Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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'Index', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968), pp. 103-115. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Index", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968) 103-115. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

. "Index", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968). 103-115. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,

Persons are indexed under their first names and cross-references are given under family names. Significant variant forms of first names and family names are included. Bold figures indicate the pages on which the main entries for individual dignitaries and canons are to be found.

Adam, abbot of Colchester, 49n, 51n

Adam de Basing, 44n, 52n

Adam Becke de Cantuaria, 91

Adam Bek, 87, 91

Adam of Canterbury, 87, 91

Adam de Faversham, 14, 91, 95n

Adam de Writele, 29, 31, 99

Adenulf dei Conti of Anagni, 72, 91

Adlingfleet, Yorks., West, 54-5

Adwin, 85

Affaite, La, see William La Feite

'Ailbertus' de Plesseto, see Gilbert de Plesseto

'Ailebertus' Banastre, see Gilbert Banastre

Ailward, archdcn. of Colchester, 5nn, 9n, 18, 23n, 45, 62n, 71n, 73n, 81n, 83n, 86n, 92n, 95n, 96n

Ailward, son of Sired, 27, 65, 89

Ailward Ruffus, 27, 65

Airic, 29

Alan, M., canonist, 41-2

Alan, the chapl., 10n, 13n, 16n, 51n, 53n, 60n, 62

Alan, clk. of pope Innocent III, 41-2

Alan de Hertilande, 48

Alard de Burnham, 6, 10, 13nn, 19n, 21n, 30n, 32, 43n, 51n, 53 & nn, 60nn, 62n, 64n, 66nn, 74nn, 79, 81nn, 84nn, 88n, 92n, 95n, 96n

Alberic, 86

Albert Lotaringus, 59
-, -, Hugh son of, see Hugh

'Albertus', see Alberic

Aldebrand Riccardi de Militiis, 14, 69

Aldred, 73

Aldwin, 85n

Aldwine, 85n

Alexander of Ferentino, 33, 34

Alexander de Hales, 54

Alexander of Norfolk, 91

Alexander de Saccavilla, 32

Alexander de Swereford, 6n, 11n, 19n, 22, 43, 72n, 82n, 89, 91n

Alfonso X, king of Castile, 80n

Algar, son of Dereman, 57

Algod, Ralph son of, see Ralph

'Algorus', see Algar

Algot, Raulf son of, see Raulf
-, -, Edmund son of, see Edmund

Alice de Haverhull, 58n

Almaricus, see Amaury

Alta Ripa, see Ralph de Alta Ripa

'Alured', son of Goldman, see Wulfred son of Goldman

Amanvilla, see Richard de Amanvilla

Amaury de Montfort, 48

Amavilla, see Richard de Amanvilla

Anagni, see Adenulf dei Conti of Anagni

Andegavensis, see William the Angevin

Andelys, see Richer de Andelys

Andrew Bukerel, 58n

Anesty, see Thomas de Anesty

Anger, 36, 43

Angevin, see William the Angevin

Anschillus, see Askyllus

Anschitinus, see Ansketin

Anschyldus, see Askyllus

Anselm, abbot of Bury, 1

Ansger, see Anger

Ansketil, see Ansketin

Ansketin, 47

Antony Bek, 70, 80

Antony de Camille, 38

Aosta, Italy, 28

Arcaldulfus Burgund', 72, 91

'Arcestria', archdcn., 44

Arcoid, 27, 51n

'Arcordus', see Arcoid

Ardigton', see Giles de Erdington

Arthur, 67

Askyllus, 32

Aspall, Asphale, see Geoffrey Aspall

Asshewy, see Thomas Eswy

Astan, 71

Astley, see Thomas de Astley

Aswy, see Ralph Eswy, Thomas Eswy

Aubrey de Vere, earl of Oxford, 64

Aubrey de Vere, king's chamberlain, 64

Auco, de, see Osbern de Auco, Robert de Auco

Audin, see Audoen

Audoen, 36, 43

'Augerus', see Anger

August', see Ralph de August'

Aurea Valle, de, see Hugh de Aurea Valle, Richard de Aurivall

Aurivall, see Peter de Rivaux, Richard de Aurivall

'Aylebertus' Banastre, see Gilbert Banastre

Aylwardus, see Ailward

Aymer de Valence, 68

Ayremynne, see William de Ayremynne

Baldock, see Ralph de Baldock, Robert de Baldock

Baldwin, 60

Banastre, see Gilbert Banastre, Henry Banastre, Robert Banastre

Bartholomew, archdcn. of Winchester, 48

Bartholomew of Ferentino, 82

Bartholomew de Regio, 85

Barthone, Barton, see Philip de Barton, Robert de Barton

Basing, see Adam de Basing

Basset, see Fulk Basset

Bat, see Gerard Bat, Nicholas Bat

Bath, Somerset, archdcn., 55

Bath, see also Edmund of Bath, William of Bath

Bath and Wells, Somerset, bp., 54
-, -, dioc., 80

Bathonia, see Edmund of Bath, William of Bath

Baudak, see Ralph de Baldock, Robert de Baldock

Beaumais-sur-Dive, Calvados, France, see Richard de Belmeis I, Richard de Belmeis II, Robert de Belmeis, Walter de Belmeis, William de Belmeis I, William de Belmeis II

Bec, see Adam Bek, Antony Bek

Becke, see Adam Becke de Cantuaria

Becket, see Thomas Becket

Bek, see Adam Bek, Antony Bek

Belemains, Belemens, see John Belemains

Belemeyns, see William de Belmeis II

Belemeyns, Belesmeins, see Laurence Belesmeins

Bellesmains, see John of Canterbury

Belmeis, see Richard de Belmeis I, Richard de Belmeis II, Robert de Belmeis, Walter de Belmeis, William de Belmeis I, William de Belmeis II

Benedict, M., preb. Sneating, 78

Benedict of Sawston, 16n, 22, 23, 26n, 30n, 52n, 64, 66n, 88n, 92n

Benniworth, Lincs., see Henry of Benniworth

Bera, see Laurence de Fuscis de Bera

Berbund de Waltham, 73

'Berdeperier', see Walter of Hartpury

Berewik, see John de Berewik

Bermund, 73

Bertram, abbot of Chertsey, 66

Besace, La, see Ranulph de Bisacia

Besancon, France, dioc., 96

Bigod, see Humphrey Bigod, Roger Bigod

'Bimarus', see Aymer de Valence

Bisacia, Bisaciis, de, see Ranulph de Bisacia

Bishop's Stortford, Herts., 24n; see also Thomas of Stortford

Bladingtone, see Nicholas de Bladingtone

Blesensis, see Peter of Blois

Bloet, see Robert Bloet, Simon Bloet

Blois, France, see Henry of Blois, Peter of Blois

Blund, see Hugh Blund

Blundel, see William Blundel

Blundesdon, Bluntesdon, see Henry de Bluntesdon

Bohun, see Jocelin de Bohun, Ralph de Bohun

Boklande, see Hugh de Boklande

Bolemer, see John of Bulmer

Bonewell, see Robert de Bonewell

Bordeaux, France, see Peter of Bordeaux

Boreham, Essex, 8n; see also Hervey of Boreham

Boun, see Ralph de Bohun

Bracino, de, see Henry de Bracino

Brackele, see Walter de Brackele

Brackley, Northants, 28n

Brand, 27n, 29 & n, 30

Brandon, see Reginald de Brandon

Branke, Brante, Braunce, see Henry de Saracenis

Braund, see Brand

Bray, see William de Bray

Brencheslee, see Richard de Brencheslee

Breton, Le, Bretun, Le, Brito, see Edmund Brito, Ranulph Brito

Brondesbury, Middlesex, 27n

Brun, see Roger Brun

Brunus, see William Brunus

Buckingham, Bucks. (Lincoln dioc.), archdcn., 6n, 64

Bukerel, see Andrew Bukerel

Bulmer, Essex, 36n; see also John of Bulmer

Bumpstead, Essex, 36n

Burdegal, see Peter of Bordeaux

Burgh, see Geoffrey de Burgh

Burging', Burgund', see Arcaldulfus Burgund'

