Extracts from the Records: 1584, Jan-Mar

Pages 314-330

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1584, Jan-Mar

1 January 1583–4.

Statute, milleris, baxteris.

[The provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] willing to help and support thair commoun seruands, the mylleris, at thair commoun mylnis, that thai may be the mair habill to awaitt vpoun the mylnis and haif occasioun to mak the town guid seruice, and in consideratioun that the baxteris of this burgh, sen the mylnis hes bene in the townis hands, hes nocht bene swa beneficiall vnto the said milleris as thai wer wont to be, refusing to pay thame thair ordiner knaifschip and vther dewteis and casualiteis, thairfore to avoyde all debaitts that hes bene betuix the said baxters and millers anent thair said dewteis, and to estableis ane guid ordour in tyme cuming, hes thocht expedient, statute, and ordanit that by and attowre the dewtie of fyve penneis quhilk the said millers had of ilk laid quheit grund at the said mylnis, the said baxters and thair successouris sall pay and delyuer to James Ros, thesaurer, in name of the guid town, swa lang as the said mylnis are in the towns hand, and fra thine furth to the fermorers of the said mylnis for euir. ane leippie, quhilk is the fourt pairt of ane pek, and that of ilk foure laid of quheitt, extending to aucht bollis, quhilk sall be grund at the said mylnis; quhilk thesaurer and fermoreris respectiue sall resaue the said leippie, and delyuer and distribute the sam owlklie to the said mylleris for all dewteis that thai may crave of the said baxteris by the fyve penneis foresaidis; and ordanis acts of wairding to pas vpoun the saidis baxters and thair successouris refuisand to pay the said dewtie, the first payment thairof begynnand at Mairtymes last, and to be tayne vp be the said thesaurer, be ressoun the said millers haif gottin na payment of thair gowpings and sic dewteis sensyne, quhairby the guid toun hes bene compellit to gif the said mylleris the sowm of twelf pund for thair sustentatioun, conform to ane precept direct thairvpoun of before.

Anent the setting in few of the commoun mwre.

The foresaid provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins of craftis, for swamekill as be experience in tymes past thai haif fund that the waist lands of thair commoun mwre hes nocht only bene vnprofitabill vnto the commoun weill bot als is spilt, flayet, revin owt, brokin and narrowit be the nichtbouris merchant thairwith, and be progres of tyme apperand to be vtterlie wraikit, eittin vp, and distroyet, gif haistie remeid be nocht provydet; and considering alswa that thair commoun rent is at this present far behind the hand throw the commoun effairis in the Kings Maiesteis seruice, bigging of commoun warks, and vther extraordinar chairges, quhairas the said commoun mwre beand putt to proffeitt sall be preseruit frome the damnage and inconvenient foresaid, and be ane greitt releif and augmentatioun of the commoun rent; for the quhilks caussis and other guid consideratiouns moving thame, after rype avisement and deliberatioun, the saids provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins of craftis, all in ane voice, hes thocht expedient, consentit, agreit and concludet be thir presents, that the said commoun mwre and waist grund thairof, to the quantitie of sex scoir acres, les or mair, as sall be fund maist meitt to be teillit, and as may be spairit fra the necessar vses in tyme of pest and for querrell, sall be set furth in few be acre, daill, and pairts, to euerie pairt thre acres, to sic as will bid maist thairfore, preferring the burgessis and friemen of the burgh to ony vtheris, thai biddand als mekill for the sam; and for the better performing heirof, hes given power and commissioun to my lord provest [and others to devise the manner of dividing the ground, with the conditions of let, and to report to the council.]

Customes in France.

The saidis provest, bailyeis, and counsall, hes thocht expedient and agreit to pas down to the Kings Maiestie to move his grace to caus the Lord Seytoun to accept the persoun nominat be the burrowes to pas to France with him to attend vpoun the caus of the burrowes anent the customes.


The saids provest, bailyeis and counsall, ordanis William Littill, bailyie, [and four others,] to serche out and confer with ane man to mak and cast the graivis, gadder and burie the baynis, and keip the kirk yaird, and to report to thame the nixt counsall day.


