Extracts from the Records: 1578, Jan-Mar

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1578, Jan-Mar

6 January 1577–8.

Craftis, gyldis.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale assignis Wadnisday nixt to gyf ansuer to the dekynis desyris tuiching thair gilderis.

15 January 1577–8.

Townys euidenttis to be put in charterhous.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis Alexander Guthre and Alexander King to gadder the townys euidenttis quhilk thay haue in thair handis, and pit thame in the townys charterhous, and ordanis Robert Kar, Henry Chardis, baillies, Jhonne Arnot, and maister Jhonne Prestoun, to be present at the inputting of thame in the said charterhous, and that nane heirefter be taikin furth of the said charterhous without ane speciall ordinance of the counsale laide in the chartour almery subscriuit with the resauer.

29 January 1577–8.

Hie Scole.

The prouest [bailies, and deacons of crafts] being convenit in the counsalhous of this burgh, fyndis and deliueris that James Ros, thesaurer, with all deligence possebill cause big the Hie Scole in the Blakfreir kyrk yaird, as place maist commodeous, and ordanis maister Jhonne Prestoun, William Lytill, James Ros, and Jhonne Robertsoun, baillie, and Dauid Kinloch, to tak the avise of the maist perfyte craftismen masonis and wrychtis to the situatioun and biging of the said scole.

16 February 1577–8.

Maisterris of hospitale.

William Lytill and Jhonne Harwod ar chosin maisterris of the hospitale quhill Mychaelmes nixt, and they haue gevin their aithis for deligent cura and laubouris to be taikin thairupoun, bayth for the pure and caussis concernying the said hospitale to the said day.

Hie Scole.; Proclamation to remove the myddyngis.

The baillies and counsale ordainis James Ros, thesaurer, with all deligence possebell to begyn found and big the Hie Scole in the maist commodeous place within the Blakfreir kirk yaird and be sa deligent thairupoun that the samyn be compleit bigit for resaving of the youth betuix and Witsounday nixt, and that proclamatioun be maid be sound of bell through the toun that all myddingis within the said kirk yaird be removat betuix and this day viij dayis, vnder the pane of xviij s.

7 March 1577–8.


The provest, baillies, and counsall ordanis fra this day furth ane nychtlie watche to be sett of lx men induring thair willis, and to convene euery nicht in the nether tolbuyth be aucht houris at evin, and watche quhill sax in the morning.

13 March 1577–8.

Rex, Regent.

The baillies and counsale concludis and ordanis that the prouest, Alexander Vddert, Robert Kar, baillies, and Jhonne Arnot of the counsale, pas to my Lord Regenttis Grace lugeing in Robert Gourlayis hous and schew him the Kingis Grace writing direct to the toun; quhilk schewin to his Grace he thankfullie resauit the samyn and willyt thame likewes to be obedient subjects.

Villa portis.

The baillies and counsale ordanis that the Grayfreris, the Kirk of Feild, and Cowgait port be closyt togidder with the Watter yet and the keys thairof to be deliuerit to the saidis baillies, and to condampt the Watter yet and Grayfreir portt.

14 March 1577–8.

Men of weir.

The baillies and counsall ordanis proclamatioun to be maid throw Edinburgh and Leith discharging all men of weir raisit, and that nane be raisit nor tak waiges heirefter bot sic as sall haif the Kingis speciall licence, vnder the payne of deid.

Kingis writingis to be registrat.

The baillies and counsall ordanis all the Kingis Maiesties wrytingis send or to be sent to be kepit and registrat in the counsall buke, with the proclamatioun discharging the wplifting of ony men of weir.

The Kingis letter.

Rex. Prowest, baillies, and counsaile off oure burgh off Edinburgh, we greitt yow weill. Forsamekill as we ar surelie informit that thair is cumpaneis off men off war lewiat within oure said burgh, and a greater nomer to be The Kingis letter. wplifted wpoun quhat occasioun we can nocht weill wnderstand, quhilk we altogidder mislyk; quhairfoir it is oure will that ye dischairge the said cumpaneis samony as ar wpliftet, as alsua sic as ar to be wptaikin, within oure said burgh, as ye will declair your obedience and thankful service to ws; and that in tyme cummyng ye permitt na men off war to be wptaikin except ye resaue oure handwrytt and chairge thairupone, and that with sic possibill expeditioun as may be ye direct foure of yowr principall baillies to repair heir towardis ws for sic thingis as we sall gif them to wnderstand at meting. Sua fair ye weill. At oure castell of Striueling the aucht day off Marche 1577.

We desyir yow to tak gude attendance that yowr town be nocht suppresit, as ye will ansuer to ws. James R.

The Kingis wrytting.

Traist Freindis, We greit yow weill. Forsamekill as we haue conferrit with yowr commissioneris quhairby we wnderstand youre guid will and promptitude to oure seruice now as in tymes past, and hoipis ye will continew thairin, quhilk we sall nocht foryet as occasioun beis offerit, and desyris yowe in the meiantyme to hawe yowr forces haill in thair best and substantius maner in rediness to resaue oure farther plesour; and that ye suffer nor permit na men of weir to be leweat within youre boundis and fredome, nor serue na man without oure speciall wairand givin yow thairupoun; and quhen as we sall send oure wtheris lettres to be proclamit at the mercat croce of that oure burgh that ye se and caus the same be dewlie execut, as ye sal be requerit be the officiar berar thairof; and siclyke that ye permit na proclamatioun to be maid within your said fredome bot sic as beis subscryuit with oure hand, as ye sall ansuer on youre obedience and repoirte oure thankis. Sa committis yow to God. At oure castell of Striueling the xj of Marche 1577. James R.

