Extracts from the Records: 1585, Apr-June

Pages 406-430

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1585, Apr-June

2 April 1585.

Hay, sclaitts.

Appoynts William Harvy, bailyie, thesaurer, George Smyth, or any of the counsall quhome thai pleise tak with thame, to pas to the clerk of register and schaw his lordship the lettres sinisterlye purchest be George Hay, sclater, dischairgeing all sclaitts to be brocht fra Dundie bot be his licence, to the greitt [hurt] of the lieges and pollicie of the realme, and thairfor that his lordship will assist to obtene the said lettres dischairget.

7 April 1585.

Bellhous, Hie Schole.

Fynds it maist expedient that the ruiff of the Belhous at the Hie Schole be maid round, and that it be theiket with skailyie als weill for the honesty as the lest thairof.

Cvming, sangster, precept, collectouris.

Makis, creats, and constituts Dauid Cvming, sangster, ane of the maisters of the sang scholes of this burgh for teacheing of the yowth in the airt of mwsik and als to reid and writt, and siclyke for taking vp of the psalmes in the Eist Kirk, and to be subiect to teache swa mony of the puir of this burgh as cumis to him in the airt of mwsik, reiding, and writting gratis; for the qvhilk caussis thay gif and assignis to him ane yeirlie stipend of twenty sex merk, to be payet to him quarterlie furth of the kirk rent of this burgh.

Statute, flescheouris, skynnour, merchants.

Fynds it expedient, statuts and ordanis that all maner of flescheoures, als weill fremen as of the land merket, in all tymes cuming, bring and present all thair flesche, sic as beif, mwttoun, veill, or siclyke, to be sawld in oppin merket and nocht hurdit in thair buithis to derth the merkets, and that the said flesche haif the hyde stikkand with the carkage and the skyn with the bowk or layet hard by quhair the sam hings or lyis, vnder the payne of escheitt of the said carkages and bowkis or pryce thairof. Siclyke, that the said flescheoures flay all thair scheip in tyme cuming vp throw the haill craig to the lugs, swa that the lug stik with the skyn, and nother pluk the woll of the hals nor vther pairt, nor yitt diminische the skyn or hydes he cutting of any sic pairt as thai call tarleyeris, vnder the payne of confiscatioun of the said skynns and hydes to the townis vse and payment of ane vnlaw of fyve pund swa oft as thai failyie; and that na merchants tak vpoun hand to by any skynns quhilk ar plukket and tarleyerit as said is, vnder the payne foresaid. Attour, that nane of the saids skynnis be had in howssis or sawld thairin bot to be brocht to oppin merket, thair to be sawld and in na vther place, vnder the payne of escheitt and payment of ane vnlaw of fyve pund. And als that na merchants or vtheris that lykes to by any skynnis or hydes fra the flescheouris gif arles or avance money to thame, or yitt by thair slawchter skynnis or hydes before hand, or yitt pas to the flescheouris howssis to by any thairof, bot that thai suffer the samyn to be brocht to the commoun and oppin mercatt to be indifferently sawld as said is, vnder the payne of fyve pund to be tayne of the saids merchants swa oft as thai failyie.

9 April 1585.

Cvmings stipend.

[The bailies and council,] for guid caussis and consideratiouns moving thame, willis and consents that the stipend grantet to David Cvming, ane of the maisters of the sang scholes, vpoun the vij of this instant, be augmentit the sowme of foure merkis.

Commisioners, synodall assembly.

Electit, creat, and constitut Henry Nesbet and Alexander Owsteane, tailyeour, commissioners for the guid towne in the synodall assemblie to be begun and haldin within this burgh on Tysday nixt, with speciall [instructions] to thame to declair that the toun and the kirk electit maister William Watsoun to be ane of thair ministers, and to desyre the kirk to admitt him to that functioun and to gif thair consent to the said electioun.

Hammiltoun, courts of Leyth, collectiouris.

Vpoun consideratioun of the supplicatioun gevin in before thame be William Hammiltoun, merchant, for redelyuerance to him of ane braysin pott and ane quart stowpe of tyn poyndet fra him for noncomperance at the heid court of Leyth as he that awcht suitt and presence at the said heid court for ane tenement of land lyand in Leyth at the Altarestayne, the said bailyeis and counsall fynds that the said land wes haldin of before of the chaiplenis of St Katherenis altare within the College Kirk of St Jeill quhairof they ar patronis thame selffis, and be ressoun of the generall dispositioun thai succeid in place of the said chaiplenis and is haldin of thame selffis, and thairfore aucht na suitt nor presens to the towne in the said courts, as in the laird of Restalrigs court, and thairfore decernis the saidis poynds to be redelyuerit to him agane.

Huchesoun, Kincaid, interdictis.

Comperit Jhonn Huchesoun, vnder the wall, and Ewfame Kincaid, his spous, and of thair awin consents voluntarlie interdyctet thame selffis fra all alienatioun of thair lands or annuells in tyme cuming without specialt licence of the provest, baillies and counsall, had and obtenit thairto. Attour the said Jhonn, inrespect of certene variance betuix him and his said spous, oblist himselff to gif to hir yeirlie for hir sustentatioun the sowme of fourty fyve pund money to be payet to hir quarterlie, begynnand the first termes payment at Beltane nixt, and to tak the bairnis of hir hand and to gif to her maill frie ane chalmer quhill Witsounday nixt cum ane yeir and thairafter ane laich hous.

14 April 1585.

Mr. James Hammiltoun, minister.

Comperit certane commissioners direct fra the synodall assemblie, and declairit that maister James Hammiltoun, eldare, minister, had desyret of the said assemblie ane ratificatioun of his transporting to this burgh fra his kirk of [Kenmure,] and that the assemblie had direct the said commissioners to the bailyeis and counsall to knaw thair will and mynd thairanent; with the quhilk the said bailyeis and counsall being avyset, directit David Williamsoun and John Bannatyne to pas to the said assemblie and in name of the toun to schaw and declair that the towne beand in gritt necessitie of ministeris to serue in the kirk, maister James Hammiltoun beand the first and reddiest that wes offerit vnto thame thairby, thai wer movet to resaue him to occupie that place, and now desyris the kirk to tak cair of thair kirk that thai may haif sic ministers be thair avyse as is maist habill and qualefeit in doctrine and lyfe and hes ane voice convenient for the auditouris. Quhilk persouns beand past and returnand agane, vpoun the report of thair declaratioun and ansuer, appoyntis to pas agane to the said assemblie and to schaw that thai desyre the kirk vpoun their consciences, as they will ansuer to God, to trye and cognosce gif maister James Hammiltoun be ane man sufficient and qualefeit in doctryne, conversatioun, and voice meitt and convenient for the place, and tryell beand tane be the kirk, the counsall and deykins will convene and gif thair ansuer to the desyre of the said commissioners of the kirk, desyrand alswa that thai will vse the sam maner of tryell as thai vset in admitting of maister William Watsoun, minister. Thairafter comperit certane commissioners of the kirk in gritter number, and after resoning with the counsall and vnderstanding be thame that the assemblie wald direct certane commissioners for thame to the town with thair mynd, thairfore the said bailies and [council appointed certain commissioners] to convene at afternone with the said commissioners and resaue the ansuer of the assemblie.

