Extracts from the Records: 1584, Apr-June

Pages 330-342

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1584, Apr-June

3 April 1584.

Maister of the Hie Schole.

The provest, bailyeis [council and deacons of crafts,] in consideratioun that maister William Robertoun, maister of the Hie Schole, is aiget and failyeit, and yitt standis provydet to the said office induring his lyfetyme, quhairby the town is putt in this straitt that on the ane pairt thair yowth is neglectet and nocht sufficientlie instructet, and on the vther pairt thai can nocht remove the said maister and leve him altogidder destitute of ane indifferent lyfe induring his tyme, thairfore thay all in ane [consent] consentet and agreit, and be thir presents gevis and grantes to the said maister William, induring his lyfetyme, ane yeirlie pensioun of twa hundreth merks, to be payet to him quarterlie, furth of thair commoun guid, he renunceand and owergevand his rycht, title, and kyndnes to the said office, swa that the guid town may provyde ane vther sufficient habill and qualefeit persoun in his rowme.

8 April 1584.

Mesour of the pynt of Stirling.

In presens of the provest, bailyies and counsall foresaid, the principall braysin mesour of the pynt of Stirling beand send for and producet, thai cawset fill the sam with watter, and thairwith met and mesuret the townis braysin mesour of the pynt, and fand the said mesures to be just and agreand togidder, without any maner of difference, and thairfore ordanet the said Stirling mesour to be sent agane, and the thesaurer to pay to him that careis the sam to and fra the sowm of threttie shillings.

10 April 1584.


Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh that na Burdealx wyne be sawld of hiear pryces fra this day furth nor threttie penneis the pynt.

Taxt, Kingorn, Innerkething.

Ordanis Robert Gourlaw, customer and collectour of the burrowes taxt of iijm li., to resaue the pairts of Kingorn and Innerkething of the said taxt according to the awld ordour, quhilk is Kingorn thre and Innerkething twa of the hundreth of that quhilk this burgh is sett to.

Precept, Kirk of Feild.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to pay and delyuer to Robert Balfour, sumtyme provest of the Kirk of Feild, the sowm of ane hundreth merks, and that for subscryuing to the guid towne of ane lettere of renunciatioun of his title to the said benefice.

15 April 1584.

Collectouris, puir.

[Ordained the collectors of the unlaws, upsets, and weekly pennies, to refund to Henry Nisbet, bailie, £18 disbursed by him to the persons therein named, "puir and aiget fremen, fremennes wyffes, and seruands of the tailyeour craft, visitet be him and Alexander Owsteane, tailyeour, be speciall command of the provest, bailyeis, and counsall, with power to support according to the necessitie," and also £22, 19s. to other persons "all puir and misterful."]

Blakfreir yaird.

[Ordained the treasurer "to caus wairne all persouns that hes vsurpet or occupeit any pairt of the Blakfreir yaird to remoue thairfra at this Witsonday."]

Statute, watter bailyie, schips rowping in Leyth.

Fyndes that of ane ancient custome it hes bene ane proper casualitie of the office of the townis watter bailyie at thair port and heavin of Leyth to haif the dewtie vnderwrittin of all schips rowpet and compryset be him within the said heavin, and thairfore declairis, statutis, and ordanis that as thair said watter bailyie is subiect to dwell and remayne within this burgh, swa he awcht to haif the rowpping and comprysing of all schips, boits, or creares within the said port and heavin, and na vthers, the dewtie quhairof pertening to the said watter baillie is and sall be for the first dayis, rowping or comprysing four penneis, and gif he mak twa dayes rowpping or comprysing to haif aucht penneis, and gif it be thre dayis to haif twelf penneis, and this of ilk pund that the said schip, boit, or creare is rowpet or compryset to.

17 April 1584.

Mwre, porter, mwk at the West Port.