Burnell, see Robert Burnell

Burnham, see Alard de Burnham, Robert de Burnham

Burnham, Bucks., 6n

Bury St. Edmunds, Suff., 14n
-, -, Ben. abbey, abbot, 1

Cadamo, de, Cadomo, de, see John of Caen, Robert of Caen

Caen, France, see John of Caen, Robert of Caen

'Calme', see William of Calne

Calne, Wilts., 41n, 61; see also Everard of Calne, Nigel of Calne, William of Calne

'Calva', see Richard de Camera

Cambonile, see Nicholas de Gamborile

Camera, see Osbert de Camera, Richard de Camera

Camerarius, see Richard Camerarius

Camille, see Antony de Camille

Cant', see John of Kent

Cantelowes (Cantlers), 36n

Cantelupo, de, see Roger de Cantilupe

Canterbury, Kent, abp., 1, 8n, 9n, 14, 15n, 21n, 43, 50n, 73
-, -, archdcn., 28, 47, 70
-, -, cathedral priory of Christ Church, prior, 8n
-, -, -, monk, 8

Canterbury, see also Adam of Canterbury, John of Canterbury

Cantia, see John of Kent

Cantilupe, see Roger de Cantilupe, Thomas de Cantilupe, Walter de Cantilupe

Cantuaria, see Adam Becke de Cantuaria

Carlisle, Cumberland, bp., 44

Celestine III, pope, 46

Chaceporc, see Peter Chaceporc

Chaddesden, see Henry de Chaddesden

Chaddleshunt, see William de Chaddleshunt

Charles, precentor of Chichester, 83

Charlton, see Thomas de Charlton

Chaucehus, Chausehose, Chausehuse, see Walter Chausehose

Cheham, see John de Cheham

Chertsey, Surrey, Ben. abbey, abbot, 66

Chester, Cheshire (Coventry and Lichfield dioc.), archdcn., 44
-, -, bp., 38(bis), 64

Chich, see St. Osyth

Chichester, Sussex, bp., 33, 57, 86
-, -, cathedral, dean, 57
-, -, -, precentor, 83

Chichester, see also Godfrey of Chichester, Karolus of Chichester

Chiltone, see Ralph de Chiltone

Chingford, Essex, 88n

Chishall, Chishelle, Chishull, see John de Chishull I, John de Chishull II

Christchurch, Twynham, Hants, secular college, dean, 98

Cinthius the Roman, 75

Cinthius de Sancto Eustachio, 75

Civitate, de, see Henry de Civitate

Clement, Nicholas son of, see Nicholas

Clifford, see Robert de Clifford

Clinton, see Geoffrey de Clinton, Roger de Clinton

Clothale, see Robert de Clothale

Cobham, see Thomas de Cobham

Colchester, Essex, Ben. abbey, abbot, 49n, 51n

Colle Medio, de, see Peter de Colle Medio

Collingham, North Collingham, Notts., 40n; see also Hugh of Collingham

Comin, see John Cumin, William Comin

Conrad, 65

Constable, see Geoffrey Constable

Corbeil, see William de Corbeil

Cornhill, Cornhull, see Henry de Cornhill

Coroner, see William Coroner

Costant', Costentin, see William de Costentin

Coventry and Lichfield, bp., 28, 55, 65, 84

Crakehall, Yorks., North, 76n; see also John of Crakehall

Cressingham, Norf., 65n; see also Hugh of Cressingham

Crienciis, de, see Dionysius de Crienciis

Crocemannus, see Nicholas Crocemannus

Cumin, see John Cumin, William Cumin

Cyprian, son of Quintilian, 9n, 12n, 15n, 18, 38n, 45, 81n

David of London, 29, 30

Dene, see Peter de Dene

Dereman, 57
-, -, Algar son of, see Algar

Dersingham, Norf., 8n

Diceto, de, Dici, see Ralph de Diceto

Dionysius de Crienciis, 72

Diotecensis, Disceto, de, Disci, see Ralph de Diceto

Diss, Norf., 5n

Disseto, de, see Ralph de Diceto

Ditton, see John de Ditton

Divinus, see Ralph Divinus

Dizi, see Ralph de Diceto

Dodingham, see Hugh de Dodingham

Donington, Lincoln dioc., 58

Donion, see Ralph de Dunion

Dorset, see Roger de Orsett

Dover, Kent, see Richard of Dover

Draitone, Drayton, Dreitone, see Robert de Drayton

Dublin, Ireland, abp., 22, 55, 70

Dunfranvile, see Richard de Umfraville

d'Unfranville, see Walter de Dunstanvill or d'Unfranville

Dungon, Dunion, Dunjon, see Ralph de Dunion

Dunmow, Little Dunmow, Essex, 15n

Dunstanvill, see Walter de Dunstanvill

Durand, 25, 25, 80, 89

Durham, bp., 43, 47, 77(bis), 79, 80, 97-8
-, -, bp.-el., 66

Durham, see also William of Durham

Dyci, see Ralph de Diceto

Dyne, Dyre, see Warin de Dyre

Eboraco, de, see William of York

Ebrardus, see Everard

Ebulo, de, see John de Ebulo

Edmonton, Middlesex, 30

Edmund, preb. Chiswick, 40-1, 74

Edmund, son of Algot, 40-1

Edmund of Bath, 42

Edmund Brito, 72

Edmund de Storteford, 78n

Edmund de Suwella, 78

Edmund Trussel, 41

Edward, 8, 89

Edwin, see Adwin

'Einchius Romanus', see Cinthius the Roman

Eleanor, queen of England, wife of Edward I, 80n

Elias, son of Ranulph Flambard, 77

Elias de Poterna, 91

Ely, Cambs., 16n; Ben. abbey, 98
-, -, archdcn., 85
-, -, bp., 24nn, 34, 41, 44, 65, 93

Ely, see also Nicholas of Ely, Ralph of Ely, Richard of Ely, William of Ely

Engelbric, 89

Erdington, see Giles de Erdington

Essex, earl of, 16n, 19n

Esshewy, see Thomas Eswy

Esthall, see Robert de Esthall

Eswy, see Ralph Eswy, Thomas Eswy

Eu, France, count of, 69

Eugenius III, pope, 15 & n

Eustace de Fauconberg, 2, 13n, 16n, 19n, 21n, 54, 79n

Everard of Calne, 61

Everdon, see John de Everdon, Silvester de Everdon

Evreux, France, bp., 36

Ewelle, see William de Ewelle

Exeter, Devon, bp., 57
-, -, cathedral, prebs., xn
-, -, -, treas., 37

Eya, see Philip de Eya

Eysswy, see Thomas Eswy

Faceto, de, Faite, see William La Feite

Fastolf, see Laurence Fastolf

Fauconberg, see Eustace de Fauconberg, Philip de Fauconberg, Thomas de Fauconberg, William de Fauconberg