For ansuer to the supplicatioun gevin in before thame for the pairt of the flescheouris of this burgh quha ar wairdet for nonobeying the statutes, fyndis that the guid town hes power to mak statuts within thame selffis for the weill of the Kings grace lieges and repressing of derth, and hes bene in vse in speciall to sett pryce yeirlie vpoun the tallown perteining to the said flescheouris, and according thairto, being weill avyset, and vpoun guid consideratiouns, maid statutes thairvpoun at Michaelmes last, and thairfor ordanis the said flescheouris to keip and obey the said statuts maid thairanent.

Bannatyne, hous on the town wall.

[The town council, conform to the act of 6th December, feued to Jhonn Bannatyne, skinner, the house on the town wall at Halkerston Wynd foot, "and bark hoillis," for payment of twelve merks yearly.]

3 January 1583–4.

Buriale place, Bellman.

For putting ane decent and guid ordour in thair buriale place, and reforming of the sindrie abvsis and owersichts quhilk hes bene thairinto, thay haif thocht guid to appoynt ane sufficient and qualefeit man to attend thairvpoun, and thairfore, vpoun the report of the worthynes and guid behaviour of Jhonn Bowman, be William Littill and the rest quha wes deputt to serche and trye ane persoun maist meit for the said office, admittis and ressaues the said Jhonn Bowman, induring thair willis allanerlie, to haif the keiping, owersicht, and governament of the said buriale, be the avyse of the said William Littill, baillie, and James Adamsoun, dene of gild, and gevis and limitates vnto him the rewlis and iniunctiouns following, to be obseruet and keipit be him in tyme cuming. First, to mak the graives of sufficient deipnes, to the number of [blank] futes or thairby, at the sicht and discretioun of the saidis persouns. Nixt, to eviu and fill vp the graives as thai sall happin to sattill and fall down. Item, to collect and hald bureit all deid menis baynes. Item, to gather the staynis gottin in the graives to ane place. Item, in brekking of the grund and making of the new graives, to follow the devyse and rewle of the said persouns. And, last, to hald the durris and passages about the buriale cleyne frome all filth, red, and fuilyie. For the quhilkis caussis, thay ordane him to haif of ilk graif or cors that payis aucht schillings the sowm of twa schillings, and of all that is within that pryce to haif the fourt penny; and the bellman present and to cum to collect, ansuer, and obey him of the samyn.

Goldsmith chops about the Kirk.

Quhairas it is lattin thame to vnderstand that the possessouris and occupearis of the goldsmythis chops about the Kirk hes howkit and brokin the wallis of the kirk within thair said chops, to the greitt hurt of the town and apperant rwine of the Kirk gif the sam be nocht sene to in tyme, thairfore ordanis the saidis persouns to be warneit to compeir before thame on Mononday nixt, at twa houris, to schaw thair rychtis and their ordourt tane anent the premissis.

Extent of ijm li.

The foresaid provest, baillies, and counsell [and deacons of crafts,] haiffand consideratioun that the burrowis, in thair conventioun haldin within this burgh in December last, hes grantit to ane extent of thre thowsand pund to be tayne of the haill burrowes for releif of the inlaik of the Kings Majesteis customes sett to thame, and of the threttie twn wyne promist to his grace yeirlie, as at lenth is contenit in the act of burrowes maid thairanent and taxt rollis maid thairanent, in the quhilk this burgh, with Kingorne and Innerkething, is sett to the sowm of nyne hundredth punds; and vnderstanding that Androw Sclaitter, maister of the College wark, at the fuitting of his compts, is superexpendet in the sowme of [blank], by and attour the sclaitting of the studeis nocht comptet; and forther that it is necessar schortlie to begyn and enter to the inclosing of the said College and vther wark thairof; thairfore thay all with ane consent hes grantit and ordanit that ane extent of twa thowsand pund be sett, rasit, and vpliftet of the haill nichtbouris, burgessis and friemen of this burgh, and vtheris that may be addettit in payment thairof, for the caussis abune rehersit.

6 January 1583–4.

Commissioner to France.

