Supplementary extracts: 1582

Pages 562-570

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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7 February 1581–2.

Grott Hospitale.

With avyse of the ministeris, eldares and deaconis of the kirk, grantis ane place, bed and rowme in the new hospitale, induring thair willis, to maister Gilbert Grott, sumtyme writter, and ordanis the maisters of the hospitale to resaue and place him thairinto.

9 March 1581–2.

Guthre, ministeris ludgeings.

Vpoun the report of Alexander Vddert, maister Jhone Prestoun, and vthers of the counsale, quha wes appoyntit to intreatt and commoun with Chairlis Guthre, brother to vmquhill maister David Guthre, vpoun his allegeit rycht to the landis, yairdis and houssis quhair now ar situat the ministers lugeings, fyndis it necessar and proffitabill to the towne to agrie with the said Chairlis, for the sowm of twa hundreth merkis, for his said richt and kyndnes and for obtening the townis security at the Lord Drummond and provest of St. Geillis kirk, according as sall be devysit be the townis assessouris. And ordanis the said Alexander Vddert, maister Jhone Prestoun and Jhone Jhonestoun, collectour, to pas to the said assessouris and se the said securities pennit and endit.

18 April 1582.

Nichtbouris passand to Striueling.

Fyndis Jhonn Robertsoun, thesaurer, to haif debursit in necessar expenssis vpoun my lord prouest, baillies, certane of the counsall, and others nichtbouris, merchants and craftismen, quha passit laitly to Striueling to the Kings grace to travell for Gilbert Dik, baillie, as als for obtening the signatouris past concerning the fundatioun of ane College and anent the abbott of Kinlos, the sowm of sex scoir fyve pund sex schillings aucht penneis, conforme to the particulare compt thairof.

9 May 1582.

Prouest executioun of the statutes.

My lord prouest airnestlie desyrit the baillies to be diligent and cairfull to execut the statutes of the towne, speciallie anent the baxters, browsters, taverneris and maltmen, becaus the sam hes bene grettumlie neglectit in tymes past.

Dik, baillie, Kings letter.

Comperit Gilbert Dik, baillie, and offerit himselff reddy and willing to obey the command and desyre of the Kings Graces lettre, presentit by my lord prouest the secund of May instant, anent the removing of the said Gilbert fra the office of baillierie, vnder protestatioun that he grant nocht the narratioun thairof in ony wayis to be of verity, and desyret the copy of the sam.

Mowatt, blindman.

Ordanes Jhone Robertsoun, thesaurer, to caus mak and delyuer to Jhonn Mowatt, blindman, ane liveray and garmount of gros clayth with the townis airmis thairon.

9 June 1582.

Mowat, blind man.

Ordanis Jhonn Robertsoun, thesaurer, to by and delyuer to John Mowatt, blindman, ane symphioun to play vpoun.

13 June 1582.

Dury, minister.

Appoynts and nominats Michaell Gilbert, goldsmyth, to pas in the name of the town to the King in Stirling with the commissioners of the kirk to travell for hamebringing of Jhonn Dury, minister.

15 June 1582.

Wilsoun, maister of St. Paules Wark.

The foirsaidis provest, bailies and counsale and [deacons of crafts] grantis, gevis and dispones to Roger Wilsoun, notar publict and scoole maister, the office and place of the maister of the hospitall of Sanct Pawles Work, callit our Lady Hospitall, with all fies, profites, dewteis, commodities and casualities belongand thairto, now vacand and beand at thair dispositioun, as vndowbitit patrones of the said hospitale, be deceis of vmquhile Patrik Vernour, last maister thairof, to be bruikit and joysit be him induring thair willis allanerlie and conforme to the rewlis and iniunctiounes gevin be thame to the said Roger and presentlie publist to him; quhilk he acceptit and promeist to obey and fulfill. Provyding that quhen it sall pleis thame and thair successouris to find ane mair meit and convenient persoun for the said office, after thair judgement, in that cais the said Roger to be removit thairfra and that persone or persones to be putt in his place; and the said provest, bailies and counsale declairit this to be done be thame without preiudice of thair ryght and priuilege to dispone the said office, be vertew of the principall fundatioun, be thame selffes without consent of the deikynnis of craftis.