The sam day, afternone, the bailyeis and counsall for the maist pairt beand convenit, comperit the commissioners for the town quha wes directit to the assembly and commissioners thairof and declairet that the counsall of the assembly, be the mowth of the moderatour, fand that the residence of maister James Hammiltoun heir in tymes bygane wes to Gods glorie and guid seruice to his Maiestie and deseruet thankis; alwayes in tyme cuming thai maid him to be frie and the town to be frie, and desyret the toun to nominat thrie or four as thai thocht best of the ministers of the maist qualefeit to be ministers heir, after quhais presentatioun thai suld gif thair declaratioun quhome thai fand meittest, and suld leif thair commissioners to that effect incais thai dissolvet. After avysement with the quhilk ansuer, the maist pairt of the counsall fand the sam indirect to the words contenit in the commissioun and directet Henry Nesbet, William Nesbet, William Harvie, William Fairly, Jhonn Bannatyne, Jhonn Watt, to pas to my lord provest and schaw and declair to his lordschip the haill progres in the premisses.

16 April 1585.

Litera, Hammiltoun, minister.

The bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and counsall, for the maist pairt being convenit, comperit maister James Hammiltoun, eldare, minister of this burgh, and producet the lettre vnderwrittin, subscryuet be Patrik, bischop of St. Androis, and the clerk of this last synodall assembly, quhilk the said bailyeis and counsall ordanet to be registrat and insert in this present buik ad futuram rei memoriam, of the quhilk the tenour followes:—Anent the ernist desyre and supplicatioun of maister James Hammiltoun, desyring his translatioun to Edinburgh to be ratefeit and apprevit, inrespect he had nocht ingyret himselff to the chairge, bot at the speciall command and chairge of his Maiestie and counsall had for a seasoun preacheit in Edinburgh and after sufficient tryell wes electit, chosin, acceptit and resauet be the provest, bailyeis, and counsall of Edinburgh, the bischop of Sanctandrois, with the avyse of the assembly, fynding na complaynt offerit aganis the said maister James lyfe nor doctryne, declairet that swa far as that mater may concerne thame thay allowet the said maister James proceding in obeying his Hienes according to his dewtie and in seruing in the ministrie of the town of Edinburgh according to thair electioun and his agriement and consent thairto. Et sic subscribitur: P., Sanctandross. Tailyeour.

21 April 1585.


The bailyeis and counsall for the maist pairt being convenit, gevis commissioun to the dene of gild and his counsall to convene and consult, devyse, and gif ansuer vpoun the heids and articles to be schawin to thame be maister Michael Chisholme concerning the administratioun of the effairis of the abbacie of Paislay.

Seynis acres.

Fynds it expedient that the cair of the recovering and obtening of the rycht and possessioun of the acres and land in the Seynis be committet to certane particulare persouns, and thairfore ordanis William Fairlie and Jhonn Watt of thair awin consent to tak the sam vpoun thame, and to raise the breiffes of perambulatioun, obtene commissioun of the justice, and do all things concerning the samyn.

Knok of Lundores.

Ordained the dean of gild to pay £55 as the "pryce of the knok of Lundores … and the said dene of gild to intromett with the said knok and be comptabill for the sam."

23 April 1585.

Precept Sclater, College.

Ordanis Androw Sclater, maister of wark of the College, to caus melt the twa bellis of the said College quhilk are now revin and to mak thame in ane bell, and be the avyse of William Littill, Alexander Vddert, Jhonn Watt, smyth, and George Smyth, tailyeour, to repair and inlairge the place quhair the sam hang of before, and to hing vp the said new bell thairinto with diligence. Siclyke, be the avyse of Henry Nesbet, bailyie, [and five others,] to inclose the said College and mak the wallis thairof; as alswa to fill vp the quarrell hoillis at the Gray Freir port.

Watsoun, minister.

Appoynts James Nicoll [and four others] to speik maister Jhonn Craig, minister, and to desyre him to preache in the Hie Kirk on Sonday nixt, to the effect that he may resaue and inaugurat maister William Watsoun, minister, as ane of the townis ministers, according to the ordour in sic caissis of before.

Commissio Landells, mylnis.

Gevis commissioun to Henrie Nesbet, bailyie, [and five others] to convene, agrie, and end with maister Dauid Landellis, mylne wricht, for his warkmanschip and his seruands in bigging of the foure new mylnis at the commoun mylnis, for the sowm of thre hundreth merks, and referis his boundteth to be maid be thair discretioun.

Knok in the stepill, Smyth.

Condescends and agreis that [blank] Smyth, smyth in Blantyre, for repairing of the knok of Lundores bocht be the town, setting vp thairof and dressing of the sam to haif twa hands to be sett in the hie steipill, and doing all things necessar pertening to his occupatioun, at the sicht and desyre of the dene of gild, Jhonn Watt, or ony of the counsall quhome thai plese tak with thame, to haif thre scoir pund money or ellis to be maid burges and frie with his craft and thairwith to haif fourty merks money, the said twa conditiouns beand in his optioun.

28 April 1585.

Commissioners to the generall conventiouns of estaits, raid.

Makis, electis, and constituts Nicoll Vddert, dene of gild, and Alexander Owsteane, deykin of the tailyeouris, thair lawfull procuratouris, actouris and commissioneris, to compeir before our Souerane Lord the Kings Maiestie and his graces secreitt counsall this present day, or quhatsumeuir day or dayes convenient, at his Graces palace of Halyruidhous or vther place neidfull, and thair, according to the lettre missiue direct fra his Grace to the provest and bailyeis of this burgh, to gif thair opiniouns and guid avyse in name of the town to the furthering of thai things tending to the expeditioun of the raid proclamet to be had toward the West Borders and continewit to the xv of May nixt, as at mair lenth is contenit in the said lettre, and thairvpoun to intreatt, vote, ressoun, and conclude for the weill of our Souerane Lord and commoun weill of this realme.

