Extracts from the Records: 1575, Jul-Sept

Pages 40-42

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1575, Jul-Sept

1 July 1575.

Lent money, Dull.

[The bailies and council] efter avisement of my Lord Regenttis Grace writing send to thame, willing thame to satifie Nicholace Ganysford, Inglisman, procuratour for Walter Dule, alsua Inglisman, indueller in Byrsto, in Ingland, according to his Graces commonyng with the baillies of before, for eschewing of the spulze libellit be the said Dull for his schip allegit taikin fra him in Lochbrowme in anno 1566, or vtherwise to send his Grace ansuer that he may provide remeid. Be the quhilk writing, jugeing his Grace to be angrye, and for eschewing of forther anger, thay all in ane voce, as of before, ordane James Ros, Jhonn Adamsoun, James Guthre, and Robert Galbrayth, to evance euery ane of thame the sowme of xxvi li. [blank] for fulfilling of thair promys maid to my said Lord Regenttis Grace, satifeing of the said Ganysford, and eschewing of the said spulze.

9 July 1575.

[The bailies and council] being convenit in the counsalhous, comperit William Naper of Wrychttis houssis, Nychole Vdder [and others] and producit the writing vnderwrittin begynnand as followis:—

The petitioun and desyre of the nychtbouris of Edinburgh quhilkis hes bene wairdyt sen the secund of Februer 1574.

The Petitioun of the nychtbouris impresonyt.

We maist humlie desyir my lord provest, balzes, counsall, and dekenis, with certane honest men of the toun, to pas to my Lord Regentis Graice and to desyir his Graice to releiff us off our wairding, quhilk we have sustenit thir tuentie twa oulkis, and to the effect your wisdomes may knaw what thingis ar allegit aganis us becauis sum of the toun makis thame to be ignorant thairof, etc., the sayingis and allegances be my Lord Regentis Graice is this, as followis:— Item it is spokin and allegit be his Grace that we sevin only wair the stayiris of the toun to grant his Graice ane certane quantitie of bulzeoun requerit be his Grace to help to pay our Souerane Lordis dettis and for the weill off the realme, and reforme the base cunze, quhairin we did na thing bot anserit and declarit quhow the toun culd nocht grant the bulzeoun desyrit, according to the commissioun giwine ws be the counsall, allouit and approuit thairefter, and thairfoir off guid ressoun this aucht nocht nor suld be imput wnto ws mair nor the rest of the toun, quhairfoir it appeiris that in this caice your wisdomes suld procure our libertie; and forder his Graice sayis that in this our truible we ar sustenit of the commoun guid of [the] toun, quhairin we beseik your wisdomes to beir leill witnes off the trewithe. Item, that we haid spokine off his Graice that we haid maid his Graice and we waild mismak him, quhilk we denye neuir to be thocht be ws, laitt be to spekit, and desyre your wisdomes neuir to requeist in our fauouris in this caice, bot rather to requeist our tryell, that in caice we be fundin sic men as to be blasphemouris of our hie magistrait, we ar nocht wirthie to be in your wisdomes societie and company.

The baillies and counsale ordanis ane writing to be send to my lord prouest to be in this toun the morne, for his counsale and help concernyng the petitionis aboue writtin, and forther ordanis the baillies to convene the hale honest nychtbouris, merchanttis, dekynnis, and craftismen for thair counsale siclike to be in the premissis, and to see quhat ordour sall be taiken with my Lord Regenttis Grace concernyng the iustice air that is to be haldin with this burgh.

11 July 1575.

The haill nychtbouris being convenit for ansuer gevin to the petitionis aboue writtin, and the craftismen be James Young and Jhonn Murdow thair foirspekaris, refusit to haif ony melling with the saidis petitionis, in so far as the same did concern my Lord Regentis Grace, and the remanent nychtbouris consentis that the counsall and haill honest men merchantis travell with his Grace in fauouris of thair nychtbouris presentlie wairdit in Linglithgu, etc.

26 August 1575.

Villa, pvre.

The baillies and counsall ordanis all sic to be put in waird as hes nocht payit thair contributioun to the pvre, thair to remane quhill the samyn be payitt.

7 September 1575.

Precept, thesaurer.

The baillies and counsall ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to cause reparrell and furneis the necessaris to maister James Lowsounis hous, sic as portellis, syllering of his over chalmer for his study, duris and lokis thatt wantis; and siclike to put on the greitt yet of the fleschehous.

23 September 1575.

Marioribankis, minister, clerk.

The baillies and counsale vnderstanding the sessioun of the kirk nocht to be weill seruit be Adam Moscrop, thair clerk, quhairfor thay ordane ane of the baillies vpoun Thurisday nixt to present vnto thame Mychaell Marioribankis to be thair clerk, and to serue thame in that office induring the prouest, baillies, and counsallis willis.