Extracts from the Records: 1582, Oct-Dec

Pages 250-263

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1582, Oct-Dec

2 October 1582.

Electioun of the maiestrattis, and protestatiounis of the baillies and of the craftis.

[The bailies, old council, and new council] being conuenit for electioune of the new provest, baillies, and dene of gild, and thesaurer of the said burgh for the yeire to cum, furth of the persones nominat and putt vpoun the lyttis thairof vpoun Fryday last bypast, the said bailleis and counsall, auld and new,[except certain four craftsmen] all in ane voitt pairtit, devydit, and cuist the tuelf lytes for the new baillies in foure seuerall rankis for electing ane baillie furth of ewerie rank thairof, conforme to the ordource contenewallie obseruit thro money yeris bygane, in maner following, to wit:— for the first rank, Andro Sclater, James Ros, Jhone Arnot; for the second rank, Johne Addesoun, Robert Bog, Johne Mayne; for the third, maister Michael Chisholm Johne Achesoune, Patrick Cochrane; for the fourt rank, Williame Fairlie, Mark Ker, Dauid Williamesoune: and the said foure craftismen of the auld and new counsall, viz.:— Thomas Myllare, cuitleare, Jhone Banatyne, skynnare, James Fergussoune, boware, Jhone Barnisfather, tailyeoure, dissentit alluterlie to the casting of the saidis lytis alleging the samyn to haiwe bene aganis all guid ordoure and ressoune, and thairfoire desyring the electioune of the said bailleis to be maid furth of the haill tuelf lyttis indifferentlie, and thairvpoun askit instrumentis and actis of court.

Thairefter comperit the dekinis of craftis underwritten, that is to say, Gilbert Prymrose, chirurgeane [and thirteen others] and that for gevin of thaire voitis with the bailleis and counsalle befoire expremit in electioune of the said new provest, bailleis, dene of guild, and thesaurer, and in all thaire presence, ane lettre direct from oure Souerane Lord to the said provest, bailleis, counsaille, and deykinis wes opinit and red, quhairin his Maiestie recommendet to thame Alexander Clerk of Balbirnie, provest, desyring that he mycht be contenewit for the yeire to cum, as at maire lenth is contenit in the said lettre daittit at Striweling castell, the first of October instant.

And the said bailleis and counsaille being abyding vpoun the cuming of the ordinare assessouris to gif thair woites in the said electioune, the said Robert Ker past to the counsalhous dur, and thair finding ane gritt multitude of pepill of the craftis assemblit to the number of ijc persones or thairby, as was estemit, and the said baillie remaning a certane space thaire at lenth returnit and schew and declarit that the said multitude had debarrit and stoppit maister Johne Scherp, assissour, to cum in to the counsallhous and occupy his place of assissour, and menassit him, as alsua menassit and boistit the said baillie in word and deid, and put handis on him; quhilk being declaret be him to the remanent bailleis, counsaille, and deykinis being present, the said remanent bailleis and counsaille requyrit the said baillie, in presens of the clerk of court, to command the multitude to depairt, quha immediatlie thairefter passit to the counsalhous dur, and be his awin mouth chairgit the said people in oure Souerane Lordis name to pass and returne to thaire houssis and retene thame selffis in quyet and peceable maner, quha refurssit to obey ane pairt alleging that thai wald nocht aknawledge him as ane baillie, and the multitude ansuering with tumultuous wordis mening, as apperit, to seditioun, vpoun the quhilk the said baillie maid protestationes and tuik instrumentis: and Gilbert Primrose, deykin of the chirurgeanis, for him selff and in name of the haill deykinis, protestit and tuik instrumentis in the contraire, declaring and alleging that thai knew nocht of the conveyning of the said pepille and menit na thing bot quyetnes and nocht to mak ony molestatioun.

Thairefter the said baillie being returnit and the counsalhous dur steikit, Thomas Myllare, cuitlare, and ane of the auld counsaille, protestit in the same maner with the said Gilbert, and dissassentet that ony assissouris sould have woitt in electioun of the saidis magistratis.

