Prebendaries: Wilsden

Pages 87-89

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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See lists in Cats. I fo. 92v, II fo. 110/117v.


First preb. in cats., 'Huctredus'. Not otherwise known.

Hugh son of Generannus (fn. 1)

Occ. in cats. between Huctred and Henry Banastre, 'Hugo filius Generanni'. First certain occ. as can. 1132/3 (WD 4 fo. 53/57r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 67b), but prob. can. when occ. 1115/16 (A/24/1478 and WD 4 fos. 19/23v-20/24r, pd. in Rep. pp. 61b- 62a). Last occ. [March 1157 × May 1162] (Gibbs no. 245). (fn. 2) Brother of Robert son of Generannus, preb. of Finsbury (see above p. 49). Father of Richard son of Hugh son of Generannus, who occ. c. 1138 (Hale p. 135). (fn. 3)

Henry Banastre

Occ. in cats. between Hugh son of Generannus and Henry, 'Henricus thesaurarius'. Presum. to be identified with Henry Banastre, treas. by 1174, to July 1197 or later. Occ. as clk. or can. [1163 × 74] (G.F.L. no. 385). Relative of Gilbert Foliot I, bp. of London (1163-87) (see G.F. pp. 43-5).

Henry [? = M. Hemericus]

Occ. in cats. between Henry Banastre and William, 'Henricus'. Not otherwise known. Possibly cat. entry is at fault, and should read 'Hemericus'. M. Hemericus occ. as can. [June 1199 × March 1204] (A/30/439), (fn. 4) and his preb. is otherwise unident. (see below p. 92).

William [de Sancte Marie Ecclesia II]

Occ. in cats. between Henry and Nicholas de Gamborile, 'Willelmus archidiaconus Middelsex.' Does not occ. as can., but archdcn. of Middlesex by 1217/18, to after July 1227.

Nicholas de Gamborile

Occ. in cats. between William and John de Norton, 'Nicholaus de Gamborile [Cambonile, Cat. II]'. Not otherwise known.

M. John de Norton

Occ. in cats. between Nicholas de Gamborile and Robert de Barton, 'Johannes de Nort' [Northon', Cat. II]'. First occ. as can. 18 July 1236 (Gibbs no. 87). Also successively precentor, by Dec. 1237; archdcn. of Middlesex by May 1242, to Nov. 1243 or later; d. by Apr. 1244.

M. Robert de Barton

Occ. in cats. between John de Norton and Ralph de Bohun, 'Robertus de Barton [Barthone, Cat. II]'. First certain occ. as can. 25 Aug. 1245 (Simpson, Two inventories p. 464), but may occ. earlier, [March 1243 × Dec. 1246] (A/30/491). (fn. 5) Also successively precentor, by 1246; dean by Aug. 1257, to June 1261 or later.

M. William Passemer

Occ. in cat. II between Ralph de Bohun and Henry de Chaddesden, 'Willelmus Passemer'. Certainly misplaced in cat., because occ. this preb. before Oct. 1276 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 129v, from an original deed formerly in St. Paul's pyx 'K'). (fn. 6) First occ. as can. 21 Aug. 1262 (Statutes p. 385). Presum. transf. to this preb. from preb. of Twiford after June 1261. Prob. d. as preb. before Oct. 1276 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 129v, as above). (fn. 7) Also archdcn. of London by June 1272, to Apr. 1275 or later.

Ralph de Bohun

Occ. in cat. II between Robert de Barton and William Passemer, 'Radulphus de Boun'. Occ. this preb. c. 1294 (Liber F valor). (fn. 8) Occ. as can. by proxy 11 Apr. 1295 (Statutes p. 94). Last occ. 7 Apr. 1298 (C.C.R. 1296-1302 p. 205).


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  • 3. Hugh, archdcn. [of Middlesex] (above p. 15), is said to have (Precently) relinquished Chingford.
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