Archdeacons: Lincoln

Pages 24-26

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 3, Lincoln. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1977.

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Covered all Lincs., except West Riding of Lindsey (Taxatio pp. 56-63). in 1291 £10,236 6s. 8d. (ibid. p. 62b).


Richard preb. unident. p. 115

First archdcn., appd. by bp. Remigius before May 1092 (D.C.M. p. 302). Commem.1 July (obit. I 158). Father of Gilbert, can. (below p. 125).

Albert the Lombard preb. unident. p. 110

Succeeded Richard (D.C.M. p. 302). (fn. 1)

William of Bayeux preb. unident. p. 118

Succeeded Albert the Lombard (D.C.M. p. 302). First occ. in L.P. I, of ? c. 1132(app. 2 no. 25). Also occ. ? c. 1133 (R.A.L. II no. 553, see app. 3), and c. 1134(D.C.M. I, see app. 4). Can. of York from before 1114 (E.Y.C. I no. 25; cf. RegestaII no. 1332, prob. of 1122). Perhaps to be identified with William archdcn. whoocc. ? c. 1139, about the time of the foundation of Kirkstead (Cist., Lincs., thisarchdcnry.) (cart. Kirkstead fo. 32v), and c. 9 Aug. 1143, about the time of thefoundation of Revesby (Cist., Lincs., this archdcnry.) (Facsimiles of Early Chartersin Northants Collections, ed. F. M. Stenton (Northants Rec. Soc., 1930) p. 3); butboth these references might be to William son of Osbert, archdcn. of Stow (seeK. Major, in R.A.L. VII 201-2, and list 14). Had been succeeded before 1145 (below),but still alive, occ. as can., c. 23 May 1147 (R.A.L. III no. 921).

Robert preb. unident. p. 116

Succeeded William of Bayeux (D.C.M. p. 302, where he is called Robert 'junior').First occ. 1141 × 45 (cart. Bardney fos. 59v-60r, see app. 5). Last occ. Sept. 1169(P.R. 15 Hen. II (P.R.S. xiii) p. 45) and 1170 (cart. Castle Acre fo. 77v). D. soonafter Sept. 1170 (P.R. 16 Hen. II (P.R.S. xv) p. 147). (fn. 2) Commem. 15 Jan. (obit. I154). Perhaps d. Jan. 1171.

Geoffrey Plantagenet preb. unident. p. 111

First occ. Sept. 1171 (P.R. 17 Hen. II (P.R.S. xvi) p. 112). El. bp. of Lincoln 1173(list 1). Perhaps retained archdcnry. until conf. as bp.-el. 1175 (see K. Major, inR.A.L. VII 205). Also preb. of London (Fasti 1066-1300 I 60).

Peter (fn. 3) preb. unident. p. 114

Perhaps appd. by his half-brother, Geoffrey bp.-el., c. 1175 (R.A.L. II no. 340,see VII 205). Does not occ. in L.P. II, of c. 1187 (app. 33). His removal requestedby clergy of archdcnry.; papal judges appd. to enquire into his probity, 6 May 1217(Reg. Hon. III no. 565 = C.P.L. I 47). Prob. d. or removed from office 1217 or 1218.

M. William de Thornaco preb. Dunham, list 34

Archdcn. of Stow (last occ. 11 Apr. 1219, list 14). First occ. as archdcn. of Lincoln22 May 1219 (Liber Ant. p. 94). Became dean between 28 Jan. 1223 and 12 March 1223(list 2).

M. Robert of Hailes (fn. 4) prebs. Brampton, list 23; Louth, list 48

Archdcn. of Huntingdon (last occ. 12 March 1223, list 8). First occ. as archdcn.of Lincoln 23 March 1223 (Rot. Welles III 126). Last occ. 1238 (Epp. Grosseteste no.50). D. after 25 March 1238 (Ann. Dunstable p. 148; cf. Chron. Maj. IV 552). Had beensucceeded before 27 May 1238 (below).

