the nycht, and to agre for thair wadges.

Watche, proclamatioun, men of weir, hostilleris.

The prouest, baillies, and counsall, with ane greitt pairt of the deykinis, ordanes ane scailt watche to be kepit bayth day and nycht in the town, ane quarter euery xxiiij houris, and that ilk persoun that is haill and present watche in his awin persoun, and als that proclamatioun be maid chargeing all men of weir to pas of the town, and that all hostilleris gif vp to the baillies the names of the persounis ludgeand with thame, vnder the payne of [blank] to be tane of thame that failyeis.

25 August 1582.

Duik of Lenenox demandis of the towne, and ansuer thairto.

In presens of [the provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts,] comperit Esme, Duik of Lenenox, with certane of the nobility and barones of Louthian quhair the said Duik, be maister Dauid M'Gill his interpretour, after declaratioun of his guid will and mynd to the Kingis Grace, relligioun and haill body of the realme schew and allegeit that the Kingis Grace was tane and detenit agane his will be certan of the nobility, to witt, the Erles of Gowrie, Mar, and Maister of Glammis, and vtheris, quhairvpoun thair wes apperant trublis to aryse, for the quhilk caus he desyrit the guid toun to concur with him and writt to the barones heirabout to convene in this burgh and gif thair avyse in this mater, nixt desyrit that he mycht mak publicatioun be oppin proclamatioun of his procedings in this realm sen his first cuming thairto, last that gif his aduersares suld purches charges fra the Kingis Grace to the town for his hurt or to tak and apprehend him, quhat wald be the townes pairt; quhilk being declarit, the saidis prouest, baillies, and counsall tuik thame to thair avysement thairwith, and the said Duik being depairtit to his lugeing with his compane, the saidis prouest, baillies, counsall, and deykinis after deliberatioun concludit to ansuer to the first heid that thai culd nocht writt to the barones becaus thai wer nocht in vse thairof, and, gif his grace wrott to thame or ony vtheris, to desyre that na greitt forces suld repair to the town, and ilk nobillman or gentilman to cum with his awin houshald allanerly; to the nixt heid, that quhen the Duik had schawin to thame in writt the forme of his declaratioun, thai wald gif him ansuer thairto; as to the last, thai culd nocht be resoluet thairwith before thai knew of the estaitt of the Kingis Maiestie, and it beand knawin that his Maiestie is at libertie thai man obey his will and plesour, gif he be detenit thai will acknawlege na chairges: and this ansuer thai appoyntet my lord prouest and sum vtheris to pas and schaw to his lordship.

27 August 1582.

Proclamatio, statute, watche, men of weir, strayngeris, airmour.

The foresaidis prouest, baillies, counsall, and dekynis maid and sett furth the statute vnderwrittin, and ordanet the sam to be proclamet be sound of trumpett at the mercat croce of this burgh, to witt:— Forswamekill as our Souerane Lord the Kingis Maiestie, vpoun occasioun of this apperand trubill and vnquyetnes within the realm, hes gevin speciall directioun and command to the prouest and baillies of this burgh to tak ordour for the suir keping of the towne and placeing of sic watche at euery port thairof and vther places neidfull, bayth day and nicht, as may assure the sam fra the surpryse of ony forane powers, and in the mean tyme to suffer na hakbuteris or vther men of weir to be, ather oppinly be sound of drum, or privatlie, leveit and tane vp to ony mannis behufe within the sam, and to refuis entrie or acces to quhatsumeuir extraordinar poweris and greitt cumpaneis of men in airmis that thai may nocht command; for the quhilk caus the saidis prouest, baillies, and counsall hes appoyntit ane stark watche to be had and keipit fra this tyme furth of the nichtbouris of this burgh, ane quarter thairof ilk xxiiij houris, begynnand this nicht at the south west quarter to be sett at sex houris at evin, and swa furth throw the rest of the town, to convene and keip gaird at the flesche mercatt, and ane pairt to be putt to the portis and vther places neidfull: Quhairfore I command and chairge in our Souerane Lordis name, and in name and behalf of the prouest and baillies of the said burgh, that all the nichtbouris of the samyn, burgessis and friemen and vtheris, be reddy to convene be thair quarteris at the said houris, as thai sall be wairnet be sound of swesche to the said watches, the persounis present and haill in body to watche in propir persounis, sic as ar sik or absent to send in thair place ane habill man weil airmit, vnder the payne of xviij s. vnforgevin ilk persoun swa oft as thai failyie, and that thai obey the command and directiounis of the maiestratis, or sic as thai sall appoynt ower the watche, siclyke that all that ar nocht on the watche haif thair armour in reddynes in thair houssis and foirbuithis, lang wappounis or hakbutis, and that ilk persoun weir his sword about him and schaw himselff willing and reddy in defence of the town and stayncheing of tumultis, vnder the said payne.