Faversham, see Adam de Faversham

Feite, La, see William La Feite

Fere, La, see William de La Fere

Ferentino, Italy, 82n; see also Alexander of Ferentino, Bartholomew of Ferentino

Fering, Feringes, see Geoffrey de Fering

Filliol, Fillol, see Giles Filliol

Fincheleya, see Richard de Fincheleya

Flambard, see Ranulph Flambard

Folet, see Robert Folet

Foliot, see Gilbert Foliot I, Gilbert Foliot II, Ralph Foliot, Richard Foliot I, Richard Foliot II

Fortis Brachii, see Philip Fortis Brachii

Framingham, Norf., 74n; see also Ralph of Framingham

Franceis, Le, Fransigena, see John Le Franceis

Fremingham, see Ralph of Framingham

Fulcher, 47

Fulcred, brother of, see Robert

Fulk, prior of St. Osyth, 15n, 65

Fulk Basset, 3, 3, 63

Fulk Lovel, 4, 20, 34, 58

Fulk de Sanford, 17, 22, 46

Furnis, Furs, Fursis, see Ralph Furnis

Fuscis de Bera, see Laurence de Fuscis de Bera

Gamborile, see Nicholas de Gamborile

Garland, see John de Garland

Gatesdene, Gatisdene, Geddesden, see John de Gatesdene

Generannus, Hugh son of, see Hugh
-, -, Robert son of, see Robert

Generannus of London, 49

Geoffrey, archdcn. of Colchester, 15n, 18, 27n, 45, 60n, 90n, 92n, 94n, 95n

Geoffrey, son of the dean, see Geoffrey de Lucy

Geoffrey, son of Wulfred, 71, 83

Geoffrey Aspall, 29

Geoffrey de Burgh, 24nn

Geoffrey de Clinton, 64

Geoffrey Constable, 38, 38

Geoffrey de Fering, 7, 20n, 26n, 44n, 87, 95n

Geoffrey de Lucy, xn, 6, 7n, 11 & nn, 17, 19n, 21n, 24nn, 28n, 40 & n, 52, 58 & n, 70n, 76n, 80, 82nn, 91n, 96n

Geoffrey Lutre, 67

Geoffrey Masculus, 55, 83

Geoffrey de Mortuo Mari, 12, 92

Geoffrey Plantagenet, 60

Gerard Bat, 58n

Gervase of Howbridge, 6, 19n, 23, 26, 30, 39, 56, 98

Giffard, see William Giffard

Gilbert, M., 71

Gilbert, nephew of the archdcn., preb. Portpool, 71

Gilbert Banastre, 43

Gilbert Foliot I, 2, 13, 19, 21, 23, 26, 32n, 34n, 88

Gilbert Foliot II, 16 & n, 66

Gilbert de Middleton, 87

Gilbert de Plesseto, 10, 13n, 19n, 30n, 43n, 51-2, 53n, 60n, 74n, 84n, 95n

Gilbert de Segrave, 72

Gilbert de Strattone, 45, 99

Gilbert the Universal, 1, 15, 27 & n, 57

Giles de Erdington, 74

Giles Filliol, 20, 22n, 27n, 61, 72n

Glasgow, Scotland, bp., 31

Glinton, Northants, 64n

Gloucester, Glos. (Worcester dioc.), archdcn., 39n, 64, 84

Gloucester, see also Simon of Gloucester

Glympton, Oxon., 64n

Godfrey, bp. of St. Asaph, 5n, 9n, 21n

Godfrey, treas., 21, 25nn, 37n, 47n, 49n, 51, 53n, 71n, 81n, 93n, 94n

Godfrey of Chichester, 92

Godfrey de Lucy, 47

Godfrey of Norfolk, 68

Godfrey de Weseham, 92

Goldman, 'Alured' son of, see Wulfred son of Goldman
-, -, Wulfred son of, see Wulfred

Goldwin, Edwin son of, see Adwin

Gravesand, Gravesend, see Richard de Gravesend I, Richard de Gravesend II, Stephen de Gravesend

Greenfield, see William de Greenfield

Greenford, see John de Greenford

Gregory IX, pope, 46

Gregory X, pope (Theobald of Piacenza), 3, 11n

Grene, see Richard de Gravesend II

Guala, papal legate, 6, 26(bis)

Gueri, 89

Guido de Palude, 35

Gundram, see Ralph Gundram

Hadham, see Philip de Hadham

Hadham, Herts., 98

Hales, see Alexander de Hales

Hallingbury, Essex, 92

Hamo de Rem', 47, 95

Hardele, see Robert Hardele, William Hardele

Hardeperier, see Walter of Hartpury

Harlow, Essex, 82n; see also Maurice of Harlow

Hartpury, Glos., 86n; see also Walter of Hartpury

Haverhill, Suff., 58n

Haverhull, see Alice de Haverhull, Jordan de Haverhull, William de Haverhull

Hebregg', see Gervase of Howbridge

Hegham, see Richard de Hegham

Helias, see Elias

Helu, Hely, see Ralph of Ely, William of Ely

Hemericus, 88, 92

Hemingford, see John de Hemingford

Hengham, see Ralph de Hengham

'Henrueris', see Henry, preb. Islington

Henry II, king of England, 60

Henry III, king of England, 68

Henry, mag. schol., 25, 55, 92

Henry, M., mag. schol., 25, 92

Henry, preb. Islington, 57

Henry I, M., preb. unident., 25, 92

Henry II, M., preb. unident., 25, 92

Henry, preb. Wilsden, 88, 92

Henry, prior of Canterbury cathedral priory, 8n

Henry, son of Henry of London, 25, 92

Henry, son of Hugh, 25, 55, 92-3

Henry, son of James, 74, 93

Henry, son of Robert de Sigillo, 62

Henry Banastre, 21, 88

Henry of Benniworth, 45n

Henry of Blois, 25n, 57

Henry de Bluntesdon, 38

Henry de Bracino, 92

Henry de Chaddesden, 88

Henry de Civitate, 74, 93

Henry de Cornhill, 7, 17n, 26, 39n, 42n, 43n, 50, 61n, 76n, 84, 88n, 90, 92n

Henry of London, 18, 25, 92-3
-, -, Henry son of, see Henry

Henry Lovel, 52

Henry of Newark, 29, 31, 99

Henry of Northampton, 37

Henry of Sandwich, bp., 3, 84

Henry of Sandwich, knight, 3n

Henry de Saracenis, 29, 31, 90

Henry de Wengham I, 3, 11n, 17, 25, 56, 67, 67

Henry de Wengham II, 17, 67

Hereford, Herefs., archdcn., 64
-, -, bp., 2, 12, 42, 64, 95
-, -, bp.-el., 60
-, -, cathedral, can., 86(bis)

