Extracts from the Records: 1576, Jan-Mar

Pages 45-48

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1576, Jan-Mar

4 January 1575-6.

Iustice airis, nychtbouris.

The baillies and counsale ordanis maister Mychaell Chisholme, Robert Kar, Jhonne Arnot, baillies, James Young, dekyn of the smythis, and Jhonne Murdo, dekin of the tailyeouris, and Gilbert Prymros to pas the morne to my Lord Regenttis Grace and ressoun with him concernyng the iustice airis and nychtbouris of this burgh, and report his Graces ansuer the morne.

14 January 1575-6.

Dury, minister.

[The bailies, council, and deacons of craft] efter avisement with the suplicatioun producet befor thame be Jhonne Dury, ane of thair ministerris, bering that he had onlie of thair wisdomes the sowme of tua hundreth merkis yeirlie for his stipend, sustenyng of his houshald and familie, and vtheris charges, quhairwith he could haue bene content gyf victuellis and his vther necessaris had bene of reasonable prices, and thairfore besocht thair wysdomes to considder the yeirlie incres of his bairnys and familie, the exhorbitantt darth of victuellis and all vther necessaris, and in rispect thair of to augment his said stipend efter thair gude will and plesour; quhilk supplicatioun, red and considerit, thay fynd that all thyngis neidfull for the sustentatioun of man ar cum to sa hie prices that the said Jhonne is nocht abile to haue sufficient lyfe vpoun the said sowme of tua hundreth merkis; quhairfore thay eik thairto yeirlie the sowme of ane hundreth, makand of the hale in the yeir thre hundreth merkis, quhilk thay ordane the collectouris, present and to cum, to deliuer to the said Jhonne Dury of the radeast of the annuellis and collectioun appoyntit for the ministrie. And the samyn sall be allowit in his compttis, produce and the said Jhonnis acquittance vpoun the ressait thairof, and this to indure during thair willis.

14 January 1575-6.

Regent, villa, Airris.

The baillies and counsall ordanis maister Michaell Chesholme [and five others] to pas the morne to my Lord Regentis Grace, and in name and behalf of the provest, baillies, counsall and communitie, to travell with his Grace for discharge or continuation of the iustice air, and to repoirt his ansueir the morn.

28 January 1575-6.


The [bailies and council], vnderstanding the ministeris to want thair stipend sen Yule past, and knawing thame selffis detbound thairfor, thay ordane the rollis of the commoun collectioun to be veseit, the samyn to be agmentit be the names of sic as ar laitlie maid burgessis, and sic as are departit to be put furth of the said rollis, and that sum discreit men be send to the merchanttis, scribis, and lawaris, for inbringing of the said collectioun.

11 February 1575-6.

Cairnys, redar.

The baillies, counsale, and dekynnis foresaid, vnderstanding Jhonn Cairnys, reder, in the reparaling and biging of his hous within the ministerris lugeing, and to be detbound to diuers creditouris in the sowme of fowre score fiftene pundis xij s. xj. d., thairfor quha callis and persewis him in the law for the samyn, quhilk is nocht thair honestie to suffer, the said hous being thair awin: quhairfor, thay ordane James Adamsoun, dene of gild, to deliuer to the said Jhonne Cairnys the foresaid sowme of fowre score fiftene pund xij s. xj d.; and the same sal be allowit in his compttis, produce and the said Jhonis acquittance for his warrand.

17 February 1575-6.

Villa, Regent, Air.

The baillies, counsale and dekynnis ordanis maister Mychaell Chisholme [and four others], dekynnis, to pas the morne be vij houris in the mornyng to my Lord Regenttis Grace, and conforme to the myndis of the counsale and dekynnis, schew him thair ansuer of new to his Graces articlis, and craif the continuance of the air, etc., and report his Graces ansuer.

24 February 1575-6.

Villa, conseruitour.