Statute, burgessis, gild brether.

It wes proponet be Nicoll Vddert, dene of gild, and certane of his counsall, that sindrie persouns hes comperit befoir thame and desyret to be resauet burgessis and gild brether of this burgh, thair resultet sum difficulteis thairvpoun quhairof thai culd nocht be resoluet of thameselffis without the avyse and consent of the greitt counsale, and the said difficulteis beand putt in articles and proponet and schawin, desyret the said bailyeis, counsall and deykins to sett down in writt thair will, consent, and command quhat way he sall follow thairanent; with the quhilk the said bailyeis, counsall, and deykins being ryplie avyset, after lang ressoning, for ansuer to the said articles, hes thocht expedient, statute, and ordanet as followes:—First, Anent sic persouns as wes maid burgessis before the decreitt arbitrall and vnioun of the merchants and craftismen, that thai be resauet and admittet gild brether for the awld dewtie of ten pund allanerlie, beand alwayes tryet and fund qualefeit and worthie thairof; and all vthers having na rycht be thair fathers, wyffes, and prenteissis, to pay the vtter dewtie, quhilk is fourty pund for thair gildrie and all thair dewteis awand thairfore. Item, Becaus the sone, dochter, or prenteis can be in na better estaitt nor thair father or maister wes be thair rycht, thairfore quhair the maister or father wes na burges or gild brother, the said prenteis, the sone, or yitt the husband of the dochter, nocht to be resauet burges or gild brother bot for the vttermest dewtie before mentionat. Item, Anent the prenteissis and gild brether and burgessis, first, for thair better tryell and pruif of thair guid conditiouns; nixt, inrespect thai awcht to be far inferiour to thair masters bairnis as twicheing thair richt throw thair maister; and, thridlie, to move thame to tak in mariage thair maisters dochteris before any vtheris, quhilk sall be ane greitt comfort and support to friemen; that thairfore na prenteis be resauet burges be rycht of his prenteisschip without he haif seruit after the ische of his prenteisschip ane friemen for the space of thre yeir for meitt and fie and than to be resauet burges as ane prenteis; and als nocht to be resauet gild brother be that richt without he haif bene ane burges for fyve yeir, swa to abyde threttein yeir before he be gild brother be rycht of his prenteisschip, bot gif he marie his maisters dochter, or the dochter of any frieman, burges and gild, and beis fund worthie and qualefeit, in that caise to be resauet gild brother at any tyme be richt of his wyfe. And ordanis the said done of gild and his counsall and thair successouris to obserue and keip inviolablie this present act and ordinance as ane law in all tyme cuming.

30 April 1585.

Pestelence, bailyeis.

Inrespect thair is sum suspicioun of the pestilence rissin within this burgh, be occasioun of the deceis of ane woman quha deceissit in the hows of ane [blank] M'Calyeoun, within Jhonn Young the tailyeouris land in the Fische Merket Close, and repairet with his marrow to sindry howssis in this burgh quha ar all now incloset quhill forther [ordour be tane;] thairfore ordanis the bailyeis in thair quarters to deburs the necessar chairges of the persouns incloset nocht havand of thair awin, and deputs certane to watche and keip thair howssis, and to gif in thair compts of the sowmes deburset.

Statute, swyne, priveis, middings, vagabounds, straingeris.

Statutes and ordanis, for avoyding of all filth and evill favour quhairby any inconvenient may aryse in this somer seasoun, that na maner of persouns suffer thair swyne to pas in the hie streits, commoun clossis, or vinells, or furth of bandis in any oppin places, fra this day furth, vnder the payne of slawchter of the swyne and payment of ane vnlaw of xl s. swa oft as thai failyie, and the awner to be putt in the thevis hoill or tolbuith quhill the said vnlaw be payet. Siclyke, that nane suffer thair priveis to gorge, brek, and rin owt in the streits, bot that thai caus the samyn be clengeit in dew tymes, nor yitt to haif any filth or middings lyand on the said streits abone thre houris at anes, vnder the payne of xl s. and pvnisement of thair persouns at the will of the magestrats. Attour, that nane howse, harberie, or resaue in thair howssis or ludgeings any vagabunds, passingers, or strayngers, bot that thai schaw the bailyie of the quarter within thre houres thairafter, vnder the payne of x li. swa oft as thai failyie and banisement of the town, but favouris.

1 May 1585.

Laird of Jhonestoun, convoy.

It wes reportet be Henry Nesbet and James Nicoll that the Kings Grace desyret the toun to furneis xl sudderts to convoy the laird of Jhonestoun hamewart, and thair chairges to be refoundet to the toun with ane pairt of the generall extent of the realme of xxm li.; inrespect quhairof the said bailyeis, counsall, and deykins grantes and consents to furneis threttie nyne sudderts, ane swescheour, and twa commanders, viz., Cudbert Cranstoun, furrour, and William Aitkyn; and the bailyeis to avance thair chairges on the reddiest of the touns taxt now in vplifting, and the saids commanders to haif x li. ilk persoun.

Paislay abbacie.

Appoyntis Henrie Nesbet, William Fairlie, Alexander Owsteane, Jhonn Watt, to pas to Dirltoun to the Kings Maiestie and to travell to gett the signatour of the abbacie of Paislay past and subscryuet to the guid toun.

4 May 1585.

Avancement of jm merkis to the Kings Grace.

Comperit Sir William Stewart of [blank] knycht, capitane of Dumbertane, and produceit ane lettre of the Kings Maiestie desyring the town to avance and len for owtredding of certane men of weir to pas to the borderis the sowme of ane thowsand merk, to be ramburset agane to the town of the generall taxt of xxm li. to be tane of the haill realme, with the quhilk the said bailyeis, counsall, and deykins being avyset, all in ane voice grantet and condiscendet to avance the said sowme, to be tane of the first end of the townis extent of twa thowsand pund laitlie grantet for the kirk and the wyne, allowand in the said avancement the sowmes deburset for the xl sulderts. And quhill the said sowm may be gottin in fynds expedient that the bailyeis vplift the sam quhaireuir thai may haif it, and thai to ramburse the nychtbouris of thair quarters quha sall avance the sam with the said extent.