Heremita, see William Heremita

Herlawe, see Maurice of Harlow

Herteland', Hertilande, Herulande, see Alan de Hertilande

Hervey of Boreham, 8, 11n, 22n, 52n, 88nn, 93

Heygham, see Richard de Hegham

Hingham, Norf., 34n

Hispania, see James of Spain

Hobrugge, see Gervase of Howbridge

Honorius IV, pope, 80n

Hoo, see William de Hoo

Houbridge, see Gervase of Howbridge

Howbridge (Hall), Essex, 6n; see also Gervase of Howbridge

Hubert Vacca, 36

Hubert Walter, 66n

Huctred, 87

Hugh, archdcn. of Middlesex, 12n, 15, 18 & n, 25, 38n, 47n, 55, 62n, 86n, 88n, 93
-, -, Henry son of, see Henry

Hugh, M., mag. schol., 25, 93

Hugh, nephew of the dean, 93

Hugh II, preb. Harleston, 51

Hugh III, preb. Harleston, 51

Hugh, preb. unident., 93

Hugh, son of Albert, 59

Hugh, son of Generannus, 49, 87-8

Hugh de Aurea Valle, 1

Hugh Blund, 44n, 52n

Hugh de Boklande, 51

Hugh of Collingham, 40, 87

Hugh of Cressingham, 65

Hugh de Dodingham, 58, 70

Hugh de Kendale, 52, 99

Hugh of London I, 45-6

Hugh of London II, 19, 35, 76n

Hugh de Mareni, 5 & nn, 9, 18 & n, 25n, 32n, 34n, 36n, 45n, 77n, 79, 90, 92n, 93

Hugh de Mortuo Mari, 58, 70

Hugh de Patishulle, 65

Hugh de Reculver, 49n, 69n, 73n, 74, 94n

Hugh de Sancto Edmundo, 14, 20, 48

Hugh of Wells, 48

Humframvill, see Richard de Umfraville

Humphrey Bigod, 79, 97-8

Huntingdon, Hunts. (Lincoln dioc.), archdcn., 33

Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hants, 81n; see also Thomas of Hurstbourne

Husseburne, see Thomas of Hurstbourne

Hutton, Dr. Matthew (1639-1711), xiii, xiv

Ingelric, 89

Ingelstorp, Ingoldesthorp, see Thomas of Ingoldisthorpe

Ingoldisthorpe, Norf., 8n; see also Thomas of Ingoldisthorpe

Innocent III, pope, 41-2

Insula, see Ralph de Insula, Robert de Insula, Walter de Insula

Ivinghoe, Bucks., 26n; see also Ralph of Ivinghoe

Jacobi, Aldebrand natus Jacobi, see Aldebrand Riccardi de Militiis

James, Henry son of, see Henry

James of Spain, 80

Jocelin de Bohun, 57

John, M., can., 46

John, king of England, 85

John, son of Geoffrey, see Philip son of John

John, son of Ralph, see John of Bulmer

John Belemains, 42, 84

John Bellesmains, see John of Canterbury

John de Berewik, 45, 99

John of Bulmer, 36, 52

John of Caen, 93

John of Canterbury, 15, 69

John de Cheham, 29, 31, 54n

John de Chishull I, xn, 4, 7, 11, 14nn, 40, 95n, 96n

John de Chishull II, xn, 63

John of Crakehall, 76

John Cumin, 55

John de Ditton, 78

John de Ebulo, 7, 93

John de Everdon, 67

John Le Franceis, 54

John de Garland, 66

John de Gatesdene, 46

John de Greenford, 57

John de Hemingford, 93

John of Kent, 16n, 26, 49, 50, 51n, 52nn, 66n

John of Leicester, 29, 31

John of London, 46, 67

John de Luco, 59, 85

John de Manso, 34

John de Maregni, 93

John Maunsel, 26, 35, 56, 80

John de Middleton, 40

John de Norton, 7n, 17, 24, 52n, 82n, 88

John de Offord, 80

John de Oseneya, 93

John de Pagham, 73n

John de Pyvelesdon, 94

John de Ramesey, 67

John Renger, 44, 90

John de Sancta Maria, 87

John de Sancto Claro, 85

John de Sancto Laurentio, 69-70

John de Selvestone, 47, 99

John Soudan, 61

John Sutton, 94

John de Swinfield, 65

John Tolosan, 14n

John de Waltham, 10

John de Wengham, 25, 56

John Witing, xn, 75

John de Wyleby, 94

Jordan de Haverhull, 58n

Jordan Piruntus, 76-7

Junior, see Richard Junior, Theodoric Junior

Kamille, see Antony de Camille

Karolus of Chichester, 83

Kendale, see Hugh de Kendale

Kent, see John of Kent

Kersingham, see Hugh of Cressingham

Kilkenny, Kinkenny, Kyrkenni, see William de Kilkenny

Lafere, see William de La Fere

Lamburne, see Ralph de Lamburne

Lanfranc, abp. of Canterbury, 1(bis), 8n

Lang', Langeford, see Ralph of Langford

Langeton, see Walter de Langeton

Langford, see Walter de Langford

Langford, Oxon., 5n; see also Ralph of Langford

Langton by Wragby, Lincs., 50n; see also Simon of Langton, Stephen Langton

Laurence, nephew of pope Celestine III, 46

Laurence Belesmeins, 28

Laurence Fastolf, 82

Laurence de Fuscis de Bera, 14, 29, 31, 68-9

Legh, La, see Roger de La Legh

Leicester, Leics., see John of Leicester

Leighe, La, see Roger de La Legh

Le Mans, France, archdcn., 1

Leofgar, see Levegar

Leuca, see John de Luco

Leured, Living son of, see Living

Levegar, 23, 49

Leving, scribe of king Henry I, 77

Ley, La, see Roger de La Legh

Leya, La, see William de La Leya

Lich, Lichefeld, see William de Lichefeld

Lichfield, Staffs., 70n
-, -, cathedral, dean, 86
-, -, see also Coventry and Lichfield

Liege, Belgium, archdcn., 11n

Limesey, see Robert de Limesey

Lincoln, Lincs., archdcn., 84
-, -, bp., 48, 63
-, -, bp.-el., 60
-, -, cathedral, dean, 63, 84
-, -, -, prebs., 5n, 77(bis), 80
-, -, -, subdean, 45 & n

Lisieux, France, bp., 47

Living, son of Leured, 77

Loddon, Norf., 82n

Lodnes, see William de Lodnes

Lombardus, see Reyner Lombardus

London, city of, mayor, 14n, 17n, 26n, 44n, 52n, 58n, 91n
-, -, sheriff, 14n, 17n, 44n, 52n, 58n

London, St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, Aug. priory, prior, 38
-, -, St. Botulph without Aldersgate, parish, 76
-, -, St. Martin le Grand, secular college, dean, 2n, 47, 48, 65, 67, 70, 89
-, -, South Street, 85n

London, see also David of London, Generannus of London, Henry of London, Hugh of London I, Hugh of London II, John of London, Robert of London, Thomas Becket, Walter Niger, Walter de Salerne