Quhilk being done, the bailleis, dene of gild, and counsalle, auld and new, except the said foure craftismen of the auld and new counsalle, fand that the said assissouris aucht to hawe wotit in the said electioun in respect of the auld consuetude and reit obseruit contenewallie thir monie yeiris bygane and decydit befoire, quhilk thai now hawe na poware to altare being bot officemen for ane yeire.

And becaus it wes sufficientlie knawin to the said bailleis and counsaill that thaire ordinare assessouris war stoppit be force to enter in the counsalhous and occupy thaire awin place and vote as thai had done befoire. and thairfore the said bailleis and counsall, auld and new, exceptand as said is, fand that thai micht cheis thre of thaire awin nummer to hawe the assessouris woittis for the presentis, and according thairto electit Jhone Moresoune for maister Jhone Schairpe, assessoure, Henrie Chairteris for maister Thomas Craig, Alexander Vddart for maister Jhone Prestoun, assessoure, quha acceptit the said places vpoun thame and gaiwe thair aithis vt moris est.

To the quhilkis the said haille deykinis of craftis dissentit, protesting for remeid, and be the mowth of Gilbert Primrose declarit that thai wer cum to cheise the magistrates conforme to the lawes of the realme, to witt, the threttie sevin act of parliament maid be King James the Thrid, and conforme to the act of burrowes maid in Aprile [blank] yeris and na vtherwayis, and giff ony wer chosin contraire the said lawes, declarit that thai dissentit thairto, and wald nocht aknawlege the saidis persones, and farther declarit that the saidis deykinis and craftis war willing to obey the Kingis Maiesteis lettre with that conditioun that na vthare hawe woitt bot sic as is contenit in the actis of parliament and burrowis, and heirvpoun askit instrumentis: Thairefter, the counsallhous dur being oppinit be Gilbert Primrose, as the said magistratis allegit, afferming alswa that he bad the people cum in, ane gritt multitude of the people of the craftis confusitlie in ane tumult to the nummer of thre scoire or fyftie persones, as wes estimet, brak in and enterit in at the counsalhous; and the said bailleis tuik instrumentis that the said Gilbert Primrose oppinit the dur and luitt in the people, and the said Gilbert ansuerit and declarit that he oppinit the dur to gang away, and did na thing contraire the Kingis Maiesteis lawes, and dissentit all thingis done or to be done.

Item, the said multitude being at lenth remowit, and the deykinis returnand, the said bailleis and counsall requyrit the said deykinis to remane and giwe thaire wottis to the electioune conforme to the auld vse and wount, quha all in ane voice refuissit except the assissouris wottis war remowit, and the saidis persones craftismen of the auld and new counsaille refuissit in lyk maner, quhairvpoun Robert Ker, baillie, tuik instrumentis.

Item, the said bailleis and counsaille requyrit Robert Stewart, towne maser, to cum fra the counsalhous dur and reteir him selff to the bare, that thai micht se quha wald oppin the dur thairafter and the said deykins requyrit to depairt and pass away, and sua thairefter Gilbert Primrose tuik instrumentis. declaring and alleging that thai war haldin per force, to the quhilk the said bailleis ansuerit that thai wald hald nane perforce, but onelie desyrit thame to gif thaire woittis, and giwe it lykit thame to depairt thai wald nocht nor meanit nocht to retene thame by thair will, considdering the dur wes nocht lokkit bot onelie putt to and slottit, and nane betwixt thame and it.

