Archdeacons: London

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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'Archdeacons: London', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968), pp. 8-12. British History Online [accessed 13 June 2024].

. "Archdeacons: London", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968) 8-12. British History Online, accessed June 13, 2024,

. "Archdeacons: London", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968). 8-12. British History Online. Web. 13 June 2024,



Called 'urbis Londoniae archidiaconus' by Osbern (Memorials of St. Dunstan, ed. W. Stubbs (Rolls ser. lxiii) p. 155), and 'Lundoniae civitatis archidiaconus' by Eadmer (ibid. p. 241). Became monk at Christ Church, Canterbury, [1070 × 89] (Osbern, ibid. p. 155 f.; Eadmer, ibid. pp. 241 ff.). (fn. 1) D. before 1096 (Eadmer, ibid. p. 244). (fn. 2)

[Reinger Preb. Nesden

Always called archdcn., but never with territ. title. First occ. 3 June 1102 (Gibbs no. 178), and c. 1102 (Acta SS., Oct., 111 754). Last occ. 1114/15 (Hale pp. 127-8). Presum. archdcn. of London, because: (1) has precedence of other archdcns. in each of eight occs. with them (for the order of precedence at St. Paul's, see references cited below p. 22 nn. 5, 7), and (2) occ. presiding over a chapter, prob. of archdcnry. of London, n.d. (WD 4 fos. 21/25v-22/26v, pd. in Rep. p. 62a, discussed by Newcourt 1 355).]

William de Belmeis I (of Beaumais) (fn. 3) Preb[s. ?unident.,] Reculversland

Prob. appd. before Jan. 1127 by his father, Richard de Belmeis I, bp. of London (1108-27). First occ. 1132/3 (WD 4 fo. 53/57r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 67b), but may occ. earlier, before Apr. 1138 (Gibbs no. 218), (fn. 4) and [1115 × c. 1138] (WD 4 fo. 29/33r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 64a). (fn. 5) Last occ. after Sept. 1152 (Cart. Clerkenwell no. 162). Often occ. without territ. title or surname, but occ. with territ. title 1150/1 (B.M. Harley MS. 6956 fo. 84v, from missing Liber F fo. 35), and said by John of Salisbury to be of Belmeis family (Historia Pontificalis, ed. M. M. Chibnall (1956) p. 46). Brother of Walter de Belmeis, preb. of Newington, who was son of Richard de Belmeis I, bp. of London (1108-27) (see below, pp. 65-6). Possibly commem. 5 June (Obit, I fo. 12v: 'Obitus Willelmi Episcopi de Belemeins', which is difficult to identify with any other person; perhaps for 'Episcopi' we should read 'filii Episcopi', or even 'Archidiaconi').

Hugh de Mareni Prebs. unident., Totenhall

First occ., as Hugh the archdcn., before c. 1154 (A/39/1367), (fn. 6) and also c. 1154 (J.S. Epp. 1 no. 113). (fn. 7) Last certain occ., called Hugh 'de Mateni', as archdcn. of London, 13 March 1157 (cart. of Holy Trinity, Aldgate: Glasgow, Univ. Libr., Hunterian MS. U. 2. 6. fos. 171v-172r), but may occ. later, called Hugh de Marin' the archdcn., [1155×59] (Reg. Antiq. Linc. 11 no. 322). Became dean before May 1162, perhaps before Aug. 1158.

Nicholas (fn. 8) Preb. Oxgate

First certain occ. before 4 May 1162 (A/28/273, cal. in Rep. pp. 31b-32a), (fn. 9) and also [1160×4 May 1162] (Gibbs no. 192). (fn. 10) But possibly occ. before Aug. 1158 (Materials for Becket 111 26, discussed by Brooke, G.F. p. 271). (fn. 11) Last occ. c. 29 Sept. 1189 (Great Roll of the Pipe for 1 Ric. I, ed. J. Hunter (Record Comm., 1844) p. 11). Commem. 3 Nov. (Obit. I fo. 15r). Son of Nicholas Crocemannus, preb. of Oxgate (see below pp. 67-8).

