Archdeacons: Worcester

Pages 105-107

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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William Cumin

Possibly appd. soon after Hugh's d. in March 1125 (see A. Morey and C. N. L. Brooke in G.F.L. pp. 539-40; and R. R. Darlington in Cart. Worc. p. lxiv). Also chanc. of king David of Scotland, and bp.-el. of Durham, intruded c. 11 May 1141. Depr. of all benefices c. 14 March 1143 and excomm. by pope (see above p. 30). Restored to some benefices by 1152 (Saltman, Theobald pp. 144-6), and apparently to archdcnry. by 1157 (ibid. no. 270; cf. G.F.L. p. 540). Prob. d. c. 1158 × 1159 (see G.F.L. p. 540).

M. Godfrey

Appd. in or soon after March 1144 (G.F.L. no. 34). (fn. 1) Presum. res. on restoration of William Cumin, by 1157 (cf. above and Letters of John of Salisbury 1, ed. W. J. Millor, H. E. Butler and C. N. L. Brooke (1955) no. 98, which refers to 'the transaction of Godfrey and William'). Restored after William Cumin's d., prob. c. 1158 × 1159 (see G.F.L. p. 540). D. 1167/8 (Ann. Tewkes. p. 50; Ann. Worc. p. 382).

M. Simon Luvel

Succeeded Godfrey 1167/8 (Ann. Tewkes. p. 50; Ann. Worc. p. 382). Also preb. of Exeter and Hereford. D. 1189/90 (ann. Winchcombe: B.M., Cotton MS. Faust. B. i fo. 21v; Exeter obit.: Exeter D. & C., MS. 3518 fo. 4r), 26 Feb. (ann. St. Davids: B.M., Cotton MS. Domit. A. i fo. 150r). (fn. 2) Commem. 23 Feb. (Exeter obit. fo. 4r). Presum. to be identified with M. Simon archdcn. who was commem. 8 May (Evesham obit.: B.M., Lansdowne MS. 427 fo. 8r).

M. Peter de Leche

Vice-archdcn. of Gloucester (see below p. 107 n. 9). Succeeded Simon Luvel as archdcn. 1189/90 (ann. Winchcombe: B.M., Cotton MS. Faust. B. i fo. 21v; cf. Cart. Worc. no. 269). Still alive 1195 (Pipe Roll 7 Ric. I (Pipe Roll Soc., new ser. vi) p. 57; cf. Landboc de Winchelcumba, ed. D. Royce (Exeter, 1892, 1903) 1 170-1). D. in or before 1198 (Giraldi Cambrensis Opera 1, ed. J. S. Brewer (Rolls ser. xxi) p. 270; cf. ibid. p. 252).

M. John of Cornwall

Occ. once only, [1196 × 98] (Cart. Oseney, ed. H. E. Salter v (Oxford Hist. Soc. xcviii) p. 6), (fn. 3) but prob. referred to after June 1198 (Giraldi Cambrensis Opera 1, ed. J. S. Brewer (Rolls ser. xxi) p. 306; see E. Rathbone in Recherches de Théologie Ancienne et Médiévale xvii (1950) 50). Perhaps res. his archdcnry. after d. of bp. John of Coutances, Sept. 1198, and returned to service of Walter of Coutances, abp. of Rouen, because he occ. as can. of Rouen in abp.'s company 12 June 1202 (A. Le Prévost, Mémoires et Notes du Département de l'Eure (capévreux, 1862-9) 11 565-6; cf. ibid. 111 315, of n.d.). Commem. as can. of Rouen, 23 Sept. (Rouen obit.: Rec. Hist. France xxiii 367c).

John de Brancastre (fn. 4)

Presum. not appd. until after 12 March 1199, when occ. as king's vice-chanc., not called archdcn. (Cartae Antiquae 1, ed. L. Landon (Pipe Roll Soc., new ser. xvii) no. 247). First occ. as archdcn. 4 June 1200 (Reg. S. Osmund, ed. W. H. Rich Jones (Rolls ser. lxxviii) 1 212). Also senior clk. of king John. Last occ. as archdcn. 30 March 1217 (Norfolk Portion of Chartulary of Lewes, ed. J. H. Bullock (Norfolk Record Soc. xii) no. 137). D. 1218, before Dec. (Ann. Worc. p. 410; Ann. Tewkes. p. 64).