Rewles and statutes of St. Paules Wark.

Followes the rewles and statutes to be obseruit be the maister and beidmen of the hospitale of St Paules Work, inioynit to thame be the provest, bailies and counsale of the burgh of Edinburgh, vndowbtet patrones thairof, maid 15 Junij 1582.

Anent the Maister.

First. It is requisite that in his outward lyfe and maners that he be of ane guid name and honest conversatioun, grave and digest in his behaviour, nocht gevin to ony commoun or notable vice, as ane blasphemer of Goddis name, ane sweirer of execrable aithes, ane drunkard, dysser, cairter, contentious, or leiding ane vagabund or idle lyfe, bot exerceing him selff in sum honest industrie.

Nixt, that he can perfitelie reid and wryte, and that he be of indifferent knowlege, witt, and judgement to behaif him selff circumspectlie and in the favour of all guid men, diligent and expert to governe his brethir according to the rewles gevin to thame and cairfull thairinto.

Item, in religioun that he be ane oppin and zelous professour of the trew religioun at this present publictlie preachet within this realme and diligent keiper of the preicheing and prayeris, habill and qualifeit to instruct his brethir in the principall grundis of religioun, and na les cairfull to do the same, instructing and examening thame thairunto.

Als that he convene with his brethir ilk day at ix houris befoir none and three houris afternone in the new hospitale in the Trinitie College, quhair he sall baith distinctlie and devoutlie reid to thame and the puir of the said hospitale the commoun prayeris, than be conversant togidder ane hour, with the mair, in seruing God and praying for incres of the Evangell, the prosperitie of the Kings Grace and haill realme, and for the commoun weill of this toun, thair patrones; that he gif attendance that nane of his brether be absent frae the said prayeris and execute vpoun thame the paines contenit in the rewles gevin to thame. That he sie thai keip lykwayes the prayers and preacheins in the toun.

Item, anent the commoun rent of the said hospitale, that he diligentlie and carefullie inbring and collect the same, vpoun his awin expenssis, and distribut it faithfullie amongis his brether conforme to the principall fundatioun, and sall mak compt thairof yeirlie at the making of the tounes comptis to the guid toun, thair patrone.

Generallie, that he do all thingis appointit to him in the principall fundatioun, according to the mynd of the fundatour, and haif ane copy thairof in Scottis, gif he vnderstand nocht the Latine, nocht astricting him alwayes nor his brethir to ony thing contenit thairin repugnant to the trew religioun, nor yitt astrictand thame to that quhilk in respect of the present estait of the said hospitale is nocht possible to be keipit quhill it be ather repairit, the rent augmentit, or sum vther guid ordour tane thairwith.

Item, that he intime and reid to his brethir now present and to . . . . and that sallbe admittit heirafter, at the tyme of ressauing, the rewles in the said fundatioun, togidder with thir present articles and and lawes, gevin alsweill to him as thame, that thai pretend na excuis of ignorance.

Item, that he find sufficient responsall souertie to the patrones for his doing office in the obseruing of the said fundatioun and thir present rewles and to be ansuerable for his intromissioun with the commoun rent of the said hospitale.

Fynallie, that he sall underly all further ordour that sall be inioynit to him be his said patrones or be the kirk of this burgh with thair awyise.

Gif he faile in ony of the pointes heir mentionat, or beis fundin negligent and cairles of his dewtie, or yitt obstinate, wilfull or disobedient, he sall be depryvit for ever fra the said office and vtherwayes pvnist at the discretioun of the said patrones.

Anent the Beidmen and Brethir of the said Hospitale.

First, in thair outwart lyfe and maners, that thai be not defylit with blame of ony notable vyce, bot of guid fame and conversatioun, na blasphemers or sweirares, drinkares, cairters, dysars, theiffis or pykers, contentious, idill or vagabund persones, na oppin nor sturdie beggares, bot exerceing thame selffis in sum honest and lawfull trade or schift, gif seiknes, aige or impotencie may suffer thame.

