Extracts from the Records: 1577, Oct-Dec

Pages 60-62

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1577, Oct-Dec

8 October 1577.

Extent, Harlaw Wod.

The provest, baillies, and counsall ordanis ane extent of ane thowsand pundis to be lifted amangis the nychtbouris, to be gevin to the Regentis Grace for licence to remane fra the army ordanit to ryde to Harlaw Wod.

23 October 1577.


Item, it is statute and ordanit that nane of the beidmanschippis hospitallaris be disponit or promeist befoir the samyn vaik, certefeing gif they salbe, the samyn gift to be of nane availl.

1 November 1577.

Edwerd Hendersoun.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale ratifeis and apprevis the oulklie pentioun of ten schillingis appoynttit to Edwerd, alias Sir Edwerd Hendersoun, for all the dayis of his lyfe for taikin vp of the spalmes, and ordanis the thesaurer mak him payment thairof.

Villa, Thornetoun.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis Gilbert Thornetoun, Edinburgh maser, to collect the dewtie of the fair and mak payment for the prouestis ox, farne yeir and this yeir, falling thairof ordanis him lay doun his wand, and dischargis him of his office.

15 November 1577.

Statute, candyll.

It is statute and ordanit be the prouest, baillies, and counsale that the candyll makarris within this burgh sell the pund wecht of thair candyll ragwyk fra this day furth, gude and sufficient stuf, for xvj d. the pund, and the hard wyk for xv d. vnder the pane of fyve pundis vnlaw sa oft as thay failye.

12 December 1577.

The copye of the Kingis Hienes writing, direct frome Striueling to the prouest, baillies, and counsale of this burgh.

Rex, Leith.

Prouest, baillies, and counsale of Edinburgh, we greit yow hartlie weill. We vnderstand the superiorite of oure toun of Leyth, with the linkis thairof and thair pertinenttis, conquest be the Quene Regent, oure darrest guddame of gude memorie, fra vmquhile Robert Logane of Restalrig, and resignit be him in the fauouris of the Quene oure moder, and hir successouris, to remane perpetuallie with the Croun of this oure realm, the sam superioritie and lynkis war analiit be hir to yew, vpoun sic occatioun and necessitie as occurrit for the tyme, for ane certane sowme of money. And now we, with Goddis grace, growing to perfectioun of yeris and knawlege of the effaris of oure crown and realme, vnderstanding na pairt of oure patrimone to be this analiit, and willing with the first to receve oure richt and possessioun of the said superioritie and lynkis, we haue thocht gude be oure awin letter, and this gentilman berer heirof, oure familier and dalie seruand, hartlie and effectuislie to requeist yow, of quhais gude effectioun and constancie to oure seruice in oure les aige we haue had gude prufe, that the premissis considderat, rispecting alsua quhat commoditie ye haue resauit of the said alienatioun, ye will now thairfor gratifie ws be letting ws haue again the said superioritie of Leyth lynkis, and superioritie to be vsit be ws as oure patrymonye, to sic vse and end as may best serue for avancement of oure seruice; quhairin ye sall nocht onlie do ws ane thankfull plesour bot ye sall haue experience of oure fauorable gude will towert yow in ony mater tending to your weill and commoditie although it wer of greittar avale. And remytting the farther declaratioun of oure mynde to this gentilman berer heirof, we commyt yow to God. At oure castell of Striueling the thrid day of December 1577.

23 December 1577.

The prouest, baillies and counsale, efter avisement with oure Souerane Lordis letter aboue writtin, thay haue thocht gude and concludit that the personis vnderwrittin be send to his Hienes with thair letter and instructionis quhilk salbe gevin thame in wryt, viz: Alexander Vddert, Robert Kar, baillies, maister Jhonne Prestoun [and ten others], and ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to deliuer to Henry Nysbet, money to sustene thair charges honorablie.

29 December 1577.


The personis before writtin, send to Striueling to the Kingis Maiestie, being weill acceptit with his Grace, reporttis he is nocht willing to be hurtfull to his subiectis of this his awin toun, bot rather sall be fund helpfull to thame in all thair lauchfull effaris, and will nocht foryet the gude seruice done the yeris past in his les aige. and sall gyf thame occatioun to continew in weill doing and seruing of him, and forther he sall write to the Regent in thair fauouris, etc.

Proclamatioun, wynis.

[Wine to be sold not dearer than £4, 6s. the tun, and 3s. 4d. the pint.]

Villa, Laird Innes.

Alexander Innes of that ilk being in ward within the tolbuyth of this burgh for the slauchter of [blank] Innes, his kinsman, be my Lord Regentis Grace wryting he is delyuerit in waird within the castell, quhairvpoun James Ros, thesaurer, askit instrumentis and protestis inrespect of the slauchter committit within this burgh it did nocht preiuge the liberitie of this burgh anent his escheit incais he be convictit.