Longespeé, see Roger de Meulun

Losinga, see Robert Losinga

Lotaringus, see Albert Lotaringus

Loup, Le, see William Lupus

Louth, Lincs., 65n

Lovel, see Fulk Lovel, Henry Lovel, Philip Lovel

Lovetot, see Nicholas Lovetot

Luc., Luco, de, see John de Luco

Lucy, see Geoffrey de Lucy, Godfrey de Lucy

Luda, see William de Luda

Luke, archdcn. of Surrey, 86

Luke, the chapl., xn, 70

Lumbardus, see Reymer de Valence

Lupus, see William Lupus

Lusignan, France, see Aymer de Valence

Lutre, see Geoffrey Lutre

'Luuingus', see Living

Luvetot, see Nicholas Lovetot

Mairegni, see John de Maregni

Malling, see Ralph de Malling

Mandeville, see William de Mandeville

Mansel, see John Maunsel

Manso, de, see John de Manso

Map, see Walter Map

Maregni, see John de Maregni

Mareni, Marenis, Marigni, Marini, see Hugh de Mareni, William de Mareni

Marlow, Bucks., 6n

Martin of Pattishall, 6, 7n, 19n, 35, 75n

Masculus, see Geoffrey Masculus, Osbern Masculus, Osbert Masculus

'Mateni', see Hugh de Mareni

Maunsel, see John Maunsel

Maurice, bp. of London, 1, 4nn, 14-15, 38, 97-8

Maurice of Harlow, 24, 72nn, 82

Medicus, see Nigel Medicus, William Medicus

Meldensis, Meldis, see Robert Meldensis

Meleford, see William de Meleford

Menelent, see Roger de Meulent

Merton, Surrey, 37n; see also Walter of Merton

Meulent, see Roger de Meulent

Meulun, see Roger de Meulun

Michael Tovi, 17n

Middleton, see Gilbert de Middleton, John de Middleton, William de Middleton

Militiis, de, see Aldebrand Riccardi de Militiis, Richard Riccardi de Militiis

Monachus, see Robert Le Moyne

Montfort, see Amaury de Montfort, Peter de Montfort, William de Montfort

Montibus, de, see Ralph de Montibus

Mortimer, Mortuo Mari, de, see Geoffrey de Mortuo Mari, Hugh de Mortuo Mari

Moyne, Le, see Robert Le Moyne

Navestock, Essex, 85n, 93

Neal, see Richard Fitz Neal

Neuport, see Peter de Neuport

Neville, see Ralph de Neville

Newark, Notts., 31n; see also Henry of Newark

'Nicherus de Andeli', see Richer de Andelys

Nicholas, archdcn. of London, 9, 25n, 30n, 39n, 48n, 68, 78 & n, 79n, 92n

Nicholas, cantor, 23,

Nicholas, the chapl., 23n

Nicholas, preb. Weldland, 67, 83-4

Nicholas, son of Clement, 39, 90

Nicholas Bat, 17n

Nicholas de Bladingtone, 76

Nicholas Crocemannus, 9, 39n, 43n, 46, 51n, 67, 84, 90n, 93n
-, -, Nicholas son of, see Nicholas, archdcn. of London
-, -, Richard son of, see Richard

Nicholas of Ely, 85

Nicholas de Gamborile, 88

Nicholas Lovetot, 54-5

Nicholas Scriba, 51

Nigel of Calne, 41, 41
-, -, Richard son of, see Richard Fitz Neal

Nigel Medicus, 61

Niger, see Roger Niger, Walter Niger

Norfolk (Norwich dioc.), archdcn., 6

Norfolk, see Alexander of Norfolk, Godfrey of Norfolk

Norhale, see William of Northolt

Nort', see John de Norton

Nortflet, see Thomas de Northflete

Northampton, Northants (Lincoln dioc.), archdcn., 14

Northampton, see also Henry of Northampton

Northfield, see William de Northfield

Northflete, see Thomas de Northflete

Northolt, Middlesex, 64n; see also William of Northolt

Northumberland (Durham dioc.), archdcn., 33, 42n

Norton, see John de Norton

Norwich, Norf., bp., 20n, 28, 37, 61

'Obert', see Osbert the Roman

Oco the archdcn., William son of, see William son of Otho

Odo, son of Theobald, 34

Offord, see John de Offord

Oresethe, see Roger de Orsett

Orivall, see Hugh de Aurea Valle, Peter de Rivaux

Orsett, see Roger de Orsett

Orsett, Essex, 24n

Osbern, preb. Consumpta, 43

Osbern de Auco, 69

Osbern Masculus, 55

Osbert, see Osbern, preb. Consumpta

Osbert de Auco, see Osbern de Auco

Osbert de Camera, 21n, 39, 41n, 56, 81n, 96n

Osbert Masculus, 55

Osbert the Roman, 77

Oseneya, see John de Oseneya

Ossory, Ireland, bp., 28

Otho the archdcn., William son of, see William.

Otto, cardinal deacon of S. Nicola in Carcere Tulliano, 65

Oxford, Oxon. (Lincoln dioc.), archdcn., 84
-, -, earl of, 64
-, -, Aug. priory of St. Frideswide, prior, 63

