Appendix 3: The voting list of May 1288

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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The voting list of 10 May 1288

Liber Evidentiarum C no. 563/1 records the votes cast at the episcopal election of 10 May 1288 for the three candidates:

M. Thomas of Bridport, preb. Ramsbury, list 49 - 2 votes;

M. William de la Corner, preb. Highworth, list 36 - 10 votes;

Laurence de Hakeburne, preb. Ruscombe, list 51 - 21 votes.

The names of the canons are given below as they appear in the document, with the numbers of the appropriate lists above added in round brackets. Other details are abbreviated, and initials are given for the candidates' names.

Name of canon Candidate
Radulfus precentor (3, 31) W de C
Willelmus de la Wyle archidiaconus Dors' (7, 57) L de H
Ricardus de Sottewell' (65) proctor of L de H
Willelmus de Stok' (32) L de H
Thomas de Rupton (18) L de H
Symon decanus (2, 35) T de B
Radulfus cancellarius (4, 23) W de C
Nicholaus Lungespe thesaurarius (5, 24) proctor of L de H
Iohannes de Leycestr' (38) L de H
Willemus archidiaconus Berk' (8, 33) L de H
Thomas archidiaconus Sar' (9, 17) proctor of L de H
Magister Galfridus de Insula (27) L de H
Ricardus de Clifford (50) L de H
Iordanus de Wynbur' (40) W de C
Hugo abbas Schirburn' (52) L de H
Rogerus de Frompton' (53) L de H
Rogerus Baret (13) L de H
Ricardus de Coleshulle (64) L de H
Willelmus le Deneys (54) L de H
Willelmus penitenciarius (41) proctor of W de C
Iohannes de Derby (15) W de C
Hugo de la Penne (43) W de C
Willelmus Burnel (16) W de C
Salomon de Roffa (66) W de C
Magister Willelmus de Ewell' (19) W de C
Laurentius de Hakeburn' (51) T de B
Thomas de Brideport (49) L de H
Robertus de Stroda (34) L de H
Henricus de Esse (25) W de C
Iohannes de Pulberg' (60) L de H
Stephanus de la Wyle (56) L de H
Iohannes succentor (12, 62) proctor of L de H
Wymundus (14) L de H