And thairfoire the said bailleis and counsaille, exceptand as said is, willing according to thaire dewtie to proceid to the said electioune that oure Souerane Lord and his subjectis sould [not] be destitute of magistratis within this burgh for the yeire to cum, off new requyrit the said haill deykinis being present, and the said Thomas Myllare, cuitlare, Jhone Banatyne, skynner, craftismen of the auld counsaille, and James Fergussoun, boware, Jhone Barnisfather, tailyeoure, craftismen of the new counsaille, gif thai wer reddie to gif thaire woittis vpoun the lyttes of the sadis officiaris to be this day chosin, quhilkis all ansuerit and declarit that thai nor nane of thame wald giff thair woitt thairin giff the sadis assessouris or ony chosin in place of the assessouris votit; in respect quhairof the said bailleis and counsaill past to voting, except befoire exceptit, and in ane voice electit and chuse Alexander Clark of Balbirnie to be provest for the yeire to cum, and as thai cum to the said craftismen and deykinis, requyrit euerie ane of thame in the Kingis name, be thair names in speciall in thair awin rankis, for thair voittis, quha refuissit as said is, and sua proceding in lyk maner to the lyttis of the bailleis and according as the samyn wer cassin in threis, out of the first thre be thair woittis electit and chuse Andro Sklater for ane baillie of the yeir to cum, and owt of the nixt thre electit and chuse Jhone Adamesoune ane vther baillie for the said yeir, requyrand the craftismen of the counsaille and deakinis as of befoire in thaire rankis, and be thaire names in speciall, to gif thaire woittis at the electioune of ewerie ane of the saidis bailleis, quha refuissit and past away, and thaireftir at the meaning to the electioune of the thrid baillie, oppinit the dur and depairtit, in respect of the quhilkis the said bailleis and counsaille, exceptand as said is, procedand in thaire electioune, electit and chusit be thair seuerall woittis owt of the thrid rank maister Michael Chisholme for the thrid baillie, and owt of the fourt rank electit Williame Fairlie for the fourt baillie; and enterand to the lyttes of the dene of gild, electit and chusit furth thairof maister Jhone Prestoun to be dene of gild; and last enterand to the lyttis of the thesaurer, electit furth thairof Mungo Russell thair thesaurare for the yeire to cum; and the said Androw Sklatter, and Williame Fairlie, electit bailleis, and the said maister Jhone Prestoun, electit dene of gild, personallie present, acceptit the said offices vpoun thame, and gaiwe thaire aythis lauchfull administratioune vt moris est. Quhilk beand done, the sadis deykinis reenterit agane, to quhom the sadis bailleis and counsaille maid dew intimatioun of the said provest, bailleis, dene of gild, and thesaurer, electit as said is, declairand thaire names in speciall vnto thame and that the persones speciallie befoire exprimit had exceptit vpoun thame thaire sadis offices and maid thaire fayth for dew administratioune, and the sadis deykinis and craftis askit instrumentis that thai disassentit to the chesing of the sadis maiestratis, besause thai gaiff nocht thaire woitt nor consent thairto, and that thai wer nocht chosin according to the actis of parliament and burrowis.

Finallie, the saidis Andro Sklater, and Williame Fairlie, bailleis, passit furth to the nethir tolbuith for fensing and halding of the heid court, as vse is, quha returning within ane schort space, declarit that the communitie of craftis had with tumult and vprore and iniurious wordis, menacet tham and per force constranit tham to leiff and raise the burgh for feir of thaire lyffiis, and incontinent thairefter the said people eschit and brak in per force at the said counsalhous dur, invading and persewing the said bailleis and counsaille with contumelious and dispytfull wordis quhilkis for the confusitnes thairof wer hard to be notit, except that Williame Hoppringill, dekyn of the tailyeouris, enterit per force throw the multitude, and throw sic as wes within the bar, and cuming to the buird heid of the jugment saitt with his hand at his syd and on his whin geare as appeirit, wald hawe rest and spuilyeit the counsaille buikis and vthere writtis and registeris of the town being than thaire present, and with ewill countenance cryet mony iniurious wordis, amangis the rest aidding and bosting sweith to gif him the buikis, and ran vpoun the clerkis keparis thairof of purpose to hawe performit his interpryse, wer nocht he wes stayet, etc.

Vpoun the quhilkis premissis, baith the sadis bailleis and counsaill, and the sadis deykinis, ewerie ane for thair a win pairtis, askit instrumentis and actis of court.

13 October 1582.

Act of secreitt counsale anent the magestratis.