5 May 1585.

Nether Bow, West Port.

In consideratioun that the Quenisferrie is swa oppin and patent to all persouns, and thairfore to eschew all infectioun that may aryse thairthrow, fyndis it expedient that twa persouns for the Nether Bow and twa for the West Port be feyet to keip the sam, that na vnkennit persouns, vagabounds, or vthers enter thairat.

Vnfriemen in Leyth.

Fynds that according to the ancient liberteis of this burgh and lawes of the realme na vnfrie persouns awcht to haif libertie or power to by or sell any maner of guids cumand in or owt at the port of Leyth, and thairfore appoynts and nominats Nicoll Vddert and Jhonn Watt to sie the said liberties and lawes keipit and put to dew executioun.

Statute, commoun metster.

Fynds it expedient, statuts, and ordanis that of all wollin clayth maid within this burgh and mett betuix nychtbour and nichtbour, the commoun metster awcht to haif na dewtie for the sam without he be cawset to mett the said clayth, bot all clayth that cumis owt of the cuntrie and is maid without the town he to haif his metster dewtie thairof to be payet be the seller quhidder it be met be the said metster or nocht.

9 May 1585.

Pest persouns.

In consideratioun that thair is twa persouns deid in the pest within this xxiiij houris quhilk wes incloset in the hous in the Fische Merket Close within Jhonn Young the tailyeouris land quhair the woman deyet of before, [blank] dayes syne or thairby, thairfore fynds it maist expedient that the thrie persouns yitt on lyve in the said hous sall be transportet furth of the toun, and the hous clengeit with diligence, and that provisioun be maid that thai sall nocht eschaip or rin away, the place to transport thame to be in the hows at the acres of vmquhill Adam Purves, wrycht, bewest St. Rochis chapell. And the said persouns to be putt be thame selffis, and ane watche to be putt in ane luge besyde of thre clene persouns to keip thame, and the haill geir quhilk is nocht in lokfast lumes to be tayne furth and brynt.

10 May 1585.

Clengeris, gibet, ports.

The bailyeis and counsall in ane pairt being convenit, fynds it expedient that the clengers, Alexander Fraynche and Jhonn Speir, quha ar in Dysart, be send for incais the towne haif ado with thame. And ordanis the thesaurer to sett vp ane gibet in the mwre quhair it wes of awld. Als that ane honest man in the town his day about be putt to euerie ane of the twa ports to attend vpoun the sam, and that ane clenger be had for the present to putt in with the seik folkis and to help to transport thair geir.

12 May 1585.

Mure. Clengeit folkis, tofalls.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to sett the girs of the mwre quhill Mairtymes for xl merk gif he can gett na mair for the sam. Als to mak clething to the folkis quha ar to be clenget becaus thair awin clething is to be brynt. Als to big swa mony tofallis as he sall fynd necessar in the Kirk of the Seynis for thame that sall be clengeit, and for Alexander Fraynche and Jhonn Speir quha ar cum fra the Wemys.

14 May 1585.

Cran in Leyth.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to tak down the cran at the schoir of Leyth and to sett vp the sam at the clowse of the North Loch, and to repair it.

18 May 1585.

Lugeis, Watter of Leyth.

The bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and ane pairt of the counsall being convenit, ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus big fyve or sex lugeis in the mwre for sic as sall happin to be put furth in the pest, and namelie for Walter Ochiltrie, myller, and his wyfe and bairnis, quha ar to be put furth thairto be ressoun of ane bairne deid in the seiknes in thair howse at the mylnis. Alswa gevis commissioun to the said thesaurer and to Thomas Aikinheid and Jhonn Mowbray to visit, attend, and tak cair of the inhabitants within the townis boundis on the watter of Leyth.

Commissioanent Fraynche. Dustefute.

Ordanis Henry Nesbet, William Fairlie, bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, Alexander Vddert and Jhonn Watt, to pas to Alexander Fraynche, clenger, and to exhort him to be trew and diligent in his office in the mwre; and gif it beis fund that he sall do his dewtie honestlie, to promeis vnto him in name of the toun that he sall be honestly rewairdet with a howse mailfrie and a pensioun for his lyfetyme. Als ordanis the said persouns to caus Dustefute slay all the swyne, dogs and cats, quhaireuir he may apprehend the sam.

19 May 1585.

Assisteris in the quarters.

The bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and maist pairt of the counsall being convenit, for eschewing of the apperand daynger of the pestilence and doing of thair diligence to provyde remedie thairto, hes electit, nominat, and appoyntit thre persouns of euery quarter to concur, fortifie, and assist the bailyeis thairof respectiue, at all tymes neidfull, in visitatioun thairof and taking cair and attendance thairvpoun.

Counsall convening.

The foresaid bailyeis and counsall and … deykins of crafts agreit to the act immediatlie before writtin; and als, in consideratioun that the apperant incres of the seiknes requyres mair frequent conventioun now nor at vther tymes, and gritter diligence, with deliberatioun, to forsie, eschew, and provyde for daynger to cum, thairfore fynds expedient that the counsall sall convene ilk day after the prayers and sermon, and that nane be absent without ane verray necessar and vrgent caus without any forther warning.

Sustening of the puir.

Ordanis the bailyeis to mak the charges and expenssis vpoun the sustentatioun of the puir and neidy in thair quarters quha sall happin to be incloset or putt to the mwre.

20 May 1585.

Caldroun, Freir port, clengeing.

The bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and ane pairt of the counsall being convenit, ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to bye ane caldroun and all necessar for the clengeing of the guidis in the mwre. And William Naper, the thesaurer, and sic as thai can fynd to assist, to pas and sie the clengers enter to the clengeing with diligence. And the bailyie of the quarter and the thesaurer to tak ordour with the Grayfreir port for helping and mending thairof and making keyis thairto to serue for a passage to the fowle folk and thair geir.

21 May 1585.

Irnis to the mwre.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to tak ane pair of irnis, with thair schaikills, furth of the tolbuith to the mwre for keiping and pvneissing of the transgressoures within the samyn.

Wilsoun, Russell, Walker, put to assys.

Fyndis expedient that Thomas Wilsoun, travellour, presentlie infectit with the pest and in poynt of deyth, and als Margaret Russell and Jonet Walker, hir dochter, be incontinent putt to the knawlege of ane assyse for having of the pest and knawand the sam conceilling thairof and repairing amangs our Souerane Lords lieges oppinlie, to the infectioun of sum and hasart of mony, and being fund culpabill in any poynt of the premisses to be immediatly execut to the deyth at the stray mercat.