The provest, baillies, [council and deacons of crafts,] after resoning for getting ane sufficient man to pas with the Lord Seytoun to France, and attend on the caus of the burrowes, fyndis that Henry Nesbet, bailyie, is the persoun maist qualefeit and meitt to pas and awaitt on the said maitter, gif the King's Majesteis guid will and licence may be had and obtenit thairto, and gif nocht thay fynd Walter Adamsoun to be directit in his place vpoun the conditiouns quhilk wes a greitt vpoun betuix the burrowes and Rychert Abircrummie, quhome thai intendit to send; and heirfore directis William Fairlie, William Harvie, and David Williamsoun to pas and travell with the Kings grace for licence to the said Henry, quha haiffing past to his grace in the abbay and returnand, reportet the king desyret to speik with the said Henry.

8 January 1583–4.

La Mote, banquett.

[Ordained the auditors to allow in the last year's treasurer's accounts £162, 6s. 9d., being expenses of "the banquett to Monseure la Mott, imbassadour to the King of France."]

Adamsoun, commissioner.

Vpoun the declaratioun of Mr. Jhonn Maitland, persoun of Thirlstaynis, ane of the senatouris of the College of Justice, and of the Kings grace Privie Counsell, quha comperit and declarit that it wes the Kings Majesteis will that Henry Nesbet suld nocht pas to France in the caus of the customes with the Lord Setoun, becaus his Maiestie hes vtherwayes ado with the said Henrie, quhairin his grace intends to imploy him. In respect thai all agreit incais liecnce be nocht gottin to the said Henry that Walter Adamsoun sall pas to, attend, and lawbour in the said caus [they ordained the treasurer to advance 500 merks to him on account of his charges].

Precept, thesaurer, porters, officers.

Ordanis the sowmes vnderwrittin to be allowet to James Ros, thesaurer, gevin furth be him in the commoun effairis, and at command of the bailyeis, to witt, vpoun new yeir day to Jhonn Bog, porter of the abbay, twa crownis of the sone, pryce iiij li. xvj s.; to his seruand, xxx s.; to him that keipis the irne yett, xxx s.; item, to the twa Nesbets that keips the Kings grace hall dur, xxx s.; item, to Thomas Morame, porter of the Nether Bow, xxx s.; item, to Jhonn Mure, porter of the West Port, xx s.; item, to the xvj officeris at the executioun of the twa brether of the Scotts, xlvj s. viiij d. Summa xiij li. xiiij s. viij d.

14 January 1583–4.

Burrowis, customes in France, Lord Setoun.

[The provost, bailies and council,] vnderstanding that the Lord Seytoun, imbassadour to the Kings grace toward France, will on na wayes consent to accept Walter Adamsoun with his lordship and acknawlege him as ane agent for the burrowes in the caus of the customes, and gif the said Walter sall pas without his lordships guid will it sall be coistly and sumpteous to the toun and burrowes and alluterlie inproffitabill to the caus, and thairfore fynds it guid that the said Walter sall remayne at hame, dischairgeing him to haif any mair ado in that mater. And gevis power and commissioun to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, Andro Sclater, Hew Lawder, William Harvie, Alexander Owsteane to pas to the said Lord Seytoun, imbassadour, and to commend the said caus to his lordschip, and to gif and delyuer to him the articles of informatioun writtin be Henry Nesbet and presentlie red in thair awdience, quhilkis thai allow and approves and ordanis thair commoun clerk to subscryve in thair names; and ordanis thame to resaue bak agane his lordschips tikkett of ressaitt of the said informatioun with the writts necessar to the said caus; and that the said tikket beir this provisioun and conditioun,— that his lordship obtenand the turne done and thair desyres exped according to the said imformatioun. in that caise his lordship referris the consideratioun of the recompance of his paynes, travells, and expenssis to the discretioun of the foure burrowes, Edinburgh, Dundie, Perth and Abirdene; and gif his lordship refuissis the said conditioun that the saidis persoun report his ansuer on Wednisday nixt.

15 January 1583–4.

Statute, milleris, baxteris.