[The bailies and council] being convenit at command of oure Souerane Lordis proclamatioune maid this day at the mercat croce of this burgh, ordanit the extract of the said proclamatioune to be registat in thaire buikis in futuram rei memoriam, off the quhilk the tenour followis:—Apud Halirudhous, the ij die mensis Octobris, anno domini jmvc lxxxij. The Kingis Maiestie and Lordis of his secreit counsall having hard and considerit the diferens [?] and variance standing tuitching the electioune of the provest, bailleis, and counsall of the burgh of Edinburgh, this present yeire, ordanis and commandis the provest, bailleis, thesaurer, and dene of gild, alreddie nominat be the Kingis Maiestie, they ar to say, Alexander Clerk of Balbirnie, provest, Jhonne Adamsoun, maister Michell Chisholme, Andro Sklater, and Williame Fairlie, bailleis, Mongo Russall, thesaurer, and maister Jhone Prestoun, dene of gild, to stand and contenew as lauchfull and ordinare magistratis of the said burgh, and thai to accept thaire offices and to be ansuerit and obeyit thairin as becumis, this present yeire and quhill the nixt ordinare tyme of electioune, without preiudice of the richt, libertie, or priuelege, ather of the craftismen or mer chandis of the said burgh in tyme cuming; and the sadis provest, bailleis, and counsaill having acceptit their offices as said is, ordanis the haill persones merchandis being of the said counsaille for thame selffis and be consent of the remanent merchandis of the said burgh on the ane pairt, and the persones craftismen being of the said counsalle and haille deykinis of the craftismen of the said burgh for thame selffis, and be consent of the remanent craftismen of the said burgh on the vthare pairt, to nominat on ather syd the nowmer of ane douzain of personis, baronis, gentlemen, ministers, or vtheris of best experience, discretioune, and zeale to quietnes, not being of his Hienes privie counsaille, delyuering thaire names to his Hienes, off quhilkis tuelff persones his Maiestie may cheis thre on ather side, to quhome the sadis pairteis sall submit the tryall, cognitioune, and decisioune of thaire haill differences and debaittis standing betuixt thame, and in caise of thaire variances to his Maiestie with awise of his priwie counsaill; and thridlie his Maiestie will proceied to the tryall of the laitt disordour happinit within the burgh of Edinburgh vpoun the secound day of October instant, and punischeing of the offendouris as his Hienes sall find caus worthie, and that letteres be direct heirvpoun giff neid be in forme as efferis. Extractum de libro actorum secreti consilii S. D. N. Regis per me Joannem Andro, clericum deputatum eiusdem sub meis signo et subscriptione manualibus. Et sic subscribtur, Joannes Andro. Conforme to the quhilk the sadis provest, bailleis, dene of gild, and thesaurer. acceptit the said offices vpoun thame and the sadis maister Michel Chisholme and Mungo Russel, nocht being sworne of befoire, gaiw thaire athis for lauchfull administratioun, vt moris est.

Johnestoun, Mauld, counsalouris.

The provest, bailleis, and counsaille electit Jhone Johnnstoun counsaloure in place of the auld proveist, and Williame Mauld to be counsaloure in place of Gilbert Dik.

Merchantis, wairning.

Ordanis thaire officiar to pass and wairne the haille nichtbouris merchandis of the said burgh personallie or at thaire duelling places throw thair quarteris, to convene with thame in counsalhous this day at twa efternone, for giffing of thaire ansuer anent electing of the tuelff persones mentionat in the proclamatioune befoire written, vnder the paynis thairin contenit, and payment of ane vnlaw of fywe pund to the guid toun gif thai failyie, etc.

Compromiss of the difference betwix merchantis and craftismen.

