Prebendaries: Oxgate

Pages 67-69

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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See lists in Cats. I fo. 94v, II fo. 111/118r-v.


First preb. in cats., 'Arturus' (Cat. I), 'Arthurus' (Cat. II). First occ. as can. c. 1102 (Acta SS., Oct., 111 754), and 1103/4 (WD 4 fo. 40/44r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 65a). Last occ. 1115/16 (A/24/1478 and WD 4 fos. 19/23v-20/24r, pd. in Rep. p. 61b).

Nicholas Crocemannus (fn. 1)

Occ. in cats. between Arthur and Nicholas the archdcn., 'Nicholaus Crocemannus'. First certain occ. as can. 1132/3 (WD 4 fo. 53/57r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 67b), but may occ. earlier, [1114 × Apr. 1138] (Gibbs no. 218). (fn. 2) Occ. as Nicholas 'senior' after Apr. 1138 (WD 4 fos. 20/24r-21/25v, pd. in Rep. p. 62a). (fn. 3) Perhaps to be identified with Nicholas the can. who occ. 1145/6 (Gibbs no. 154). Father of Nicholas, archdcn. of London and preb. of Oxgate (see below p. 68), of M. Richard, preb. of Sneating (see below pp. 77-8), and of the wife of Geoffrey Lutre (whose sons included M. Nicholas, preb. of Weldland, and M. John of London, preb. of Ealdland; see G.F. p. 285, and Gibbs nos. 138-40, 143).


Occ. in cats. between Nicholas Crocemannus and Richard de Windesor, 'Nicolaus filius ejus archidiaconus London.', i.e. son of Nicholas Crocemannus. First occ. as can. 1150/1 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 94v, from missing Liber F fo. 35). Also archdcn. of London from before May 1162, to Sept. 1189 or later.

Richard de Windesor

Occ. in cats. between Nicholas and Roger the chapl., 'Ricardus de Windeh' [Wyndes', Cat. II]'. Presum. not appd. until after c. Jan. 1190, after which date occ. not called can. (WD 1 fo. 57b). (fn. 4) First occ. as can. c. 1190 or later (Cart. Colec. 1 88; Cart. Colne no. 104). (fn. 5) Occ. as can. c. 1192 (D.S.R. I). Presum. d. or res. 1192, because his successor also occ. c. 1192 (see below).

M. Roger the chaplain

Occ. in cats. between Richard de Windesor and Godfrey of Norfolk, 'Rogerus capellanus'. Occ., not yet can., after c. Jan. 1190 (Cart. Colec. 1 88). (fn. 6) First occ. as can. c. 1192 (D.S.R. II), so presum. succeeded Richard de Windesor c. 1192 (cf. above). Last occ. as can. [1212 × Apr. 1214] (Gibbs nos. 255, 263, 307). (fn. 7) D. before Apr. 1214 (A/19/295). (fn. 8) Commem. 16 Nov. (Obits. I fo. 15r, II fo. 110r, III fo. 96v, IV pp. 72, 101). If d. as preb., presum. d. Nov. 1212 or 1213.

Godfrey of Norfolk

Occ. in cats. between Roger the chapl. and Aymer de Valence, 'Godefridus de Norfouc [Northf', Cat. II]'. Occ. once only, presum. as can., between Oct. 1233 and Oct. 1234 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 96v, from missing Liber F fo. 114).

Aymer de Valence alias de Lusignan

Occ. in cats. between Godfrey of Norfolk and Reyner Lombardus, 'Bimarus frater regis'. Bimar does not occ. in St. Paul's documents. Cats. almost certainly in error for Aymer de Valence, uterine brother of Henry III, who arrived in England in 1247, and was endowed by king with great revenues (Chron. Maj. IV 627-8, 650). Occ. as can., prob. this preb. (holding land in Oxgate), 31 March 1248 (C.C.R. 1247-51 p. 37). Bp. of Winchester, el. Nov. 1250, cons. May 1260; d. Dec. 1260. Papal disp. to retain previous revenues after el. to bpric., 1251 (Chron. Maj. v 224, 227, 241).

M. Robert de Winchelsey

Occ. in cats. between Reyner Lombardus and Laurence de Fuscis de Bera, 'magister Robertus de Wynchelse' (Cat. I), 'Robertus de Wyntheles'' (Cat. II). Does not occ. as can., but archdcn. of Essex by Aug. 1288, to Sept. 1294. Cat. order must be at fault and he preceded Reyner Lombardus.

Reyner Lombardus

Occ. in cats. between Aymer de Valence and Robert de Winchelsey, 'Reynerus Lumbardus'. Occ. this preb. c. 1294 (Liber F valor). (fn. 9) Presum. succeeded Winchelsey and cat. order at fault.

Laurence de Fuscis de Bera

Occ. in cats. between Robert de Winchelsey and Aldebrand Riccardi de Militiis, 'Laurentius [Laurencius, Cat. II] Romanus'. Also archdcn. of Essex, preb. of Brownswood. Depr. by Sept. 1297 (Reg. Bon. VIII no. 2177).

Aldebrand Riccardi de Militiis

Occ. in cats. between Laurence de Fuscis de Bera and Richard Riccardi de Militiis, 'Aldebrandinus natus Jacobi' (Cat. I), 'Aldebrandinus' (Cat. II). Does not occ. as can., but archdcn. of Essex from Sept. 1297 to Nov. 1301 or later.


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