The baillies and counsale dischargis maister George Hacquet, conseruitour, of the custome of the merchandice in his coffer, brocht furth of Flandaris with him self, because he was writtin for be the hale commissaris of burrois, and notwithstanding his office, in his awin presens, decretis and deliueris that he is subject to custome as ane vnfreman sa lang as he hes his remanyng furth of the realme, and in speciall for sic wairis as he sall send to be sauld in the samyn.

Regent, villa, Air.

The baillies and counsale ordanis maister Mychaell Chisholme, Jhonn Arnot, Robert Kar, baillies, and Gilbert Prymros of the counsale, to pas the morne to Dalkeyth to my Lord Regenttis Grace, to requeist for continuatioun of the airis, and his Grace continewit to Octobert nixt.

6 March 1575-6.

Counsallouris of new.

The baillies and counsall having certan materis in hand concerning the commoun weill quhilkis gudelie culd nocht be decydit without the full nomber of thair counsall, and becaus Andrew Sclaitter and [blank] war absent, thay chuse and electis in thair places, during the tyme of thair absence, Eduard Littill and Robert Cunninghame, gevand to thame powar to elect and voit as the vtheris.

23 March 1575-6.

Fleschouris, fische mercat.

The baillies and counsale vnderstanding the greit oppressioun committit be the fleschouris vpoun oure Souerane Lordis lieges now in this tyme of lentrone, in braiking of kylling and vther greit fische, regratit and forestallit be the multitude of the saidis fleschouris, quhairfor thay statute and ordane that fra this day furth thair be na kylling brokin in mercat or vtouth bot be fremen, and thay exceid nocht the nomber of viij stokis for quhome the dekin sall be haldin to ansuer, and that nowther fre nor vnfremen pas furth of the toun to by fische in greit, nor to forstall the mercat, vnder the pane of escheit of all sic fisches as sall be apprehendit in thair possessioun; and siclike that na vnfreman fleschour nor vtheris be found in the mercat braiking or selling fische, vnder the pane of bannessing the toun, induring the baillies and counsallis willis; and this act till indure quhill forder ordour be prouidit.

Villa, thesaurer, schore.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Mongow Russell, thesaurer, with all deligence posseble to lay in lyme and vther materiallis necessar for mending and biging of the schore of Leyth.

28 March 1576.

Villa, myllis, maltmen, Lowry, Donaldsoun.

The baillies and counsale, efter lang ressonyng vpoun the commoun efferris, fyndis that all burgessis within this burgh hes evir bene, ar, and sould be, thyrlit to the commoun mylnis, grynd thair quheit, malt, and vther cornys at the samyn, pay thair gyrst, and multer to the fermariris or thesaurer of the gude toun for the tyme, vnder the pane of tynsale of thair fredomes, and knawing Jhonne Lowrye, vtouth the West Port, and James Donaldsoun, maltmen, to be thair burgessis and subiect to taxt and stent and all vther portable charges, ordanis thame to grynd thair malt and vtheris cornys at the saidis mylnis, pay thair gyrst and multer as vtheris fre burgessis dois, vnder the pane of escheting of thair stufe, quhair the samyn may be apprehendit passand to vthers mylnis, and tynsale of thair fredome, but fauouris, conforme to the auld actis of this burgh euir obseruit in sic caissis.

30 March 1576.

Precept, thesaurer, bancatt.

The baillies and counsale ordanis Mongow Russell, thesaurer, to pay and deliuer to Jonet Tod the sowme of tuenty merkis for the banket maid at thair command to the hale commissaris of burrois efter the completing of the extent of the bulzeoun.

Regent, wynis.

In presens of the baillies and counsale, comperit the richt honorable maister James M'Gill, clerk of Register, and maister Dauid Borthuik, oure Souerane Lordis aduocat, sent frome my Lord Regenttis Grace, and declarit that the Bourdeaux wynis latlie brocht hame being bocht frome the merchant for lx lib. the ton, and sauld for xxx d. the pynt, the Rochell and Cherane wynis sauld for xxvj d. the pynt, that his Grace could be content thairwith, the saidis prices being keipit and na hiear.