At efternone, the sadis bailleis and counsalle, with ane gritt number of merchandis of this burgh, being convenit in the counsalhous thairof, at command of oure Souerane Lord the Kingis Maiesties proclamatioune maid at the merkat croce, and be wertew of ane speciall chairge gevin to the said bailleis and counsaille, all in ane voice with commoun consent nominat and electit the persones following, viz.:—maister Williame Lundie of that ilk, Williame Stewart, coronell, maister Dauid Carnegie of Colluchie, Peter Hay, baillie of Aroll, [blank] Jhonestoun of Elphinstoun, maister Jhone Lyndesay, persone of Menmure, maister James Meldrum of Seggie, maister Walter Balquanquell, minister, [blank] Stewart of Traquaire, maister Thomas Suetoun, minister, Sir Archibald Naper of Merchingstoun, Williame Chrystesoune, minister, the quhilkis persones or ony thre of thame to be chosin be the Kingis Maiestie, the sadis baillies and counsall submittis the tryall, cognitioune, and decisioune of the haill differences and debaittis standing betwix thame and the craftismen of this burgh, exceptand allwayes the priveleges pertening to the estaitt of merchandis, and provest, bailleis, and counsall of the said burgh be speciall infeftment, actis of parliament, and lawes of the realme, and speciallie submittis to the sadis persones the heidis heir specefeit, to uitt, the tryell of the laitt tumult and vprore committit uithin the said burgh the secound of October, the questioune anent the woites of the assassouris at the electioune of the maiestrattis, the questioune anent the casting off the tuelf lytis of the bailleis in foure seuerall and equall pairtis, and the debait vpoun the ingeving of the tikkattis and names of the craftis for the new counsaille; and hes willinglie aggreit and consentit that the sadis thre persones to be chosin furth of the said tuelff and to be adioynit with the the vtheris of the lyk number nominat and delyuerit in writt to his Maiestie be the said craftismen, sall convene to this effect sa sone as possible may be, and in caise of variance that his Maiestie, with adwyse of sic as he sall pleis to elect and nominat as odismen and owirsmen for baith the sadis pairties, may gif ordoure and directioune as thai sall think maist expedient for furth setting of his Hienes seruice, punichment of the said vprore, and quyet governing of the said burgh in tyme cumming, etc.,

16 October 1582.

Anent the gaird and watche in the abbay, etc.

In presens of [the provost, bailies, and council], the Kingis Maiesties lettres vnderwrittin beand producet of the quhilk the tenour followes:—Rex. Prouest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh, we greitt you weill. Forsaumekill as we be advyse of counsall haif fund neidfull, als weill for the suirty of our persoun as for keping of guid rewle and ordour amangis all sic as we haue writtin for to this conventioun, that all the tyme thairof we be gairdit nicht and day with a nomber of sax score of hakbuteris or thairby of the best and hablest of your burgh, thairfore it is our will and we command yow that ye incontinent efter the sicht heirof mak chois within your burgh of sax score of the best hakbuteris of the inhabitantis thairof, and direct thame to come doune to this our palace this nicht betwix four and fyve houres at evin, reddy to keip watche all the nicht and the morn thairafter to the sam hour at sic place as we sall appoynt vnto thame, and than to be relevit with the lyk nomber of thair nychtbouris airmit in lyk maner, and swa furth daylie and nichtlie induring the said conventioun, and in the mean tyme that ye in our name and authoritie command and chairge the remanent inhabiteris of our said burgh to be in reddynes aganis all suddane tumult or truble that may fall out about us induring the said space, as ye and thai will ansuer to us vpon your seruice and obedience, quhairof the present sall be to you a sufficient warrand. Subscryuet with our hand at Halyroudhouse, the xvj day of October 1582. James R., Dumfermling. Tuliband, comptroller. Conform to the quhilk the said prouest, baillies, and counsall ordanet ane gaird to be maid to his Maiestie and to begyn this nicht at the north-west quarter, and als that proclamatioun be maid wairning the rest of the nichtbouris to be in redynes at all occasionis according to the said lettre, ilk persoun vnder the payment of xli. but favouris.

17 October 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, candill, Nether Bow.

Ordanis Jhonne Robertsoun, thesaurer, to delyuer to Thomas Morame, porter of the Nether Bow, the bowet and cord thairof, to be hung at the said port, and the said thesaurer to furneis candill thairto fra this nycht furth, quhill he be discharget.

Convening of the counsall.