Ordanis and commandis Jhonn Mwre, porter of the West Port, being personallie present, to stay, tak, and apprehend all mwk hors quhilk careis ony mwk furth of this burgh and layes the sam vpoun the hie streits owtwith the said port, and to cum, and schaw the sam to the bailyies that thai may tak forther ordour thairwith. Lykewayes the said Jhonn wes admonist for his slewthfull handling of the said port in the nicht, in geving the keyis to his wemen to latt in and owt after the watche sett, and thairfore wes ordanet to be mair attentive, vnder payne of deprivatioun.

Blakfreir yaird. Hie Schole.

For preservatioun of the Hie Schole, bounds and yaird thairof, ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, … to big and raise vp the dykes on the north and eist pairts thairof, conform to the awld meithis and merches of the sam in tyme of the Blakfreires.

Precept, convoying King.

Ordanes James Ros, thesaurer, to pay to Thomas Aikinheid, bailyie, the sowme of sex pund deburset be him for the pryce of threttie torches bocht for convoying the Kings Majestie to the Abbay after the banket maid to his grace be my Lord Bothwell at the baptisme of his lordschipis bairne, the said bailyie standand alwayes comptabill to the guid town for swa mony of the said torches as wes nocht brunt.

Durie vnlawet.

Patrik Durie being accuset for conceilling within his hous of ane seruand woman beand with chyld, and nocht reveilling the sam to the bailyeis, contrair the townis statute maid anent fornicatioun, he submittet him selff in the townis will; for the quhilk caus he was adiuget in ane vnlaw of fourty schillings to be payet to the collectouris.

21 April 1584.

Commissio. Anent the vc nichtbouris passand to Stirling.

