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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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Select List of Sources

London Diocese, 1066-1300

Unprinted sources cited in this volume without a note of their whereabouts are all preserved in the Library of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's. There survive a great number of original documents in cupboard A, boxes 1-41, 49, 52, 54, 59-61, 66, 70-1, 74, 76-8, 81, 95. St. Paul's charters are cited below as A/1/ etc. Of the muniment books, the following have been consulted: WD 1-5, 7-12, 14, 16, 19, of which the most important for the present work are:

WD 1 - Liber A (Pilosus)
WD 2 - Liber C
WD 4 - Liber L
WD 5 - Statutes, pittances, etc.
WD 9 - Statuta Majora
WD 12 - Obituary, etc.
WD 16 - Liber I
WD 19 - Miscellaneous statutes, etc.

Descriptions of the muniment books, and a calendar of some of the original documents are to be found in H. C. Maxwell-Lyte's appendix to the Historical Manuscripts Commission, Ninth Report 1 1-72.

Transcripts and abstracts of some of the original charters and an important muniment book, Liber F, which were formerly in St. Paul's and are now lost, are to be found in notes made in c. 1699 by Dr. Matthew Hutton, in British Museum, Harley MS. 6956. (fn. 1)

The following editions of documents relating to St. Paul's have been found particularly useful in the compilation of the Fasti:

Registrum Eleemosynariae D. Pauli Londinensis, ed. M. Hackett (London, 1827).

Edition of the almoner's cartulary of St. Paul's from the transcript in B.M., Harley MS. 4080. (fn. 2)

The Domesday of St. Paul's of the year MCCXXII, ed. W. H. Hale (Camden Society lxix, 1858).

Edition of various territorial surveys, particularly from WD2, WD4, WD14, and WD16, and of some original charters.

Registrum Statutorum et Consuetudinum Ecclesie Cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londinensis, ed. W. S. Simpson (London, 1873).

Edition of statutes from various WD volumes, particularly WD 9.

H. W. C. Davis, 'London lands and liberties of St. Paul's, 1066-1135', in Essays in Medieval History presented to T. F. Tout, ed. A. G. Little and F. M. Powicke (Manchester, 1925).

Edition of WD 4 fos. 47/51r-50/54v.

Early Charters of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, ed. M. Gibbs (Camden 3rd series lviii, 1939).

Edition of WD 1 fos. 1-37a, and of some original charters.

The Letters and Charters of Gilbert Foliot, ed. A. Morey and C. N. L. Brooke (Cambridge, 1967).

Edition of episcopal charters of 1163-87 from a great variety of sources.

Prebendal catalogues

The two catalogues cited are as follows:

Catalogue I survives in Hutton's transcript, B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fos. 91r-96r, of a thirteenth-century catalogue in the lost Liber F fos. 106 ff. (fn. 3)

Catalogue II is an early fourteenth-century catalogue, in St. Paul's Liber C, WD 2 fos. 110/117r-112/119r.


The numeration of the four most important obituaries used below follows that of C. N. L. Brooke, 'The deans of St. Paul's, c. 1090-1499', Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research xxix (1956) 231 n. 1.

Obituary I - WD 12 fos. 10r-15v (early thirteenth century)
Obituary II - B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fos. 107r-110r, from the missing Liber F fo. 66 (dated 1279)
Obituary III - WD 4 fos. 94v-96v (old fos. 92v-93v, 103r-v) (latter half of the thirteenth century) (fn. 4)
Obituary IV - Documents Illustrating the History of S. Paul's Cathedral, ed. W. S. Simpson (Camden new series xxvi, 1880) pp. 61-106 (late fourteenth century).

Diceto's Statute of Residence

This is printed from WD 4 fo. 61r-v in Radulfi de Diceto Decani Lundoniensis Opera Historica, ed. W. Stubbs (Rolls series lxviii, 1876) 11 pp. lxix-lxxiii. For the name of a witness accidentally omitted by Stubbs, see H. G. Richardson, English Historical Review lvii (1942) 132 n. 1. For the date c. 1192, see A. Morey and C. N. L. Brooke, Gilbert Foliot and his Letters (Cambridge, 1965) p. 271 n. 2.

The Statute has two lists of witnesses, cited below as D.S.R. I and D.S.R. II:

D.S.R. I - those who were present and approved the Statute when it was drawn up;
D.S.R. II - those who were absent when the Statute was drawn up and approved it later.

Liber F valor

This valor of the St. Paul's prebends survives in Hutton's transcript, B.M., Harley MS. 6956 fos. 88v-89r, from the missing Liber F fo. 62. For its date, c. 1294, see Appendix II.


  • 1. For the date, see fo. 9r.
  • 2. The cartulary itself is preserved in the Library of St. John's College, Cambridge: MS. S. 25. I am grateful to the sub-librarian, Mr. Buck, for drawing my attention to this MS.
  • 3. Not Liber B as stated by C. N. L. Brooke, 'The composition of the chapter of St. Paul's, 1086- 1163', Cambridge Historical Journal x (1951) 113 ff., and corrected in A. Morey and C. N. L. Brooke, Gilbert Foliot and his Letters (Cambridge, 1965) p. 276 n. 2.
  • 4. But perhaps before 1262, as P[eter de Neuport] was still archdeacon of London, fo. 95v (see below p. 11).