Oxford, see also W., chapl. of Oxford

Pagham, see John de Pagham

Palude, see Guido de Palude

Pandulph, papal legate, 54

Paris, France, cathedral, can., 50
-, -, university, 54

Paris, archdcn. of Rochester, 34

Parvus, see Richard Ruffus II, Robert Parvus

Passelewe, see Robert Passelewe

Passemer, see William Passemer

Patin, see Ranulph Patin

Patishulle, see Hugh de Patishulle, Martin of Pattishall

Pattishall, Northants, 6n; see also Martin of Pattishall

Pecche, see Robert Pecche

Peldon, Essex, 86

Peter, abbot of Quarr, 53n

Peter of Blois, 10, 10, 21n, 22 & n, 30n, 46n, 56, 60n, 81n

Peter of Bordeaux, 60

Peter Chaceporc, 60-1

Peter de Colle Medio, 54

Peter de Dene, 61

Peter de Montfort, 8n

Peter de Neuport, xivn, 4n, 7, 11, 24, 31n, 48n, 56, 82n, 96n

Peter de Rivaux, 59

Peter of Ste.-Mère-Eglise, 21, 33, 37, 58, 62, 71

Peter de Waltham, 9-10, 32n, 35n, 41n, 47-8

Peter of Winchester, 90, 94

Philip, son of John, 72

Philip de Barton, 47

Philip de Eya, 44, 63

Philip de Fauconberg, 33, 62

Philip Fortis Brachii, 50

Philip de Hadham, 39

Philip Lovel, 24n, 33, 58, 84

Philip de Willoughby, 29, 45

Phisicus, Physicus, see Richard de Wendover

Piacenza, Italy, see Theobald of Piacenza

Pictor, see Robert Pictor

Piruntus, see Jordan Piruntus

Plantagenet, see Geoffrey Plantagenet

Plesseto, de, see Gilbert de Plesseto

Poer, Le, see Roger Le Poer

Poitiers, France, bp., 69

Poterna, see Elias de Poterna

Potterne, Wilts., 81n; see also William of Potterne

Pullen, see Robert Pullen

Pullus, see William Pullus

Purle, see William of Purleigh

Purleigh, Essex, 64n; see also William of Purleigh

Puylesdon, Pyvelesdon, see John de Pyvelesdon

Quarr, Isle of Wight, Hants, Cistercian abbey, abbot, 53n

Quintilian, 12, 18, 45
-, -, Cyprian son of, see Cyprian

R., provost and proctor of Aosta, 28

Rac', Raculf, see Hugh de Reculver

Radenor, see Reginald de Radenor

'Ragerius', see Raherius

Rahere, prior of St. Bartholomew, Smithfield, 38

Raherius, 38

Ralegh, Raleigh, see William de Ralegh

Ralph, archdcn. of Colchester, see Ralph de Insula

Ralph, cantor, 23

Ralph, preb. Finsbury, 49, 94

Ralph, preb. unident., 94

Ralph, son of Algod, 41, 74, 75
-, -, William son of, see William, son of Ralph

Ralph, son of Ranulph Flambard, 77

Ralph de Alta Ripa, 19, 26, 32, 49

Ralph de August', 28

Ralph de Baldock, 8, 17, 54, 59, 67

Ralph de Bohun, 88-9

Ralph of Bulmer, John son of, see John of Bulmer

Ralph de Chiltone, 75

Ralph de Diceto, xiv, 5-6, 15, 15-16, 39n, 41n, 78n, 79, 90, 94

Ralph Divinus, 49, 94

Ralph de Dunion, 59

Ralph of Ely, 16, 19, 41

Ralph Eswy, 26n, 44n, 52n

Ralph Foliot, 64

Ralph of Framingham, 74

Ralph Furnis, 58

Ralph Gundram, 38

Ralph de Hengham, 34

Ralph de Insula, 19-20, 94

Ralph of Ivinghoe, 26-7, 36

Ralph de Lamburne, 94

Ralph of Langford, x, 5, 9n, 13n, 23n, 29, 30, 39n, 43n, 45n, 51n, 67n, 71n, 75n, 79, 83n, 86n, 90n, 93n, 96nn

Ralph de Malling, 17, 53

Ralph de Montibus, 37

Ralph de Neville, 86

Ralph Spicer, 17n

Ralph de Stanford, 74

Ralph Theologus, 49, 94

Ralph de Wantin, 94

Ralph de Welcan, 94

Ramesey, see John de Ramesey

Ranulph, preb. unident., 66, 94

Ranulph de Bisacia, 66, 94

Ranulph Brito, 33, 88n

Ranulph Flambard, 4, 43, 47, 77(bis), 79, 97-8
-, -, Elias son of, see Elias
-, -, Ralph son of, see Ralph

Ranulph Patin, 43

Rastandus, see Rostand

Raulf, son of Algot, 41, 74

Reading, Berks., Ben. abbey, monk, 2

Reculver, see Hugh de Reculver

Reginald, archdcn. of Middlesex, 16-17, 19n, 94

Reginald de Brandon, 78

Reginald de Radenor, 17

Reginald de Sancto Albano, 29, 77, 85

Regio, see Bartholomew de Regio

Regnerus, see Reinger

Rein', see Hamo de Rem'

Reinger, xn, 8-9, 12, 18, 63

Rem', see Hamo de Rem'

Renger, see John Renger

Rengerus, see Reinger

Reyner Lombardus, 68

Reynger, see John Renger; Reinger

Rheims, France, cathedral, can., 75

Riccardi de Militiis, see Aldebrand Riccardi de Militiis, Richard Riccardi de Militiis

Richard, the chapl., see Richard de Fincheleya

Richard I, king of England, 10n

Richard, son of the chanc., preb. Islington, 57

Richard, son of Nicholas Crocemannus, 67, 77-8

Richard de Amanvilla, 41, 51n

Richard de Aurivall, 29, 30

Richard de Belmeis I, 1, 2, 5, 9, 12, 13, 15, 32, 66

Richard de Belmeis II, 2, 5 & nn, 9nn, 13, 15, 15 & n, 18nn, 21nn, 25n, 27n, 32, 36n, 45n, 60n, 62n, 69, 71n, 73n, 77n, 81, 83n, 86n, 90n, 92nn, 94n, 95nn