The provest, bailyeis, [council and deacons of crafts,] forswamekeill as the Kings Majestie hes sett furth his graces proclamatioun, bering in effect that his Majestie, vnderstanding of the tressonabill surpryse and taiking of the town of Stirling be certane his graces traitouris and rebellious subiects trubling the publict peax and quyetnes of the realme is thairfore deliberat to pas in proper persoun, with his Hienes power, authoritie, and assistance of his faythfull subiects, to repres the tresonabill attemptats of the said rebellious subiects, and to restore and establische the publict peace swa trublit, to the performance quhairof his Majestie haiveand guid pruif of the fidelitie, reddynes, and benevolente seruice of the said provest, bailyeis, counsall, deykins of craftis, and haill communitie of his burgh of Edinburgh, nocht onlie of the offer of thair awin corporall seruice to pas and convoy his Hienes persoun bot in the thankfull bestowing and lenning of thair money now and sindry tymes heirtofoir to the avancement of his Hienes seruice and suppleying of necessiteis, meriting his Maiesteis favour and rewaird, quhairof his Maiestie assuris thame as guid occasioun sall present the selff; and to the effect thai may be the mair habill to performe and accomplische thair faythfull seruice to his Maiestie, ordaning and commanding his Maiesties subiects, burgessis and inhabitants of the said burgh and fredome thairof, quhilk occupeis any tred of merchandice, craft, or industrie within the libertie of the sam burgh, that thai and euery ane of thame ansuer and obey the commandment and directioun of the said provest, bailyeis and counsall, in all things tending to the avancement of his Hienes present seruice, ather be thair corporall seruice in passing fordward and serving vnder the chairge of sic capitanes as thai sall be committet vnto, or in paying of stent and taxatioun as sall be sett be the said provest, bailyeis, and counsall, or in keiping of watche and waird within or without thair toun quheneuir thai sall be commandet, as at full lenth is contenit in the said proclamatioun maid and publist on Mononday last. For obedience quhairof, the said provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins, hes cawset cheise furth, elect, and inroll the number of fyve hundreth persouns of the maist habill and best willing nichtbouris of the said burgh, to pas in thair proper persouns with his Maiestie, for thame selffis and in name of the rest quha sall remayne at hame for watcheing, gairding, and keiping of the said burgh; and for the better ordour and governament of the said nichtbouris, inrollit as said is, it is necessar that thair be certane appoyntit commanderis ower thame; and regairding the fidelitie, guid will, and habilitie of thair weil-belouet brether, Henry Nesbet and James Nicoll, bailyeis, thairfore hes maid, creatt, and constitute, and be thir presents, makis, creats, and constitutes, thair said brether, coniunctlie and seuerallie, thair cheife and principall rewleris, gyders, and commanderis of thair said nichtbouris appoyntit to pas with his Maiestie as said is; gevand, grantand, and committand to thame and ilk ane of thame thair full power, command and authoritie, to conduct, governe, leid and rewle thair said nichtbouris in passing with his Maiestie, defending his Graces persoun, and persewing of his Maiesteis rebellious subiects quhair and at quhat tyme his Maiestie sall appoynt; with power to thame to elect, cheise, creatt and mak lieutennents, anseyngyeis, corporallis, seriands and vtheris necessar memberis of bands, owt putt and imputt at thair plesure, and generallie all and sindrie vther things to do, vse, and exerce thairanent that to the office of capitanes and commanderis of cumpaneis is knawin to appertene, or that thai micht do thame selffis gif thai wer present in proper persoun; ferme and staibill haldand and for to hald all and quhatsumeuir things thair said bretherein in the premissis sall fynd necessar to be done, etc. And for thair better support and releif, hes adioynet vnto thame thair faythfull and guid nichtbouris, Capitane Hew Lawder and Capitane Patrik Cranstoun, persouns knawin and expert in weirfair, with the said bailyeis, to attend vpoun the governament of thair said nychtbouris in and be all things as may best serue to the fortherance of his Majesteis seruice, and forther hes committet and referrit to the discretioun of the said bailyeis to consider the nichtbouris quha may nocht pas vpoun thair awin chairges, and thame to support and releif with the money appoyntit to the owtred of this present jurney. And sen it is the dewtie of the said provest, bailyeis, and counsall to be maist beneficiall to the said nichtbouris quhais bodeis ar to be cassin in perrell for thame and to indure na small travell and expenssis, thairfore be thir presents agreis, consents, and grantis that the extent to be sett for the owtred of the said nichtbouris sall be sett be the said provest, bailyeis, counsell and deykins, or xvj of thame, and na vtheris, in the quhilk the said nichtbouris quha sall pas in proper persoun without wedges sall be mair gentlie handlit nor ony vtheris, and gif thai gett ony skayth in this thair vayage in the Kings grace and townis seruice sall to thair vttermest releif thair trubill. And ordanis ane lettre to be maid on all and sindrie the premissis vnder thair seill of caus and delyuerit to the said twa bailyeis for a commissioun to thame.

Precept, chairge, Nesbet, Nicoll.

Ordanis Robert Gourlaw, customer and collectour of the burrowes extent of thre thowsand pund, to avance and delyuer of the reddiest thairof the sowm of ane thowsand pund to Henry Nesbet and James Nicoll, bailyeis, to be imployet be thame for owtredding of the furnessing and necessar chairges of the fyve hundreth persouns, nichtbouris of this burgh, quha suld pas vnder thair chairge toward Stirling with the Kings Maiestie aganis his graces rebellious subiects thair for the present.

Precept, munitioun to ward Stirling.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, for serving of the nichtbouris quha passis fordward with the Kings Maiestie aganis his graces rebellis in Stirling, to prepair, by, and furneis pulder and bullet, with ane dosane of schuils and sex mattoks, and to conduce a cairt and hors for careing thairof, and the expenssis heirof vpoun compt and rekning sall be refoundet to him in a pairt of the extent to be grantet for owtred of the said jurnay. Alswa, ordanes the said pulder and bullett, schuillis and mattoks, to be delyuerit to Jhonn Watt, deykin, and he to haif the keping thairof, with the cure and distributioun of the said pulder and bullett, with avyse of the bailyeis quha sall pas with the said nichtbnouris, and the said Jhonn to be comptabill for the sam.


