Extracts from the Records: 1589, Apr-June

Pages 540-546

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1589, Apr-June

2 April 1589.

Apprysing of vmquhill James Reids guids.

[Certain goods in the house of vmquhile James Reid were appraised and sold by roup as follows:—nyne cuscheonis, £3, 13s. 4d.; ane lang bwird, £18; ane roundell, 45s. twa chandleris, 30s.; ane bakket chandler, 14s.; thre wand gairdins, 4s.; ane glas almery, 32s.; ane meitt almery, £20, 6s. 8d.; ane dressour almery, £6; thre littill bakkit stwillis, 30s.; twa Flanderis chyres, £5, 3s.; ane Flanderis quart, 34s.; ane rosting irne, 11s. 8d.; ane bwffel stwill, 4s. 8d.; vther twa bwffell stwill, 14s. 6d.; ane aykin lang saidill, £3, 15s.; thrie creillis and ane fysche nett, 15s. 4d.; ane towall pin, 12s. 6d.; ane gwis pan, 7s. 6d.; ane spownge, 3s.; ane schone horne, 30d.; certane pewder, viz., twa pynts, thre choppeynis, weyand nyntein pund, twa vnce les, at 44d. the pund, £3, 9s. 8d.; ane byrse spvnge, 3s.; ane moyer, 30d.; ane candill bwist, 5s.; ane payntet brod, 12 merk; twa skwmmeris, 5s. 4d.; ane watter fatt, 12s.; ane chawser, 10s. 6d.; ane wand creill, 15s.; ane lyttill irne pott, 10s.; ane awld pan, 6s.; ane irne pott, 16s.; ane greyne covering, 50s.; ane pair of awld greyne cowrteynis of sey, 45s.; ane greyne convering, 42s.; ane greyne covering, 38s.; ane greyne covering, 32s.; twa pair of blankets, 35s. 6d.; ane pair of hardin scheitts, 18s.; twa towallis, 8s.; ane fedder bed and ane bowster, £5, 3s. 4d.; ane vther fedder bed, £4; ane vther awld fedder bed, 4 merk; ane vther fedder bed, £6; ane irne chymnay with raks, speitt, cruik, and ane pair of awld brokkin tayngs weyand 14 stone at 24s., £16, 9s. 1d.; ane stand bed, 10 merks; ane skailyie stayne, 14d.; ane cavie for twa fowlis, 6s. 8d.; ane creill, 4s. 6d.; ane pair of awld greyne courtenis, 44s.; thre pair of awld bwits, 34s.; ane pair of blankets, 28s.; certayne awld lynning claythis, viz., ane awld revin sark, ane syngill scheitt, twa dornik buird clayth, ane littlill hardin towall and thre awld sermots, £3, 1s.; ane littill cod and ane bowster, 4s.; ane laidill and ane eill crwik, 12d.; twa lastes, 12d.; ane awld buik, 12d.; ane awld buffill stwill, 3s. 2d.; ane laydill, 8d.; ane awld furret goun with ane pair of breiks cuttit owt vpoun blew taffity, twentytwa, and ane littill awld aykin kist, 15s.; ane lang saydill of fir, 20s.; ane pair of irne chaines, 10s.; ane little awld candill kist, 5s.; thre awld barrellis, 8s.; ane bose for wyne, 6s. 8d.; ane stand bed with the drawer, 6 merk; ane kist, 24s.; ane irne chymnay at 19s. 4d. the stayne, £9, 13s. 4d.; twa irne standerts weyand thre stayne ane pund wecht at 12s. the stayne, 36s. 8d.; ane coffer, 30s.; sex awld payntet clayth, 8s.; twa awld jaks, 30s.; ane corslet with the heid peice, at £3, 10s.; ane payntet clayth, 10s.; ane knok, £5. 'Summa of the haill in money is twa hunder thre scoir fourtein merks, sex penneis les.']