M. Thomas Wallensis preb. Louth, list 48

Can. First occ. as archdcn. before 27 May 1238 (Rot. Grosseteste pp. 22, 26-7;cf. Epp. Grosseteste no. 51). Last occ. after 16 June 1247 (Rot. Grosseteste p. 94).Archdcn. until became bp. of St. Davids, el. 1247, temps. 26 Sept. 1247, cons.26 July 1248. (fn. 5)

M. William Lupus (Le Loup) (fn. 6) preb. unident. p. 118

Archdcn. of Gloucester (Fasti 1066-1300 II 108). Transf. to this archdcnry. 1248(Ann. Tewkes. p. 137). First occ. 4 Jan. 1248 (Close R. 1247-51 p. 104; cf. ibid. p. 31),and in year before 17 June 1248 (Rot. Grosseteste pp. 93, 95). Also preb. of London(Fasti 1066-1300 I 84). Last occ. 29 Dec. 1254 (Close R. 1254-6 p. 19). Depr. 1255(Chron. Maj. V 497), and d. abroad, 1255 or 1256 (ibid. pp. 534, 413; cf. R.A.L. IXno. 2480). (fn. 7)

M. Roger de Fuldon preb. Gretton, list 37

Can. Presum. not yet archdcn., occ. as can., 14 March 1255 (R.A.L. III no. 832).Prob. the unnamed archdcn. appd. 1255/6 (Chron. Maj. V 497). First certain occ.1257/8 (Dij/67/3/15) and before 3 Nov. 1258 (R.A.L. IX no. 2480). Last occ. 22 March1277 (Gravesend roll I m. 28, Corby inqu. and mand., detail omitted in Rot. Gravesendp. 75). D. 1277/8 (chron. Hagnaby fo. 27r; cf. R.A.L. IX no. 2481), and had beensucceeded by 2 May 1277 (below).

M. William de la Gare (fn. 8) preb. Corringham, list 30

Can. First occ. as W. archdcn. a short time before 2 May 1277 (Gravesend roll Im. 28, Frampton inqu., detail omitted in Rot. Gravesend p. 75). Full name and titlebefore 29 Sept. 1278 (R.A.L. IX no. 2481). D. 19 Dec. 1290 (chron. Hagnaby fo. 33r;cf. R.A.L. IX no. 2482 and Reg. Sutton III 61).

William de Estiniaco preb. Corringham, list 30

Papal prov. of next vacant preb. and dignity, 1 Dec. 1289 (Reg. Nic. IVnos. 1797-8 = C.P.L. I 508). Coll. by bp. to this archdcnry. and preb. CorringhamDec. 1290 or Jan. 1291 (Reg. I fo. 354r). Abroad 19 Jan. 1291 (Reg. Sutton I 148-9).Exch. with John of Stratford, for rectory of Stratford-on-Avon (Warwicks.), 30 May1319, conf. 13 Sept. (Reg. II fo. 302v).


  • 1. Nicholas, who is said in Le Neve-Hardy II 42 to have been archdcn. in 1106, was archdcn. ofHuntingdon (list 8).
  • 2. His name is underlined for deletion, and another hand has written 'mortuus est'.
  • 3. Reymund, who is said in Le Neve-Hardy II 43 to have been archdcn. in 1205, was archdcn. ofLeicester (list 10). M. Roger, called archdcn. 1207 × 14 in Cart. Thame I no. 63 was prob. the dean,M. Roger de Rolleston (cf. list 2).
  • 4. Glos.; his clk. William came from Winchcombe, 2 miles from Hailes (below p. 67).
  • 5. M. Laurence, who occ. as archdcn. of Lincoln 4 Nov. 1242 (Close R. 1242-7 p. 73) is presum. tobe identified with M. Laurence of Lincoln, archdcn. of York, 1241-5.
  • 6. For his career, see Biog. Ox. II 1178-9.
  • 7. M. Robert 'de Herfes' is called archdcn. of Lincoln in 39 or 40 Hen. III (Oct. 1254 × Oct.1256) in a plea of John Bek concerning lay fee in Boothby Graffoe (Lincs., cf. Book of Fees II 1044),recorded by Prynne, Recs. III 112, but not traced in P.R.O., curia regis or assize rolls. It is impossibleto say if this is correct, or if name and date are given incorrectly for M. Robert of Hailes, who d. 1238(above). Robert de Herforde was chanc. and dean of Salisbury, and d. 1257 (Biog. Ox. II 917).
  • 8. Richard de la More, who is said in Le Neve-Hardy II 43 to have been archdcn. in 1280, wassubdean (list 6), and archdcn. of Winchester.