Smyth, lokman to the mwre.

Agreit with Alexander Smyth, pyonour, and feyet and conduceit him executiouner of the fowle folk and all sic as sall be convict for breking of the Kings Majesteis lawes and the statuts of the burgh, and hes promest him ten pund monethlie induring his seruice.

22 May 1585.

Collectioun of the sessioun for St. Jhonestoun.

Comperit maister Olipher Colt quha wes appoyntet to pas throw the lords of sessioun, aduocats, and thair seruands, to gadder and collect thair support to the town of St. Jhonestoun and seik folk thairof visite with the pestilence, and produceit the said lordis and aduocats and thair seruands collectioun, extending to [£201, 10s. 4d.] Siclyke comperit Dauid Lawtie, writter, appoyntet to gett the collectioun of the writters, memberis of sessioun, for support of the said towne and producet the sowme of [£43, 3s. 6d.] Quhilk wes delyuerit to James Ros, thesaurer.

Fowle clengeris.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus furneis and delyuer to the foure fowle clengeris in the mwre euerie ane of thame ane jowpe of blak with a … of quhyte clayth sewit about the sam for designing and knawing of thame be vtheris.

24 May 1585.

Watter of Leyth, ports keiping.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to furneis all necessaris to thame that ar steiket vp in the Watter of Leyth that hes nocht of thair awin, vpoun the townes charges, quhill forther ordour be tayne. Als ordanis the wadget men at the ports to be dischairget and foure nychtboures thair day about to be put to the Nether Bow and four to the West Port for attending vpoun the persouns passing in and owt thairat.


Inrespect the bailyeis ar daylie and nychtlie occupeit vpoun the effairis of the toun, speciallie for suppressing of the seiknes and helping the puir and seik, and for dyuers vther caussis moving thame, fynds it expedient that the testimonialls be gevin vnder the subscriptioun of the commoun clerk and signet allanerly, without the subscriptioun of the bailyeis.

26 May 1585.

Gibet on the mwre.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus set vp ane gibet in the maist convenient place of the Wester Mwir.

Forest, clene clenger.

Agreit with Jhonn Forest, cordiner, porter of the Kirk of Feild Port, and conduceit him to serue in the clene mwre as ane clene clenger with ane man and ane woman vpoun his chairges for quhome he sall ansuer, for the quhilk thai promis him the sowme of ten pund, monethlie, induring his seruice; and appoynts Androw Sclater, thesaurer, William Littill, Alexander Vddert, and Jhonn Watt, to gif and set down to him the ordour of his seruice to be maid and done in the said mwre.

Watche in the mwre, fowle men, ports.

Appoynts and ordanis Henry Nesbet, William Naper, Jhonn Watt, Alexander Vddert, George Smyth, to convene and confer with thre watchemen in the mwre, and to agrie with thame for fyve pund, monethlie. ilk persoun for thair wedges, and gif thai will nocht be content heirwith to speir owt vthers to serue in thair rowme and report on Fryday. Alswa that thai speik the fowle clengeris and schaw that thai suld sustene thameselffs vpoun thair awin wedges and sall be furneist thairvpoun in all necessaris be the town. And alswa, for dyuers caussis moving thame, ordanis and appoyntis that Jhonn Sclater for the Nether Bow and Androw Thomesoun for the West Port sall remayne and keip watche and attendance daylie vpoun the persouns and guidis cumand and brocht in or owt at the sam, and to haif ilk day for thair seruice threttie penneis ilk persoun quhill thai be dischairget.

St Marie chapell, puir young anes.

Appoynts Gawin Peirie, masoun, James Wod, baxter, Thomas Wod, wrycht, Jhonn Stevinsoun, wobster, to visy the chaipell in St. Mary Wynd, that the sam may be provydet for placeing thairin the puir young anes of v or vj yeir awld quha lyes nychtlie in the buith wyndois and durris.

Henrysoun, pensioun.

Comperit James Henrysoun, chirurgeane, and oblist himselff to pas and visie the haill persouns quha sall happin to be infectit with the seiknes of pestilence or suspect thairof and gif his trew jugement to the magistrats in decerning the said seiknes fra all vther seiknes at all tymes quhen he sall be requyret thairto be day or be nicht. And siclyke to pas and visite all the hospitalls of this burgh, and the puir quha sall happin to be seik or sair, laymet or hurt, within the libertie and fredome of this burgh, of quhat seiknes or disease that euir the samyn be, quhome the kirk or counsall sall fynd guid to be helpitt, and sall imploy his cure in his airt of chirurgie, doing his diligence and lawbour to cure, haill, and releif thame of the said sairis, seiknessis, hurts, wounds, or diseassis, the towne alwayes furnesing the vngnents, drogs, implasteris and vther mendicaments vpoun thair chairges and expenssis, to be ministrat be him and applyet to the said puir. For the quhilks caussis the said bailyeis, counsall, and deykins, grantis, gevis, and disponis to the said James ane yeirlie stipend or pensioun of twenty punds vsuall money of this realme to be payet to him furth of the reddiest of the commoun rent of this burgh induring all the dayes of his lyfetyme.

28 May 1585.

Maisteris of the college.

The bailyeis and ane pairt of the counsall being convenit, and vnderstanding be maister Robert Rollok and maister Duncane Nairne, maisters of the College, that the haill students, throw the feir and bruit of the pestilence, hes left the scholes and thairby thai haif nathing to do, desyring thairfore licence of the town to depairt and visy thair freinds for a seasoun, offerand to returne to thair cuir and seruice quhensoeuir the towne sall think expedient, vpoun aduertisement to be maid in thair names be maister Alexander Guthre thair clerk. Quhilk desyre the said bailyeis and counsall thocht resonabill, and thairfor willinglie grantet and consentet thairto.

Distributer to the puir.

In respect of the multitude of puir incressing in the mwre and in the towne, quhome it behoveth to be sustenit vpoun the townis chairges or ellis to pereis in famyne, thairfore fynds it maist expedient and necessar and agreis and consents that the bailyeis fynd owt and provyde ane sufficient qualefeit persoun to distribute the sustentatioun in meitt and drynk to the seik folk and vther neidy persouns in the mwre quha hes nocht of their awin.

Clerk of the Kirk.