Attour, I command and charge in our Souerane Lordis name, and in name and behalf foresaid, that na maner of persounis by and attour the nychtbouris of the burgh, weir jakis or vther airmour, beir pistulis, hakbutis or ony vther fyre wark, and that na capitanes or vtheris presum or attempt in tyme cuming to levie or raise ony men of weir priuatlie or oppinlie within the fredome of this burgh to the behuif of ony man, without speciall licence of the Kingis Maiestie to be obtenit and grantit after the daitt heirof, and without the speciall knawlege of the maiestratis of the said burgh, vnder the payne of imprisounment of thair persounis, bayth capitanis and sowldiouris, quhill the Kingis Maiestie declair his will vpoun thame. Last, that na strayngeris, gentilmen or vtheris, be fund walkand throw the hie streitis or owtwith thair lugeingis after ix houris at evin, vnder the payne of imprisonment and pvnissing of thair persounis at the will of the maiestratis.

Kingis Maiesteis lettre anent his customes, to Gourlaw, customer.

William Littill, commissioner direct to Sanct Jhoneston to the Kingis Maiestie, producet his Hienes lettre to the town, togidder with ane lettre anent the customes, quhilk the saidis prouest, baillies, and counsall ordanit to be registrat in thair buikis, of the quhilk the tenour followes:—Followes the tenour of the said lettre anent the customes:—Rex. Robert Gourlaw, customer of Edinburgh and clerk of the coquett thairof, we greitt yow weill. It is our will and we command yow that ye resaue custome pas coquettis to all our subiectis offerand to custome thair guidis within the fredome of our said burgh according to the vse and wont obseuret thir xx yeiris bygane and mair, ay and quhill thair be ane finall and resolute ordour appoyntit be sic as we sall direct to accord with the commissioneris of our burrowes thairanent, nochtwithstanding ony directioun gevin be the auditouris of our Chekker, dispensand thairwith in the meane tyme quhill the tent day of Nouember nixtocum, agane the quhilk day we will the commissioneris of burrowes nominat for this effect to convene at our burgh of Edinburgh, and to proceid in conference and taking of the said fynall ordour. Subscryuet with our hand at Perth the xxv. day of August 1582, and of our regne the xvj yeir, James R. Lenox, Gowry.

Kingis Maiesteis lettre anent the keping of the town, etc.

Followes the Kingis Grace lettre missiue anent the keping of the towne. Trest freindis, we greitt yow weill. We haue tane gude occasioun of this apparent trouble and vnquyetnes within our realme to desyre yow richt affectiouslie as our guid subiectis, of quhais affectioun to our seruice and obedience we have had speciall pruif at all tymes sen our coronatioun, that ye contene yow peaceblie and quyett at this tyme, vnmovit or perswadit be ony man of quhat estaitt saeuir he be, to ryse in airmes or joyn your selffis in ony sort with him to the furtherance or hinder of quhatsoeuir actioun or querrell, bot addres yow to tak ordour for the suir keping of your burgh and placeing of sic watche at euerie port thairof and vther places neidfull bayth day and nicht as may assuir yow fra the surpryse of ony foreyne poweris, and in the meane tyme that ye suffer nor permitt na hakbuteris nor vther men of weir to be, ather opinlie be sound of drum, or priuelie, sa far as ye can learne and vnderstand, be levied and tane vp to ony manis behove within your towne without our speciall commissioun and warrand daittit after this, refuising entrie or acces to quhatsumeuir extraordinare poweris and greitt companeis of men in airmes that ye may nocht command, and keping the ferry port and passage of Leith opin and patent to all our peaceble and quyett subiectis to gang and cum as thai sall haif occasioun, as ye will ansuer to us vpoun the contrarie, swa lippynning to your guid attendance heiranent we committ yow to God. Frome Perth this xxv of August, 1582. James R. To our trest freindis, the prouest, baillies, and counsall of our burgh of Edinburgh.