In consideratioun of the supplicatioun gevin in before thame for the pairt of the deykin and brether of the baxteris of this burgh, desyring in effect that as thair is ane law prescryvet to the said baxteris of the knaifschip and dewteis quhilk thai suld pay for sustentatioun of the milleris and commoun seruands at the commoun mylnis of this burgh, swa in lyke maner ane ordour micht be sett down of the seruice quhilk the said milleris suld do to the said baxteris, and the heids and articles contenit in the said supplicatioun anent the said seruice beand hard and resonet be sic as wes depute thairto and reportit to the said provest, bailyeis, and counsall, and the sam weyet and ryplie considerit be thame, they all in ane voice concludet, statute, and ordanit that the saids milleris, present and to cum, sall do and exhibit to the said baxteris the seruice vnderwrittin at the said commoun mylnis, that is to say, that the said milleris sall pik the said mylnis als oft as neid beis, at the sicht of the thesaurer of the town or fermorer of the said mylnis and thair seruands, provyding it be nocht ofter nor anes or twyse in the tuenty four houris as neid requyris; that thai diligentlie awaitt vpoun the scheilling of the quheitt pertening to the said nichtbouris of the baxteris quhidder it be on day or nicht; that thai help the said nichtbouris childer and seruands to cast the quheitt owt of the troch, quhilk will be ane greitt fortherance to the mylnis and multure and to the milleris selftis; that thai carie about the said nichtboures quheitt fra mylne to mylne vpoun the said nichtboures and baxteris expenssis, by and attour the former dewteis as thai can agrie; that thai putt vp the said nychtboures rowmes vpoun the wallis of the said mylnis as vse is; that thai lay on the laids vpoun any manis hors that cumis to the mylnis; that thai keip the said nichtbouris quheitt, quhidder it cum of landwart or burrows toun, thankfullie, vnfylet, the Sondayes before none beand alwayes exceptit, during the quhilk space the said mylnis standis and na laids suld be brocht to the samyn. The quhilk seruice contenit in the said articles the said millers sall do and keip thankfullie to the said nichtbouris in all tymes cuming; and swa oft as thai failyie ordanis thair persouns to be wairdet and vtherwayes pvnist at the discretioun of the maiestrats, according to the qualitie of thair trespas.

17 January 1583–4

Archdene of Lowthiane college.

Makis. creats, constituts and ordanis William Fairlie and Alexander Osteane, tailyeour, thair procuratouris, factouris, and commissioneris, in name of the guid toun, to pas to the archidene of Lowthiane, and with him to intreatt and agrie for dimissioun of his said benefice, with the personage and vicarage of Currie, in favouris of the guid toun, to the help of the rent of the College laitly foundet, and all vther things to do thairanent as thai sall fiynd maist expedient for the weill of the guid toun.

22 January 1583–4.

Precept, thesaurer, officeris.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to gif to the foure officeris that past with Williame Littill to stay the bikkering vpone Sonday last, the sowme of tuenty schillingis, and to ane boy that hed his heid brokin vj s. viij d.

Proclamatio, bikkereris.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid dischargeing the inhabitantis of this burgh to suffer thair childer, bairnis, prenteissis, or seruandis, at ony tyme to pas to the bikkering, vnder the pane of ten pund and imprisonment of thair personis for viij dayis.

24 January 1583–4.

Anent the redeming of Nicoll Vdderts annuell.

Vnderstanding that the annuelrent of iiijxx li., sawld furth of the commoun mylnis to vmquhill Thomas Vddert, can nocht be redemet, be vertew of the reuersioun grantet thairvpoun, without the payment of ane thowsand pund in Scottis fyve schilling testanes, as is mentionat in the said reuersioun, and that the said testanes ar habill to decay and be brokkin down, quhairby the said annuelrent will remayne irredemebill; and resonabill offerris beand maid to Nicoll Vddert, sone and air of the said Thomas, for redemptioun of the said annuell, quha hes refuset the samyn, thairfore thai [agreed to appoint a person to collect and deliver to the town, eight days before Whitsunday next, £1000 in "Scots fyve schilling testanes," to be employed for redemption of the annual].

29 January 1583–4.

Precept, murthure.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus hing vp at the Nether Bow and vther patent pairts, the heid and certane of the legs and airmes of vmquhill James Mote and Jhonn Walker, execut for the murthure of vmquhill Thomas Henrysoun.