The foresaid provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins, forswamekill as the commoun rent of the said burgh is far superexpendet and run in greitt dett throw the Kings graces seruice and commoun effairis of the town, and now the necessar chairges of the fyve hundreth nychtbouris appoyntet to pas to Stirling with his Maiestie, and the pulder, bullet, cairt hyre, and vther expenssis belanging to the owtred and furneissing of thame, thair commanders and members of the bands, will be lairge and sumptuous; as alswa the guid town is addettit to Androw Lamb, in Leyth, in the sowm of ane thowsand merk, and to maister Alexander Betoun, archidene of Lowthiane, in the sowme of fyve hundreth punds, bayth to haif bene payet at termes of lang tyme bygane; nocht comptand the sowm of xvjc li. awand to Mungo Russell at the futting of his last thesaurer compts, with dyuers vthers the townis dettis; thairfore thay haif thocht expedient, agreit, consentet, and ordanet that ane extent of fyve thowsand pund be vpliftet, sett, and raiset of the burgessis and inhabitants of the said burgh addettit in payment thairof, with all possibill diligence after the returning of the said nichtbouris.

25 April 1584.

Provest, Kings grace jowell.

In presens of certane of the counsall and nichtbouris of the towne, Alexander Clerk of Balbirnie, provest, resauet in fra Jhonne Gib, seruitour to the Kings Maiestie, ane of his Maiesteis jowellis, to witt ane taiblett of gold in ane caise, and on the said taiblett ane dyomont stayne and ane emerawld stayne, quhilk wes delyuerit be the said Jhonn in his Maiesteis name to my lord provest, in name of the provest, bailyeis and counsall of this burgh, in pledge of the sowme of foure thowsand pund presentlie lent to his grace be certane nichtbouris of the said burgh, as is metionat in ane lettre of resaitt of the said jowell delyuerit to the said Jhonne and subscryuet be the provest, bailyeis, and counsall, and on the bak thairof subscryuet be my lord provest, grantand his lordschips resaitt of the said jowell. Siclyke my lord provest resauet the act of Secreitt Counsall.

Electioun of bailyeis in absence of vtheris.

[The provost, bailies, and council,] in absence of the remanent bailyeis, counsall, and deykins quha ar past in his Maiesteis seruice to Stirling, in the cumpany of the vc nichtbouris directet thairto in name of the haill towne, hes fund expedient, for the better gairding, keiping and watcheing of the said town and rewling thairof, that sum be chosin to supplie the place of Henry Nesbet and James Nicoll, bailyeis, quha ar in the said cumpanie, and thairfore, with avyse of the Kings Maiesties counsalouris appoyntet to remayne within this burgh, being for the maist pairt personallie present, electit nominat and chuse James Adamsoun for the said Henry, and William Fairlie for the said James, as bailyeis induring thair absence.

28 April 1584.

Statute anent convening the nichtbouris in airmour.

The provest, bailyeis [and council,] fynding be experience of the effray quhilk happinet this last nicht at the Kirk of Feild port quhat misordour is habill to follow heirafter gif the lyke accident sall happin to fall; thairfore, to remeid the sam in tyme cuming, hes thocht expedient, statute, and ordanet that thair be certayne pairts of the towne designet quhairin euerie quarter sall convene with thair bailyeis in airmour and guid ordour as thai sall be wairnet be the allarum or commoun bell, to witt, the northwest quarter at my lord provests ludgeing, the northeist at the Nether Bow, the sowtheist at the Kirk of Feild kirkyaird, and the sowthwest at the stray merket; and being convenit that the bailyeis caus putt the nychtbouris in rankis and guid ordour and send and direct a certane number with ane commander to attend and abyde at the maist neidfull pairts of thair quarter, the rest to remayne in thair place in quyetnes and to be reddie to pas with the provest and bailyeis as thai sall fynd maist necessar; the persouns nocht convenand or nocht keipand guid ordour and are responsall to be vnlawet in the sowm of fyve li. and the puir to be wairdet in thair persouns at the will of the maiestrats.