Gevis commissioun to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, to intreat and agrie with the clerk of the kirk to remayne and serue in his office nochtwithstanding this perrilous tyme, for the augmentatioun of ten pund of stipend yeirly induring his seruice and the tyme of Michael Marioribankis, and gif he refuissis the bailyeis and counsall will provyde and forsie for ane sufficient man for his place.

Puir children, St. Mary Wynd.

Fyndis expedient, agreit, and consentet that the bailyeis caus tak the puir chyldrein that lyes in the streits and buith wyndois and caus thame be putt in the chaipell in St. Mary Wynd, thair to be sustenit vpoun the townis chairges.

Commissio Regis, beggeris.

Robert Bynning producet ane commissioun fra the Kings Grace for executioun of the acts of parliament concerning the beggares, direct to the guid toun.

1 June 1585.

Precept, thesaurer, bried and drynk, wedges, kettil, gownis.

Ordanet the said thesaurer for a moneth in to cum, of his awin consent, to furneis the mvnitioun, breid and drynk, pay the commoun seruands thair wedges, and to mak all vther chairges necessar in the mwre the said space, and in the meynetyme quhill the mwnitioun sall be reddy the bailyeis to provyde and caus furneis quhair the samyn may be maist commodiouslie had, and the thesaurer to resaue the compt thairof and mak payment for the samyn. Als the said thesaurer to get ane small kettill for clengeing of the pepill and to mak foure gownis to serue the puir in thair clengeing quhill thair awin claythis be dry that ar clengeit.

Steiland fowle geir.

Ordanis the man quha wes tayne steilland sum fowle geir vpoun the mwre to be put to assyse, and beand convict that he be execut and hangeit in the mwre for the sam.

2 June 1585.


The foresaidis bailyeis, dene of gild, and ane parit of the counsall being convenit, appoyntet Henry Nesbet, bailyie, with Dauid Williamsoun, Alexander Owsteane and George Smyth, to pas to my lord provest and schaw him of the townis mynd toward the abbacie of Paislay, and appoynts William Fairlie and the dene of gild to pas to maister Jhonn Scherp and caus forme the security for making ane abbot, and the said William to caus warne the deykins agane Fryday to gif thair consultatioun gif thai will accept the provisioun of it to ane persoun to be abbot or nocht, and thairafter gif thai will pas to the Kings Grace and desyre ather to gif the town the gift as it beis formit that way and than presentet, or ellis that thai will gif it ower.

4 June 1585.

Neische, pestilence.

Ordanet the bailyeis to tak ordour with Matho Neische, flescheour, quha had falsly bruitet the town in the cuntrey of the vehemencie of the pestilence.


Henry Nesbet, and thai that wer directit with him to my lord provest, reportit that his lordschips ansuer wes that he desyret the town to nominat sex persouns and his lordschip wald lawbour at the Kings Graces hands to obtene the gift of Paislay to ane of thame in the townis name. And thairfore the said counsall and deykins nominat thir persouns, viz., William Naper, Androw Sclater, William Fairlie, Nicoll Vddert, William Harvy, Jhonn Watt.

8 June 1585.

Precept, thesaurer, traveis, Borthwik.

The foresaidis bailyeis, dene of gild, and ane pairt of the counsall being convenit, ordanet James Ros, thesaurer, to caus mak ane traveis of tymmer at the Grayfreir port besyd the nether entres to the buriall, be the avyse of the bailyeis, for keiping of the fowle geir, and the expenssis thairof to be allowet in his compts. Siclyk ordanis him to furneis quheitt to Jhonn Borthuik for sustening the puir on the mwre and to pay him all byganes.

9 June 1585.

Small debursments.

[Ordained the following sums to be allowed in the treasurer's accounts:—] Gevin to ane man that past to the minister of the Brig of Haillis and Lynlythqw to cum to this towne, viij s.; item, the secund tyme to the minister of Lynlythqw, vj s. viij d.; item, the thrid tyme sent Jhonn Cossar, officer of airmis, to charge the minister of Lynlythqw with the Kings lettres to cum to be minister of Edinburgh, xxvj s. viij d.; item, for sending for the minister of Selkirk callit maister Michaell Cranstoun, and his expenssis the tyme that he remaneit heir v li.; item, to ane man that passit to Angus with lettres of the Kings Maiesties to maister James Balfour to cum and preiche heir at Edinburgh, xx s.; item, at the visiting of St. Nicolas Chaipell besyde Leyth, at the counsalls command, quhair the lantren is bigging to gif licht to the heavin, to the warkmen, vj s. viij d.; item, to twa puir wemen quha wer in extreme necessity and schortlie thairafter depairtet, viij s.

12 June 1585.

Laird of Innerleyth.

[The bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] at the airnist desyre and requeist of Jhonn Towris, of Innerleyth, and to schaw beneuolence and guid nychtbourheid vnto him, willis, grantis and consentis that his tennents at the West Port and Potterraw quha ar infectit with this present plaig of pestilence, be resauet and placeit vpoun ane seuerall place in the commoun mwre to be designit and appoyntet vnto thame be the bailyeis, vpoun the conditiouns and provisiouns alwayes to be contenit in ane obligatioun and band to be maid and subscryuet be the laird of Innerleyth to the town, off the quhilk the tenour followis:—Be it kend till all men be thir present lettres. Maister Jhonn Towris of Innerleyth; forswamekill as the richt honorabill the bailyeis, counsall and deykins of the burgh of Edinburgh hes grantet privelege and licence to me of ane pairt of thair commoun mure of the said burgh for placeing of sum seik persouns in the pestilence dwelland within my bounds of Potterraw and Westport, quhilk tollerance I resaue as ane benefite of thair guid will, be vertew of the quhilk licence I bind and oblis me and my airis to acclame na richt nor propertie to the said mure in tymes cuming bot onelie tollerance thairof induring the touns will allanerlie, and sall caus furneis all sic persouns as sall happin to dwell within my bounds to be placeit on the said mwre, in meitt, drink, clengeris, watchemen and all vther necessars, during thair remaning on the said mwre, on myne and the saidis persouns awin expenssis, and sall be na forther burdenabill to the guid toun bot tollerance of thair mwre allanerlie. Be this my obligatioun, subscryuet with my hand, at Innerleyth, the xvij day of June 1585, before thir witnessis, Adame Ethingtoun, Jhonn Stenhop, Andro Touris and George Mak, my seruands. Et sic subscribitur: Jhoann Touris of Innerleyth.

Nychtbouris pilleit be Flissiners.