5 February 1583–4.

Precept, Dumberny, Assessoures, Nicoll.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to mak the expenssis of the lettre of the Kings grace submissioun anent the mater of Dumberny, in passing the sam throw the seillis; als to delyuer to the thre assessoures and maister Jhonn M'Calyeoun, seruand to maister Jhonn Scherp, the sowm of fyve crownis of the sone, for devysing and making the contract, signatour, procuratioun, and vther writts for the townis securitie of the archidenrie of Lowthiane; and siclyk to pay to James Nicoll, bailyie, the sowm of fyve pund twelf schillings sex d. for the lords disiones quha convenit to the examinatioun of [blank] Broun, Inglis minister, vpoun Mononday last.

7 February 1583–4.

Archidenrie of Lowthiane.

After the productioun of the forme of the contract to be maid betuix the guid toun and maister Alexander Betoun, archidene of Lowthiane, tuicheing the dimissioun of his said benefice with the personage and vicarage of Curry annexit thairto, as wes appoyntet and agreit with him be William Fairly and Alexander Owsteoun, quha had commissioun to that effect, and the said contract being red in thair awdience and considerit be thame, they all in ane voce agreit and consentit thairto, and willit that the sam suld tak effect and be subscryuet and endet; and ordanit James Ros, thesaurer, to pay to the said maister Alexander, archidene of Lowthiane, the sowme of sex hundreth punds for the first termes payment of the twelf hundreth pund quhilk suld be gevin to the said archidene for the dimissioun of his said benefice in favouris of the guid toun, conform to the said contract, and siclyk to pay to maister Hercules Rollok the sowm of ane hundreth merk for his paynis and travell tayne in favouris of the guid toun with the said archidene.

Maisters of the hospitale.

The lytes of the maisteris of the hospitall, send to thame be the sessioun of the kirk, being sene and considerit, thay electit, creatt, and constitute Patrick Cochraine, merchant, and Jhonn Bannatyne, skynner, maisters of the said hospitale for the yeir to cum.

10 February 1583–4.

Anent the custome of forbiddin guidis.

[The provost, bailies, and council,] anent the article proponit to thame for thame selffis and in name of the remanent burrowes of this realme, takkismen of the customes thairof, gif the merchants and burgessis of Edinburgh and schips of the port of Leyth, frauchtit to tak victuall and forbiddin guidis be vertew of licences, suld mak thair entrie at Edinburgh, produce thair chairter pairtie and licence to the customers of Edinburgh, pay thair customes and raise thair coquett thair or nocht, fynds, decernis, and ordanes, for thameselffis and in name of the said burrowes, that the burgessis of this burgh and ships frauchtit at Leyth sall mak thair entressis, produce thair chairter pairteis and licence of the said forbiddin guidis, to the customers of Edinburgh, pay thair customes thairof, and to resaue thair coquett of Edinburgh thairvpoun in tyme cuming; and dischairges the customeris of Dunbar, Richesouns heavin, Innerkething, Bruntiland, Kingorne, and all vther customeris, of all arreisting and trubling of ony burgessis of Edinburgh and schips frauchtit at Leyth, for payment of thair customes of the said forbiddin guidis, and of thair offices in that pairt, ordaning thame within thair bounds to mak inuentour of the saidis guidis, and tak cawtioun of the transports thairof, that thai sall pay thair customes at Edinburgh and report thair coquett thairvpoun to thame before thair depairting furth of the realme, vnder payne of confiscatioun of the sam, and incais ony vthers of vther burrowes schip victuall or forbiddin guidis in the said schips frauchtit at Leyth, that thai pay thair customes or present ane sufficient coquett of the burgh and customer quhair thai pay thair customes with thair licence thairof.

12 February 1583–4.

Archidene of Lowthiane.

[The provost, bailies, and council,] for perfyting and ending of the blok betuix the guid town and archidene of Lowthiane, condiscendet and agreit to gif to the said archidene ane silk gown, and thairafter the said archidene, comperand, promist to delyuer the rest of the writs of his said benefice quhilk he had nocht instantly delyuerit.

