Prebendaries: Reculversland

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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'Prebendaries: Reculversland', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968), pp. 73-74. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Prebendaries: Reculversland", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968) 73-74. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

. "Prebendaries: Reculversland", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968). 73-74. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,


See lists in Cats. I fo. 92r, II fo. 110/117v.


First preb. in cats., 'Aldredus'. Not otherwise known. Presum. not to be identified with Aldred the pr., who occ. [1114 × c. 1154] and was prob. not can. (A/23/1718, pd. in Rep. p. 24a). (fn. 2)

Robert Pictor

Occ. in cats. between Aldred and Berbund de Waltham, 'Robertus Pictor'. Possibly to be identified with Robert pistor, who occ. as clk., not can., [c. 1108 × Apr. 1138] (WD 4 fo. 17/21r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 61a-b). (fn. 3) But more prob. to be identified with Robert brother of Fulcred, who does not occ. in cats. (see below, p. 95), but occ. as can. between 1115/16 (A/24/1478 and WD 4 fos. 19/23v-20/24r, pd. in Rep. pp. 61b-62a), and [1138 × Sept. 1152] (WD 4 fo. 44/48r, pd. in Rep. p. 66a). (fn. 4) Robert 'filius Fulcredi' commem. 7 Jan. (Obits. I fo. 10r, II fo. 107r), 8 Jan. (Obit. III fo. 94v). But this identification involves some chronological difficulties (see below, Berbund de Waltham and William [de Belmeis I]).

Berbund de Waltham

Occ. in cats. between Robert Pictor and William [de Belmeis I], 'Berbundus de Waltham'. Not otherwise known, unless to be identified with Bermund, who occ. as can. 1103/4 (WD 4 fo. 40/44r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 65a), and 1111/12 (A/24/521, pd. in Rep. p. 26a). If this identification is correct, and Robert Pictor is to be identified with Robert brother of Fulcred, cat. order must be at fault.

William [de Belmeis I (of Beaumais)] (fn. 5)

Occ. in cats. between Berbund de Waltham and Thomas Becket, 'Willelmus archidiaconus'. Presum. to be identified with William de Belmeis I, archdcn. of London, prob. from before Jan. 1127 to Sept. 1152 or later, for whom otherwise no preb. can be assigned. But if Robert Pictor to be identified with Robert brother of Fulcred, William de Belmeis must have held an unident. preb. before 1138.

Thomas Becket

Occ. in cats. between William [de Belmeis I] and Hugh de Reculver, 'Sanctus Thomas de Lond.' (Cat. I), 'Sanctus Thomas London' ' (Cat. II). Prob. received preb. after 1151 (William Fitz Stephen, in Materials for Becket 111 17). (fn. 6) Still called clk. of abp. in or after 1154 (Records of the Templars in England, ed. B. A. Lees (British Academy, Records of Social and Economic History ix) pp. 137-8). Prob. received preb. before became king's chanc., Jan. 1155 (Materials for Becket 111 17). Abp. of Canterbury, el. May, cons. June 1162.

Hugh de Reculver (fn. 7)

Occ. in cats. between Thomas Becket and Henry de Civitate, 'Hugo Rac' '. First occ. as can. Dec. 1182 (Gibbs no. 220). Last occ. as can. c. 1192 (D.S.R. I). Perhaps d. or res. 1192, for his successor prob. occ. c. 1192 (see below).

Henry de Civitate

Occ. in cats. between Hugh de Reculver and Giles de Erdington, 'Henricus de Civitate'. First certain occ. as can. [c. 1190 × Dec. 1196] (A/24/1304, cal. in Rep. p. 26a), (fn. 8) but prob. to be identified with Henry son of James, who occ. as can. c. 1192 (D.S.R. II; see G.F. p. 271 n. 2). Last occ. 1215/16 (A/39/1369) and [c. 1214 × Sept. 1216] (Gibbs nos. 154, 254; A/35/941). (fn. 9)

Giles de Erdington

Occ. in cats. between Henry de Civitate and Ralph of Framingham, 'Egidius de Ardigton'. King's clk. and royal justice, 1251-67 (E. Foss, Judges of England (1870) p. 234). D. as preb. 5 Jan. 1269 (Reg. W. Giffard (York) p. 90; cf. C.P.R. 1266-72 p. 455).

M. Ralph of Framingham (fn. 10)

Occ. in cats. between Giles de Erdington and Ralph de Stanford, 'Radulphus de Fremingham [Fremgham, Cat. II]'. Royal gr. of preb. in succession to Giles de Erdington, 18 Aug. 1270 (C.P.R. 1266-72 p. 455). Still alive 1 Aug. 1283 (Reg. Pontissara 1 7). D. before 28 Aug. 1287 (ibid. p. 29; cf. C.C.R. 1279-88 p. 496).

Ralph de Stanford

Occ. in cats. between Ralph of Framingham and Robert de Clothale, 'Radulfus de Stamnford [Staunford', Cat. II]'. Occ., not called can., 26 Apr. 1286 (C.P.R. 1281-92 p. 238), and 6 Feb. 1291 (Reg. J. Pecham 1 92). Occ. this preb. c. 1294 (Liber F valor). (fn. 11) D. by 5 March 1309 (Reg. S. de Gandavo, ed. C. T. Flower and M. C. B. Dawes (Canterbury and York Soc. xl, xli) 11 708).


  • 1. The name prob. derives from Hugh de Reculver, this preb. (below), see P. H. Reaney, The PlaceNames of Essex (Cambridge, 1935) p. 230.
  • 2. Temp. William de Belmeis I, archdcn. of London (above p. 9).
  • 3. Temp. William [de Mareni], dean (above p. 5).
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  • 6. Where the first preferment mentioned must have been given after 1151, temp. John de Pagham, bp. of Worcester.
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  • 8. Temp. Alard de Burnham, can. (preb. of Caddington Major, above p. 32), not yet archdcn. of London (p. 10).
  • 9. Temp. Gilbert de Plesseto, archdcn. of London (above p. 10), and Alard de Burnham, dean (p. 6).
  • 10. Norf., where he was tenant-in-chief, see C.C.R. 1279-88 p. 496.
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