Extracts from the Records: 1575, Oct-Dec

Pages 42-44

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1575, Oct-Dec

4 October 1575.

Regent, villa.

The baillies and counsale being convenit for electing of thair new counsale for the zeir to cum, comperit Sir Jhonn Ballenden of Auchinnoule, knycht, justice clerk, maister Nychole Elphinstoun, and Patrick Ballenden, and producit my Lord Regenttis Grace writing, quhairof the tenour followis, commandit to be registrat be the baillies and counsale foresaid:—Prouest, baillies, counsale, and dekynnis of craftis, and vtheris having voic in electioun of officiarris within the burgh of Edinburgh, we greit yew hartlie weill. For samekle as your burgh being the cheif toun of the realme quhair the sait of iustice abydis, and the nobelite and estatis hes maist frequent resart, it hes bene ane ancient and lovable custome to mak the Prince or sic as bure gubernament foresene in the electioun of the publict officiarris thairof that the maist worthie and able mycht, with the fauouris and benevolence of the Soueraine authoritie be placit in the charge, and although the tyme of your electioun be now instant, yit we haue hard na mentioun be yow of your intentioun how to proceid and of quhome to mak chose of for your officiarris to serue for the yeir to cum, quhairof we mervell being sa neyr yew, and this present tyme havand als greit neid of gude aduise in this behalf as ony aige past, considering the lait factionis and troublis tymes quhairin sa mony war withdrawin frome the Kingis Maiesteis obedience, and sen oure awin menyng hes alwayis bene and is that men war placit in that publict charge quhilk war maist zelus towert the furthsetting of goddis trew religioun, luffing towert oure Soueraine Lord, constant in his obedience, and thairwithall of gravite, jugement, and experience, meit and worthy to sustene sic honorable place and charge. Oure mynd and will is, and we desyre yew that ye stay your proceding in your electioun this present day, deferrand the samyn to friday nixt, that sum of yew repair vnto ws with the names of the lytis, that we may considder gyf the personis nominat be indewit with thir qualiteis and luffing towerd ws, towerd the king, and ws bering this regiment, and may thairvpoun the better vnderstand oure mynde quhom we best like of and findis metest to be placit in charge; dischargeing yew of proceding in the menetyme. Sucscriuit with our hand, at Hallyroudhous, the fourth day of October 1575, James, Regent.— Quhilk writing being red and considerrit, the presenttaris thairof befoir mentionat requyrit the ansuer, and efter avysement, the saidis baillies and counsale, in ane voce, granttis to obey the samyn vnder protestatioun it do nocht preiudge thair fredome and liberteis nowther mak preparatiue in tymes cuming.

Protestatioun, villa.

Ordanis the foure baillies, maister Jhonne Prestoun, James Ros, James Young, and Gilbert Prymros to pas the morne to Dalkeyth to my Lord Regenttis [Grace] and shew him thair obedience, and protest the samyn be nocht preiudiciall to thair priuelege and liberteis.

Craftis protestatioun.; The baillies protestatioun

In presens foresaid, James Young, dekin of the smythis, for him self and remanent dekynis, being personallie present, protestis that in sa fer as thay ar convenit for gevin of thair voittis in ellectioun of the officiarris and ar redy to gyf the samyn, and sua na falt in thame gyf ony delay be, that at the nixt conventioun na ma haue voit nor ar now present this day, and that in sa fer as thay allege na vtheris war wairnyt nor than war present, and thairfor protestit thair be na ma in tymes cuming; and maister Mychaell Chisholme, baillie, for himself and in name of the remanent baillies and counsale, being alsua present, allegit that besyde the nomber convenit the assasouris quha evir had voit in electioun war wairnyt and wes rady to haue gevin thair voittis, according to the auld ordour, gyf my Lord Regenttis Grace writing had nocht bene obeyit, and thair protestit it did nocht in preiugein thair voittis; And the said James Young, because the assasouris war nocht chosin nor lytit at the day appoyntit, according to the allege ordour, and sua the priuelege tynt, gyf thay ony had, protestit thay be nocht hard in tymes cuming.

11 October 1575.

Balyeis off Leithe.

The balyes, counsale and dekinnis ellictis for thair balyes in Leyth for the yeir to cum, Walter Cant and Jhonne Littill, and ordanis sum of thair awin balyes to pas to Leithe the morn, and in presens of the peipill dischairge the bailyes of the yeir past nomynat, and present vtheris and tak thair aithis.

Ministeris, craftis protestatioun.

The baillies and counsale granttis and consenttis that the craftis sall nocht be extentit for the ministrie fra Mertymes furth quhill new ordour be taikin, and that the collectour of the anuellis haue maid his compttis, sua it may be knawin quhat the saidis anuellis extendis to; and heirvpoun James Young, cutler, for himself and in name of the remanent dekynnis, askis instrumentis.

25 November 1575.

Ludging, prouest.

The baillies and counsale vnderstanding the Lord Lindesay, prouest, to remane in this toune this present wintter, and him to be dissolat of ane ludginge, thay ordane ane of the baillies, with Mongo Russal, thesaurer, to tak for his lordship the ouer ludging sum tyme pertenyng to maister Johne Abercrummy, and to pay thairfoir quhil Witsonday nixt to Laurance Abercrummy his sone, the soume of thre scoir of merkis.