Richard de Brencheslee, 45

Richard de Camera, 38n, 39

Richard Camerarius, 39

Richard of Dover, 43

Richard of Ely, 16, 19, 37

Richard de Fincheleya, 60, 94-5

Richard Foliot I, 16, 19, 43, 86

Richard Foliot II, 17, 40

Richard de Gravesend I, 4, 14, 40, 80

Richard de Gravesend II, 12, 20n, 22, 27n, 42, 72n

Richard de Hegham, 13, 13, 33

Richard Junior, 10n, 19n, 26n, 53, 81

Richard Fitz Neal, 2, 35n, 41, 41n, 68nn, 75n, 95n

Richard Physicus, see Richard de Wendover

Richard Riccardi de Militiis, 69

Richard Ruffus, see also Richard de Belmeis I

Richard Ruffus 1, 12-13, 15, 18, 32, 43, 53, 53, 81

Richard Ruffus II, 53, 81

Richard de Stanford, 29, 30-1

Richard de Stortford, 26, 39n, 48n, 51, 60n

Richard de Swinfield, 12, 70

Richard Talbot, 3, 7, 22, 50, 63, 90

Richard de Umfraville, 39, 39

Richard de Wendover, 31n, 42n, 46, 54n, 64, 76

Richard of Winchester, 86

Richard de Windesor, 9n, 32n, 68

Richer de Andelys, 57, 58

Rising, Castle or Wood Rising, Norf., 11n

Rising, Ristag', see William de Rising

Rivallis, Rivaux, see Peter de Rivaux

Robert, Walter son of, see Walter Fitz Robert

Robert, William son of, see William

Robert, archdcn. of Middlesex, 12, 14-15, 18, 51
-, -, Roger son of, see Roger

Robert, brother of Fulcred, 73, 95

Robert, son of Generannus, 49, 87-8

Robert, son of Wulfred, 71, 83

Robert de Auco, 13n, 69, 75n

Robert de Baldock, 50

Robert Banastre, 13 & n, 57-8, 90

Robert de Barton, 7, 24, 63n, 78n, 87n, 88, 91n, 93n

Robert de Belmeis, 13, 15, 69

Robert Bloet, 63

Robert de Bonewell, 17, 24n, 28, 31n, 48n

Robert Burnell, 54

Robert de Burnham, 6n

Robert of Caen, 81

Robert de Camera, see Osbert de Camera

Robert de Clifford, 21n, 25n, 32n, 71

Robert de Clothale, 74

Robert de Drayton, 22, 82

Robert de Esthall, 46

Robert Folet, 86

Robert Hardele, 58n

Robert de Insula, 19-20, 82

Robert de Limesey, 38

Robert of London, 95

Robert Losinga, 42

Robert Meldensis, 53

Robert Le Moyne, 22, 24-5, 78

Robert Parvus, 61

Robert Passelewe, 35, 65, 78

Robert Pecche, 38

Robert Pictor, 73, 95

Robert Pullen, 34 & n

Robert de Ros I, 12, 70, 95

Robert de Ros II, 70, 95

Robert of Salisbury, 57

Robert de Sancte Marie Ecclesia, 32-3

Robert de Sandon, 29, 30

Robert of Scarborough, 31n, 46

Robert de Sigillo, 2, 21n, 34n, 38n, 51nn, 62
-, -, Henry son of, see Henry

Robert de Stowe, 72

Robert du Val, 21, 58

Robert de Watford, 6, 11n, 13n, 16n, 19n, 30n, 42n, 54n, 70n, 76n, 78, 84n

Robert de Winchelsey, 14, 68

Rochester, Kent, archdcn., 34
-, -, bp., 8, 23, 50

Rochester, see also Solomon of Rochester

Roff., see Solomon of Rochester

Roger, archdcn. of Middlesex, 16, 95

Roger, the chapl., 68, 95n

Roger, son of Robert, 15, 32

Roger Bigod, 79, 97

Roger Brun, 27-8, 29n

Roger de Cantilupe, 36n, 37

Roger de Clinton, 64

Roger de La Legh, 8, 12n, 14, 29, 31, 40n, 87n

Roger de Meulent, 28

Roger de Meulun, 28

Roger Niger, 3, 11n, 19, 24n, 28n, 46, 50n, 52nn, 75n, 76

Roger de Orsett, 24, 72

Roger Le Poer, 41

Roger de Waltham, 36

Roger de Weseham, 84, 92 & n

Roger of Worcester, 28

Roman, Romanus, see Cinthius the Roman, Laurence de Fuscis de Bera, Osbert the Roman, Peter de Colle Medio

Rome, Italy, S. Nicola in Carcere Tulliano, cardinal deacon of, 65 -, SS. Cosma e Damiano, cardinal deacon of, 76-7

Roos, Ros, see Robert de Ros I, Robert de Ros II

Rostand, 76

Rouen, France, abp., 54
-, -, cathedral, precentor, 57
-, -, -, can., 10n

Ruffus, see Ailward Ruffus, Richard de Belmeis I, Richard Ruffus I, Richard Ruffus II

S., archdcn. of Colchester, 19, 84

S., treas., 22, 95

Sacavil, Saccavilla, see Alexander de Saccavilla

St. Asaph, Flints., bp., 5n, 9n, 21n

St. Davids, Pemb., bp.-el., 60

St. Osyth, Essex, Aug. priory, prior, 15n, 65
-, -, -, can., 64

St. Pancras, Middlesex, 89, 91

Ste.-Mère-Eglise, Manche, France, 2n; see also Peter of Ste.-Mère-Eglise, William of Ste.-Mère-Eglise

Salerne, see Walter de Salerne

Salines, see William de Salines

Salisbury, Wilts., bp., 41, 57, 61
-, -, cathedral, dean, 23n, 57
-, -, -, preb., 41n
-, -, -, precentor, 23n

Salisbury, see also Robert of Salisbury

Salop (Hereford dioc.), archdcn., 12

Salop (Lichfield dioc.), archdcn., 43

Sancta Maria, see John de Sancta Maria

Sancte Marie Ecclesia, see Peter of Ste.-Mère- Eglise, Robert de Sancte Marie Ecclesia, William of Ste.-Mère-Eglise, William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia I, William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia II, William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia III

Sancto Albano, de, see Reginald de Sancto Albano

Sancto Claro, de, see John de Sancto Claro

Sancto Edmundo, de, see Hugh de Sancto Edmundo

Sancto Eustachio, de, see Cinthius de Sancto Eustachio

Sancto Laurentio, de, see John de Sancto Laurentio

Sandford, see Richard de Stanford

Sandon, see Robert de Sandon

Sandwic, see Stephen de Sandwic

Sandwich, Kent, 3n; see also Henry of Sandwich

Sandford, see Fulk de Sanford

Sansetun, see Benedict of Sawston

Saracenis, de, see Henry de Saracenis

Sardena, Sardene, see William de Sardene

Sardinia, Italy, 49n

Sausiton, see Benedict of Sawston

Sawston, Cambs., 23n; see also Benedict of Sawston

Scarborough, Yorks., North, 46n; see also Robert of Scarborough

Scardebough, Scardeburc, see Robert of Scarborough

Scotho, de, see William de Scotho

Scriba, see Nicholas Scriba

Seagrave, Leics., 72n

'Sefcler' (?Exeter dioc.), 48

Segrave, see Gilbert de Segrave, Thomas de Segrave

Selvestone, see John de Selvestone

Sigar, 36

Sigillo, de, see Robert de Sigillo

Silvester de Everdon, 44

Simon Bloet, 63

Simon of Gloucester, 19, 84

Simon of Langton, 50

Simon de Stanbregg, 44

Simon of Wells, 33

Sired, 65, 89

Sired, Ailward son of, see Ailward

Soldan, see John Soudan

Solomon of Rochester, 40, 99

Soudan, (Le), see John Soudan

Southwark, see Thomas de Southwark

Spain, see James of Spain

Spicer, see Ralph Spicer

Stamnford, see Ralph de Stanford

Stanbregg, see Simon de Stanbregg

Stanford, see Ralph de Stanford, Richard de Stanford

Stephen de Gravesend, 40, 87, 99

Stephen Langton, 50n

Stephen de Sandwic, 14, 42n, 61, 76n, 84

Stepney, Middlesex, 79, 89(bis)

Storteford, Stortford, see Edmund de Storteford, Richard de Stortford, Thomas of Stortford

Stortford, see also Bishop's Stortford, Herts.

