Priors of Carlisle

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 2, Monastic Cathedrals (Northern and Southern Provinces). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1971.

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The Augustinian priory of Carlisle seems to have been founded in c. 1122, as the resultof a royal visit, but it is uncertain whether an earlier religious house had been in existence since c. 1102. (fn. 1) With the establishment of the diocese in 1133, the priory becamea cathedral monastery. Its early history is obscure, and the first occurrence of anidentifiable prior belongs to the year 1150, although bishop Adelulf had granted thecanons the right to elect a prior in 1138. (fn. 2) Adelulf's charter speaks of the house'saffiliation to St. Nicholas, Arrouaise, but there is no other evidence of the Arrouaisianaffiliation, and it is difficult to believe that it endured for long.


First occ. 1150/1 (Reg. Holm Cultram no. 260) and [c. 1151] (Early Yorks. Charters vno. 169). Last occ. [c. 1175] (Reg. Wetherhal no. 38). (fn. 3)


First occ. prob. [1185 × 89] (Reg. Holm Cultram no. 50). Last certain occ. 6 May1204 (Fines sive Pedes Finium 1195-1214, ed. J. Hunter (Record Comm., 1835-44) 118), but prob. to be identified with unnamed prior who occ. 26 and 31 May 1214 (Rot.Litt. Pat. pp. 138b, 142b). Priory vacant by 26 June 1214 (Rot. Litt. Claus. 1 207b). (fn. 4)

Henry de Mareis

Can. of Merton (Aug., Surrey). El. between 26 June and 25 Aug. 1214 (Rot. Litt.Claus. 1 207b, 211b; cf. p. 211, where as can. of Merton he was given custody of priory). (fn. 5) Royal assent 25 Aug. 1214 (ibid. p. 211b). Presum. d. or res. before 26 Apr. 1217, whenno reference made to prior in Henry III's complaint about conduct of cans. (T.Rymer, Foedera, ed. A. Clarke (Record Comm. 1816-30) 1 i 147; cf. ibid. pp. 147-8).Cans. sent into exile by legate Guala 1218 (Chron. Lanercost p. 27). Henry commem.n.d. (Liber Vitae Dunelm., [ed. J. Stevenson] (Surtees Soc. xiii) p. 93).


Presum. appd. by legate 1218 (C.Ch.R. 11 363-4), and to be identified with unnamedprior who occ. 20 July and 21 Aug. 1219 (Reg. Hon. III nos. 2156, 2181). First certainocc. before June 1223 (Reg. Wetherhal nos. 20, 29). (fn. 6) Last occ. 1230 or 1231 (ibid. nos.59, 129). D. 1231/2 (Chron. Lanercost p. 41).

Ralph Barri

Succeeded 1231/2 (Chron. Lanercost p. 41). First occ., as R-prior, before 12 May1232 (Reg. Holm Cultram no. 223), and prob. to be identified with unnamed prior whoocc. 27 Apr. 1232 (Pat. R. 1225-32 p. 471). D. 9 Feb. 1248 (Chron. Lanercost p. 53).Nephew of Walter Mauclerk, bp. of Carlisle (1223-46) (ibid. p. 41). (fn. 7)

Robert (fn. 8)

First occ. 22 Oct. 1248 (J. Hodgson, Hist. of Northumberland (Newcastle, 1820-58)111 ii 144). Last certain occ. 31 Dec. 1252 (Carlisle R.O., Cart. Lanercost viii no. 13),but perhaps to be identified with unnamed prior who occ. 1253/4 (Chapters of Augustinian Canons, ed. H. E. Salter (Canterbury and York Soc. xxix) p. 32). Res. some timebefore 17 Dec. 1258, when ordered by pope to return from church of Corbridge(Northumb.) to cloister of Carlisle (Reg. Alex. IV no. 2734). (fn. 9)


Possibly to be identified with unnamed prior who occ. 9 and 17 Dec. 1258 (Reg.Alex. IV nos. 2729, 2734), and with R-prior who occ. 27 Aug. 1267 (Carlisle R.O.,Cart. Lanercost xiv no. 14), and with unnamed prior who occ. 10 May 1278 (Chaptersof Augustinian Canons, ed. H. E. Salter (Canterbury and York Soc. xxix) p. 37). Occ. asRobert prior 11 July 1282 (Hist. Papers and Letters from Northern Regs., ed. J. Raine(Rolls ser. lxi) p. 251), and 24 Apr. 1283 (Reg. J. Halton, ed. W. N. Thompson andT. F. Tout (Canterbury and York Soc. xii, xiii) 1 32).

Adam de Warthwyk (fn. 10)

First certain occ. 3 Nov. 1285 (C.P.R. 1330-34 p. 111), but perhaps to be identifiedwith unnamed prior who occ. 11 Oct. 1285 (Chapters of Augustinian Canons, ed.H. E. Salter (Canterbury and York Soc. xxix) p. 42). (fn. 11) Res. 18 Sept. 1304 (Reg. J.Halton, ed. W. N. Thompson and T. F. Tout (Canterbury and York Soc. xii, xiii) 1223-4).


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  • 3. Adam son of Robert Troite, who is called 'nuper vice-comes' in this deed, was replaced as sheriffin 1175 (Pipe Roll 21 Hen. II (Pipe Roll Soc. xxii) p. 185). 'G.' prior who occ. in Carlisle R.O., Cart.Lanercost VIII no. 5, is to be identified with Walter.
  • 4. 'P.' prior occ. in Reg. Wetherhal no. 17, but in Carlisle R.O., Cart. Wetherhal fo. 29v, this is 'J.'prior.
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  • 7. Richard, who is called prior of Carlisle on 4 Oct. 1236 (C.P.R. 1232-47 p. 159), was actually priorof Hurley (Ben., Berks.) (Flor. Hist. 11 217; C.P.R. 1232-47 pp. 164-6).
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