14 February 1583–4.


For avoyding the frawde allegeit to be vset be the baxters in bringing in of thair quheitt grund at owt mylnes privatlie in burdings and husseis aiprouns, at the Kirk of Feild port and Kowgaitt port, ordanis the said ports to be steiket quhill ordour be tayne betuix the town and the said baxters.

21 February 1583–4.

Teacheing in the Kirk.

The provest, bailyeis [and council,] fynd best to pas with the commissioners of the kirk, and travell with the Kings ministers that ane of thame may teach on the Sondayes in the Eist Kirk the tyme that the town is destitute of thair thrid minister.

Precept, Durie, minister.

Comperit Jhonn Johnestoun of Elphinstoun and maister Jhonn Nicolsoun, eldares and commissioners frome the kirk, and desyret that the present necessitie of Jhonn Durie, minister, micht be considerit, and that he mya haif sum present support of the guid town, and after avysement taikin in this mater, the said provest, bailyeis, counsall and deikins fynds that the guid town wes nocht addettit to the said Jhonn Durie, in respect thai fynd him compleitlie payet of all things to Candilmes day last bypast, albeit he had nocht seruet swa lang the guid [toun]; and becaus the Kings Maiestie hes declairet at syndric tymes to the maiestrats and counsell of this toun that he will nocht that the said Jhonn Durie returne agane to serve or mak ony residence heir, for caussis moving his Maiestie, thairfore they discharge the said Jhonn Durie of ony stipend to be payet to him at ony tyme heirafter. And in respect of the kirks requeist thay grant vnto him the sowm of fyftie punds for the transporting of his wyfe, familie, and househald geir frome this towne, provyding he burding the guid town na forther in tyme cuming; quhilk sowme thay ordane Johne Broun, collectour of the kirk annuellis, to delyuer to the said Jhonn Dureis wife.

Statute, burges sonis extenting.

Forswamekill as thair is ane greitt number of burges sones within this burgh quha exerceis all kynd of trafficque and merchandice with thair awin proper guidis, quhairby thair ar become mair welthy and habill nor sindry vther nichtbouris and craftismen to extent, watche, wairde and beir all portabill chairges, and neuirtheless refuissis to do the sam, importuncs daylie the counsall with thair supplicatiouns, pretending for thair excuis ane act of counsall sett furth the xxvj of November 1557 (fn. 1), quhilk tuik na effect at the making thairof, bot wes maid at the instance of certane particulare persones, without rype avisement and sufficient cognitioun of the caus, bot now in respect of the alteratioun of the tyme, and greitt chairges daylie falling vpoun the town, intollerabill to ane few number quhilk of all guid equitie awcht to be equallie born of all that hes thair lyfe and tred within the burgh, according to thair habilitie, and conform to the laitt decreitt gevin betuix the merchants and craftismen, thairfore the said provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins of craftis, after consideratioun of the premissis, with dyuers vthers greitt and wechtie ressonis moving thame, rescindis, cassis, annullis, and dischairges the said act, haill strenth, force, and effect thairof in all tyme cuming; and for thame and thair successouris fyndis, declairis, and als statuts and ordanis all the lawfull sones of the burgessis of this burgh quha hes ony tred or trafficque of merchandice be thameselffis, with thair awin proper guidis, and winnis thair leving be thair awin industrie, quhidder thai be at thair fathers or mothers tabill or nocht, and mareit or vnmareit, and quhidder thair said fathers or mothers be deid or on lyfe, to extent, watche, waird, and beir all portabill chairges with the rest of the nichtbouris, according to thair habilitie and substance, nochtwithstanding ony acts, privelegeis, or exemptiouns quhilk thai can pretend in the contrair; for the quhilk it is grantet to thame to pay na vnfremenis customes and to haif thair burgesschip and gildschip of the awld pryce, quhairas the sam is greitlie rayset vpoun vthers; quhilk being considerit thai haif na just caus to compleyne.

Precept, collectouis, Flemyngs.

In consideratioun of the supplicatioun gevin in before thame be Patrik van Flanders and Anthone Waulters, Flemyngs, meaning thair povertie during thair remaning in this cuntrie, and that now thai ar to return to thair cuntrie, and desyring support, ordanis Jhonn Watt and James Merchell, collectouris of the vnlawes, vpsets, and owlklie penneis, to pay to thame the sowm of ten pund.