M. Peter de Waltham (fn. 12) Preb. Ealdstreet

Not appd. before c. Jan. 1190, when still clk. or can. (several charters of Richard Fitz Neal, bp. of London, including, e.g., Gibbs nos. 73, 157, and Hist. MSS. Comm., Rep. Var. Coll. VII 28 bis). First occ. before Dec. 1192 (Cart. Colec. 1 88; Cart. Colne no. 104; Hist. MSS. Comm., Rep. Var. Coll. VII 29). (fn. 13) Occ. c. 1192 (D.S.R. I). Last occ. between March 1194 and March 1195, possibly [Jan. × March] 1195 (B.M., Add. Ch. 28336). (fn. 14) Called only Peter the archdcn. and Peter archdcn. of London in nearly all occs. in office, and has been identified with Peter of Blois (Newcourt 1 58, and cf. H. G. Richardson, E.H.R. lvii (1942) 130-3; but Robinson, Somerset Historical Essays pp. 133-4, and Gibbs p. 97 n. 2, do not accept this identification). But occ. once with full name and title (Oxford, New College, Reg. Secundum fo. 7v) and as son of John de Waltham (cf. Brooke, in Camb. Hist. Jnl. xii (1956) 188, citing 'Miracula B.V.M.': Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College, MS. 95 bk. iii c. 17).

M. Alard de Burnham (fn. 15) Prebs. Caddington Major, Totenhall [, ?Holbourn]

Not appd. before 21 Apr. 1196, after which date still occ. as can. (A/30/440, cal. in Rep. p. 33a). (fn. 16) First occ. before 30 Dec. 1196 (Westminster, D & C., Muniment bk. XI 'Domesday' fo. 341v, pd. by Richardson, William of Ely pp. 79-80, date discussed by H. G. Richardson, E.H.R. lvii (1942) 132; cf. Gibbs no. 103; cf. also A/25/643, cal. in Rep. p. 27b (fn. 17) ). Last occ. 1199/1200 (Oxford, Bodl. Libr., MS. Rawlinson B. 461 fos. 59r-60r, from lost cart. of Lesnes). Became dean between June 1199 and May 1201. Not given surname in occs. as archdcn. of London, but identity with dean certain (Obit. III fo. 96r, on day of dean Alard's commem., 8 Sept., mentions rent from houses 'Alardi quondam archidiaconi Lond.').

M. Peter of Blois Preb. Hoxton

First occ. c. Jan. 1202 (letter in an Erfurt MS., cited by R. W. Southern, E.H.R. liii (1938) 415), and perhaps earlier, c. 1201 (letter cited ibid. p. 413), and [c. June 1200 × c. June 1202] (Gerald of Wales, De Invectionibus, ed. W. S. Davies, Y Cymmrodor xxx (1920) 101) (all these occs. are discussed by Greenway, Succession pp. 91-2). D. as archdcn. before 20 May 1212 (Rot. Litt. Claus. 1 117b), perhaps between Jan. and March 1212 (A/26/10, cal. in Rep. p. 30a). (fn. 18)

M. Walter (fn. 19) Preb. Hoxton

First certain occ. c. 19 Apr. 1213 (Innocent III, Cal. Letters no. 918), but perhaps occ. 14 June [?1212] (Mon. Ang. VI(2) 625). (fn. 20) Last occ. [1214] (Acta Stephani Langton, ed. K. Major (Canterbury and York Soc. 1) no. 9).

M. Gilbert de Plesseto Preb. Harleston

First occ. [Dec. 1213 × Apr. 1214] (charter roll of Holy Trinity, Aldgate: B.M., Cotton Roll xiii. 18 no. 10). (fn. 21) Last certain occ. 1215/16 (A/39/1369), but may occ. later, [1214 × Sept. 1216] (Gibbs no. 145).

M. William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia I Preb. Harleston

First certain occ. 1217/18 (A/29/331), and 1 Feb. 1218 (A/39/1385), but may occ. earlier, [c. 1216 × 1219] (Gibbs no. 194). (fn. 22) Last certain occ. 1 March 1223 (A/29/344), and Dec. 1222 × Dec. 1223 (Rot. H. de Welles, ed. W. P. W. Phillimore (Canterbury and York Soc. i) II 9). Perhaps res. and occ. as can. [May 1225 X June 1229] (A/30/406), (fn. 23) but possibly this may be William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia III, preb. of Caddington Minor. Occ. with full name and title several times (e.g. Gibbs nos. 81, 118-19, 122).