M. William Scot alias of Stichill (fn. 5)

Appd. Dec. 1218 (Ann. Worc. p. 410; Ann. Tewkes. p. 63). (fn. 6) Bp.-el. of Durham 1226- 1227 (see above p. 31). D. 1242/3 (Ann. Tewkes. p. 129; Ann. Worc. p. 435).

Vincent of Abergavenny (fn. 7)

Parson of Blockley (Worcs.). Appd. archdcn. June 1243 (Ann. Tewkes. p. 129; Ann. Worc. p. 435). Last occ. 21 June 1256 (cart. of Pershore: P.R.O., E.315/61 fo. 109v). Res. 1256/7 presum. after 21 June (Ann. Worc. p. 444).

M. Robert de Esthall

Presum. to be identified with unnamed archdcn. who succeeded 1256/7 (Ann. Worc. p. 444). First certain occ. 24 Feb. 1257 (C.Ch.R. 111 489). Last occ. 14 May 1270 (Reg. G. Giffard 11 40). Prob. still alive 22 Dec. 1271 (Mon. Ang. 11 31). Also preb. of London.

M. Hugh of Evesham (fn. 8)

Occ. without title 28 June 1272 (Close R. 1268-72 pp. 488-9). King's clk. (C.C.R. 1272-79 p. 158). First occ. as archdcn. 9 June 1275 (Reg. G. Giffard 11 74). Also preb. of York; cardinal-pr. of S. Lorenzo in Lucina from Apr. 1281 (Hierarchia Catholica Medii Aevi, ed. C. Eubel (Münster, 1913-23) 1 10). D. at Rome 27 July 1287 (Reg. G. Giffard 11 333; Ann. Worc. p. 494).

Ralph de Hengham (fn. 9)

Coll. by bp. 16 Oct. 1287 (Reg. G. Giffard 11 334), but depr. by papal mandate of 4 July 1288 (Reg. Nic. IV no. 612; cf. Ann. Worc. p. 496). Also preb. of Hereford, Lichfield and London; royal justice.

Francis of Naples

Papal prov. between Feb. and July 1288, enforced by mandate of 4 July 1288 (Reg. Nic. IV no. 612). Instal. by proxy 8 Jan. 1289 (Ann. Worc. p. 496; cf. Reg. G. Giffard 11 323). Last occ. 29 Sept. 1311 (Liber Albus of Worcester, ed. J. M. Wilson (Worcs. Hist. Soc., 1919) no. 535). Also cardinal-den. of S. Lucia in Orthea, from Dec. 1295 (Hierarchia Catholica Medii Aevi, ed. C. Eubel (Münster, 1913-23) 1 50). D. by 18 Jan. 1312 (Reg. Clementis V, ed. O.S.B. (Rome, 1885-92) no. 7772).


  • 1. Temp. Theulf, bp. of Worcester (above p. 99).
  • 2. He and Gervase archdcn. [of Gloucester] appear in a deed dated 1137 (carts. of Lanthony: P.R.O., C.115/K2/6683 i. 97, 98, and C.115/L1/6689 fo. 16v). As William Cumin and Thurstan were archdcns. at this time, it seems that there must be a confusion in the date, which perhaps should be 1147.
  • 3. Cf. Cart. Worc. p. lxv.
  • 4. ?Brancaster, Norf.
  • 5. Roxburghs. and Berwicks., Scotland.
  • 6. He occ. in a Durham charter, as M. William of Stichill, before becoming archdcn. and after July 1217 (Durham, Cart. Vet. fos. 148v-149r).
  • 7. Mon.
  • 8. Worcs.
  • 9. Prob. Hingham, Norf.