Precept, thesaurer, town wall.

Ordanis Jhone Robertsoun, thesaurer, or Andro Sclater in his absence, to caus remoue and tak away the red owtwith the towne wall besyde the Kowgaitt port, repair and mend the faltis of the said wall.

29 August 1582.

Precept, Ker, collectour, Moresoun.

Ordanis Robert Ker, baillie, collectour of the restis of the townes comptis, to pay and delyuer to Jhone Moresoun, baillie, the sowm of foure score pundis debursit be him for making and bying of twa drinkin syluer peices to be bestowet and disponit to the townis behuif.

3 September 1582.

Lettre from the Kingis Grace and Lordis, and ansner thairto.

In presens of [the provost, bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] comperit Alexander Vddert, Jhonn Adamsoun, and John Wilky, quha wes direct to the Kingis Grace, and after declaratioun of thair procedingis and of the Kingis ansuer and mynd schawin to thame, producet ane lettre frome his Grace direct to the guid [town] togidder with ane vther lettre from the Lordis, and ane proclamatioun to be maid anent his Maiesties libertie, quhilkis lettres thai ordane to be registrat. Followes the tenour of the Kingis lettre:—Trest freindis, we greitt yow weill. We haue resauet your lettre, quhairanent for that we vnderstand that sic seditious bruitis as heirtofore wer spred within your town of our detening in our burgh of Perth aganis our will, ar now renewet of our remaning heir of intentioun to charge the nobillmen and vtheris our counsalouris heir resident with ws with our coptiuitie, and to perswade our lieges and guid subiectis to enter in opinioun of that quhairof we haif sene yit na probabilitie, we haif thocht guid to signifie vnto yow the contrarie be the present, desyring yow to lett the sam be notifeit to all and sindrie the inhabitantis within your burgh be publicatioun of this our proclamatioun, quhilk we haue sent yow heirwith to be proclamet at your mercat croce on Mononday nixt in the mene tyme becaus that our intentioun is to come to Edinburgh sa sone as we haue tane some ordour with the convoy quhilk our nobilitie and vtheris present intendis to give ws, we luke that ye will haue ane resonabill power of your town in redynes to watche ws sa lang as we sall think expedient to imploy thame, and to that tyme that ye continew cairfull of the security of our darrest cousingis persoun quhilk ye haue thair amang your handis, and quhat reasonabill gairde he sall requyre yow of your nichtbouris and inhabitantis to latt him haue, in that he may be thairby assuret fra the violence and iniury of quhatsumeuir his evill willeris that sall repair within the town to do him any harme or truble, as ye will ansuer to ws thairvpoun. Thus we committ yow to God. From Stirling castell, this first of September 1582. James R. Followes the lettre from the Lordis. [The letter is not engrossed, and there is written on the margin, 'Note.—The prouest hes this lettre quhilk is to be putt in this blank.']

Thairafter comperit Capitane James Cvninghame as direct fra the said Lordis, and in thair names declairit that thai menit na vther thing bot the mentenance of relligioun, reformatioun of the commoun weill, and mentenance of the Kingis Maiesteis crowne quhilkis all thai saw to be in greitt hasart and dyuerslie abusit, desyring thairfore the guid toun to assist for reformatioun thairof, with the quhilk the said prouest, baillies, counsall, and deykinis being avysit agreit to gif thair concurrence for mayntenence of the relligioun, Kingis Maiestie, and commoun weill, and ordanit lettres to be direct to the said Lordis ansuerand to thair said lettre and declairing that thai will concur as said is.

4 September 1582.

Ros, Galbrayth, commissioneris to the King.

The prouest, baillies, counsall, and deykinis foresaidis vottit and agreit to send to the Kingis Maiestie, James Ros, merchant, and Edward Galbrayth, skynner, with lettres frome the town, ansuerand to his Maiesteis former lettre and last, desyring his Maiestie to tak sic ordour at his cuming that the toun be nocht putt in perell nor yitt suppressit with sic als with an lettre to the Lordis desyring incais of thair cuming that assurance mycht be grantet to the Duik during his remaning in the toun, becaus he is cum vnder thair saifgaird.