Fyndes it expedient that the counsall convene the ordinar dayes Wedinsday and Fryday, immediatlie efter the sermoun, and the absentis but licence to pay to the box xl d., and the absentis being personally wairnit at extraordinar tymes to pay vj s. viij d.

19 October 1582.

[Ale to be sold not dearer than 6d. the pint.]

Proclamatio, aill

26 October 1582.


Ordanis in tyme cuming during this wynter an nychtlie watche to be maid of the nychtbouris of this burgh of threttie personis nychtlie, begynnand at the south-eist quarter, and the baillies of their quarteris to sett the watche in proper persoun, se the rollis callit, and that sufficient airmit persounis be on the watche, and thairafter deputt ane of the maist honest of the watche with ane officiar to awaitt thairon: and the said watche to begyn at viij houris at evin and indure quhill sex in the morning;—absentis to be vnlawit but favouris.

27 October 1582.

Sundry regulations.

[Of this date, a series of regulations are enacted having reference to "baxteris, malt, aill, meill merkatt, quheitt, fische, pultrie, flescheoures, skynnis and hyddis, candilmakeris, staibleris, corne, woll and skynnis, topsteris of butter, eggis, cheise, etc., middingis, scheildes, furrouris, walkeris, red, swyne, wawpounis in buithis, assysis, standis, craymes, bairdis aithis, adultery, fornicatioun, actiounes, vnlawes, and vagabundis."]

7 November 1582.

Rex, men of weir to the raid of Peblis.

The lettre and missiue vnderwrittin being direct to the provest and baillies of this burgh fra the Kingis Maiestie, of the quhilk tenour followis:—Prouest and baillies of Edinburgh, we greitt yow hairtily weill. The disordour of the thevis and wikket pepill inhabiting the cuntres ewest the bordouris is growin swa greitt be bludsched, fyreraising, and oppin reiffis, nocht only in Ingland to the daynger of the peace, bot within our realme neir the portis of Edinburgh, that we ar resoluit, God willing, to se thair insolence repressit, and for that effect to be in proper persoun at Peblis vpoun the xxvj day of Nouember instant, accumpaniet with sufficient power of oure nobilitie and guid subiectis according to our proclamatiounis direct to that effect. Bot beacaus we wald be laith to truble the haill inhabitantis of our burrowes being subiect to our said proclamatioun, (speciallie quhairever our selffis is to be present in proper persoun) we haif thocht guid to certifie yow that ye sendand vnto ws ane hundreth and thre scoir habill hakbutteris provydit to remayne with ws for the space of ane moneth after the said day, it sall releif yow and that haill burgh frome the payne and daynger of our said proclamatioun, desyring you effectuouslie that ye will nocht faill to caus this dyatt be keipit, as ye will declair your guid affectioun to our seruice and the commoun weill, and do ws maist acceptabill plesure. Thus we committ yow to God. At Edinburgh, the sext day of November 1582. James R. With the quhilkis the saidis provest, and baillies, and counsall being avysit, fyndis guid that the said provest and baillies, with sic of the counsall as thai think necessar pas to his Maiestie and secreitt counsall, and travell that the toun be only burdenit with ane hundreth of the said men, and in the mean tyme continewis forther ordour to be tane heirinto quhill Fryday nixt.

21 November 1582.

Precept, thesaurar, Jok Andro, and lokman.

Ordanis Mungo Russell, thesaurar, to pay to Jok Andro, servitour to Andro Lyndsay, javelour, the sowm of thre pund aucht schillingis for wyne and breid furnist be him at dyuers tymes to the commissioneris of burrowes the tyme of this last conventioun, conform to the particuler compt thair of ane siclyk ordanis the said thesaurer to caus mak to the lokman ane stand claythis of the townis liveray, and to delyuer to him ane bandet stafe.

Rex, villa, gaird in the Abbay.

