Prebendaries: Caddington Minor

Pages 34-36

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 1, St. Paul's, London. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1968.

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See lists in Cats. I fo. 93r, II fo. 110/117v.


First preb. in cats., 'Thedbaldus' (Cat. I), 'Theobaldus' (Cat. II). First occ. as can. c. 1102 (Acta SS., Oct., 111 754), and 1103/4 (WD 4 fo. 40/44r-v, pd. in Rep. p. 65a). Last occ. as can. 19 July 1111 (WD 4 fos. 53/57v-54/58r, pd. in Rep. pp. 67b-68a), and 1111/12 (A/24/521, pd. in Rep. p. 26a). Identified by Newcourt (1 70 n.a), with Theobald, archdcn. of Essex and preb. of Portpool prob. before 1102, but no evidence for this identification (cf. above p. 12).

Odo son of Theobald

Occ. in cats. between Theobald and Paris, 'Odo filius eius', i.e. son of Theobald. Presum. to be identified with Odo the can. who first occ. before Jan. 1127 (Gibbs no. 273), and last occ. 1145/6 (Gibbs no. 154).

Paris (fn. 1)

Occ. in cats. between Odo son of Theobald and William of Ely, 'Parisius nepos Roberti Pulli'. (fn. 2) Archdcn. of Rochester from before Sept. 1150, and not called can. in most occs. in St. Paul's documents. First occ. in St. Paul's documents, called archdcn. of Rochester, before Sept. 1150 (Cart. Colec. 1 170). (fn. 3) Occ. this preb. [March 1163 × c. 1180] (Gibbs no. 78). (fn. 4) Last occ., as archdcn. of Rochester, 1190 (Pipe Roll, 2 Ric. I (Pipe Roll Soc., new ser. i) p. 142).

William of Ely

Occ. in cats. between Paris and Martin of Pattishall, 'Willelmus de Hely [Ely, Cat. II]'. Presum. not yet can. [c. Jan. 1190 × 1192], when still called clk. (Cart. Colec. 1 88; Cart. Colne no. 104). (fn. 5) First occ. as can. c. 1192 (D.S.R. II, but omitted by Stubbs, noted by H. G. Richardson, E.H.R. lvii (1942) 132 n. 1). Presum. still can. 1222 (Hale pp. 1, 7). D. 1222 (Chron. Maj. 111 74). King's treas. from between 21 Apr. and 30 Dec. 1196, to between 2 Aug. 1215 and 4 Nov. 1217 (see H. G. Richardson, William of Ely pp. 55-8, and E.H.R. lvii (1942) 132).

Martin of Pattishall (fn. 6)

Occ. in cats. between William of Ely and Hugh of London, 'Martinus de Pateshalle [Pateshell', Cat. II]'. First certain occ. as can. before March 1226 (A/33/753; A/36/ 1020), (fn. 7) and prob. already can. when occ. 1 Feb. 1226 (Gibbs no. 288). Also dean from Aug. or Sept. 1228 to d. in Nov. 1229.

M. Hugh of London II

Occ. in cats. between Martin of Pattishall and William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia, 'Hugo de London archidiaconus Colc'. Occ., presum. not yet can., before March 1226, in document attested also by predecessor in this preb. (A/36/1020, and see above). Said to have been non-resident can. (Statutes p. 187). Also archdcn. of Colchester from before March 1231, to d. in 1238, prob. Dec.

M. William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia III

Occ. in cats. between Hugh of London and Robert Passelewe, 'Willelmus de Sancte Marie Ecclesia'. Appd. by bp. after Dec. 1238, in succession to Hugh of London, and said to be resident can., evidently transferring from unident. preb. ('commutavit', Statutes p. 187). Occ. as can. 1241 (A/24/608). Dean from c. Dec. 1241 to d. in March 1243. Possibly intended to transf. to preb. of Totenhall on el. to deanery, c. Dec. 1241 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 268), but prob. stayed in this preb. to d.

[John Maunsel

Does not occ. in cats. Royal gr. of preb. in succession to William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia, 8 Dec. 1241 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 268), but gr. prob. ineffective, and Totenhall granted instead. Also chanc. from May 1243 to d. in Jan. 1265.]

[Guido de Palude (fn. 8)

Does not occ. in cats. Royal gr. of preb. in succession to William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia, 6 Apr. 1243 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 371). Gr. ineffective, because Robert Passelewe already coll. (see below).]

Robert Passelewe

Occ. in cats. between William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia and John of Bulmer, 'Robertus Passelewe'. Royal gr. of preb. in succession to William de Sancte Marie Ecclesia, 1 Apr. 1243 (C.P.R. 1266-72 p. 721). Royal assent to coll. by abp. of York, 29 May 1243 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 377). D. 6 June 1252 (Chron. Maj. v 299). Also preb. of Nesden and Sneating.

John of Bulmer (fn. 9)

Occ. in cats. between Robert Passelewe and Ralph of Ivinghoe, 'Johannes de Bulmere commutat''. Prob. transf. from preb. of Harleston between June 1252 and Sept. 1254. Last occ. as can. prob. 2 Oct. 1260 (A/37/1123, see above p. 7 n. 3). Also called John son of Ralph and John son of Ralph of Bulmer (see below p. 52).

M. Ralph of Ivinghoe (fn. 10)

Occ. in cats. between John of Bulmer and Roger de Waltham, 'Radulphus de Ivyngho [Ivingeho, Cat. II]'. First occ. as can. 26 Feb. 1275 (reg. J. Stokesley: Guildhall Libr., MS. 9531/11 fo. 155r-v), but perhaps already can. when occ. 20 Apr. 1274 (C.C.R. 1272-79 p. 120). Occ. this preb. c. 1294 (Liber F valor). (fn. 11) Also chanc. by June 1278, to Oct. 1299 or later; d. by 9 Nov. 1304.


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