5 September 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, javellour.

Ordanis Andro Lindsay, javellour, to caus mak and furneis new tubis in the tolbuith for seruing the wairdouris, als to caus clenge the privie thairof, and the thesaurer to refound to him the expenssis.

7 September 1582.

Proclamatio, nicht walking.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh for keping of guid ordour, obedience, quyetnes, and amitie within the said burgh, that na maner of persounis, strayngeris, remaning in the sam or resorting thairto, be fund passand vp and down the streittis thairof bot that thai keip thair lugeningis fra nyne houris at evin furth, and siclyke that na nichtbouris burgessis, and fremen presume or tak vpoun hand fra the said hour furth to mak ony conventionis and gadderingis or pas throw the streittis in companeis, bot that thai in sober and quyet maner reteir and draw thame selffis to thair houssis and duelling places, making na prouocatiounis ane to ane vther in countenance, word, or deid, bot behaif thame selffis as peacebill and loving brethrein, with certificatioun to the saidis persounis, als weill strayngeris and freind, doand in the contrair heirof, that thai sall be apprehendit, imprisonit, and accuset as nicht walkeris, seditious pepill and makeris of convocatiounis, and pvnist in thair boddis and guidis according to thair demeritis at the will and plesure of the maiestratis but favour.

Precept, thesaurer, Adamsoun, Vddert, Wilkyn.

Ordanis Jhonne Robertsoun, thesaurer, to pay to Alexander Vddert, Jhonne Adamsoun, and Jhonne Wilkyn, the sowm of threttein pund, nynetein schillingis, twa penneis, for thair expenssis in passing to Stirling to the Kingis Grace in the townis effaires, specially for hame bringing of Jhonne Dury, minister, and anent the Duik, and for gairding of the toun.

Stepill watche dischairget.

Dischairges forther watcheing of the stepill fra this day furth, and ordanis the dene of gild to brek the persounis appoyntet thairto.

11 September 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, Bynning, boy to Stirling.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis Jhonne Robertsoun, thesaurer, to pay to Rychert Bynning, messinger, sex schillings, aucht penneis, for making of the Kingis proclamatioun, als to pay to a boy for passing twyse to Stirling in the townes effairis with lettres, twa merk.

Gatt in voluntate.

Charles Gatt, in Leyth, come in the townis willis for cutting of ane tow of a Norway manis schip, and oblist him nocht to do the lyke in tyme cuming, vnder sic paynes as the town sall lay to his charge.

18 September 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, nichtbouris expenssis in Sanct Jhonestoun.

[The provost, bailies, and council] ordanis Jhonne Robertsoun, thesaurer, to pay to James Nicoll, merchant, the sowm of ane hundreth sevin pundis, fourtein schillingis, debursit be him for the expenssis of my lord prouest, and the nychtbouris quha raid to Sanct Jhonestoun with his lordship to the Kingis Grace about the ix of Julii last in the effaires of the town, specially for down getting of the justice and chalmerlane airis, and remanet thair be the space of aucht dayes with thair hors and seruandis.

26 September 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, Harwod.

Ordanis Jhonne Robertsoun, thesaurer, to pay to Jhonne Harwod, dene of gild, the sowm of twenty pund debursit be him in the townes effairs and at thair command, to witt, for the expenssis and wedges of certane men putt in the stepill for keping thairof the space of [blank] dayes, the tyme of this laitt appearance of trubill, and als for sending away of certane missiues to the burrowes anent the new customes of France, and for the expenssis of thre hors quhilk wes feyit for Henry Ros, William Fairlie, and Alexander Owsteane, to haif past to Stirling, conform to the particulare compt heirof gevin in be the said Jhone.

Kingis bairnis, priuelege of burges and gild.

In considderatioun of the guid seruice done to the town be vmquhill Alexander King, Aduocatt, and sumtyme clerk deputt of this burgh, and vnderstanding that he wes bayth burges and gild brother nochtwithstanding that his name wes nocht insert in the lokkett buikis, thairfore gevis and grantis to his airis and bairnes the richt and priuelege of the bairnis of ane burges and gild brother to be admittit thairto for the sam dewty, and thair names insert in the gild buik quhen thai requyre the sam.