Appoyntis Henry Nesbet, bailyie, the dene of gild, Alexander Vddert, Henry Blyth and Thomas Myller, to pas to the Abbay to the Kings Grace and to my lord provest to meyne and lament the caus of our nichtbouris Frances Tennent and Vmphra Gray, quha ar laitlie pilleit of thair guidis be the Flissiners and vtheris, and to travell of sic guid redres as may be had thairfore.

14 June 1585.

Imbassadouris of Denmark.

The bailyeis and thesaurer and ane pairt of the counsall being convenit, fyndis it maist expedient for the honour of the towne that the spyce and the wyne be propynet and gevin to the imbassadouris of Denmark laitlie arryvet within this realme, and the bailyeis, with James Adamsoun, the thesaurer, Dauid Williamsoun, Alexander Owsteane, Henry Blyth, Thomas Myller, with sic ythir of the counsall and honest nychtbouris of the toun as thai pleis to tak with thame, to welcum the saidis imbassadouris.

16 June 1585.

Anent the Trinity College.

The foresaids bailyes, dene of gild and [council,] in consideratioun that it wes agreit to mak ane fynall appoyntment with maister Robert Pont, twicheing his rycht of the prouestrie of the Trinitie College, according to ane act maid the xxv day of Marche last, and be the report of the persouns appoyntet to mak the said agrement that it is fynallie endet be word with him to the setting doun of the sam in writt, and that thair suld be payet to him the sowme iijc merk at the ending of the contract, and yeirlie induring his lyfetyme the sowme of [blank;] quhilk at lenth will be ane mater verray proffitabill to the town and helpfull to the college and yit hes bene neglectit sen the said day, thairfor fynds it most expedient that the sam be endet in writt within a xv dayes; and gevis commissioun to William Fairlie, Dauid Williamsoun and George Smyth to caus forme the contract, and ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to avance and deburse the said sown of iijc merk to the said maister Robert at the ending of the said contract, quhilk sall be allowet in his compts; and ordanis the deykins to be wairnit agane Setterday after the prayers to heir the said contract and gif thair consent thairto and for taking ordour to send the sam to the said maister Robert and to gett ane gift of the said provestrie subscryuit be the Kings Grace.

Statut, proclamatio, Leyth.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh that na seruands pas or repair within the towne of Leyth without thai be in cumpany of thair maisters or sum honest nychtbouris that will ansuer for thame, vnder the payne to be imprisonet for xv dayes, to be fed with breid and watter allanerlie. Siclyk that na persouns vpoun any pretext or excuis pas to the West Mure, or repaire toward the lugeis, seik and suspect folkis, without speciall licence of the bailyeis had and obtenit thairto, vnder the payne to be incloset vpoun thair awin expenssis for the space of xx dayes. And that all maisters of houshaldis, men, wemen, and all vthers, quhair thair sall happin any persouns to be seik of ony kynd of disease, inclose thame selffis and mak incontinent aduertisement to the magestrats be the visitouris, officeris, or thair nixt nychtbouris, and fra thine cum nocht furth and repair amangs the Kings lieges without licence of the bailyeis or of the bailyie of thair quarter, and conceill nocht thair seiknessis, vnder the payne of deid. Als that nane be fund to haif to sell in the merkets or vther places any sybois, leiks, or vngyeouns induring this present pestilence, vnder the payne of banisment and tynsall of thair stufe.

Beggars, vagabundis.

Fynds it expedient that the bailyeis caus tak and putt in the thevis hoill all strang and sturdy beggares and all idill vagabunds quhill ordour be tayne for avoyding of thame furth of the toun, and the wemen beggares to be put in the chapell in St. Mary Wynd.

Luge for the munition, breid and drynk.

Ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to caus big and mak ane sufficient hous in the mwre for keping of the breid and drynk prepairet to be distribute for the sustentatioun of the puir and seik on the said mwre. Siclyk nominat, maid, and constitute William Logane, messinger, to be distributer of the meitt and drynk to the puir folkis vpoun the mwre and within the toun quha ar indigent, seik, and incloset and suspect of pestilence, and that be the avyse and command of the bailyeis, every ane in thair quarters, as he sall resaue thair name and quantite of thair furnesing in roll; and inconsideratioun that the said office will be veray paynfull and chairgeabill to the said William, thairfore thay gif and grant vnto him the sowme of sex pund monethlie in name of stipend for his seruice ay and quhill forther ordour be tayne anent the said distributioun or quhill he be discharget be the guid toun.

Craig, ministers lugeing.

Agreit and consentit that maister Jhonn Craig, minister, haif the possessioun and occupatioun of the lugeing sumtyme occupeit be vmquhill maister James Lowsoun, minister; and ordanis the haveris of the keyis to delyuer the sam vnto him; and ordanis Jhonn Broun, collectour of the kirk annuellis, to pay to the said maister Jhonn the sowme of fyftie pund for ane quarters payment for his seruice in the kirk and ministry, quhilk sall be allowet to the said Jhonn in his compts.

19 June 1585.

Markets in Leyth, skynnis.

The foresaidis bailyeis, deue of gild, thesaurer, [council and deacons of crafts,] vnderstanding that thair is greitt merkets keipet and haldin within the towne of Leyth, of butter, cheis, meill and siclyk viuers, contrair to the priveleges of this burgh, thairfore they all agreit and consentit to pas down the nixt merket day and intromet with and vpbring all maner of guids brocht to the said merket. And ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to intromett with the haill skynnis, lamb skynis and futefaills and scheip skynnis quhilk ar had to Leyth and thair pakket and sawld.

Castell bank.

Gevis commissioun to Henry Nesbet, bailyie, [and three others] to pas to my Lady Arrane and compleyne vpoun the closing vp of the passage to the castell bank, and to desyre the sam to be reformit and maid patent to the nychtbouris as it wes of before.

Proclamatio, St. Jhonnestoun, merchandice.

Ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throw this burgh, chairgeing all persouns, burgessis or indwelleris of the sam, quha hes repairet within the toun of St. Jhonnestoun sen the xx day of Marche last or bocht ony guids or merchandice within the sam or within ten myillis thairabout or yitt hes intromettit with ony guids or merchandice cum fra the saids pairts, that thai present thameselffis to the magistrats of this burgh betuix this and Wednisday nixttocum, at x houris before none, notifie and declair be writt the tymes of thair passage and gif vp the inuentour of the saids guids, with the names of the persouns gif any be quha hes resauet the sam fra thame sensyne, with certificatioun to the saidis persouns quha failyeis heirinto and conceillis the sam the said day that thai sall tyne thair fredome, the saidis guids and merchandice or valour thairof sall be decernet escheitt, and thair bodeis pvnist at the will of the maiestrats as thai that hes contemnit this present ordinance and done that in thame lyis to cast this toun in forther daynger of seiknes.