Leyth Wynd, West Port.

Ordanis the bailyeis of the northeist and sowthwest quarters, with the thesaurer, Andro Sclater, and Robert Henrysoun, to visy the toun wall at Leyth Wynd quhilk is vnderstand to be falteis, and the toun wall at the West Port quhair thai vnderstand that folkis cumis in vnder the sam at the calsay, and to caus repair the sam in all pairts neidfull.

29 April 1584.

St. Marie Wynd.

Ordanis the inhabitants and possessouris of the lands bewest the well in Saynct Marie Wynd to repair the duris, wyndois, hoillis, and vther pairts thairof, owt of the quhilk any persouns ar wontet to mak ische and entrie, incontinent, vnder the payne of ane vnlaw or wairding.

9 May 1584.

Anent the nychtbouris chairges quha past to Stirling.

Forswamekill as vpoun the xxj day of Aprile last thay ordanet ane extent of fyve thowsand punds to be sett and rayset vpoun this burgh for the necessar charges of the fyve hundreth nichtbouris of the sam quha past to Stirling with the Kings Maiestie, and for payment of certane dets of the towne specifeit in the said act, and the said nichtbouris being returnet after thai had remanet behind any vthers of the airmy attending vpoun his Maiesteis persoun at his speciall command, and thairby ar putt to greitt expenssis besyde the haisard of thair lyffes and trublis and paynes sufferit in thair jurnay for the behoof of the haill towne, thairfore thai haif thocht expedient, statute, and ordanet that of the said extent of fyve thowsand punds thair sall be tayne and delyverit to the said nichtbouris the sowm of thre thowsand pund for making of thair chairges, by and attoure the chairges of the bailyeis, capitanes, and memberis of the cumpaneis, and of the pulder and munitioun, and becaus euerie ane wes nocht of a lyke chairges, rank, and honestie, thairfore gevis power and commissioun to Henry Nesbet and James Nicoll, bailyeis, [and eight others] at thair discretioun to distribute the said sowm of thre thowsand punds amangs the said nichtbouris to euerie ane les or mair according to thair chairges, ranks, degrie and honesty; and as to the saids bailyeis, capitanes, and commanderis, ordanis the necessar and honest chairges of the said bailyeis quha past with the said cumpaneis to be payet to thame with ane pairt of the said extent. And ilk capitane to haif for his wedgeis the sowm of fiftie pund; the foure anseyngyeis, ilk ane twenty fyve pund; the maister of the munitioun, twenty fyve pund; and the four seriands, ilk ane twelf pund ten schillings; and the sam, with the said pulder and munitioun, to be payet with ane pairt of the rest of the said extent. Attoure, in consideratioun that ane certane of the nichtbouris of this burgh to ane few number hes at this tyme, be command of his Maiestie direct to the provest and bailyeis, avanceit and lent to his grace the sowme of foure thowsand pund in name of the haill toun, thair beand dyvers vtheris of the lyke or gritter substance quha hes nocht bene chairget thairwith, thairfore [ordained that another extent of £4000 be uplifted of the inhabitants]; and the said sowme of foure thowsand pund to be refoundet to the payers thairof swa sone as it may be obtenet and gottin in of the factorie of Paslay gevin to the toun be his Maiestie for that caus.

13 May 1584.

Precept, schipbrokin Inglismen.

Ordanis the collectouris of the vnlawes, vpsetts, and owlkie penneis, to pay and delyuer to the schipbrokin Inglismen, viz., sex men and thre at Orknay, passand to Iseland, the sowm of twentie pund for making thair chairges hamewart and for thair present support.

Parliament, convoying of provest.