Proclamatio discharging the Erle Mortonis men of weyr.

At Edinburgh the xiij of Marche 1577–8. I command and charge in oure Souerane Lord the Kingis name, and in name and behalf of my Lord Prowest and Baillies off this Burgh, that na maner of persoun tak upoun hand to lift ony men off weir or suddartis within the fredome off this Burgh or boundis thairof; and siclyk that na subiect or wtheris within this realme tak upoun hand to resaue ony wages or serue in maner of weir without oure said Souverane Lord the Kingis Grace speciall license haid and obtenit thairto for thair wairand, wnder the pane of deid. And siclyk that all and syndrie the inhabitantis of this Burgh be weill furneist and in radynes with fensibill armour and wappinis to serue oure said Souerane Lord the Kingis Maiestie wpoun thair first lauchfull warnying thairto, as thai will ansuer wpoun thair wttermaist chairge.

The Kingis wrytting.

Baillies, counsale, and diaconis off craiftis and communitie off oure Burgh off Edinbyrgh, we greit yew hertlie weill. Having sa gude promissis of your trew and affectionat seruice att all tymes, and mainelie now sen our acceptatioun of the gouerment of oure realme in our awin persoun that ye haue nocht sparit your awin lyffis in the defence of our autoritie and keiping off yowr toun att our obedience, we rander now youe our harty thankis theirfoir, requyring youe effectouslie to continew as ye haue weill and worthelie begwne. We haue deliberat be aduys off oure counsaile and nobilite present our traist cousingis the Lord Ruthwen, oure thesaurer, and the Lord Lyndsay, with full commission and autoritie in oure name to do and sett furthward all thing that salbe meitt for the furtherance off oure seruice and gouernyng and sawetie of youre towne and your selffis, wnto sic tyme as ye haue bettir and mair peaceable nychtbourheid. And thus remitting the farther declaratioun of oure mynd to thair credite and sufficiency, we committ yow to God. At our Castell off Striuelling the xix day of Marche, 1577. James R.

The Kingis wrytting.

Traist freindis, we greit yow weill. We haue hard asweill be repoirt of this berare, maister Robert Creichtoun, oure aduocat, as off syndrie wtheris, quhat gryt trawellis and guid seruice ye haue laitlie done thair, mekill to oure reiosing, estemyng the continewance of yowr guide will als precious to ws as your bypast seruice continewallie sen oure birth hes bene proffitabill, for the quhilk as we rander wnto yow oure maist hairtlie thankis, sa lak we na guid will to gratifie yow in onything quhairin we may schaw yow plesour; as forder of oure guid mynd towardis yow, the lordis of oure Prewy Counsale quhilk we haue appointit to be with yow the aucht day off Appryle nixt will declair; quhome we haue lykwayis appointet to joyne wyth yow in all thingis may be to yowr ease; as forder this berir sal declair quhome ye sall credite. And sua for the present we committ yow in the protectioun of God. From oure castell off Striueling, the xxviij day of Marche 1578. James R.

16 March 1577–8.


The baillies and counsale ordanis during the tyme of this wache James Nychole, Mongew Russell, and Robert Galbrayth, to tak the charge of Jhonne Robertsoun, and the peple to obbey thame, siclike James Adamsoun, Henry Nysbet and William Naper to support Henry Charteris, siclike William Lytill and Symoun Marioribankis and Jhonne Moryne to support Robert Kar, baillie, siclike Robert Kar, elder, maister Mychaell Chisholme, and Nychole Vddert, to support Alexander Vddert, and this ordoure to indure quhill forther ordour be taikin at the lordis of secreit counsalis cuming to this toun.


The baillies and counsale ordanis officiaris to pass through all the quarteris of the toun and charge all sic as vssis hostellerrit lugeing or stabling that thay nychtlie aduertice the baillies of thair quarteris of sic as thay resaue in lugeing or stabling, and of thair nomber, as thay will ansuer vpoun thair vtermast charge.

19 March 1577–8.


The baillies and counsale ordanis maister Jhonne Prestoun, maister Jhonne Marioribankis, James Guthre, and Dauid Damelstoun to convene the morne, at vij houris in the counsall hous, to tak ordour for the sturdy beggerris and lipper folkis.

28 March 1578.

Beggaris, Precept, Ros.

The baillies and counsale ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to put on lokis and durris vpoun the low voltis or Dingwallis hous in the college, to be pressoun hous for the outlandis strang beggaris and thay to be keipit thair vpoun breed and watter quhill thay be actit and oblist to depairt of the toun.

Precept, Ros.

The provost, baillies, and counsale ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to deliuer to Alexander Vddert xxiiij li. xi s. ij d. for the expens of the baillies send to the Kingis Maiestie in Striueling.

Precept, Ros.

Item, the samyn day the prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to deliuer to the vj souldderttis quhilkis wachit and keipit the stepill xij li.


The baillies and counsale fyndis that fremen sall pay na customes.