Prebendaries: Wenlocksbarn

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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'Prebendaries: Wenlocksbarn', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968), pp. 85-87. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Prebendaries: Wenlocksbarn", in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968) 85-87. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

. "Prebendaries: Wenlocksbarn", Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London, (London, 1968). 85-87. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,


See lists in Cats. I fo. 92v, II fo. 110/117v.


First preb. in cats., 'Adwinus [Adwynus, Cat. II]'. Prob. to be identified with Edwin, who occ. as can. 1103/4 (WD 4 fo. 40/44r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 65a) and 1104/5 (as 'Aedwinus canonicus', WD 4 fo. 19/23r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 61b). Perhaps also to be identified with Edwin the pr., who occ. 1115/16 (A/24/1478 and WD 4 fos. 19/23v- 20/24r, pd. in Rep. pp. 61b-62a), and with Edwin son of Goldwin, who occ. 1114/15 (Hale pp. 127-8), and d. by c. 1128 (Davis, London lands p. 57). (fn. 1)

William of Winchester

Occ. in cats. between Adwin and Richard of Winchester, 'Willelmus de Wyntonia [Wyntonio, Cat. II]'. Occ., not yet can., c. 1108 (Gibbs no. 63). Occ., presum. as can., c. 1127 (Gibbs no. 274). Possibly to be identified with M. William, who occ., not called can., 19 July 1111 (WD 4 fos. 53/57v-54/58r, pd. in Rep. pp. 67b-68a). Presum. not to be identified with William of Winchester, who occ. as can. of York before 1143 and after 1148 (York Minster Fasti 1 nos. 1-5).

Richard of Winchester

Occ. in cats. between William of Winchester and Alberic, 'Ricardus filius eius', i.e. son of William of Winchester. First occ., presum. as can., [c. 1128 × 1138] (WD 4 fo. 52/56v, pd. in Rep. p. 67a). (fn. 2) Last occ. as can. [1138 × Sept. 1152] (WD 4 fo. 44/48r, pd. in Rep. p. 66a). (fn. 3)

M. Alberic

Occ. in cats. between Richard of Winchester and Walter of Hartpury, 'Albertus'. Albert not otherwise known, and cats. prob. in error for 'Albericus', who is not found in cats. First occ. as can. 1148/9 (WD 4 fos. 27/31v-28/32r, pd. in Rep. p. 63a-b), and 1150/1 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 84v, from missing Liber F fo. 35), and perhaps earlier, [Apr. 1138 × c. 1154] (A/19/1490 and WD 4 fo. 30/34r, pd. in Rep. p. 64a-b). (fn. 4) Last occ. 26 May 1162 (Gibbs no. 217). Author of 'Mythographus Tertius Vaticanus' (see E. Rathbone, in Medieval and Renaissance Studies i (1941-3) 35-8).

M. Walter of Hartpury (fn. 5)

Occ. in cats. between Alberic and Richard Foliot, 'Walterus Berdeperier'. Almost certainly to be identified with M. Walter of Hartpury (see G.F. p. 287). Occ. as clk. or can. [1163 × 72] (G.F.L. no. 439). Possibly to be identified with M. Walter who d. by 1179 (G.F.L. no. 241).

Richard Foliot I (fn. 6)

Occ. in cats. between Walter of Hartpury and Robert Folet, 'Ricardus Foliot archidiaconus Middl.'. Does not occ. as can. Occ. as archdcn. of Colchester together with predecessor in this preb. [1163 × 72] (G.F.L. no. 439), so presum. held another preb. (possibly Consumpta, cf. above, p. 43) at this time. Also archdcn. of Colchester from before 1168, to c. 1179; ?archdcn. of Middlesex, c. 1181.

Robert Folet

Occ. in cats. between Richard Foliot and Ralph de Neville, 'Robertus Folet'. First occ. as can. [July 1183 × Nov. 1184] (G.F.L. no. 404). Last certain occ. as can. c. 1192 (D.S.R. II, as 'Foliot', a scribal error, see G.F. p. 287). But prob. to be identified with Robert Folet, can. of Hereford, who occ. 1195 (cart. of Hereford: Oxford, Bodl. Libr., MS. Rawlinson B. 329 fos. 150v-152r), and with Robert Folet, parson of Peldon (Essex), London dioc., Sept. 1202 (Curia Regis Rolls 11 130). Perhaps to be identified with Master R. Folet, can. of Hereford, who occ. after 18 June 1205 (Innocent III, Cal. Letters no. 629).