7 April 1589.

Stepill, wallis, watche.

Jhonn Arnott, provest, the baillies, dene of gild, thesaurer, counsall, and deykins of crafts, for the maist pairt, with ane certane of the nichtbouris of this burgh, being convenit, and vnderstanding of ane brwitt of convocatiouns to be maid in the north be the Erle of Huntly and his complices, and be the Lord Bothuell in the sowth, quhairof hes followet the Kings Maiesteis suddane repayring within this burgh this nicht, thairfore fynds it expedient that the stepill and kirk be sufficiently gairdit and sex sufficient persons to be feyet for the keping of the said stepill, and the wallis to be repairet with diligence, as alswa that ane quarter of the toun watche nychtly for ane certane spaice, to begyn and enter at aucht houris at evin and continew quhill sex in the morning, and that euery ane in thair awin persoun, vnder the payne of fyve pund, and to convene in the kirk, and the durris to be close all the day except in tyme of preicheing and prayeris, and the thesaurer to mak the expenssis neidfull on the wallis and steipill.

12 April 1589.

Men of weir to the north raid.

Jhonn Arnott, provest, with the baillies, counsall, and deykins of crafts, for the maist pairt, beand convenit, for serving of the Kings Maiesty on the town in this present raid interprysett be his Maiestie towart the northland, ordanis twa hunder men of weir to be rayset and sent with all expeditioun to his Maiesty, and appoyntis Capitane George Todrik and Capitane James Inglis to be capitanes and commanders ower thame; and ordanes the thesaurer to obtene and get quhair he conveniently may, vpoun annuell, the sowm of twenty fyve hunder merks for making of thair chairges and for vther turnes, sic as the town sall haif ado, quhill the sam may be conveniently repayet be ane extent quhilk thai grant to be sett and rayset with all possibill diligence.

16 April 1589.

Officeris, raid, cheyngyeis, Seynis.

[Ordained the treasurer to pay to the four "officers quha past to Lythqw with my lord provest and the nichtbouris in the Kings Maiesties company and hoist of this present raid" 10s. each; also £5, 8s. "for sex cheyngyeis maid for cheyngyeing of the vagabunds that sall be apprehendet, to be putt in the commoun warkis of the town; item to caus big vp the slops of the dykes of the Seynis yairds."]

18 April 1589.

Precept, thesaurer, Spaynyerts.

Vnderstanding that Thomas Fyschear, baillie, hes deburset the sowm of foure scoir fyftein punds aucht schilling sex penneis vpoun the sustentatioun, clething, and depesching furth of the cuntrey of the pure Spayngyarts quha arryvet amangs the first within this burgh and wer supportet vpoun the townes charges, and this by and attoure the sowmes collectet be contributioun of the nychtbouris, thairfore ordanis Jhonn Moresown thesaurer to pay the said sowm to the said baillie.

Sonday, 20 April 1589.

Gairding of the toun.

The provest, baillies, counsall, and deykins of crafts, for the maist pairt, being occasionat to convene this day afternone throw the convocatiouns maid be the Lord Bothuell at Dalkeyth in airmes, the Kings Maiesty being absent at this present raid in the north, quhilk movis thame to suspect sum interpryses aganis this burgh, thairfore fynds it expedient that the toun be gairdet, strenthet and keipet in maner following, to witt, that ane [blank] of the town watche nichtly for ane certane spaice, and appoyntis in euery quarter the persouns following to be quarter maisters vnder the baillies, that is to say, [four persons for each of the south-west, south-east, north-east, and north-west quarters.] And incais of sudden effrayes the pepill to convene betuix the awld tolbuith and the castell, vpoun the streitt; and that gaird howssis and centinellis be kepit as followes: ane gairdhous to be in Bassendens croce hous at the Nether Bow, centinells to be placet at the Kowgaitt port, ane crocegaird to be on the toun wall at the Hie Schole, ane crocegaird at the Kirk of Feyld in Walkers hous, ane crocegaird at the Gray Freir port, and at the West port centinellis. And ordanis the thesaurer as of before to repair the necessar pairts of the wallis. And quhair it sall be fund [necessar] that gard howssis of daillis be placet that the said thesaurer caus big the sam at the appoyntment of the magistrats.