That thai be obedient to thair maister, swa that he haif na caus to complene, for the persones obstinat, wilfull, and disobedient sall be extremelie pvnist and depryvit.

Item, in religioun that thai be na papistes, bot of the trew religioun knawand the cheif grundis thairof, speciallie the Lordis Prayer, Beleif and Commandis, keip the preaching and prayeris and examinatioun in the toun, and be eirnist and willing to serue God and to leirne quhair thai ar ignorant.

That thai convene to the prayeris with thair maister, ilk day, in the new hospitale, at ix houris befoir none and iij houris after none, thair to remayne in calling vpoun God for incres of the religioun, prosperitie of the toun and realme, and for the commoun weill of this toun, thair patrones, and vtherwayes seruing God zealouslie and devotlie ane hour or mair.

The persones absent, without licence and haill in bodie, sall tyne ilk tyme ijd. of his leving, to be distribute among the persones present, and gif he continew in long absence sall be pvnist as ane contemnare and depryvit for ever.

Item, anent thair rent, thocht it be small yit thai sall not drink, waist nor dilapidate the same at anes, bot bestow it fruitfullie on thame selffis, to thair necessar sustentatioun, ane pairt in meit and drink and ane vther in cleithing, and quha sall be honest and best stewart thairof sall haif his portioun helpit best as the commoun rent thairof may spair, or with sic casualitie as the patrones or kirk sall bestow vpon thame.

Generallie, that thai do all thinges concerning thame as is contenit in the principall fundation, according to the mynd of the fundatour, swa far as is possible to be done and as repugnis nocht to the trew religioun.

Fynallie, thai sall vnderly ony forther ordour that sall be gevin thame be the said patronis or be the kirk with thair advise.

Gif onie failie or contravene ony point of thir premissis, [he] sall be depryvit and pvnist at the will of the patrones according to the weyght of his falt.

27 July 1582.

Bishop of Glasgw.

The foresaidis prouest, baillies and counsall, and certane deykins of crafts, directis Robert Bog and Edward Galbrayth to pas on the townis expenssis to St Jhonestoun, to the Kings Maiestie, to schaw the maner of the putting furth of the town of maister Jhone Montgomry, Bishop of Glasgw, to the effect his Grace be nocht evill informet of the town be evill reports.

1 August 1582.

Dury, minister Mawle.

Directis William Mawle, merchant, for the counsall, to pas with maister Jhone Skene, aduocatt, and Patrik Sandelands, tailyeour, commissioners to the kirk, to travell with the Kings Grace in St Jhonston anent hamebringing of Jhone Dury, minister.

25 August 1582.

Commissioners to the Kings Grace.

Thairafter the saidis provest, baillies, counsall and deykins electit William Littill and Thomas Fischear to pas to the Kings Grace with lettres of the town, and to gett his Maiesteis ansuer of his present estaitt, and als to gett ane writting subscryuet dischargeing the comptroller of making mentioun of the Kings customes vpoun this burgh.

31 August 1582.

Commissioners to the Kings Grace.

The prouest, baillies, and counsall and deykins of crafts directis Alexander Vddert, in name of the town, to pas with Jhone Adamesoun and Jhone Wilkyne, commissioners for the kirk, to the Kings Grace at Perth, and thair to travell for hamebringing of Jhone Dury, minister, and als to speik his Grace and knaw of his Graces estaitt, and delyuer the townes lettre to that effect.

Townes artailyerie.

Ordauis the townis munitioun or artailyery, beand in the hands of Andro Sclater and executouris of Robert Galbrayth, to be gottin inbrocht vp fra Leyth and delyuerit, and thai to be satisfeit for the new stokking thairof.

14 September 1582.

Protestatio decanorum penes compositiones.

In presens of the prouest, baillies and counsale, Gilbert Prumrose, chirurgeane, Edward Galbrayth, skynner, Edward Hairt, goldsmyth, Adame Newtoun, baxter, Jhone Nicolsoun, cordiner, William Hoppringill, tailyeour, deykins of crafts, for thame selffis and in name of the haill crafts of this burgh, protestet and declairit that thai playnlie dissent to all maner of compositiouns maid or to be maid be the counsall for the byruns of ony kirk annuells without thair speciall cousent had thairto, and thairvpon askit acts of court. And Jhonn Moresoun, baillie, protestet in name of the counsall that na compositiouns wes maid by the consent of the prouest, baillies and counsall.

