Extracts from the Records: 1574, Jan-Mar

Pages 9-12

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Edinburgh, 1573-1589. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1882.

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1574, Jan-Mar

6 January 1573-4.

Villa, Cuninghame, collectour.

In presens of [the council] the euidenttis of the kirk being in the keiping of Andro Stevinsoun, delinerit to him be freir Jhonnstoun, presentit before the counsale, and deliuerit to Robert Cvninghame, collectour, to be keipit amangis the vther euidenttis of the kirk, and put in register with the rest.

For collecting of the almous at the kirk durris.

It being knauin to the baillies, counsale, dene of gild, and thesaurer foresaid that the personis appoynttit to the gaddering of the almous for the pure at the kirk duris commonlie fallis in questioun for the eist kirk dur, because it is thocht mait almous to be gotten thair nor at the vther dur, for remeid quhairof, and for the stancheing of sic troublis as hes done apperis, thay ordane the dene of gild in all tymes cuming gyf his directioun to his gyld officer vnto the personis that sall be namyt to gadder the said almous, that sic ane of thame as he sall name collect the almous vpoun the Sounday at the said eist kirk dur, and the vther at the samyn dur the vther tua dayis of thair oulk, and he that gadderit the Sounday befoir to be at the west dur the said tua oulk dayis.

Villa, thesaurer.

The baillies and counsall foirsaidis ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to clois and big vp in ferme wall the bak yet of the tovne wall at the College, mend the calsay and passage of the clous at the College yett.

Aquavite dischargitt.

The bailies and counsall ordanis proclamatioun to be maid in Leyth, discharging the aquavite sellaris in Leyth, vnder the paine of escheitt of the samyn.

Weyr, burges.

Thomas Weyr is maid burges at the requeist of George Douglas, capitane of the castell of Edinburgh, and the dewtie gevin gratis at the said capitanis requeist.

20 January 1573-4.

Villa, quarriouris.

It is appoyntitt in presens of the baillies and counsall foirsaid, betuix James Ros, thesaurer, and John Galbrayth, Thomas Mawchline, and Jhonn Wylie, quarriouris that with all diligence possebill the said quarriouris sall begyn and wyn at Grantoun Craig tua thousand pece stanes betuix ten jege and thrie jege, and to be wyn betuix and Witsonday nixt, for the quhilkis the saidis quarriouris sall haif for enery hunder ouerheid fyve pundis, quhairof presentlie in hand to ane compte fyve pundis, and the saidis quarreouris sall furneis to the said wark sax warkmen quhill the said wark be enditt, and the said thesaurer sall cause lay bak the saidis stanes for thair handis and for euery tua hundreth quhen thay ar won compleit payment according to the ordour aboue written.

5 February 1573-4.

Seid sellaris.

The baillies and counsall foirsaid respecting the previlege and fredome grantit to the frie burgessis of this burgh, and in speciall to the sellaris of seidis quha ar havely hurtt be the vnfriemen occupeand thair libertie quha beris na bourding with the gude tovne, quhairfoir thay discharge all vnfriemen of selling of seidis vpon the hie streitis of this burgh, saif only vpon the thrie previlegitt mereat dayes, viz: Mononday, Wadnisday, and Fryday vnder the pane of confiscatioun of thair seidis that salbe apprehenditt with thame, and this ordinance to indure during the saidis provest, baillies, and counsallis willis.

12 February 1573-4.

[The bailies and council] grantis, consentis, and ordanis that ane extent of fyve hundreth pundis be sett, liftit, and raisitt yeirlie during the counsallis willis for payment of the ministeris and redaris thair fies and dewties; and Dauid Kynloch, [etc.] dekynnis, for thame selves and takand the bourding vpoun thame for the remanent craftis, consentis to the fyft pairt thairof during thair willis, as said is.

19 February 1573–4.

Ministers collectors.

[The bailies, councillors, and dean of guild] nominatis the personis following collectouris for the ministeris charge during thair wills, viz.: for the north west, Jhonne Harwood, Eduard Hoip, Robert Cunynghame; for the north eist, James Adameson, Henry Chairteris. Thomas Vaus; for the southeist, Robert Kar, Patrik Cranstoun, Eduard Jhonnstoun; for the southeist, Jhonne Sym. James Forman, George Lufe. for the southwest, Jhonne Sym, James Forman, George Lufe.

Villa, Ramsay.

The baillies and counsall foirsaid dischargis Jhonne Ramsay als Capitane Ramsay. fermorar, of the dewty of the yeir past, of the sovme of xx lib., and that in respect of the troublis and his tynsall the tyme of the assege of the castell.

26 February 1573–4.

Statuta, mesoris.

[The bailies, dean of guild, and council] statutis and ordanis that fra this day furth that all quarttis, pynttis, choppynnis, muchkynis, and vtheris mesouris, be of the auld and greit mesour commonlie vsit throughout all the pairttis of this toun, alsuell in merchanttis, craftismannis, and nychtbouris houssis as in the common tavernis and ailhoussis, and that euery mesour haue the townys merk vpoun the lyp, at the vter syde, with the craftismanis markis, makaris thairof, besyde the samyn for the fynes of his stuf, and within the lyp ane plouk tua inche beneth the samyn, and that thir stouppis and mesouris be set to the pipis, puntionis, or barrellis quhair thay sall be brocht for drink, vnder the pane of fyve pundis for the first falt, x lib. for the secund falt, the exscheting of the pece, be it pipe, puntion, or barrell, braiking of thair stouppis. dalying thairof to the pure, and tynsale of thair fredome for the thrid falt, but fauouris.

Villa, Ministerris.

The baillies and counsale foresaid ordanis the stentouris to be convenit with thame selffis vpoun Tuisday nixt, for setting of the ministerris stipend.

3 March 1573–4.

Villa, Hender. soun, Sieynis aikeris.

The baillies, counsall, and dekynnis settis in tak and assedatioun thair aikeris at the Grayfreir poirt callit the Sieynis aikeris for the lyftyme of Beatrix Blacader, nun, payand hir yeirlie aucht bollis beir, sax bollis quheit, and efter hir deceis for all the yeris and termes of sevinteen yeris nixt and immediatlie following, payand thairfoir yeirlie to the gude tovne the sovme of tuenty ane pundis, as at lenth is contenit in his assedatioun maid to him thairvpoun.

17 March 1573–4.

Villa, Regent, Flandaris.

The baillies and counsale foresaid, vnderstanding oure schippis to be arreistit and troublit in Flanderis be the Prince of Orrenge and his companeis, for remeid quhairof thay ordane Alexander Vddert, baillie, James Ros, thesaurer, and maister Jhonne Prestoun of the counsale to pas to my Lord Regenttis Grace for obtenyng of his writingis to the said Prince in fauouris of the nychtbouris troublit, and for stay of troublis in tymes cuming.


The prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis ane generall wappinschawin to be proclamyt to the xxv day of Maii nixt, and that the hale nychtbouris be furnyst with hagbut, culvering, pyk, speir, and all vther lang wappinis and sufficient armour, ilk persoun vnder the pane of v lib. but fauouris; and this to be proclamyt be sound of tabroun throuchout all the pairttis of the toun.

31 March 1574.

Villa, the saurer, schore.

The baillies and counsale ordanis James Ros, thesaurer, to hyre boittis for bringing of stanys fra Grantoun to the schore of Leyth.