2 May 1589.

Poles cramers, souerteis.

In presens of the baillies and ane pairt of the counsall, comperit Alexander Mar and Andrew Cudbert and become souerteis, coniunctly and seuerally, for Jhonn Knox, James Hunter, James M'Myllane, Patrik Carwod, Patrik Gilcryst and Matho Mvre, poles cramers passand to Queynisbrig in ane schip of Dysart, that thai sall transport na writtings furth of the realme nor contravene in payment of the Kings Majesteis proclamatiouns maid anent schips passand furth of the realme and persouns passand thairinto, vnder the payne of ve merk, togidder with the paynes contenit in the saidis proclamatiouns.

9 May 1589.

Scott, impositioun of Leyth.

Settis to James Scott in Leyth the townis dewtyes of the impositioun at the port of Leyth for reparatioun of the schore thairof, conform to the Kings Maiesteis gift of the samyn, fra the xxviij of Aprile last to the xxviij of Aprile nixttocum, in anno 1590, for the sowme of twenty ane hunder merkis, to be payet quarterly to the guid toun, thair thesaureris, or sic as thai sall appoynt to resave the sam.

14 May 1589.

Staynes, beidman.

Dischairges James Henrysoun, collectour to the beidmen of the hospitall of the Trinity College, to pay to James Staynes, ane of the beidmen of the said hospitall, his dewteis of the said beidmanschip in tyme cuming, inrespect of his manyfawld misbehaveouris and namely toward his wife.

28 May 1589.

Watchemen, Erle Huntly.

Ordanis Jhonn Moresoun, thesaurer, to pay to the foure feyet watchemen that kepit the Erle of Huntly fra the fourt of May to this present thre schillings nychtlie ilk persoun.

29 May 1589.

Skene and Fowler direct to Denmark.

[The provost, bailies, counsel and deacons of crafts,] beand convenit, vnderstanding that my lord merchell is to pas to Denmark as imbassadour for the Kings Maiestie anent his Graces marriage, and that his Grace hes airnistly desyret the guid toun to deburs the sown of twa thowsand merks to be gevin to maister Jhonn Skeyne, aduocatt, to pas with the imbassadour for support of his chairges, quha may be stedabill to the burrowis towart thair customes and vther effairis in thais pairts; thairfore thai, at his Graces desyre, hes willinglie agreitt to avance and deburse the said sowm to the said maister Jhonn; and attour, fynde it expedient that maister William Fowler, persoun of Hawik, be direct to pas to Denmark with the said imbassadour and maister Jhonn Skeyne to attend vpoun sic things as may occur concerning the burrowes, and to hald thame in remembrance thairof and mak aduertisement of the samyn as neid sall requyre, and grantes vnto him the sowm of fyve hunder merk for making of his chairges and expenssis in honest clething and vtherwayes. For raysing and getting of the quhilk sowmes thay inrollit the persouns vnderwrittin nichtbouris of this burgh, quhome thai vnderstand maist affectionatt to thatt honorabill caus of his Graces allyance in that realme, and ordanet the samyn to be borrowet at thame; and for payment thairof ordanis the same to be eiket to the first extent that sall be sett and rayset vpoun this burgh.

Holland imbassadouris, bankett.

At requeist of the Kings Maiestie, agreit and condiscendit to mak ane honest moderatt bankett to the imbassadouris come from certane townis in Holand, in Nicoll Vdderts new howse, on Sonday at evin nixttocum, or soner gif the caus requyre, and appoynts sex merchants and sex craftismen to accumpany thame, viz., . . . and that William Fairlie, Thomas Fischear or George Carkettill be with thame and caus the saidis persouns convene.

