Prebendaries: Newington

Pages 65-67

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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See lists in Cats. I fo. 95r, II fo. 111/118v.

Ailward son of Sired

First preb. in cats., 'Ailwardus filius Siredi' (Cat. I), 'Wilwardus filius Siredi' (Cat. II). Almost certainly to be identified with 'Aeilwardus canonicus filius Siredi', who occ. 1104/5 (WD 4 fo. 19/23r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 61b). Possibly son of Sired, can. (unident. preb.) who occ. 1066 (see below, p. 89).

Note: For other possible occs., see note under Ailward Ruffus, preb. of Broomesbury (above p. 27).


Occ. in cats. between Ailward son of Sired and Walter de Belmeis, 'Fulco prior Sancte Osith'. Does not occ. as can., but occ. in connection with Richard de Belmeis I, bp. of London (1108-27), c. Jan. 1127 (Eyton, Antiquities of Shropshire 11 201), and possibly to be identified with the 'prior de Chich' [= St. Osyth (Aug., Essex)], who occ. in connection with St. Paul's before Jan. 1127 (Diceto 1 251; cf. above, p. 15 n. 4). Last occ. as prior of St. Osyth 1127 (Eyton, Antiquities of Shropshire 11 201).

Walter de Belmeis (of Beaumais) (fn. 1)

Occ. in cats. between Fulk and Gilbert Foliot, 'Walterus filius Ricardi episcopi'. First occ. as can. before Apr. 1138 (Hale p. 124; Gibbs no. 218; WD 4 fo. 52/56v, pd. in Rep. p. 67a-b). (fn. 2) Last occ. [Sept. 1152 × May 1162] (Cart. Clerkenwell no. 162). Son of Richard de Belmeis I, bp. of London (1108-27); brother of William de Belmeis I, archdcn. of London (A/23/1718, pd. in Rep. p. 24a).

Gilbert Foliot II (fn. 3)

Occ. in cats. between Walter de Belmeis and John de Garland, 'Gilebertus Foliot'. First occ. as can. 2 Dec. 1178 (G.F.L. no. 410), and [1175 × 79] (G.F.L. no. 464). Also archdcn. of Middlesex from before 1183, to after Apr. 1196. Presum. not to be identified with Gilbert Foliot, clk., who occ. [1186 × 87] (G.F.L. nos. 408-9; cf. G.F. p. 289).

John de Garland

Occ. in cats. between Gilbert Foliot and William Comin, 'Johannes de Garland'. First occ. as can. before Dec. 1196 (Cheney, Eng. Bps.' Chanceries p. 5). (fn. 4) Last occ. 1198 (P.R.O., Anc. Deeds, D.L. 25/220), but may occ. later, [Apr. 1196 × May 1201] (A/40/1435). (fn. 5) Possibly to be identified with M. John de Garlande, king's justice, who occ. 15 Oct. 1192 (cart. of Binham: B.M., Cotton MS. Claud. D. xiii fo. 169r), and 12 Oct. 1193 (Ely, Diocesan Records, Liber M (Cambridge, Univ. Libr., G. 3. 38) p. 597). Not to be identified with scholar of same name, who was still alive c. 1258 (see Biog. Ox. 11 743).

William Comin

Occ. in cats. between John de Garland and Ranulph de Bisacia, 'Willelmus Comin'. Not otherwise known. If cat. sequence at fault, perhaps to be identified with William Cumin, chanc. of king David of Scotland, archdcn. of Worcester, prob. 1125-43 and from c. 1156 to d. in c. 1158; bp.-el. of Durham, 1141-43 (see G.F.L. pp. 539-40). Cf. William Cumin, parson of Waltham (Essex) and clk. of Bertram, abbot of Chertsey, who occ. [July 1186 × Sept. 1189] (cart. of Waltham: B.M., Cotton MS. Tib. C. ix fo. 139r). (fn. 6)

M. Ranulph de Bisacia

Occ. in cats. between William Comin and John de Ramesey, 'Ranulfus de Bisacia'. First certain occ. as can. 29 Dec. 1213 (charter roll of Holy Trinity, Aldgate: B.M., Cotton Roll xiii. 18 no. 9), and [1212 × Apr. 1214] (Gibbs no. 263), but may have been can. earlier, possibly [Sept. 1203 × March 1204] (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 48r, from an original deed formerly in St. Paul's pyx 'B'), (fn. 7) and may be identical with M. Ranulph, can., unident. preb., who occ. [March 1204] (Gibbs no. 58; cf. below p. 94). Last occ. apparently 7 Nov. 1245 (B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fo. 24v, from an original deed formerly in St. Paul's 'in thecis'), but perhaps d. or res. before 17 March 1242 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 277). Prob. d. by 1245 (Simpson, Two inventories p. 495).

William of York

Does not occ. in cat. Royal gr. of preb. in St. Paul's in succession to Ranulph de Bisacia, 17 March 1242 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 277). Evidently ineffective, because royal gr. of preb. of Mapesbury, 24 Oct. 1242.

John de Ramesey

Occ. in cats. between Ranulph de Bisacia and Henry de Wengham I, 'Johannes de Ramesey [Rameseye, Cat. II]'. Not otherwise known.

Henry de Wengham I

Occ. in cats. between John de Ramesey and Henry de Wengham II, 'Henricus de Wengham episcopus Lond.'. Does not occ. as can. Appd. papal chapl. 13 May 1254 (Reg. Innoc. IV no. 7498), and described as of London dioc. 11 May 1255 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 475). Occ. as dean of St. Martin le Grand Jan. 1258 (C.P.R. 1258-66 p. 8) and 18 Jan. 1259 (Reg. Alex. IV no. 2814). Bp. of London, el. by June 1259, cons. Feb. 1260.

M. Henry de Wengham II

Occ. in cats. between Henry de Wengham I and Thomas of Ingoldisthorpe, 'Henricus de Wengham archidiaconus Middl.'. Prob. appd. before July 1262 by his uncle, Henry de Wengham I, bp. of London (cf. Reg. Alex. IV no. 2936). Does not occ. as can., but archdcn. of Middlesex by Aug. 1262, to Jan. 1267 or later.

M. Thomas of Ingoldisthorpe (fn. 8)

Occ. in cats. between Henry de Wengham II and Ralph de Baldock, 'Thomas de Ingoldestorp decanus Lond.' (Cat. I), 'Thomas de Ingoldesthorp' (Cat. II). Does not occ. as can., but successively archdcn. of Middlesex by Apr. 1268; dean, 1276-Sept. 1283.

M. Ralph de Baldock

Occ. in cats. between Thomas of Ingoldisthorpe and John de Everdon, 'Radulphus de Baudak decanus London [Cat. II omits decanus London]'. Presum. transf. to this preb. from preb. of Holbourn before Feb. 1291. Occ. this preb. c. 1294 (Liber F valor). (fn. 9) Also successively archdcn. of Middlesex by June 1278; dean, Oct. 1294-Feb. 1306. [? Also preb. of Islington.]


  • 1. See also G.F. p. 284. Cf. above p. 1 n. 3.
  • 2. Temp. William [de Mareni], dean (above p. 5).
  • 3. See also G.F. p. 284.
  • 4. Before Alard de Burnham became archdcn. of London (above p. 10).
  • 5. Temp. Alard de Burnham, archdcn. of London (above p. 10).
  • 6. Temp. Hubert Walter, dean of York (see York Minster Fasti 1 1).
  • 7. Temp. John of Kent, chanc. (above p. 26), and possibly before Benedict of Sawston became precentor (p. 23).
  • 8. Cf. above p. 8 n. 3.
  • 9. See below App. II.