The [provost, bailies, council and deacons of crafts] makis, creats and constituts my lord provest and William Harvie, tailyeour, commissioneris for the guid town in this present parliament to be begun and haldin within this burgh the xvj of Maij instant, and ordanis ane commissioun to be maid and gevin to thame vnder the seill of caus. Als havand regaird to the honour of the town, hes fund guid that my lord provest and bailyeis suld be honorablie convoyet during the tyme of the said parliament, and thairfore ordanis the bailyeis be thair quarteris thair tyme about to caus warne the number of xx persouns of the maist honest nichtbouris in thair quarteris to attend vpoun the provest in convoying his lordship to or fra the tolbuith and abbay, ilk persoun to be chairgeit vnder payne of xl s. swa aft as thai failyie.

20 May 1584.

Marioribankis, pensioun, Bikkertoun clerk of the kirk.

At the desyre of the ministers, eldares and deacones of the kirk of this burgh, meaning the disease and infirmitie of Michaell Marioribankis, present clerk of the said kirk, throw seiknes falling to him in his aige, quhairby he is nocht habill to serue in the said office as he wes wont to do of before, and thairfore craiving that ane sufficient persoun micht be appoyntet to be thair clerk, and lykewayes that the said Michaell wer nocht neglectit bot rather helpet in his latter dayes; for the quhilk caus the said provest, bailyeis, and counsell and deykins, be thir presents, exoneris and discharges the said Michaell of the said office; and inrespect of his present estaitt and bypast seruice, of favour and commiseratioun, frelie grantis and gevis vnto him induring his lyfetyme ane yeirlie pensioun of threttie pund, togidder with his awld pensioun of ten pund, makand in the haill the sowm of fourty pund to be payet to him be the collectouris of the kirkrent present and to cum induring his lyfe tyme as said is, and dischargeing all vther feis, dewteis, and casualiteis quhilk the said Michaell hes had of the guid town in tymes past. And als, inrespect of the qualificatioun and guid report of Henry Bikkertoun, writter, makis, creats, and constituts him clerk of the said kirk induring thair willis and the will and plesour of the kirk, and grantis vnto him ane yeirlie stipend of ten pund for all the dayis of the said Michaell Marioribankis, he seruand in the said office that space, and after the deceis of the said Michaell to haif of yeirlie stipend the sowm of fourty merkis induring his seruice, to be payet be the collectouris of the kirk rent . . . . and the said provest, bailyeis and counsall ordanis William Littill and Alexander Owsteane to present the said Henry the morne to the sessioun of the kirk to be resauet and acceptit be thame.

29 May 1584.

Anent Paislay.

Vnderstanding that the Kingis Maiestie has promest to dispone to the guid town the abbacie of Paislay quhill the sowmes avanceit to his grace be payet, thairfor gevis commissioun to William Littill, maister Michaell Chisholme, and Alexander Owsteane to pas to maister Jhonn Scherp, aduocat, and caus him mak firme and devyse the townis securitie thairvpoun.

Precept, Rollok, grammer schole.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to pay to maister Hercules Rollok, quha is to be maid maister of the grammer schole, the sowm of twenty pund to be his expenssis in remaning heir at the townis desyre, and to mak his charges in transporting frome Dundie his provisioun and buikis.

Precept, provost, cvngyie.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to delyuer to my lord provest ane crowne of the sone, deburset be his lordship for a protestatioun maid in playne parliament, in name of this brugh and the haill burrowes, aganis the acts concerning the laitt cvngyie, and ordanis the said thesaurer to raise the said protestatioun.

Statute, baxters.

The provest, bailyeis, and counsall hes thocht expedient, statute and ordanet that na baxters of this burgh sall grynd at the commoun mylnis any masloch bot sic as cumis furth of vther cuntreis, according to the awld ordour vset of before, and that thai grynd thair quheitt be itselff and the ry be itselff, vnder the payne of confiscatioun of the stufe.

3 June 1584.

Commissioun, nichtbouris, Falkland, Paislay.