17 October 1582.

Electioun of the assessouris.; Protestatio artificium.

[The provost, bailies and council] electit and chuse maister Jhonn Scherp, maister Jhonn Prestoun and maister Thomas Craig, aduocats, assessouris to the guid town for the yeir to cum. . . . And James Fergussoun, baillie, Jhonn Bairnisfather, tailyeour, for thame selffis and in name of the deykins of crafts, dissentit to the electioun of the said assessouris because the deykins wes nocht callit thairto.

19 October 1582.

Protestatioun of the craftis anent the magistrats.

Comperit the deykins of crafts following, to witt, Gilbert Primrose, chirurgeane, Jhonn Watt, smyth, Adame Newtoun, baxter, Jhonn Nicolsoun, cordiner, Jhonn Williamsoun, wrycht, Edward Hairt, goldsmyth, William Bikkertoun, masoun, William Hoppringill, tailyeour, Thomas Wricht, wobster, (blank) walker, (blank) bonnetmaker. And the said Gilbert Primrose producet the act of secreitt counsall vnderwritten, desyring the sam to be registrat, of the quhilk the tenour followes:—Apud Halyruidhous xijo die mensis Octobris anno Domini jm vc lxxxij. The quhilk day, Gilbert Prumrose, deykin of the chirurgeanes, for him selff and in name of the remanent deykins and craftismen of the burgh of Edinburgh, askit instruments vpoun the Kings Maiesteis declaratioun, maid in presens of the lordis of his Hienes privie counsall, that his Maiestie had taikin vpoun him selff the nominatioun of the persouns vnderwrittin, they ar to say, Alexander Clerk of Balbirny to be provest, Jhonn Adamsoun, maister Michaell Chisholm, Andro Sclater, William Fairly, to be baillies, Mungo Russell to be thesaurer, and maister Jhonn Prestoun to be dene of gild of the said burgh, this present yeir; and that his Maiestie willit and commandet the said deykins and craftismen to acknawlege, reuerence, and obey the foresaidis persouns as appoyntit be his Hienes awin nominatioun to be magestrats within the said burgh as said is, without respect of the forme and ordour of thair electioun vsit vpoun the secund day of October instant, and without preiudice alswa of ony the liberteis and priveleges ather of the merchants or craftismen of the said burgh in tyme cuming. And thairafter declairit that the said dekins wer redy to obey the maiestrats of this burgh as chosin be his Maiestie, conform to the said act, and thairvpoun askit instruments.

28 November 1582.

Trinity College, maisters of the hospitall.

Appoyntit and agreit with maister Jhonn Manderstoun, ane of the prebendares of the Trinity College, anent his title and richt to ane yaird in the said College as followes, to witt: In respect the proffitt of the haill yairds cumis to the vse of the puir in the hospitale of the said college, thairfore ordanis the maisters of the said hospitall to pay to the said maister Jhonn the sowm of fourty schillings in full contentatioun of the haill byrun proffeitts quhilk the said maister Jhone may clame for his yaird; and the maisteris of the said hospitall present and to cum to pay to him yeirly and termely the sowm of fourty schillings induring his lyfetyme, begynnand the first termes payment at Whitsounday nixt; for the quhilk caus the said maister Jhonn renunces all rycht, title and kyndues quhilk he hes or may pretend to haif to ony of the saidis yairds in tyme cuming, togidder with the byrun proffeits thairot.

12 December 1582.

Villa, deykins.

The provest, baillies and counsell desyrit and requyrit the deykins of craftis, being personally present, to consent to the setting of ane extent for getting of the thowsand crownis quhilk the Kings Grace desyrit in borrowing of the guid town, and siclyke that thai wald extent for bying of the benefice of the Seynis fra maister James Durhame to the vse of the College to be foundet in the Kirk of Feild, and the saidis deikins alluterly refusit to grant ony maner of extent for the caussis foresaidis: and thairvpoun the said baillies and counsell askit instrumentis.