Fairlie, archdeinrie of Lowthiane.

[The council appointed William Fairlie, merchant, procurator and collector, "to vplift, rais, and resaue the haill fruits, teynds, rents, provents, and emoluments of the archdeynrie of Lowthiane, personage and vicarage of Currie, annexit thairto," of crop 1583, "conform to the rentall of the said benefice and richts and titles maid thairvpoun."]

28 February 1583–4.

Statute, baxteris.

The provest, bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and counsall, for the better tryell to be had of the baxteris quha grynds at owtmylnis, apprehending of thair stufe and rewairding of sic as will apprehend the samyn, statutes and ordanis that of all meill gottin quhilk is grund at owtmylnis, without leif of the guid towne, thesaurer, or fermoreris for the tyme, the apprehender to haif the fourt pairt for his paynis, and the rest to be delt betuix the fermorers and the hospitall, by the hors and vnlaw mentionat in the act maid the 9 of November last, be ressoun the said vnlaw and hors is the townis escheitt, conform to the said act.

Statute, owlklie penneis.

The foresaid provest, bailyeis, and counsall and [deacons of crafts,] becaus it is lattin thame to vnderstand that sindry of the brether of the craftis and certane vtheris ar nocht content to pay to thar owlklie penneis, conform to the act maid thairvpoun the fourt of June last, quhilk is four penneis of the gild, twa penneis of the merchant, and ane penny of the sempill craftismen, as at lenth is mentionat in the said act, bot murmuris and grudgeis at the same, allegeis that the said act is in that pairt contrar to the decreitt arbitrall, thairfore to satisfie all pairteis, statuts and ordanis that thair be bot ane owlklie penny, to be tane indifferently of the haill nichtbouris, merchants and craftismen, be the collectouris nominat thairto, and imployet according to the decreitt arbitrall, and in that pairt cassis, rescyndis, and discharges the said act before mentionat.

4 March 1583–4.

Proclamatioun, slokking of lyme.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid dischairging ony maner of persouns to slokkyn their lyme vpoun the hie streits or commoun vinellis, bot allanerly at close futes in the nicht, vnder the payne of ten pund swa oft as thai failyie.


Ordanis the said thesaurer to sett vp ane gibbet at the stray mercatt owtwith the Nether Bow, within the fredome of this burgh, as wes commandet be the Kings Maiestie for staying of the bikkereris.

6 March 1583–4.

Statute, anent the thrid of the vnlawis.

Forswamekill as the bailyeis of the last yeir hes willinglie agreit to gif in thair vnlawes of the said yeir to the collectioun grantet for support of the puir according to the decreitt arbitrall, and hes bene diligent in ingaddering of the vnlawes … thairfore gevis and disponis vnto thame and the twa collectouris of the said yeir to the thrid pairt of the said vnlawes to be equallie devyded amangs thame … And siclyke in respect that the bailyeis ar willinglie content to gif in thair haill vnlawes to the said collection, quhilk of dewtie appertenit of before vnto thame, and to mak thame the mair willing to vplift and ingadder the sam with diligence, quhairby the said collectioun sall be augmentit, the puir supportet, and transgressouris throw condigne pvnisement sall be brocht to obedience, and als havand respect to the paynes to be tane be the collectouris quhome it behoveth to attend vpoun the bailyeis, [granted to them in all time coming the third part of all unlaws collected] to be delt equallie amangs the said bailyeis and collectouris, euerie ane persoun thair sext pairt of the sam.

11 March 1583–4.

Hospitale calsayes.

The provest, bailyeis and counsall ordanis James Ros, thesaurar … to big vp and repair the windowes abone the Hospitall in the Trinitie College with stayne wark or tymmer, and to enter the calsay makers in the maist necessar pairts of the town and calsayes, and to agrie with thame be the avyse of William Littill and Androw Sclaiter.

Anent the letteres of the jm merk.

My lord provest produceit the townis writs and richts concerning the last xm merkis lent to the Kingis grace, viz., the act of secreitt counsall, the lords obligatioun and warrand to register, assignatioun of the evnghie and lettres to heir registrat, and thai delyuerit to the clerk, and ordanis Henry Nesbet to attend vpoun the recoverie of the said sowme and calling of the lords.