Makis, creats and constituts my lord provest, Henry Nesbet, bailyie, [and four others,] commissioneris to pas to the Kings grace with thair nichtbouris quha ar chairget to compeir in Falkland, and to travell with his Maiestie in thair favouris that thai be nocht trublit extraordinarlie bot that cawtioun may be tane to enter thame to the law for ony thing may be layet to thair chairge; and ordanis the said commissioneris to remember to gett the townis lettre of factorie of Paislay past and subscryuet attentiklie.

5 June 1584.

Anent the belting of suldiouris.

In presens of the said bailyeis and counsall … Capitan Ramsay producet ane lettre fra the Kings Maiestie desyring that certane of the sowldiouris micht be beltit vpoun the toun, to quhome it wes ansuerit that the provest, twa bailyeis, and maist pairt of the counsall wes absent. And in the meane tyme it is ordanet that ane lettre be sent to the provest to gett the sam dischairget.

10 June 1584.

Trinitie fair, the touns mairches.

Ordanis the provest to be wairnet to gadder his awin customes at the Trinity fair now at hand, and proclamatioun to be maid that forswamekill as it wes statute in December last that the town suld visy thair mairchis at the Trinity fair on fute, that thairfore the nichtbouris convene on Setterday nixt at fyve houris in the morning, at the provests lugeing, to pas and visy the sam, ilk persoun vnder the payne of xviij s.; and ordanis that the loch be visitet the said day.

11 June 1584.

Bill to the ministeris.

Comperit Sir James Chisholme, maister of howshald to his Maiestie, quha producet lettres fra the Kings Maiestie, the ane beand the forme of ane ansuer to the lettre sent to the guid town be thair ministers now beand in Ingland, the vther chargeing the provest, bailyeis, and counsall to subscryve the said ansuer, quhilkis beand oppinlie red and considerit tuik thame to avyse thairwith and ordanet the haill deykins of crafts, with the eldares and deacones of the kirk, to be warnet agane efternone for gevin ansuer heirinto; and becaus the said form of ane ansuer apperit to be consavet in scherp and ruch termes ordanet ane vther lettre to be formet furth of the samyn agane efternone mitigating and mollefeing the said scherp wordis.

Commissioners sent to the Kings Maiestie.

The foresaidis provest, bailyeis, counsall and deykins of crafts ordanis, appoyntis, and nominats Henry Nesbett, bailyie, [and five others] to pas to the Kings Maiestie, now at Falkland, and to lawbour and procuir at his Maiesteis hand the libertie of thair nichtbouris that thai may repair to thair dwelling howssis; nixt, anent the lettre sent fra his Maiestie, with Sir James Chisholme, maister of howshald, to be sent to our ministeris in Ingland, quhilk the towne is chairget to subscryve, to desyre his Maiestie that thai be nocht burthenit with any thing hurtfull to thair consciences and to lawbour that his Maiestie may be content with the secund forme thairof pennit be the town.

17 June 1584.

Factorie of Paislay.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of crafts] makis and constitutes maister Michaell Chisholme, merchant, thair vnder factor for vplifting the rents of the benefice of Paislay, conform to the factorie maid thairvpoun be the Erle of Montrois, thesaurer to the Kings Maiestie, to the guid toun.

24 June 1584.

Precept, maister of the schole.

Ordanis James Ros to pay to maister William Robertoun, maister of the hie schole, the sowm of ane hundreth merks as for the Witsounday termes last bypast of his pensioun of twa hundreth merk grantet to him be the guid town for dimissioun of his office, conform to the contract maid with him.

26 June 1584.

Precept, wellis, scholehous.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus clenge and repair the wellis of this burgh at the sicht and discretioun of William Littill, bailyie, and Jhonn Watt, speciallie St. Michaellis Well and the Stokwell. Als the said thesaurer to repair the wyndois of the schole hous and dyke about the same, and to hing the bell thairof be the avyse of Robert Henrysoun, conform to the conditioun maid with the said Robert.