Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London

Edited by Diana E Greenway. Details of the bishops of London and the senior clergy of St Paul's cathedral and the diocese of London. Also includes bibliography of modern works covering the whole Fasti series for 1066-1300.

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Acknowledgments v
Introduction ix-xi
Select list of sources xiii-xiv
References xv-xix
Abbreviations xx
Bishops of London 1-4
Deans of St Paul's 4-8
Archdeacons: London 8-12
Archdeacons: Essex 12-14
Archdeacons: Middlesex 14-17
Archdeacons: Colchester 18-20
Treasurers 21-22
Precentors 22-25
Chancellors 25-27
Prebendaries: Introduction 27
Prebendaries: Broomesbury 27-29
Prebendaries: Brownswood 29-31
Prebendaries: Caddington Major 32-34
Prebendaries: Caddington Minor 34-36
Prebendaries: Cantlers 36-38
Prebendaries: Chamberlainwood 38-40
Prebendaries: Chiswick 40-42
Prebendaries: Consumpta-per-Mare 42-45
Prebendaries: Ealdland 45-47
Prebendaries: Ealdstreet 47-49
Prebendaries: Finsbury 49-50
Prebendaries: Harleston 51-53
Prebendaries: Holbourn 53-55
Prebendaries: Hoxton 55-56
Prebendaries: Islington 57-59
Prebendaries: Mapesbury 59-61
Prebendaries: Mora 61-63
Prebendaries: Nesden 63-65
Prebendaries: Newington 65-67
Prebendaries: Oxgate 67-69
Prebendaries: Pancratius 69-70
Prebendaries: Portpool 71-72
Prebendaries: Reculversland 73-74
Prebendaries: Rugmere 74-77
Prebendaries: Sneating 77-78
Prebendaries: Totenhall 78-80
Prebendaries: Twiford 80-82
Prebendaries: Weldland 83-85
Prebendaries: Wenlocksbarn 85-87
Prebendaries: Wilsden 87-89
Canons whose prebends cannot be identified: (i) from period before prebendal system established 89
Canons whose prebends cannot be identified: (ii) who held unidentified prebend(s) in addition to known ones 89-91
Canons whose prebends cannot be identified: (iii) to whom no prebends can be assigned 91-96
Appendix 1: Was Ranulf Flambard Dean of St Paul's ? 97-98
Appendix 2: The date of the Liber F valor 99
Appendix 3: Bibliography of modern works 100-101
Index 103-115