10 June 1589.

Inglis schips, bankett.

At the airnist desyre of the Kings Maiestie, agreitt and condiscendet to mak ane honest bankett to the Inglis imbassadouris, the principalles of thre of the Inglis schips lyand in the raid, with sic courteouris as vses to accompany thame, in Nicoll Vdderts new house, at denner tyme, and William Fairly, baillie, the dene of gild and thesaurer to tak the cuir thairof.

20 June 1589.

Townis College, abbacie of Haddingtown.

Vnderstanding that the maister of Lyndsay, takkinsman of the abbacy of Hadingtoun, with consent of the pryores thairof, is movet of zeal and conscience to appropriat the leving of the samyn to the godlie vses of the ministry and scholes, and amangs the rest to dedicatt ane pairt to the College of this burgh, quhais guid intention is nocht to be neglectet, thairfore appoynts William Smaill, baillie, the dene of gild, Jhonn Jhonestoun and Jhonn Harlaw to tak the cuir of the said mater swa far as concernis the toun and to se the securiteis for the touns college formet, devyset, and perfytet.

Baillies, nychtbouris, schipbrokin in Ingland.

Archibald Jhonestoun, merchant, producet ane commissioun with certane articles direct frome the admirall of Ingland for taking the aythis of certayne nychtbouris and merchants quha wes schipbrokin in Januar last in Norphok and had thair guidis spuilyeit fra thame be the contrey men, and thairfore fynds it expedient for ministratioun of justice that the baillies accept the said commissioun and do thair offices according to the tenour of the said commissioun.

21 June 1589.

Assembly, Bruce, minister.

Jhonn Arnott, provest, the baillies, dene of gild and counsall, for the maist pairt, togidder with certane of the ministers, eldares, and deaconis of this burgh, being convenit, and vnderstanding be thair commissioners in the present generall assembly that after lang resoning had in the said assembly, vpoun the desyre of the said commissioners in name of the toun that maister Robert Bruce, minister, micht, be authorith of the said assembly, be movet to accept the charge of ane ordinare pastor within the said burgh, he wes content thairwith quhill the nixt generall assembly, the said provest, baillies and counsall, with the said ministers, eldares, and deaconis wes content, and acceptet the samyn for the present, reposing thame selffis vpoun the said maistir Robertis guid will toward thame, requyring maist humbly the said assembly to be intercessouris for thame at this hand that thai mycht be vnitet togidder as the pastor and the flok according to the desyre of thair supplicatioun.

25 June 1589.

Commissio, Balfour, minister.

Gevis power and commissioun to Thomas Fischear, baillie, [and four others,] to intreatt, confer and travell with maister James Balfour, minister, to accept the burding of ane ordinare pasture in this burgh, vpoun the resonabill conditiouns presently schawin and proponit, and to report to the counsall thair procedings.


Vnderstanding that the crafts childer and prenteissis of the bonetmaker craft convenis and works thair occupatioun daylie furth of thair maisters howssis, vnder Craigingatt and in the hie streitts, and vnder pretense of that libertie casts staynes and brekis the glas wyndois in the Kirk of the Trinitie College, thairfore ordanis thame and thair maisters to be admonist heirof and charget to contene thame selffis in thair buithis and warkhowssis, and nocht to be fund workand or at the said craig or in the streitts, and that the deykin of the craft cawse the sam be done, and the officeris to concur and assist him in pvnessing the transgressouris.

27 June 1589.

Precept, bankets.

[Ordained the treasurer to refund the dean of guild £415, 6s. 4d. for "the expenssis of the twa bankets, the ane maid to the Holand imbassadouris and the vther to the Inglismen conform to the acts maid thairvpoun."]


[Ordained Thomas Patersoun, collector, "to pay to Thomas Fyschear, baillie, twenty schillings deburset be him for mending ane Spayngyarts heid."]