Lordis lettre and ansuer thairto anent electioun of the maiestratis.

Comperit capitane James Cvninghame, as direct fra the erlis of Mar, Gowry, Lord Dunfermling, Byde, Lyndsay, Cambuskynneth, of the Kingis Maiestie secreitt counsall, and producet ane bill subscryuet be the saidis Lordis quhairin thai in effect desyret that the town suld be war in thair present electioun to put vpoun the lyttis any sic as hes kythet thame selffis factious and vnquyet at this tyme, bot to vse the counsall of the ministeris to quhome the said Lordis hes comunicat thair myndis, desyring to gif forther care and credite to the berer as to thame selffis, as at lenth is contenit in the said lettre daittit fra Stirling the xxiiij of September instant; and the said James credit being hard at lenth, he declairit in effect that the said Lordis meanet nocht to hurt the townis priueleges bot rather to meaneteyne the sam, and willit that the guid town for thair plesour and requeist, and in consideratioun of this present necessitie and vnquyet tyme, suld elect ane of thir persounis, viz: the capitane of the castell, Lord Lyndsay, laird of Arnestoun, laird of Cleische, to be prouest for this present yeir, and als to elect Jhonne Adamsoun, maister Michaell Chisholm, Andro Sclater, Jhonne Arnott, Jhonne Jhonestoun, Robert Bog, or ony four [of] thame to be baillies, and Adame Fullertoun to be dene of gild; with the quhilk the said prouest, baillies, and counsall, being avyset, ansuerit that the tyme thairof wes nocht this day, bot thai suld in thair awin place elect sic as thai mycht fynd maist meitt for the weill of the town, and as thai wald ansuer to the Kingis Maiestie, and ordanis ane ansuer to be maid in writt heirvpoun to the said Lordis.

27 September 1582.

Rex, electioun of the magestratis.

In presens of the prouest, baillies, and counsall, and pairt of the deykinis of craftis, comperit maister George Young, seruitour to the Kingis Maiestie, and producet ane lettre from his Maiestie direct to the prouest, baillies, counsall, and deykinis, and all vtheris having vote in the electioun of the maiestratis for this nixt yeir, of the quhilk lettre the tenour followes:— Traist freindis, we greitt you weill. For the better furthsetting of our authoritie and seruice and retening of our guid subiectis in quyetnes at our conventioun approcheing, and prevening of all dayngeris amang sic as sall repair thairto, vpoun the occasioun of the haill trubles quhilk may possiblie fall owt sen we ar vncertane gif the myndis of all persounis be yitt satled, we haif tane occasioun to direct this our lettre desyring yow affectuouslie to elect and cheis sic persounis to bear publict offices within that our burgh for the yeir to cum as feiris God, ar wyse, honest, discreitt, and cheiflie that hes constantlie avowet the caus of God and the furthsetting of our authoritie and seruice at all tymes sen our coronatioun, quhairthrow bayth we and all that sall convene within your burgh to that effect may be in surtie and gude ordour kepit amangis all estaittis of persounis, quhairin ye sall do ws acceptabill pleasour and guid seruice, as we haif the berer our seruand to dilate vnto yow at gritter lenth quhome ye sall credite. Thus we committ you to God. Frome Stirling castell, this xxiiij of September, 1582. James R. And the said maister George credite beand hard, he declarit that his Maiestie wald nocht hurt the townes priueleges bot rather meaneteyne the sam, and thairfore left the electioun and nominatioun of the maiestratis in thair awin handis, thai beand persounis of the qualiteis contenit in the said lettre; and the said prouest, baillies, and counsall, and deykinis ordanet ane lettre of maist humbill and hartlie thankis to be writ to his Maiestie.

28 September 1582.

Prouestis vottis.

At after none, in presens of the baillies and ane pairt of the counsall, auld and new, my lord prouest, with thair avyse and consent, becaus his lordship wes to pas ower the watter, left his twa votes in electioun of the maiestratis to Robert Ker, baillie, in cais his lordship returnet nocht befor the said electioun.