Anent the Nether Kirk yaird.

Ordanis the bailyie of the quarter to waird the heretouris of the lands on the west syde of the Nether Kirk yaird quhill thai close up thair durris and wyndois, conform to the ordinances maid thairvpoun of before at siudrie tymes, becaus the guid town is havilie preiudgeit be the said inhabitares.

13 March 1583–4.

Sowth Loch.

Ordaines James Ros, thesaurer, to caus inclose sufficientlie and substantiouslie the ryn of the Sowth Loch, that the watter become nocht skant in tyme of drowth.

Logane, Murray, burgeschip.

William Logane, messenger, beand callit and accusit for circumvening of the town, in obtening his bastard sone to be maid burges vnder pretext as gif he had bene lawfull, and confessand that he was his bastard, thairfore thai ordanit the tikket of his said sone to be tayne fra him and his name to be deleitt furth of the gild buik, and discharges him of his said burgesschip, and continewis to Wedinsday nixt the forther ordour to be tayne with thame for thair falsett. Siclyke, ordanis Cudbert Murray to be wairnet and accusit for the cawsing of his guidsone to be maid burges be rycht of his bastard dochter.

Calsay of the Over Bow.

In respect that the hie streitt of the Over Bow is pairtly decayet, and pairtly become swa slidderie that it is hurtfull to man and beist passand vp and down the sam, thairfore hes fund guid that the sam be rayset and repairet, and that vpoun the expenssis of the lands on ilk syde thairof; and gevis commissioun to William Littill, bailyie of that quarter, the thesaurer. and Androw Sclater, to sett and taxt the said lands for the sam, and to poynd or waird for the said taxt.

18 March 1583–4.

Anent a pece of waist in the muir, Merchinstoun.

The proveist, bailyeis, [council and deacons of crafts,] at the desyre of Sir Archibald Naper of Edinbellie, knycht, laird of Merchinstoun, and for the guid will and favour borne and schawin be him to the guid town at all tymes, hes condiscendet and agreitt to sell and dispone to him a littill peice waist and vnproffitable rowm . . . . lyand contigue to his lands of Merchinstoun, for compleitting owt of the form and fassioun of his yaird in just proportioun of the four nuiks thairof, he payand thairfore to the guid town and thair thesaurer in thair name the sowm of fiftie merks.

Anent the new cungyie.

Becaus it wes proclamet at the Croce that the provest and balyeis of this burgh had bene present at the tryell of the fynnes of this lait cungyie, quhilk thai vnderstand nocht to be of veritie, thairfore hes condiscendet to pas to his Maiestie and declair thair pairt thairof, and the persons absent to pay ane vnlaw of xl s.

24 March 1583–4.

Rex, anent the watche.

The provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins of crafts, vnderstanding that it is the Kings Maiesteis will for eschewing of apperant dayngers, that ane quarter of the town sall watche about his Maiestie thair xxiiij houris about for a certane space, in his Graces pallace of Halyruid Hous, hes thairfore agreit thairto, and ordanis ane warrand in writt to be gottin for the sam.

25 March 1584.

Ministers hous.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus big ane littill kitcheing, in maner of tofall, at the north end of the dwelling howse of maister Walter Balquanquell, minister.

Precept, extent. College

Ordainis the bailyeis to mak payment to Androw Sclater, maister of wark [at] the College, of the sowmes awand to him at the fute of his compts, and that with that pairt of this last extent of twa thousand pund quhairof ane pairt wes grantet for that caus; als, by the said rest of his compts and deduceand the ixe li. for the burrowes, to gif him the rest of the said extent for preparatioun of materialls for forther wark of the College.

27 March 1584.

Maister of the hie schole.

Gevis commissioun to Henry Nesbet, bailye, Alexander Vddert, Henry Chairteris and Jhonn Jhonestoun to intreatt and confer with the maister of the Hie Schole vpoun quhat conditiouns thai can move him to renunce his office, in respect he is become vnhabill to exerce the sam, and to report his ansuer agane to thame.


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