M. Geoffrey de Lucy Prebs. Islington, Totenhall

Presum. not appd. until after 13 May 1225, when still called can. (cart. of Hospitallers: B.M., Cotton MS. Nero E. vi so. 169r). First occ. as archdcn. 1225/6 (reg. J. Stokesley: Guildhall Libr., MS. 9531/11 fo. 152v). Became dean between Nov. 1229 and June 1231.

M. William de Rising (fn. 24) Prebs. unident., Rugmere

Previously precentor. Occ. with full name and title after Nov. 1229 (Westminster, D. & C., Muniment bk. XI, 'Domesday' fos, 99v. 476v). (fn. 25) Also occ. as W. or William, archdcn. of London, after Nov. 1229 (A/29/366), (fn. 26) 5 March 1234 (Hale p. 14), and between Oct. 1233 and Oct. 1234 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 96v, from missing Liber F fo. 114). Commem. 9 July (Obits. II fo. 108v, IV pp. 68, 85), 8 July (Obit. III fo. 95v).

M. Peter de Neuport Preb. Hoxton

Previously precentor, in which office last occ. 2 Apr. 1234. First occ. as archdcn. between June 1235 and June 1236 (reg. J. Stokesley: Guildhall Libr., MS. 9531/11 fo. 54v). Last occ. 1 June 1261 (A/29/367). Apparently occ. 1 Oct. 1261 (A/37/1123), but prob. 2 Oct. 1260 intended (see above p. 7 n. 3). Became dean between June 1261 and Jan. 1262.

M. John de Chishull I Preb. Chamberlainwood

First occ. 15 Jan. 1263 (Cal. Liberate Rolls v (1961) 118), and perhaps before July 1262 (C.P.R. 1258-66 p. 239). (fn. 27) Last occ. 17 Aug. 1268 (C.P.R. 1266-72 p. 254). Became dean by Oct. 1268. (fn. 28)

M. William Passemer Prebs. Consumpta, Twiford, Wilsden

Presum. not appd. until after 17 July 1271, when still called can. (A/39/1347-8). First occ. as archdcn. c. 24 June 1272 (WD 19 fo. 16a). Last occ. Apr. 1275 (A/74/ 1934). Prob. d. before Oct. 1276 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 129v, from an original deed formerly in St. Paul's pyx 'K'). (fn. 29)

M. Geoffrey de Mortuo Mari Preb. unident.

First occ. 25 June 1278 (WD 1 fo. 107b). Last occ. 8 Apr. 1280 (Reg. Epp. Peckham I 115; cf. ibid. p. 96).

M. Richard de Swinfield Preb. Pancratius

Presum. not appd. until after 17 Apr. 1280, when coll. archdcn. of Salop (dioc. Hereford) (Reg. T. de Cantilupo, ed. R. G. Griffiths and W. W. Capes (Canterbury and York Soc. ii) p. 63). First occ. as archdcn. of London 28 Sept. 1281, when appd. to rule schools of St. Paul's (Statutes pp. 188-9). Last occ. July 1282 (A/22/1615). Bp. of Hereford, el. Dec. 1282, cons. March 1283.

M. Robert de Ros I Preb. unident.

First occ. 17 May 1285 (WD 19 fo. 4a), and [Oct. 1283 × Aug. 1285] (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 146v, from an original deed formerly in St. Paul's pyx 'P'). (fn. 30) Last occ. 1 June 1290 (A/19/424).

M. Richard de Gravesend II Preb. Chiswick

First occ. 28 Sept. 1294 (C.P.R. 1292-1301 p. 92). Last occ. 28 May 1299 (WD 16 fo. 171/174r). Became treas. before Sept. 1302, and had been succeeded as archdcn. of London by 12 Apr. 1301 (Reg. Winchelsey 1 407).