Ralph de Neville

Occ. in cats. between Robert Folet and Luke, 'Radulphus de Nevill'. Does not occ. as can. Presum. to be identified with Ralph de Neville, dean of Lichfield, 1214-22; chanc. of Chichester, 1222. Bp. of Chichester, el. by Nov. 1222, cons. Apr. 1224.


Occ. in cats. between Ralph de Neville and Geoffrey de Fering, 'Lucas archidiaconus de Surr.'. Does not occ. as can. Archdcn. of Surrey by Jan. 1234, to July 1243 or later.

M. Geoffrey de Fering

Occ. in cats. between Luke and Adam Bek, 'Galfridus de Fering'. Presum. not appd. until after 2 Apr. 1234, when not can. (Gibbs no. 182). Occ. as can. [Aug. 1257 × Sept. 1261] (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 91r, from missing Liber F fo. 64). (fn. 7) Disp. for plurality 19 Sept. 1245 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 1512). Also dean, prob. from Dec. 1262, to Oct. 1267 or later.

Adam Bek

Occ. in cats. between Geoffrey de Fering and John de Sancta Maria, 'Adam Bec [Bek, Cat. II]'. Not otherwise known, unless to be identified with Adam of Canterbury, who occ. as can. 3 Jan. 1274 (A/25/1734; cf. WD 1 fo. 70a-b). (fn. 8)

John de Sancta Maria

Occ. in cats. between Adam Bek and Hugh of Collingham, 'Johannes de Sancta Maria'. First occ. as can. 26 Feb. 1275 (reg. J. Stokesley: Guildhall Libr., MS. 9531/11 fo. 155r-v). Last occ. 5 or 19 July 1282 (A/22/1615), 1282 (A/28/288), 1283 (Hale p. 167). D. before 23 Aug. 1287 (C.P.R. 1281-92 p. 287). Commem. 23 Aug. (Obits. II fo. 109r, IV pp. 69, 93). Prob. to be identified with John de Sancta Maria, whose will was proved 15 Oct. 1285 (Cal. of Wills 1 72), and therefore presum. d. Aug. 1284 or 1285.

M. Hugh of Collingham (fn. 9)

Occ. in cats. between John de Sancta Maria and Stephen de Gravesend, 'Hugo de Colingham'. First occ. as can. [Oct. 1283 × Aug. 1285] (A/11/1067, cal. in Rep. p. 12b), (fn. 10) and 12 Jan. 1284 (Reg. Epp. Peckham 11 645). Presum. transf. to this preb. from preb. of Chamberlainwood before 1292. Occ. this preb. c. 1294 (Liber F valor). (fn. 11) Last occ. 11 Apr. 1295 (Statutes, p. 94). D. by 1 March 1296 (Reg. Sutton 11 135).

M. Stephen de Gravesend

Occ. in cats. between Hugh of Collingham and Gilbert de Middleton, 'Stephanus de Gravesend per commutacionem' (Cat. I), 'Stephanus de Gravesende' (Cat. II). Presum. transf. to this preb. from preb. of Chamberlainwood between Apr. 1295 and Feb. 1299. Res. 27 Oct. 1318 to become bp. of London (Reg. R. Baldock, ed. R. C. Fowler (Canterbury and York Soc. vii) 195).


  • 1. Cf. also Aldwin, farmer of Navestock temp. Wulman, dean (who occ. [1086 × 1107], above p. 4) (Hale p. 152); and Aldwine, who had messuage in South Street, London, and d. by [1108 × 11] (Regesta 11 no. 972).
  • 2. Temp. Hugh, archdcn. of Middlesex (above p. 15).
  • 3. Temp. Ailward, archdcn. of Colchester (above p. 18), and Richard de Belmeis II, archdcn. of Middlesex (p. 15).
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