Stowe, see Robert de Stowe

Strattone, see Gilbert de Strattone

Sudbury, Suff. (Norwich dioc.), archdcn., 17

Suffield, see Walter de Suffield

Suinfeud, see Richard de Swinfield

Suiudegarus, 36

Surrey (Winchester dioc.), archdcn., 86

Sutton, see John Sutton

Suwella, see Edmund de Suwella

Swereford, see Alexander de Swereford

Swinfield, see John de Swinfield, Richard de Swinfield

Syredus, 89

Talbot, see Richard Talbot

Teoldus, 95

Thedbaldus, see Theobald

Theobald, abp. of Canterbury, 9n, 21n

Theobald, archdcn. of Essex, 12, 34, 71

Theobald, preb. Caddington Minor, 12, 34
-, -, Odo son of, see Odo

Theobald of Piacenza, 11n; see also Gregory X, pope

Theobald de Valognes, 13, 33

Theodoric, M., 47, 95

Theodoric Junior, 47, 95

Theologus, see Ralph Theologus

Thomas de Anesty, 33, 34, 42n

Thomas de Astley, 59

Thomas Becket, 9n, 73

Thomas de Cantilupe, 95

Thomas de Charlton, 59

Thomas de Cobham, 49

Thomas de Eswy, 26, 44, 90

Thomas de Fauconberg, 13, 14, 62-3

Thomas of Hurstbourne, 81

Thomas of Ingoldisthorpe, 8, 17, 67

Thomas de Northflete, 40, 85

Thomas de Segrave, 72

Thomas de Southwark, 55

Thomas of Stortford, 24, 60, 93n

Thomas de Urso, 56

Thomas de Wymburne, 14n

Thorp, see Walter de Thorp

Thurstan, abp. of York, 27n, 36, 41n, 43

Tickhill, Yorks., West, 72

Tolosan, see John Tolosan

Tovi, see Michael Tovi

Trussel, see Edmund Trussel

Tuam, Ireland, abp., 7

Twyford, Middlesex, 80, 89

Ulfran, 57

Ulstan, see Wulman

Umfraville, see Richard de Umfraville

Unfranville, see Walter de Dunstanvill or d'Unfranville

Universal, see Gilbert the Universal

Urso, see Thomas de Urso

V., dean, 4, 97

Vacca, see Hubert Vacca

Val, du, see Robert du Val

Valence, France, see Aymer de Valence

'Valesuous', see John Belemains

Valeynes, Valognes, see Theobald de Valognes

Ver, Manche, France, 64n

Ver, Vere, see Aubrey de Vere, William de Vere

W., archdcn. of Essex, 14

W., chapl. of Oxford, 63

Walm', see Peter de Waltham

Walter, see Hubert Walter

Walter, archdcn. of Essex, 12, 18 & n, 53

Walter, M., archdcn. of London, 10, 56, 68nn, 94n

Walter, ?preb. Pancratius, 69, 89

Walter, son of bp. Richard, see Walter de Belmeis

Walter, son of Walter, 10n, 23, 49

Walter de Belmeis, 9, 65-6

Walter de Brackele, 28

Walter de Cantilupe, 95

Walter Chausehose, 63

Walter de Dunstanvill or d'Unfranville, 83

Walter of Hartpury, 86

Walter de Insula, 83

Walter de Langeton, 55, 99

Walter de Langford, 4n, 7n

Walter of London, dean, see Walter de Salerne

Walter of London, preb. Rugmere, see Walter Niger

Walter Map, 59n, 60

Walter of Merton, 37, 50

Walter Niger, 76

Walter Fitz Robert, 23n
-, -, Walter son of, see Walter, son of Walter

Walter de Salerne, 7, 20n, 22n, 44n, 76

Walter de Suffield, 20n

Walter de Thorp, 53

Walter de Witney, 83, 95-6

Waltham, see Berbund de Waltham, John de Waltham, Peter de Waltham, Roger de Waltham

Waltham, Essex, 66
-, -, Walter archdcn. of, 12

Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, 42n

Wantin, see Ralph de Wantin

Warin de Dyre, 40

Watford, see Robert de Watford

Wauth, see Peter de Waltham

Weasenham, Norf., 84n, 92n

Welcan, see Ralph de Welcan

Wellebourne, Welleburh, see William de Wellebourne

Wells, Somerset, archdcn., 48
-, -, see also Bath and Wells

Wells, see also Hugh of Wells, Simon of Wells

Wenden', Wendover, see Richard de Wendover

Wengham, see Henry de Wengham I, Henry de Wengham II, John de Wengham

Weseham, see Godfrey de Weseham, Roger de Weseham

Wigorn', see Roger of Worcester

Wileby, see Philip de Willoughby

William, archdcn. of Colchester, 18-19, 96

William, bp. of London, 1

William, preb. unident., 96

William, son of Otho the archdcn., 77

William, son of Ralph son of Algod, 75

William, son of Robert, 79-80

William the Angevin, 42n, 62, 84n

William de Ayremynne, 38

William of Bath, 42

William de Belmeis I, 9, 18 & n, 30n, 55n, 66, 67n, 71n, 73 & n, 83n, 86n, 90, 96n

William de Belmeis II, 69

William Blundel, 28

William de Bray, 70

William Brunus, 53

William of Calne, 61-2

William de Chaddleshunt, 77, 85

William Comin, 66

William de Corbeil, 15n

William Coroner, 41

William de Costentin, 29, 30

William Cumin, 66

William of Durham, 14n

William of Ely, 10n, 13n, 16n, 35, 41n, 75n, 81n

William de Ewelle, 50

William de Fauconberg, 16n, 21, 33n, 37, 40n

William La Feite, 44, 52, 90, 94

William de La Fere, 71

William Giffard, 42

William de Greenfield, 55

William Hardele, 91n

William de Haverhull, 58

William Heremita, 71-2

William de Hoo, 40

William de Kilkenny, 33-4, 44

William de La Leya, 37

William de Lichefeld, 70

William de Lodnes, 82

William de Luda, 65

William Lupus, 84

William de Mandeville, 16n, 19n

William de Mareni, x, 5, 5, 9n, 30nn, 36n, 41 & n, 55nn, 59n, 62n, 66n, 67n, 73n, 79, 81n, 93, 97-8

William Medicus, 77

William de Meleford, 63

William de Middleton, 28

William de Montfort, 8, 59, 91

William de Northfield, 96

William of Northolt, 39n, 64

William Passsemer, 11, 44, 82, 88

William of Potterne, 81

William Pullus, 96

William of Purleigh, 64

William de Ralegh, 37

William de Rising, 11, 24, 71n, 75, 91, 92n

William of Ste.-Mère-Eglise, 2, 10n, 21, 30n, 33, 39n, 43n, 48, 49n, 52n

William de Salerne, recte Walter de Salerne, 7

William de Salines, 96

William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia I, 11, 13n, 35n, 52, 62n, 75n, 79n

William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia II, 16, 88

William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia III, 6-7, 11, 35, 91

William de Sardene, 49

William de Scotho, 42

William de Vere, 64

William de Wellebourne, 54

William of Winchester, 85
-, -, Richard son of, see Richard of Winchester

William Witing, 75

William of York, 61, 66

Willoughby de Eresby, see Philip de Willoughby

'Wilwardus', see Ailward, son of Sired

Wimund, prior of St. Frideswide's, Oxford, 63

Winchelsey, see Robert de Winchelsey

Winchester, Hants, archdcn., 48, 57
-, -, bp., 25n, 42, 47, 57, 68

Winchester, see also Peter of Winchester, Richard of Winchester, William of Winchester

Windeh', Windesor, see Richard de Windesor

Wirecestria, see Roger of Worcester

Witing, Witung, see John Witing, William Witing

Witney, see Walter de Witney

Wlfrannus, Wlfraucnus, see Ulfran

Wlfredus, 83

Wlmannus, see Wulman

Wlueredus, 83

Wluredus, see Wulfred son of Goldman

Worcester, Worcs., archdcn., 46, 66
-, -, bp., 64, 73n, 85, 95

Worcester, see also Roger of Worcester

Writele, see Adam de Writele

Wulfrannus, see Ulfran

Wulfred, son of Goldman, 71, 83
-, -, Geoffrey son of, see Geoffrey
-, -, Robert son of, see Robert

Wulman, 4, 4, 79, 85n, 97-8

Wuluredus, see Wulfred son of Goldman

Wyleby, see John de Wyleby, Philip de Willoughby

Wyleweby, see Philip de Willoughby

Wymburne, see Thomas de Wymburne

Wymund, 63

Wynchelse, see Robert de Winchelsey

Wyndes', see Richard de Windesor

Wyntonia, see William of Winchester

Wyting, see John Witing

York, Yorks., abp., 27n, 31, 35, 36, 41n, 43, 55, 60
-, -, cathedral, can., 85
-, -, -, dean, 66n
-, -, -, preb., 2n, 48

York, cathedral, treas., 15, 48, 69

York, see also William of York

Yvingho, see Ralph of Ivinghoe

Zaracenis, see Henry de Saracenis