  • 1. Temp. Lanfranc, abp. of Canterbury. Edward is prob. referred to by Lanfranc in Monastic Constitutions of Lanfranc, ed. D. Knowles (1951) p. 112, although Lanfranc may take 'Edward' as a typical English name and not intend a particular archdcn. of London, see ibid. p. 112 n. 1.
  • 2. Temp. Henry, prior of Christ Church, Canterbury.
  • 3. Cf. above p. 1 n. 3.
  • 4. Temp. William [de Mareni], dean (above p. 5).
  • 5. Temp. Cyprian, archdcn. of Colchester (below p. 18).
  • 6. Temp. Ailward, archdcn. of Colchester (below p. 18).
  • 7. Dated '?c. 1160' by Brooke, because Ralph of Langford, dean (above p. 5) is said to be 'old and infirm', but in view of the similarity, noted by Brooke as 'remarkable', between the list of abp. Theobald's assessors in no. 113 and that in no. 5, of c. 1154, the earlier date is more likely for no. 113 also.
  • 8. See also G.F. pp. 271-2.
  • 9. Temp. Richard de Belmeis II, bp. of London (above p. 2). Witness clause very similar to A/38/1210 (cal. in Rep. p. 39b) and Gibbs no. 245, in both of which Nicholas the archdcn. also occ.
  • 10. Temp. Godfrey, bp. of St. Asaph, and Richard de Belmeis II, bp. of London (above p. 2).
  • 11. William Fitz Stephen tells how Nicholas, archdcn. of London, who had offended Henry II, was restored to the king's favour at the intercession of Thomas Becket, king's chanc. The latter was not in England between Aug. 1158 and May 1162 (see Eyton, Itin. Hen. II pp. 40-56).
  • 12. See also G.F. p. 272 n.
  • 13. Temp. Richard de Windesor, can. (preb. of Oxgate, below p. 68).
  • 14. 'A.D. 1194, in the first year of king Richard's return to England from Germany', i.e. March 1194× March 1195 (see L. Landon, Itinerary of Richard I (Pipe Roll Soc., new ser. xiii) p. 85). But the lunar cycle 17 and the dominical letter B, given in the charter's dating clause, are both correct for 1195.
  • 15. Cf. above p. 6 n. 1.
  • 16. Temp. William of Ely, king's treas. (preb. of Caddington Minor, below p. 35).
  • 17. Both of which were issued before Alan the chapl. became can. (preb. of Mora, below p. 62).
  • 18. One of the parties was to begin to erect a wall 'in the middle of the Lent next after the death of M. Peter of Blois, archdcn. of London'. This seems to indicate that he is not the M. Peter of Blois, pr. and can., commem. 29 June in a Rouen obit. (Rec. Hist. France xxiii 364, cited by Robinson, Somerset Historical Essays p. 136).
  • 19. Called Walter son of Walter by Robinson, Somerset Historical Essays p. 133, presum. following Newcourt 1 58 n. d, and J. Le Neve, Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae, corrected by T. D. Hardy (Oxford, 1854) 11 319, where he is confused with the precentor of that name.
  • 20. 'MCXCVII', an impossible date for William of Ste.-Mère-Eglise, bp. of London (1199-1221) (above p. 2), who is said to have been present on this occasion, may be a scribal error for 'MCCXII', as suggested by Professor C. N. L. Brooke in an unpublished note.
  • 21. After Dec. 1213 (cf. charter roll of Holy Trinity, Aldgate: B.M., Cotton Roll xiii. 18 no. 9), and temp. Richard Junior, can. (preb. of Holbourn, below p. 53).
  • 22. Terminus a quo given by occ. of Robert de Watford, dean (above p. 6).
  • 23. Temp. Geoffrey de Lucy, archdcn. of London (below), and Roger Niger, archdcn. of Colchester (below p. 19).
  • 24. Prob. Castle or Wood Rising, Norf.; see Ekwall, Studies p. 79.
  • 25. Temp. Geoffrey de Lucy, dean (above p. 6).
  • 26. Temp. Alexander de Swereford, treas. (below p. 22).
  • 27. Here he occ., on 15 Jan. 1263, as co-executor of the will of Henry de Wengham I, bp. of London, who d. July 1262 (above p. 3).
  • 28. Theobald of Piacenza (Tedaldo Visconti) occ. as archdcn. of London before his el. to papacy as Gregory X in Sept. 1271 (Joannis Lelandi . . . Collectanea (1770) III 397. cited by Newcourt I 59), but this is prob. a mistake: Theobald was archdcn. of Liège (cf. F. M. Powicke, King Henry III and the Lord Edward (Oxford, 1947) II 586).
  • 29. Temp. Hervey of Boreham, dean (above p. 8).
  • 30. Temp. Roger de La Legh, dean (above p. 8).