The Kingis Maiesties lettre vnderwrittin beand producet before thame, quhairof the tenour followis:—Rex. Prouest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh. It is our will and we command you that ye direct doun threttie of your nichtbouris hakbuteris provydet with pulder and bullett to keip watche nicht and day for the better gairding of our persoun, begynnand this present nycht, and swa to be interchaynget nychtlie or daylie as ye think gude, and to be continewit thairafter during a certane space ay and quhill ye haif our dischairge in the contrair, as ye will ansuer to ws. Subscryuet with our hand at Halyruidhous, the xix day of November and of our regne the sextein yeir 1582. James R. Gowry, Tuliband, comptroller. Quhilk lettre being red and considerit, ordanis the sam to be obeyit, and the baillies throw thair quarteris to waill furth the best and airmit nychtbouris.

24 November 1582.

Precept, thesaurer, * * Chairteris.

* * Ordanis the said thesaurer to pay to Henry Charteris the soum of allevin pund twa schillingis debursit be him in the banket and welcum of the Erle Bothuell at his hame cuming. * *

5 December 1582.

Rex, watche, strayngeris in the toun.

Efternone, this lettre fra the Kingis Grace wes producit and red and ordanit to be obeyet in all poyntis, off the quhilk the tenour followes:—Rex. Provest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh, we greitt yow weill. Being informitt of some disquyetnes and trubill meanet be sum of our vnqyett subiectis repairing in guid number to our burgh of Edinburgh in fensibile and weir lyke maner, prohibite be our lawes and actis of parliament, and thair contening thame darnit in sum qyett corneris and houssis in the tovne till thai may find thair opportunity to kyth thame selffis in the execution of sum apparent interpryse thai haue in handis; for prevening quhairof and the better assurance of our persoun, nobility, and counsall heir resident with ws,—it is our will and we command yow that ye incontinent efter the sicht heirof pas and direct in all the quarteris of your town to all hostillares and houssis vsit with the repair of strayngeris, and gyf ye find ludgeit thairin any strayngeris airmitt in maner foresaid, that ye resaue thair names and notifie the sam the morn to ws and our counsall, that we may tak sic ordour with thame as we sall fynd convenient, and siclyke that ye gif guid attendance at your portis and vther places neidfull that na maner of persoun, of quhatsumeuir quality or degrie he be of, repair or be resauet within your town with any power or company of men on horse or fute, till we and our said counsall be first acquentit with thair cuming; and for the better executioun and performance heirof, it is our will that ye this nicht in our name and authority cause and command the ane half of your toun to keip guid watche at all your portis and vther places neidfull, to be contineuit quarterly bayth day and nicht heirafter till ye resaue our contrair will and warrand, as ye will ansuer to ws vpoun your obedience at your vtermest charge and perell. Subscryuett with our hand at Halyruidhous, the fyft day of December, 1582. James R., Glencairy, Gowrye.

14 December 1582.

Rex, villa, downtaking the Erle Mortounis heid.

The provest, baillies, dene of gild, and thesaurer, and [the council] ordanis the lettre vnderwrittin to be insert and regestratt in thair counsell buik and the principall thairoff to be put in thair charterhous for a warand to the guid town, of the quhilk the tenour followes: Rex. Provest and baillies of our burgh of Edinburgh, we greitt yow weill. It is our will and we command yow that incontinent efter the sicht heirof, he tak down the heid of James, sumtyme Erle of Mortoun, of the pairt quhair it now is placeit vpoun your awld tolbuith, swa that the sam heid may be bureit, for the quhilk this our lettre sall be to yow sufficient warrand. Subscryvit with our hand at Halyruidhous, the aucht day of December and of our regne the sextein yeir 1582. James R., Glencairnie, Gowry. The sam lettre is indorsat as followes:—apud Halyruidhous, octauo Decembris anno jm. lxxxij; sederunt, Glencairny, Gowry, Lyndsay, Cathcart, Orknay, Dumfermling, Culros, Clerk of Register, Justice Clerk, Provest of Dundie. Red, past, and allowet in counsale, Joannes Andro, etc.

19 December 1582.

Precept, the saurer, counsale buik.

Ordanis Mungo Russell, thesaurer, to caus mak and delyuer to the clerkis ane paper buik to be ane new counsall buik.