21 June 1585.

Piracie, wairdouris, Quenis college.

[The bailies and council] being convenit, fynds it maist expedient that the said Henry Nesbet, James Adamsoun and Henry Blyth pas to the Kings Grace in [blank] and declair the laitt trubill done be the pirats of Ingland to dyuers merchants of this realme and travell to obtene licence to reik owt ane schip or schips aganis thame, als to speik anent ane Myltoun in waird and the rest of the wairdouris inrespect of the present plaig, and siclyk anent the obtening of the gift of the provestrie of the Quenis College.

22 June 1585.

Piracie of Ingland.

The bailyeis, dene of gild, and ane pairt of the counsall being convenit, fynds it maist expedient that incais Henry Nesbet, bailyie, with the persounis joynit with him in commissioun, according to the act before namet, obtene licence to any ships to pas furth aganis the pirats of Ingland, that thay lykways purches ane chairge to the provest and bailyeis of Dundie and Sanct Androis to haif twa schips and Leyth to haif ane, to be reiket furth vpoun the expenssis of the haill borrowis, and chairgeing the burrowes to that effect, or ony vther schips in the coist syde quha sall be thocht meitt thairfore, and gif this licence be obtenit that he himselff pas to Dundie and Sanct Androis and langis the coist for taking ordour heiranent and to aduerteis the counsall with diligence that Leyth may be chairget.

23 [June] 1585.

Knok bell.

The foresaid bailyeis, dene of gild, thesaurer, and ane pairt of the counsall being convenit, vnderstanding that the new knok is maid reddie and prepairet, thairfore fynds it maist expedient that the samyn be sett vp, and the greitt bell quhairvpoun it strikis to be rayset hiear, be the avyse of Andro Sclater, William Littill, George Smyth and Henry Blyth.


Ordanis ane lettre to be sent to the toun of Hadingtoun complening vpoun thair rigourous deilling with the toun and nychtbouris thairof, and of the fals report maid be certane of thair nychtbouris vpoun the toun, and directis Jhonn Mowbray with the said lettre.

Court of Leyth, port at the brig.

Fynds guid that ane bailyie pas to Leyth for keping the secund court anent the schawin of the euidents of the lands thair, and the port a tthe Brigend rayset be thame of the north syde be tayne down, and appoynts Andrew Sclater or James Nicoll to do the samyn.

Precept, collectouris, blind Jamie.

Ordanis the collectouris of the vnlawes, etc., to gif to Blynd Jame, or thame with quhome he lugeis, fyve schillings owlklie for his sustentatioun and halding him frome the gaitt, and to gif him a hardin sark.

25 June 1585.

Piracie of Ingland. Prouestrie of the Quenis college.

Henry Nesbet, bailyie, exhibit ane lettre obtenit be him of the Kings Grace concerning pirracie of Ingland, quhairin his Grace declaret that he had direct sum of his counsell to speik the Inglis imbassadour thairanent, and promittet to grant the burrowis licence to set furth schips gif the Quene of Ingland tuik nocht ordour thairwith. Siclyk, producet ane signatour of the gift of the prouestrie of the Quenis College, quhilk signatour wes delyuerit to William M'Cairtnay.

Extent of jm li., jm merk taking on the mylnis.

The foresaid bailyeis, counsall and deykins of crafts, inconsideratioun that throw the vehemencie of the pest the number of the puir incressis daylie quhome the town mon ather sustene or suffer to periche for hunger, bayth in the mwre and in the toun, and that the commoun rent is bayth greitlie superexpendet and run in dett throw the Kings Graces seruice and presentlie gevis nathing, the commoun mylnis and customes lyand idyll, thairfor agreit, consentet and ordanet ane extent of ane thowsand pund to be sett vpoun the haill nichtbouris, merchants, craftismen and burgessis and occupearis within the burgh, for sustentatioun of the puir and neidie in the tyme of this seiknes and bigging of the lugeis on the mwre, payment of the wedget men and commoun seruandis, and vther charges of the town; als condiscendet that the sowme of ane thowsand merk wer tayne for annuell vpoun the commoun mylnis to the effect foresaid.

Watche of feyet men.

Inrespect that the nychtbouris ar past furth of the toun and hes left the samyn desolat and thair buithis and howssis in daynger of brekking be lymmers, thairfor fynds expedient that the bailyeis conduce and hyre the number of twenty four persouns to keip watche and gaird in the town day and nicht and to concure with the bailyeis in all vther effaires of the town, twelf of the saidis persouns to watche be day and twelf be nicht, and thai to haif of wedges thre pund monethlie ilk persoun.

30 June 1585.

Proclamatio, merkat places of coills, &c.

[The bailies, dean of gild,] and maist pairt of the counsall being convenit, ordanet proclamatioun to be maid chargeing that na maner of persouns quha bringis any fische, coillis or herbis, or any vther viures in this burgh, that thai pas nocht to any particulare howssis or cloissis bot allanery that thai resort and place thame selffis and thair stufe in the commoun mercats, that is to say the salt and herbis at the salt trone, the fische in the awld fische mercat, and the coills fra Todrikis Wyndheid to Bassendenis Land on the sowth syde of the town, thair to be sawld and in na vther places, vnder the payne of confiscatioun of thair stufe, and to be gevin up and declairet to the bailyeis and magestrats quhair thai dwell that thai be nocht resauet hame agane.

Precept, thesaurer, kist, luges, waterbereris.

Ordanis the havie beir or kist maid be the thesaurer to be tayne and imployet in the mwre and a new licht kist of sawin daillis to be maid for seruing the town to the burriall of the infectit persouns, and ordanis the said thesaurer to produce and hyre the biggers and makers of the lugeis and gif thame xvj s. for thair wark for ilk ludge and nocht to pay thame owlklie wedges; siclyk, ordanis the said thesaurer to pay to the watter berers quha assistet to quenche the fyre rayset in Jhonn Kerris howse at clengeing the sowm of fourty schillings and to resaue the sam againe of the said Jhonn, and gif he refuses that he be callet for passing furth of his hous after he wes commandet in.